This is an error that could encompass more pain than you think. If your system has a build-in or bios access during boot-up, check the system ram, test it using the diags. Under Vista, hit the F8 to enter during boot-up and if the ram diag is present from the OS boot-up list, use it. Otherwise, if you run the ram diag. and they test OK, then possible HD corruption. Also, you could use Memtest pgm. and run once the system is up and running. Probably due to heat stress or overheating in simple terms from past usage. laptops can get hot and if no cleaning was ever done, it will suffer. The ram can be become flaky and/or the HD as well. If you haven't done a laptop cleaning, clean vents and fans, etc. for best operation. You may want to use a laptop cooler to help keep it cool. The damage may already be done, so results will vary if it is one of the above. Ram can be replaced as well as HD. But, you can try to reformat and reload the OS and install pgms. then swap data over you've saved. -OR- just get a new HD and start again the same process. I exzcldue any possible mtrbd. damage but the items I listed usually seem to correct the problem. However, if this is an mtrbd. issue, you have to decide which is cost effective a repair or replace laptop, etc..

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