Let's start with Surface RT. For now the only apps you may install are ones from the Microsoft Store. The RT is a closed system with no choices other than what Microsoft offers. If you found some Windows app and it's not in the store, you won't be loading it. There are other deep issues with the Windows 8 RT platform but it is not a "Personal Computer" and folk need to consider that before they are committed.

The other is your typical android so you can compare with a dozen other 10 inch android tablets but before we go one step done the note taking road, did you try to take notes on this model? If not, you must try it before you commit.

I find note taking to not be a good app for tablets after all this. I'm back to paper for many reasons.

Again, test drive this note taking before purchase and all the models I see today require me to have a PC to support the tablet. It does not replace your common laptop.