the 2 points had EXACTLY the same info. I've NEVER received that message and use restore very frequently usually to earlier same day or 1 day past.
Try again a little further back if you haven't added any new programs since the older date. Same message again??

Run AV/AS/& Rootkit scans as possibly E-Mail worm or possibly a rootkit Trojan which hides it's entry & existence by erasing it's tracks after getting in so regular scanners won't find it. Here's a couple of Free ones you can use if you don't have any:

Try an ONLINE Scan perhaps??:

If you get an error message trying to reach any of the above links, I would consider it prima facie evidence that your ARE infected and possibly your AV program has been corrupted.
In that case, post back with whatever info you can glean from any messages that pop-up. May send you to Virus & Security Forum here. Grin