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Fed Up w/ Audio/Video Delay Problem on New HDTV

by jen147 / December 1, 2010 11:11 AM PST

Emerson 42" LCD - LTDN42V68US
Dish Network HD Receiver VIP622

Before last week we just had regular CRT televisions. We decided it was finally time to see what all the hype was about w/ HDTV. So we bought 2 new LCDs. In the living room is the Emerson mentioned above, in the MB is a 32" Samsung LN32C350D1D. We are HD & flat screen tv newbies. But my DH is an electrician and very mechanically inclined so he's not dumb when it comes to electronics.

Boy were we disappointed when we put those tvs up & turned them on. Realizing that we needed to upgrade our Dish Network to HD, put in the call to them, had the guy come out, he hooked us up. And the difference was amazing. So we thought we were good to go.

I didn't notice there was a lip sync problem until 2 days later. I am so angry over this, after all the money we've spent and gotten into the 24 month deal with DN for the HD this is the best we get?

The problem is only on the Emerson in the livingroom. The only differences that exist are as follows: LR TV is connected to HD DVR, Bedroom TV is connected to DishNetwork HD Receiver (not a DVR), LR TV is connected to our old stereo, using tv speakers on BR TV.

I have tried muting the stereo volume and only using the TV volume and the delay is still there. The stereo is connected straight to the DishNetwork HD DVR. The TV does have a Digital/Audio Out but our stereo doesn't have a digital/audio in.

I know Emerson isn't the best brand TV. The delay doesn't seem to happen on commercials either. It varies throughout the day, from channel to channel. Sometimes it's very slight sometimes it's so bad it's disturbing to watch. We tried completely disconnecting the stereo and it seemed to stop but then we hooked the stereo back up and watched for the longest time staring like zombies at everyones lips waiting for it and couldn't see it anymore. So I just don't know if that made a difference or if it's just so inconsistant that you can't pin down a cause.

Please let me know what you guys think. We are not open to buying one of those audio delay boxes that go for hundreds of dollars & supposedly fix this problem. If we were open to a real home theater or surround sound system, how do we know which to get that would have a built in delay fix... or should we box this Emerson back up and get a different brand and again which brand would have that audio fix built in???

Just very disappointed in my HD experience so far.

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Try this
by Dan Filice / December 1, 2010 11:33 AM PST

Swap your Dish boxes to opposite TVs to see if that fixes the Emerson sync. If so, the problem is this Dish box. If not, it's the TV. Should be easy to try. One more thng: Are both the Dish boxes connected using the same type of cable connection?

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Good place to start, thanks
by jen147 / December 1, 2010 11:55 AM PST
In reply to: Try this

Ok, we will try that tomorrow, thanks for the suggestion.

Yes, they are both connected via HDMI.

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Some thoughts; mixing older equipment w/ new
by Pepe7 / December 1, 2010 2:09 PM PST

Audio delays are definitely not uncommon in the digital world. That, along with too much compression can cause video glitches as well. Sometimes it's the HDTV, sometimes it's the Cable or Sat box, and sometimes it's the cable or satellite provider feed and/or content causin the sync problem. IOW, you have some trial and error on your hands. The fact that it varies during the day and from channel to channel leads me to believe that you are experiencing variances in the audio track coming from DISH programming. FWIW, there's a helpful forum @ for more specifics from the satellite gurus. I subscribe to cable, so I'm normally visiting there trolling for info when I'm in unfamiliar turf assisting with a satellite system/audio install of a friend or family member.

That said, it's never a good idea to mix old equipment such as your old stereo, with new stuff like your HDTV and HD-DVR and expect good results. If you framed it that way, I suspect your electrician husband may start to agree ;). IME you would be better served by borrowing a newer A/V receiver for testing the audio- a trusted brand with different inputs you could try, along with full support for HDMI. Since Dish content only requires either digital optical or digital coaxial to pass along DD 5.1 from certain programs, this means you could connect in one of those ways to the A/V receiver and at the same time via HDMI directly to the HDTV. Some of the newer receivers can permit manual control of small audio delays. Sometimes though what's coming down the pike from DISH (etc.) has more of a delay than your equipment can compensate for. If one channel/program has a 50ms delay, while another HD channel exibits a 100ms delay, you can see how being able to manually adjust might help a little. Again, this can be very ad hoc. I have friends with very basic AV setups and I don't really notice much in the way of AV sync issues, albeit the one difference is they are not combining older receivers with newer video equipment.

Do I hear you correctly- if you disconnect the stereo the problem disappears(?). That should tell you something immediately ;). If you do plan on upgrading to a newer receiver, I suggest one of the mid priced Onkyo or Denon models that do have some adjustments for audio delay. Also remember that you do not have to use HDMI from the VIP622 to the receiver, you can try both hookups until it sounds correct and the sync goes away.

