We purchased an HP Pavilion G6-1A30us on sale for $349, (Same basic specs as the G6 model you mention, except thankfully it's not bright purple), about a month ago and so far, it's working fine for my daughter.. The AMD processor and 3 GB of RAM seem to be fast enough for the basic needs of her school teaching duties.

As to the long term, we'll see how it goes. Her last HP laptop lasted about 4 years performing the same type of things and it served her well. (The display screen was failing and charging cord had failed and both were going to need replacement, so we sold it cheap to a refurbisher and bought something new.)

Just a note: If your daughter expects to use the preinstalled Office program (you mentioned her need for Excel), then you'll need to purchase a separate product key for the program.. The preinstalled version isn't truly functional until you use the key.. Or you can do like I did and uninstall the pre-installed version and install a licensed version you might have in possession. (That's another $300 or more, depending on which version you get.)

Hope this helps.