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by Terabytes-n-Towers / April 12, 2011 12:56 AM PDT

A few weeks ago a my brother decided to buy a computer outside of the normal place that he would go through. He did some research around the internet and found a company called iBuyPower. I have never heard of this company before. Come to find out they use refurbished parts and sell the computers at a to high a price.

Here is my story with the company:

Three weeks ago my brother bought a computer from iBuyPower and he did a rapid delivery method. Which meant he would get the computer shipped within 24 hours and have it within a week. When he received the computer he hooked it up and everything by himself and I had to install the Operating System. Everything installed correctly, it was after install that we started having blue screen and crashing problems. Almost immediately after installing the OS, Windows 7, the blue screens started happening. First it crashed on install of the anti-virus I put on. I figured the file was corrupted to I reinstalled a different anti-virus program, it took. The next thing that happened was I was doing the OS updates and the monitor went black, I figured the video drivers were out of date, so I updated them. Then it blue screened, so un-installed the drivers. Then I put Google Chrome on because IE8 was crashing the computer, it was working fine for awhile there.

After about a day of my brother having more crashes and then finally not booting up at all. I came back over to take a look at it and when I turned it on it did one long beep continuously. I did some research on what error codes mean, this one in particular meant CPU failure. I ended up calling the company and going through some troubleshooting. Long story short we ended up sending it back for repair.

After shipping it back, the company itself had the system for about 24 hours before they shipped out again. When my brother received his "newly refurbished" computer, he plugged it in. He had me come over, again, to set up his OS... again. This time everything installed properly, we didn't have any major issues. Except for a USB driver problem that blue screened us and crashed his computer. This was easily corrected by uninstalling the driver. We had no more issues after this....until after I left. He started installing all of his software and games. Then the issues started happening, AGAIN. It crashed a few different times on him. Then he turned it off and went to work. In the morning he went to turn it on and low and behold it was doing the exact same thing it was doing the last time, the continuous long beep with no BIOS or video. Nothing was showing up. I ended coming back over to call the company again, come to find out all they did was disable the temperature sensor. They didn't check the CPU or the motherboard, they didn't put it through any diagnostic what-so-ever.

In talking to the technician, is where I got the best customer service ever...... not really.

Here's how that went:

I called the company on behalf of my brother to do some troubleshooting with them to figure out what was going on. I was connected to a technician and I was explaining to him what was going on. He was telling me to do things that weren't possible to do, like press the restart button and wait for the Logo screen to pop up. I explained to him before he had me go and attempt to do this that I wasn't able to see the logo screen because the computer wasn't booting up. He kept trying to get me to restart the computer and do what he asked me to do. I informed him 3 different times that what he was asking was impossible and then I explained to him that I am a technician and I work on computer for a living. What happened next completely shocked me, he put me on hold and transferred me to someone else, without telling me he was doing so.

I ended up getting transferred to the Customer Service department.

He did this because I said something early on in our conversation that we wanted to find out what the procedure would be to get a refund. While I was talking to the customer service person I gradually started to get angry. I first informed him that I was transferred without my knowledge to someone that wasn't going to be able to help me fix the issue. Then the person I was talking to kept telling me to calm down and to call him back when I have calmed down. Instead of trying to fix the issue or help me fix the issue, he kept telling me to calm down and let the technician help me. I told him that was exactly what I was doing until he transferred me to Customer service. By the end of my conversation with them, I was so livid with the company. I asked to talk to a supervisor and come to find out the guy I was talking to was also the acting supervisor for the day. Then to top it off instead of trying to calm me down and help me fix the problem, he stuck me on hold. Just hung up on me basically, that told me that he didn't and wasn't going to do anything to make this any better. For me the customer or for their company. I informed them that I was going to be writing up this review, he told me to go ahead and that he didn't care what I did.

All in all, after everything was said and done. My brother ended up calling the company back and he is shipping it to them AGAIN. They said they were going to build him a whole new computer this time, we'll see how this one goes.

It was reviewed through many different companies, CNET had a few not so positive customer reviews.

I for one being a computer person, would NEVER go through this with a company after the reshipment of the "second" computer. I would have gotten my refund and went through another company, at least then I would know I wouldn't get shoddy customer service and I would be able to get reliable tech support. But that is just me. I can go through a computer components company and be able to buy all the products I need for a fraction of the price and have it all be new product. As the saying goes, don't make other people's problems become yours, this is especially true in electronics of any sort.

