Hi kcobannon,

My name is Vikas and I am from Dell Social Media Team.

I went through your issue. I suspect your computer is infected by viruses.

You may visit the link below for virus troubleshooting on Dell support site:


Else, scan the computer with the below mentioned Virus Clean Up tools:

1. Malware bytes: (Removes Malware from infected system)

Link: http://www.filehippo.com/download_malwarebytes_anti_malware/download/6a5b2c1adb0e88e84ab39920bab1ebbd/

Please run a 'complete scan' rather than quick scan. It will ensure complete removal of malwares from computer, if the computer is infected.

2. Super anti Spyware: (Removes hidden spyware from infected system)

Link: http://www.filehippo.com/download_superantispyware/download/de88b913db5aaabba6f52d516ea9b3f8/

Please run a 'complete scan' rather than quick scan and empty or delete the infected files from Quarantine. Then reboot the computer (Reboot ensures safe removal of infections).

Dell Social Media Responder