Greetings, Keyser . . .
There are are LOT of people wondering about that very question, even the folks at LG! They have hinted at a late 2012 (last half) release for the DM92. Nothing more at this point

So, you cannot purchase this monitor yet.

It is supposed to be THAT good. That is what the specs and hype say. Until someone can get their hands on it, we won't really know for a while.

The s23a950d is a 23" monitor, the DM92 at 27". Samsung - "narrow" bezel, LG - 1mm bezel.

Then there are some of the spec differences. Both are 3D and while the Samsung is active 3D, the LG claims to be passive 3D.

The Samsung seems to have a lot of eco features and even one that will dim the monitor if you leave the room and if you stay away, it will shut itself off.

If you can wait, the LG may be the way to go. If not, the Samsung, Asus VE278Q, and Acer HN274H BM IIID are all good monitors as well. In this price range and up, there are a lot of good choices. Just make sure it meets your needs. That's the hard part sometimes.

Hope this is a little helpful