Virut is, unfortunately, a major file infector on your system.

This is what F-Secure (a major antivirus company) has to say:

Fixing that is said to be impossible in most cases. Even if the system is cleansed, most IT people will never trust it again.

It is best to stay offline, and let your mom/dad handle this one. Sorry, but it has to be this way. Lesson here is, if you did not buy/own this netbook, you must treat it as if is not yours, and thus protect it from harm, and not do things one should not do. In that case, it belongs to your mom/dad, and they must fix it for you.

Strongly suggest not putting this system on the Internet until a repair/re-install is made as Virut has a backdoor component with it; bad guys can/will control your computer as long as it is active and connected to the Internet.

You can back up and save your personal files using Ubuntu if you know how to do that, with the exception of .exe and .scr files. Otherwise, placing these backup files on the new clean system will re-infect it.