The moral of this story, please be careful of where you buy your computers. Just because the company sells cool product doesn't mean they are the best company. Do your research and find out as a whole how the company runs and operates. Or use a consultant to find out what they think. Either way don't just settle, know what your getting into.

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I suggest...
by Willy / April 14, 2011 1:15 AM PDT

After the experience and such, no return other than for a refund should have been done. They will make this all linger, so cancel now. Have the RMA# as of record, so you can file for refund. Do it now before the billing period is up or within the 30-days, etc. whatever your CC does for action, also in writing. That's my advice, live and learn. Also, get online with the BBB and make record for them as well. If they want to arbitrate, don't just go for the refund as the best result. You're on the hook for any S/H though.

tada -----Willy Happy

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Dealing with iBuyPower
by richardya / January 5, 2012 7:09 AM PST

My computer's motherboard malfunctioned within the first 30 days. Sadly, every manufacturer in the world will have these issues, it's the nature of computers that some sectors on hard drives will not work.

Dealing with them is not easy. I priority fedexed the machine to them because I need a working machine. The first day I called and they didn't open it yet. The second day I left messages and no call backs. I left messages in the call center and no call backs. Every email I ever sent was ignored. When I call I am always on hold and #1 in the que but they say they are extremely busy.

I get tired of this so I ask to change it from a return to a refund. We will call you back. We will call you back, we will call you back. Over and over and still have not received a call back or email. My guess is this will take 2 weeks before they open the box and then they will be able to test that it does not work in 2 minutes and fix it in 10 minutes.

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blue screens
by thomaspunnen / January 22, 2013 6:23 AM PST
In reply to: Dealing with iBuyPower

I had the same problem.
I get the blue screens all the time. I called them they asked me to run the mem tests, everything turned out fine but im still getting the blue screens.
i spent 2 grand on it and another 400 to bring it into Canada.

I got the Erebus GT and now am still going through the inconvenience of trying to even get to talk to someone as they are dealing with other people they pissed off.
i have been on the line for 30 mins now and am still 5th in line to talk to someone.
I honestly do not have time to this crap and they should have tested the ram, etc before shipping it out to me.

DO NOT BUY IBUYPOWER . good hardware but a piss poor company. dell should buy them and show them hows its done.

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Basically a scam
by nicephoras / January 23, 2013 5:18 AM PST
In reply to: blue screens

I wish I had read the reviews. This company just sends you **** in a box and if it breaks, they ignore you, don't help and don't return emails/phone calls. Am on the verge of having my credit card company contest the charge as fraud.

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The customer is always right....NOT with I BUY POWER!!!
by MrsBilber / February 8, 2013 10:35 AM PST
In reply to: Basically a scam

My 16 yo son bought a gaming computer from I Buy Power, with money that he saved. He was lured in with advertised sale prices and rebates. The total cost should have been approx $1100.00 with rebates etc. but ended up costing him $1600.00. He got the system just before Christmas. The 24 " monitor arrived with a gray spot on screen. He contacted the company via email, and was given and RMA number and shipping locations to return the screen. Fortunately, we still had the original box. We used styrofoam packing from box, but wanted to BE SURE it was packed well and wrapped it in bubble wrap. We called to check on the status of the return with customer service, and we were told the screen was cracked during transit. They claimed it was our fault the screen cracked because we packaged it incorrectly and damaged it by using bubble wrap. Who knew bubble wrap could be so dangerous? So of course, now, the warranty was null and void, and now, they will NOT replace the monitor. Ok, no, we did not take out insurance when we shipped it, that was an oversight. My husband called the company and got nowhere with customer service. He then "talked to the manager" who flat out refused to work with us. My son just spent a lot of money for their product, and they were unwilling do what was right for their customer. My husband argued that no where did it say NOT to wrap screen in bubble wrap, nor were proper repackaging instructions or materials provided. The "manager" had no interest in rectifying the situation, only offering to SELL us another screen! To add insult to injury, the rebates forms were difficult to find, and were only valid for 30 days from purchase date! We sent it out after the "postmark by date" because of the holidays, we were hoping for some consideration. Too much to ask for, we receive it back marked "NO SUCH ADDRESS". WOW...what do they care, they got their money from a 16 yo kid. He is out total of $500 from rebates and the computer screen he paid for. That is aggravating enough, but more infuriating to me is the principal of the matter. What happened to "the customer is always right"... NOT WITH I BUY POWER!!

