some years ago that Spyware Terminator was listed as a suspect rogue application by the Spyware Warrior web site at;

Now in truth it has been de-listed after testing by the techs at Spyware Warrior, and their report is here;

The problem is, I'm a wimp! Once something has been listed like that I tend to shy away and move on to some of the more recognised and recommended anti-malware utilities like the free versions of Malwarebytes' Anti-malware and/or SUPERAntispyware. It doesn't matter to me that such a utility has been shown to be clean now as the reputation has stuck in my mind.

You don't say what this confirmation message says, so it's difficult to suggest anything except to look at the utility's control panel or options to see if there is any way of turning off those messages, but if they are about possible threats to your system that this software has found, then isn't it important to know about them?

But I know what I would do.