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How do I create a screen saver using my digital photos?

by Lee Koo (ADMIN) CNET staff/forum admin / June 16, 2004 2:54 PM PDT

Last week's CNET Membership newsletter explained how to make screen savers of your photos using Windows XP. However, a few users wrote in to me asking how to apply this using a Mac. Since I'm not a Mac user, I really don't have a clue. So for the members out there who are Mac enthusiast, if you know how or can recommend a solution for these members to use their digital photo as a screen saver, please reply to this discussion and give your fellow members a helping hand.

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Re: How do I create a screen saver using my digital photos?
by Sugith / June 17, 2004 3:40 PM PDT

In Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) just go into System Preferences, choose Desktop/Screensaver and pick the "pictures folder" screensaver, which will open your pictures folder and randomly choose pictures. If you have pictures in another folder, then pick the "choose folder" screensaver and do so.

As with most things Mac, it's easy. (I'm a longtime PC user going back to the original IBM PC, who switched 2 years ago.)

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Re: How do I create a screen saver using my digital photos?

Sugith is correct; it's so easy. Note that this approach makes screensavers out of an entire folder of photos. If you want just a single photo, put it into a folder by itself.

Also, if you read photos into iPhoto, all its albums will show up as options for you to select as screensavers.

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Re: How do I create a screen saver using my digital photos?
by DckChck / December 28, 2004 12:16 PM PST

Sounds great for OS X but does anyone know how to do it for OS 9.2????

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Screen Saver
by taboma. / January 23, 2005 12:57 PM PST

Save the file as a RGB Picture file: PICT at 70 DPI, (dots per inch). Go to Apple/control panels/appearance. Choose desktop and choose that file as your desktop appearance. Locate the pict file and click ok. I am not sure of the proportions it should be. Hope that this helps you.

Anyone out there that knows what the exact proportions should be? Cannot find the XY proportions right now.

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Re: How do I create a screen saver using my digital photos?
by NickD / June 17, 2004 6:11 PM PDT

Assuming you are using Mac OS X, this will get your pohots appearing as a screensaver:
1. Select System Preferences from Apple menu.
2. Click once on the item Screen Effects
3. Select the effect "Pictures Folder"
4. Click the "Configure" button.
5. Click the "Set Slide Folder" button.
6. Select the folder containing your images.
7. Set any display options you require.
8. Click OK.

Your photos will now be displayed when the screen saver activates. The "Activation" and "Hot Corners" tabs allows you to customise it further.


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Re: How do I create a screen saver using my digital photos?
by B0tMac / June 17, 2004 7:33 PM PDT

Using photos as screensavers is built-in OS X, Just go to
System Preferences > Desktop & Screensavers, choose Pictures folder(the screensaver will show picture in your iPhoto. If you only want a selection, then click on choose folder instead.

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Re: How do I create a screen saver using my digital photos?
by Melissa Byers / June 17, 2004 9:50 PM PDT

In OS X Panther, it's incredibly easy. You can use any album in iPhoto as a screensaver. Simply create the album you want to use, and in sytstem preferences, go to "desktop and screensavers," and click on the screensavers button. On the left of that window will be a list of all the installed screensavers in OS X, and, at the bottom, you'll see all the albums you've created in iPhoto. Choose the one you want, and you're set.

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Re: How do I create a screen saver using my digital photos?
by dsch / June 17, 2004 10:47 PM PDT

For OS X (10.2)--Go to System Preferences, then choose screen effects. Following that choose the screen effects tab, pictures folder, configure. Choose set slide folder and then point to the folder where your pictures reside. After doing that you can also turn on other options including: cross-fade between slides, zoom back and forth, crop slides to fit on screen, keep slides centered and present slides in random order.

I find this a great way to see my favorite pics. You also have a hot corner where you designate corners of your screen to either turn the screen saver on immediately or not allow the screen saver to turn on. I use the hot corner feature to show others my slides without having to go into any other application. The cross-fade option between slides is very impressive for showing others your pictures.

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Re: How do I create a screen saver using my digital photos?
by annepatricia / June 18, 2004 2:49 AM PDT

Create a folder for selected pictures (limit to 10). Open system preferences, click on Screen Effects, Click on Pictures folder, Click Configure, click set slide folder. Indicate the folder where you have put your pictures. click OK. You can also set "hot corners" to activate the screensaver immediately (this is very handy if you are working on a confidential document and someone walks in). I have some great vacation shots on my screensaver; brings vacation memories back!

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Re: How do I create a screen saver using my digital photos?
by ldjmis / June 18, 2004 7:59 AM PDT

For the Mac you need only drag the images you want into the pictures folder on left side of the OS X 10.3 window. For earlier versions of X you store the pictures in any folder you wish and then open the appearance application and use the screen saver app to find and use the pictures you want.

