Most printers just by themselves can self-test, read manual to get a test print.

Next, under the Win7 properties for devices&printers, see how many printers are present. If you find any that aren't installed besides XPS or FAX and current, delete them. Also, there should be a "check mark" next to default printer. Your new printer should have Win 64-bit drivers in order to do a good install, you did that. Next, be 100% sure the USB(connected correct?) is working and ready, reseat that connection, don't move to another USB port, you make multiple USB pseudo printers that way. Try all that and come back with results. Also, use the new USB cable that may have came with the printer. if you have to re-install again, do a de-install before hand and reboot after doing so once done, then install and follow instructions as directed.

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