HIDS use very low power once they past the initial start up..
During this time, the ballast needs about 5secons to warm up.

When using HIDs, even factory ones, the ballast needs time to warm up, so once your car starts up, give it a few seconds after the HIDs are on, to switch from High to low.

If your car uses a separate bulb for the Day-time running light, and another bulb for the Low-beam night driving, then you just want to put the HIDs on JUST the low-beam.

If its High and Low beam in one, then the bi-xenons should work. However even in this configuration, you can not simply switch back and forth from high to low beam rapidly, it will burn out a fuse, or damage a ballast or even a relay as well.

Look into a WIRING HARNESS. This basically uses one side of power from the head light(either the left or right depending on which is closest to the battery) to power BOTH HIDs. Typically costs about 15-20dollars and comes with a single relay. Install is about 10min.

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Its very easy, and it should stop your issues & prevent ones from the future. Good luck.