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It is'nt if it breaks ,but when it breaks
by daveurass / March 18, 2013 2:36 AM PDT
In reply to: Basically a scam

Same crap as everyone else. How is it that a company like this is still in business. Just wondering how deep Tiger Direct might be involved in this scam? Best word of advice,stay away from anything with this brand name on it. Maybe even keep an eye on good old Tiger Direct.

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by unhappyibuypowercustomer / March 12, 2013 8:45 AM PDT

First off I have to graciously thank Terabytes-n-Towers for writing up the review they did because in fact, it is exactly what happened to me as well, except instead of it being my brother it was my good friend who came to me for help upon receiving a dead box that did nothing other than light up and humm. I would spend more money on a lesser unit at Wal-mart before i gave a penny to The customer service alone was appalling at least, and of the 3 people I talked to, I am fairly certain 2 of them were the same person. 'Steve' the conveniently on duty supervisor I was unlucky to already be talking to, sent me to a lower employee, or so he said when I told him I would not talk to him anymore because of how rude he was. The second CS rep said "Steve says you have a problem" I said "Yes, and what is your name" (He sounded identical to Steve) and after a 3 or 4 second pause he said "Mike"

This company is a group of money hungry scam artists at best.

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Never again!
by XProtossX / April 30, 2013 8:49 AM PDT

"Two computers here, have come from iBuyPower; this order was intended as a replacement/upgrade to one of them.

Full payment (nearly $3.5K U.S.) had been completed by January 2, 2013, but no work was done on the order for 8 calendar days, when IBP began "gathering materials" for the order. No word about which parts were or were not in stock, and this status persisted for two more weeks.

Finally, on January 23 - with no indication of progress being made, nor communication from the company, after the 10th - I decided to cancel the order.

Especially after reading reviews like these I just didn't want to deal with this on such a large order. I can imagine if I actually got the computer and had problems how Ibuypower would handle it.

I understand companies get backed up around the holidays. However, there's reasonable delays, and then there's what happened with this order.

I think the biggest problem is that IBP is so dreadfully uncommunicative. Getting information and updates from them is like pulling teeth!"

I would like to say, I did replace the order for the same computer through another company, Ironside Computers, as I still needed a new gaming pc.

The ordering process was much smoother! They sent updates to my email every 1 - 3 days on how far along the computer was and the computer was shipped out on the 8th day from when I ordered.

I'm very happy with Ironside's service and I will continue to push people in their direction since Ibuypower wants to insist on neglecting their customers (the people who keep them in business). If you need a good gaming pc get it from Ironside! Their website is

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by IBUYPOWERbadquality / September 11, 2013 6:51 AM PDT

and here is why: I bought a $2,500 high-end desktop from IBUYPOWER.

The first HUGE problem is that they partition the C drive at a stupidly low 60GB size at their discretion. Well WINDOWS alone and a few other components and OS updates take that much space, which means the critical C drive is full, putting the entire PC at risk. When I reported the problem, they said there was nothing they could do and I would have to live with it. Which tells me THEY DON'T HAVE A CLUE ABOUT BUILDING A PERFORMANCE PC.

Second issue: The liquid cooling kit for the CPU started to leak. Water on the circuits... I let you imagine... IBUYPOWER makes this IBP-Z001watercooling system for the CPU and mine broke with no warning. Had to order a $100 replacement from these idiots. Ordered Overnight. They said it would ship. It did not. I'm still waiting. They don';t answer their phone and on the chat, they ask the dumbest questions. Their warranty is virtually null since there are so many strings attached.

Don't make the same mistake I made. This company no only does not build good PC, but their service is aweful to top it off. SHAME ON YOU IBUYPOWER. You got me once for $2,500 but you don't get me twice.

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ISCAMPOWER is what me and my friends have begun calling it
by jrat123 / January 13, 2016 12:04 PM PST

I struggled for about a months (received January 4th) just to obtain my computer from them and when i finally got it nothing worked nor was anything installed. They scammed me a vast amount of money because their website said things that they couldn't back up (poor programming) and as a first time user i thought the issue would be resolved, instead they said the website page doesn't exist anymore so they cannot prove what i was saying and they went through more effort trying to prove what i said was wrong rather then trying to resolve the issue. I HIGHLY suggest no one orders anything from them. Their customer support either shrugs you off or ignores the question completely by explaining that they cant do anything about it or transferring your call to another agent, who is no better then the last. Their managers never pick up the phones and when i finally got through to one he just offered me the same useless excuses as his underlings. Save yourself the heartache and the headache, go order from another more trusted company!

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