Hi rolee48,

You can try to perform the Dell Diagnostics to determine if there is any hardware failure. To perform the diagnostics, follow the steps:
1. Turn off the computer; press <F12> key 2-3 times when the Dell Splash screen appears.
2. One time boot menu appears, press the down arrow key to highlight 'Diagnostics' and press Enter.
3. If you get any error code, make a note of it and continue testing.
4. Please share the error codes if any.
5. Press 'N' on 'Do you want to run the remaining memory tests'.
6. If the test completes without errors, try this Microsoft fix-it.

Observe the computer in Safe Mode with Networking. To access it, restart PC and press F8 key as soon as the Dell Splash screen appears. When the 'Advanced Boot Options' menu appears, use the down arrow key to highlight 'Safe Mode with Networking' and press Enter. Check if the system freezes in Safe Mode.

Please try these steps and share the results.

Thanks and Regards,
Manpreet C