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Thoughts on the receiver
by Dan Filice / December 1, 2010 2:55 PM PST

I thought the same about the receiver, but she said:

"I have tried muting the stereo volume and only using the TV volume and the delay is still there."

If the tuner is muted and she just uses the TV speakers and the sync issue is still there, then something else is wrong. But I have issues sometimes when using my receiver too. Also, I get sync issues on my cable, but not too often. Yes, as you suggested, many problems originate with the satellite or cable provider. Sometimes it's the source material, especially on Live events where the signal is being uplinked to satellite Live in realtime.

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Today I found the Delay was in my Receiver
by wdk450wdk450 / November 24, 2012 9:39 AM PST

I run HDMI to my TV and TOSLINK digital audio into my home theater receiver. . I have noticed this problem at home for months now, on many local and "cable" channels. I just performed a power off reboot as suggested (by Dish Tech support) to someone else on the net, and it came back up doing the same thing. I then shifted the audio input on my audio receiver the audio output of my TV (which was input to the TV on the HDMI cable from the Dish receiver). THE SYNCH DELAY WAS GONE!!!! Evidently there is some sort of audio delay (sometimes more than 1 second) in the Dish receiver that is not reset by a power-up reset.
Unfortunately when I use the audio signal from the TV output, I lose the surround sound decoding . I have surround sound with the TOSLINK connection.

I have a Dish VP722 Receiver, a Vizio E3D320 VX TV and a SonySTR-DG500 Audio Receiver.

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Let's give it one more try...
by Pepe7 / December 2, 2010 3:33 AM PST

What is the make/model of that older stereo you are using in the LR? How exactly is it connected to the DVR- via standard L/R RCA analog (red/white) audio cables?

If the problem persists while using only the built in audio of the HDTV, I'd try circumventing the stereo in two ways.

1) Use Component video (R/G/B) out from the VIP622 to the Emerson.
2) Also connect audio via digital optical out from the VIP622 to the Emerson.

Let us know if that helps in any way w/ the sync issues. And pick a prime-time show, a morning show, and a late night just to get a sense of things.

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by jen147 / December 3, 2010 12:52 AM PST

I will have him try your suggestions tonight and report back.

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Newest Developments
by jen147 / December 3, 2010 12:21 AM PST
In reply to: Try this

Ok... Since my first post we've had some changes. We actually weren't supposed to have just the plain HD Receiver in the bedroom. We were supposed to have Dual HD DVRs in both the livingroom and bedroom (Tech mistake he brought the wrong box). So DishNetwork shipped us the 2nd DVR yesterday.

So in trying the experiment of switching the receiver boxes from the LR to the BR as Dan Filice suggested... we hooked the newest DVR up to the LR Emerson and put the original DVR in the BR to the Samsung. I know that's skewing our results a bit because we added another equation to the mix, but we did get some results.

It was late last night when the change was completed, finally got off the phone w/ Dish after the activation, programming remotes... etc... but before we turned the TVs off last night neither TV seemed to be having the lip sync problem, which totally confused me.

So then this morning, I turn them both on and set about going through several channels on each and comparing. I'm so frustrated to report to you that now there is the problem on both TVs now. We only have the America's 120 channel subscription + local channels. And the only channels that I could find that it's doing it on were all 3 of my locals (ABC, NBC & CBS), and TBS and possibly Nickelodeon... I say possibly because it can be hard to tell sometimes if cartoon characters are lip syncing... but I'm almost certain that it is. Of course I didn't check every single channel, I just don't have time for that or know if it even matters at this point. But those are the ones for sure. Several others (MTV, TLC, Food Network, HGTV plus more) are 100% perfect.

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Sorry to hear that. It could very well be...
by Pepe7 / December 3, 2010 12:54 AM PST
In reply to: Newest Developments

...a combination of crappy HDTV processing and/or some bad programming delay, which you have no control over since it varies by channel/content.

Do you have any friends/relatives or neighbors using DISH that you could use for comparison? Other than doing that, I would certainly consider trying a higher quality HDTV to get a slightly better sense of what's going on. Stay away from off brands if possible for your larger primary display. You could get a very high quality Panasonic plasma (46-50") for ~$699-799. It may sound extreme, but you could take advantage of a store's return policy and pay a restocking fee if you decided to buy an alternate panel to test out w/ DISH.

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Lip sync problems
by cmccarle2000 / December 4, 2010 6:36 AM PST

I have this problem also. I had an over the air antenna tv and the old fashion tv and the audio was way out of sync someday's Now I have dish network with the same old crt televisions and it is still there sometime. I think it was the broadcasters problem as watching the new digital signal (I have a converter boxes)

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You almost answered your own question
by ScottinMT / December 1, 2010 3:21 PM PST

I have tried muting the stereo volume and only using the TV volume and the delay is still there.