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Re: How do I create a screen saver using my digital photos?
by kaisersozay / June 18, 2004 10:39 AM PDT

A simple solution <and there are others> just place <drag or copy> your selections to Home <your name>/Pictures
When you go into System/Screen Effects you will see the Pictures menu will contain your images and you can select it or construct different folders. Hope this helps. More sophisticated projects can be found in the Mac Help. ;-]

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Re: How do I create a screen saver using my digital photos?
by Kimisha L. Pierce / June 18, 2004 12:06 PM PDT

1.) Save your picture on your hard drive, or the
picture folder if you don't your picture won't be
on your desktop at startup.
2.) Go to System Preferences under the apple.
3.) Go to Desktop & Screensaver
5.) Click the desktop tab.
4.) Open up your pictures folder, or choose folder
and select your picture. (hit the choose button)
6.) At that point the picture will appear on your

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Re: How do I create a screen saver using my digital photos?
by ralinder / June 19, 2004 2:34 AM PDT

Assuming you are using System X.
Put your desired photos in a folder. Name the folder and leave it on the desktop or wherever.

Step 1. Select 'System Preferences' from the 'Apple Menue'.
Step 2. Click 'Screen Effects'
Step 3. Scroll and highlight 'Pictures Folder'
Step 4. Click 'Configure' check off any desired effects-ie. cross fade, zoom back and forth, crop slides, fit on screen, center slides etc.
Step 5. Click 'Set Slides Folder' either drag/drop your photo folder into the "Well" or find it through your HFS on the desktop (or wherever you put the photos folder).
Step 6. You can click 'Test' to see the effects or just click OK.

hope this helps,

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Re: How do I create a screen saver using my digital photos?
by irvinm / June 19, 2004 9:48 PM PDT

Just go to the mac help on the finder menu. Search screensaver and select "using your own pictures as screensaver" and it will walk you through the steps.

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Re: How do I create a screen saver using my digital photos?
by Dominick / June 20, 2004 4:40 PM PDT

In OSX 10.3.4 it's a rather easy task.
Activate the "System Preferences" panel (Apple Dropdown menu) and select the "Desktop & Screen Saver" icon. The presently running desktop picture is depicted immediately below and to the left of a split radio button which will toggle to "Desktop" or "Screen Saver". You want ot select "Desktop". To the right and below the selected desktop, you'll see a scrolling selection of the pictures contained within the selected folders on the left-hand scrolling list. Select any of these on the right-hand side and you'll get that picture to be your desktop. If you want another, specific picture, you'll have to go into the folder listing on the left-hand side. Note that this folder list is actually split. Above are folders you can select. Below the split are all your "iPhoto" files. If you've got it located anywhere in iPhoto it's a simple sort through the iPhoto files. Select and "away you go"! If you've got the photo(s) buried in one of your other folders, go into the "Choose Folder" (right above the window split, and sort through the various folders you'll find available in your Hard Drive(s). Note the little checkbox at the bottom of this window for "Change Picture". If you select this, you can have your Mac changing background picts on a specific or random interval (your pick).

Have Fun!!

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Re: How do I create a screen saver using my digital photos?
by Gail Allen / June 23, 2004 12:09 PM PDT

Much easier this way.
Control click on the desktop,(=right click on PC)
select "change desktop picture",
click screensaver tab,
scroll to desired picture,
close window
(check out the "options" if you wish to customize)

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Re: How do I create a screen saver using my digital photos?
by tamarabass / June 23, 2004 6:57 PM PDT

Since everyone so far has explained how to do this in OS X, I thought I'd add a description for OS 8.6 ... and probably 9.1 (hey, some of us can't afford to upgrade... or just like Classic Mac OS!)

Open the Apple Menu and select "Control Panels." From here, select "Appearance." From here you have a variety of ways to customize how your Mac looks, but for this task you want to click on the tab labled "Desktop."

Now there is a window with desktop preview window and a list of pre-existing patterns that can fill the desktop. Beneath this list is a button labeled "Place Picture." Click on it and select the picture you want from the pop-up menu (your digital pictures have to already be on your hard drive, of course.)

Now you can see a preview of what your picture will look like on your desktop.

Sometimes your picture isn't exactly the same size as your desktop. Below the "Place Picture" button (which will now read "Remove Picture"), there is another button. It probably reads "Position Automatically." You can leave this alone or you can click it and have your picture (a) placed in the center of the screen, (b) scaled to fit the size of your screen, (c) tiled on your screen, or (d) stretched to completely fill the screen.

Finally, click "Set Desktop" and your picture is now on your desktop. If you like the way it looks, just close the "Apperance" Control Panel window. If not, click "Remove Picture" and repeat the process with another picture.

The description may seem a bit long, but it's really quite simple and intuitive.

