The difference between a regular zoom lens and a super zoom is the amount of focal range covered. It does NOT mean that a super zoom will get you closer to the subject. What you are really asking for is a lens which more optical reach, or telephoto. A super telephoto has the most optical reach. A telephoto lens can either be a zoom lens or a fixed focal length "prime" lens.

The longest native lens made for NEX cameras is the $350 55-210mm SEL55210. To get more reach than that, you would have to use an adapter, the LA-EA1, $200. With the adapter, you could mount any Sony A-mount lens. Sony offers a few lenses that offer 300mm to 500mm, ranging from $250 to $13,000. You can also mount A-mount third-party manufacturer lenses.

It is also possible to screw on an inexpensive teleconverter lens to the front of the SEL55210. You would lose some resolution, but it would be cheap.