*********The stereo is connected straight to the DishNetwork HD DVR.******

The TV does have a Digital/Audio Out but our stereo doesn't have a digital/audio in.

The sound signal is coming straight from the DVR.

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Now I'm confused
by Pepe7 / December 1, 2010 11:59 PM PST

If the OP could write her setup again a bit more clearly (like a diagram, perhaps), I would have an easier time following all the spaghetti ;).

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More Info
by jen147 / December 3, 2010 12:45 AM PST
In reply to: Now I'm confused

It's hard for me to give you exact connections this morning w/o my husband here to tell me what's what. So I'll post that later tonight. What I know is that both TVs are now connected to HD DVRs via HDMI. The TV in the LR also has the stereo connected to the DVR and there is also a Samsung DVD player/recorder connected but I'm pretty sure he said he had that connected straight to the TV. We have watched a movie since we've gotten this setup and the DVD played perfectly, no audio/video sync problem at all.

The Bedroom TV again hooked directly to an HD DVR via HDMI. No external speakers at all. There is a DVD player in there too, and I am just assuming that it's connected to the TV not the DVR. I'll have to ask him about that tonight and report back to be sure.

That's about as technical as I can get w/ you until I'm able to ask him those questions.

Someone asked what kind of stereo we had in the LR... It says it's a Panasonic 5 Disc CD changer Digital Servo System. I looked on the back to see if I could see a manufacturer date and couldn't find one but did see the model # is SA-AK110. While I was back there I was also able to discover that as I reported before the stereo is hooked directly to the DVR using the Red/White A/V cables. I am thinking that the stereo is at least 4 yrs old maybe more.

It seems to me that the problem could be coming from DishNetwork. Am I wrong in thinking that? I mean what else could explain the inconsistencies and that it's now happening on both TVs? But it wasn't happening on the BR TV until the original DVR was connected to it. It was not happening when it was just the plain HD Receiver. Is there a clue in that maybe? Something to do with DVRs??? Or a problem in the 622 model of that DVR?

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by jen147 / December 3, 2010 12:55 AM PST
In reply to: More Info

Please notice my other replies on up into the thread. I wish this forum had the "quote" feature so that I could answer individual questions. I will keep my next posts at the bottom.

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DVD movies will rarely exhibit that behavior
by Pepe7 / December 3, 2010 4:34 AM PST
In reply to: More Info

Sync problems are usually only a problem involving a cable or satellite feed.

I suggest you re-group and look for more specifics on what could be the issue with your VIP622 unit in the two following forums-
*Running 622 & 722 bug thread-

Apparently, there's also talk of a newer firmware released-

AVS can also be useful IME-

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by jen147 / December 3, 2010 5:03 AM PST

I checked my System Info and I have the latest firmware they are talking about in that one thread. The first link you gave me has like 50 something pages to that thread so it'll take me awhile to sort through it. Usually when I do a search for this problem on sites I do get threads that have been created on that problem but they are like 2005 or 2006... so I don't know if the info is still good and also after awhile it all starts to get overwhelming.

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Use their search function
by Pepe7 / December 3, 2010 6:16 AM PST
In reply to: Firmware

Google also lets your circumvent the native search by using the following syntax:

<search terms>

I also stumbled across some settings you should look at in another forum (also might be worth searching)-

I also saw the following content regarding the VIP622:
"Dish DVR's have been noted to have HDMI problems be it handshake issues, faulty connection ports or other problems. Many users opt to use component video and optical digital audio as it is less problematic and many users have reported that the picture is slightly better vs. HDMI. It certainly works for me, without a hitch (component). JVC must get it's act together (the manufacturer of Dish equipment) and get these HDMI issues resloved.

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Read last comment in the following thread regarding VIP622
by Pepe7 / December 3, 2010 6:36 AM PST
In reply to: Firmware

Sounds like it might be prudent to make sure your sync option in the setup menu is set to HD for HD channels.

"I've never noticed any really bad and persistent audio sync issues that weren't attributable to the station itself. (WGN used to be really bad about that.) I'm using optical and component (HDMI port is busted -- happens all the time to the 622) to an Onkyo receiver and then a Samsung LCD. The sync option in the setup menu is set to HD. I can't say I've ever noticed this causing a problem with SD channels, but I hardly ever watch SD channels.)"

taken from here-


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Thanks so much
by jen147 / December 3, 2010 10:19 AM PST

I really appreciate all the digging you've done. Looks like we've got some reading to do and things to try.

We did check that audio sync in the HD menu and it was already switched to HD. It might be tomorrow before I can give a decent update.

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