My last HP laptop was defective from the very first day. It took me awhile to figure it out but at 3 months with a good solid way to demonstrate the issue and with a background in embedded computing along with working with HP since about 1979 I called in.

8 hours later of a few phone calls HP agreed to take the machine back (this was a 3 month old laptop). The paperwork on return showed they were able to replicate the issue and I thought maybe it was fixed.

Horror. Not only was the issue still there but the laptop would lock up in 5 to 15 minutes. The laptop was worse than before.

The call to HP resulted in "we've done all we can." At 9 months and no working laptop I closed the books on HP and for their non-performance I share the story with others.

-> It appears HP no longer designs and makes their own products. If there is a defect then it may never be resolved except by HP (or you) replacing the product. In my case it was a common BIOS defect and HP's own words were "we buy the BIOS." While this may be true it only means they go back to get it fixed by those that sold that part.

Fortunately for me the laptop was one from the office so we were able to get another and give HP 6 months to correct the issue. All escalations resulted in no action.

Meg Whitman has a big task ahead of her. While this is one laptop here, if HP could not resolve this, the result is clear.