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Re: How do I create a screen saver using my digital photos?
by kcourt / July 26, 2004 1:14 PM PDT

I will add to the OS 9.....

If you have a group of desktop pictures and you want a different one each day, drag and drop the desktop picture in the window space. Then next day, another picture will come up rendomly. It is nice to be surprised .

Kathy ; )

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Re: How do I create a screen saver using my digital photos?
by ralinder / September 18, 2004 1:16 AM PDT

The way we do it (there is probably more than one way) is to put your desired photos into a single folder.Name the folder and leave it on the desktop. From the Apple Menue (top left icon in your menue bar) select 'System Preferences' 'Screen Effects'. Drag the folder into the 'well' in your Screen Effects window. There are also tabs allowing you to set 'Activation' times and designate 'Hot Corners.'
Hope this helps

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Re: How do I create a screen saver using my digital photos?
by lilolemissy / September 18, 2004 5:59 AM PDT

VERY EASILY! This is how I make my own for OS X: In FIND--->Pictures I place any and all my photos, graphics from the net, etc.. Next I create a folder within Pictures simply by clicking the mouse a couple of times until an "empty folder" appears. Then I use the mouse to drag any graphic within Pictures that I wish to incorporate within my screen saver and release it when it is situated right on top of the "empty folder" just created. Repeat dragging and releasing any graphic onto the "empty folder" one by one until you have placed all you wish into the "empty folder". You can easily rename it to something such as "screensaver" by clicking on "empty folder" and typing in what you wish. Next go to System Preferences which you will find in the DOCK, click on it and you will see DESKTOP and SCREEN SAVER: Click on this. When it opens up, you will see 2 options: one for wallpaper and one for screensaver. Click on SCREENSAVER and you will be able to click on the new SCREENSAVER FOLDER you have just made which makes it the default screensaver. If you wish, you may also click on the "customize" button for options and effects on displaying your new screensaver and how many minutes of waiting before it appears upon your screen. I normally have several such screensavers made and switch back and forth among them as I wish. Happy

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by taboma. / February 23, 2005 2:07 PM PST

That was an easy way to do it. Thanks

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Re: How do I create a screen saver using my digital photos?
by bwellman / September 20, 2004 3:15 AM PDT

It's pretty simple. It goes like this:

Under the Apple menu, select System Preferences (or open System Preferences by any other method).

Under Jaguar, select "Screen Saver." Under Panther, select "Desktop & Screen Saver," then click the Screen Saver tab.

This preference screen allows one to select from Apple's pre-loaded screen savers, or the "Pictures" folder. This is a standard folder preset for each Mac user account. It's visible from the Finder in the "Home" folder. Just drag and drop photos or pictures of any description in this Picures folder, and they are incorporated into a screen saver. Check the effects you like and you're set.

But wait, there's more. iPhoto uses the Pictures folder to hold its albums. So the screen saver panel shows them as well. Within the preference panel, it is possible to select all of iPhoto, photos from any particular year, or photos from ANY album that's been set up in iPhoto. One could also set up a "Screen Saver" album within iPhoto and set system preferences to display that.

Pretty slick.

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Re: How do I create a screen saver using my digital photos?
by Eduardo_Calderon / September 24, 2004 2:07 AM PDT

Open your HD. When it 's open you will see 2 columns. On the first column to your left, at the bottom, after Music, you will see "Pictures", and on the 2nd column you will see your HD contents. Look on the 2nd column for the folder where you have your pictures. Select the pictures that you want as screen savers, and drag them into the Pictures Folders.

Go to System Preferences. Open Desktop and Screen Saver. When open, choose "Screen Saver" Tab. Your Pictures Folder will be selected.

Go back to System Preferences and choose Energy Saver, select "Never" on the "Sleep when it is inactive"

Hope this helps.

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Hi Lee
by rockyray / January 14, 2005 8:58 AM PST

1st you need to down load your photos from your camera into iPhoto. If you've already done that then create a new folder ( they call it file) in iPhoto ---- Select File -- from menu bar -- then click on New Album-- name it -- then click on OK ---- you could title it something like "screen saver pics" so you know what pics you've already used in case you want to edit or change them later on -- Drag and drop into that new folder you just made only the pictures you want to use on your screen saver. Once all pics are there click on that folder to bring it up. With your mouse draw a square around all the photoes in this folder so they are all showing a blue square around them. That means those photos are ready to drag and drop to another location. Don't close iPhoto out now ---- just let it sit there and next click on the apple symbol in the upper left hand corner of your computer screen -- then choose system preferences -- then choose desktop & screen saver. Once that screen comes up for screen saver and you've got your settings the way you want them to be, just drag those photos from iPhoto & drop them int the photo box to the right. That's all you need to do. Close everything out and once it's time for your screen saver to come on you can enjoy your new masterpiece. Have a great day all.

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