I see you've had no replies yet. I would have posted earlier, but I'm not a Mac user myself and so i am not at all sure of my facts.

That said, I suspect the issue would be the same with Windows systems.

The problem is, screensavers use code within the Operating System itself to produce those 'cross fading, zooming, cropping' and other effects that you see, and they are nothing to do with the separate images themselves.

In Windows OSes we need to use specialised "Presentation software". An example would be Microsoft's own Office Suite Powerpoint software. With Powerpoint you can make image slides with all those screensaver effects, and probably more.

I don't know about iMovie, iDVD and iPhoto, but I suspect you need to find specific Presentation software for your Mac, perhaps like iWork's Keynote, as described here;

If not that, try a Google search, (or your favorite search engine if different), for Presentation software Mac.

I suspect you will need to create the presentation first, before burning, (copying), that file and the images, to a DVD,

Alternatively, why not repost your question in one of CNET's Mac Forums, listed below. That's where the real experts are.

Good luck.