your other discussion here, which you have discontinued it seems.

Let's try a test.

Right click your Start Menu button and select "Open". Right click 'again' and select "Open all users". This should open two Windows Explorer windows, the first shows the Start Menu for the account you are currently logged into Windows with. The second Explorer window shows the Start Menu for "All users". That second is for shortcuts that are common to all accounts on this system.

You can tile these windows side by side using the "Tile windows vertically" option by right clicking any empty space near the clock and selecting from the menu.

Now, in each window, click the Programs entry in the left hand column. Does the right hand pane in each window show all your program shortcuts?

If not, what do they display?

If nothing shows, and/or if Programs does not display in the left hand pane, in one of those Explorer windows, goto Tools > Folder Options and in the new Window select the View tab.

Hidden files and folders - Make sure "Show hidden files and folders" is selected.

Hide extensions for known file types - Make sure this is not ticked.

Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) - tick this. You should return here and untick it later when you resolve this problem.

Click Apply/OK

Any difference? I don't think there will be, but it is worth a shot.