After reviewing the motherboard in question; the answer is yes, it allows up to 4 fans to be connected directly to the motherboard.

The big question should be, can my power supply handle 5 fans?
Although the fans may be connected to your motherboard; technically, the power is going to be drawn from the; have you gotten yourself a decent PSU from a reliable manufacturer (Corsair, Antec, NZXT, Cooler Master, Seasonic, etc.) with adequate power, or have opted for a cheap P.O.S.

The thing I can never understand; is folks that are willing to spend over $200 for their motherboard, but will spend the equivalent of 5 fans on the case.
Don't get me wrong; Cooler Master makes some wicked cases, but spending so much money on the mobo/ fans alone, then scrimp on a case (that you'll probably outgrow before finishing your build).

Corsair Carbide Series 500R Mid Tower; not only will this case handle all that you through at it, it also includes an internal header for your USB 3.0
for $109.97.