I have no idea what Asus laptop you have and so will will no one else until you provide it. Further, Aus will provide that detail help ypu need. It will instruct you on the method used to restore/recovery that is already prsent in your laptop(I assume). I mention that if no other action was done that may have harmed it and thus render it impossible to recover if deleted or removed. Again, the Aus support website should proviode the help you need. Just look up your Aus model# and refre to that to gain what you need to know. Don't proceed until you know what is needed beforehand, just to play it safe.

FYI- While on the sugject be sure to check to generate the recovery/restoire disc you can make. If you never used this option it makes good sense to have them, just in case. I provide that extra info as you may need it before you try to reload the OS from the hiden partition if presesdnt on your lapptop. Also, you may want to contact Auss to see if they will provide for some small cost the discs you need ,if Win7 or even think about Win8 at some reduced cost if your qualifiy. good luck

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