BR player HDMI out to switch HDMI in.
Cable box HDMI out to switch HDMI in.
Apple TV - I'm not familiar with it but if it has HDMI out also to switch HDMI in. If no HDMI on Apple TV -- from the spec sheet for the Samsung HT there are no other inputs or outputs except HDMI. If the Apple TV does not have HDMI you'll have to connect it to the TV bypassing the switch and HT.
Connect the switch via HDMI to the Samsung HT.
Connect the HT to the TV via HDMI. Leave the HT source select on the HDMI port you connect the switch HDMI out to.
After connecting, you just have to turn the switch to the source you want.
I'd also turn off CEC on the HT -- I've seen too many Samsung HT problems related to CEC.