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Avoid 1&1 hosting service

by reviwer123 / November 26, 2005 10:52 PM PST

Just wanted to share a horrible experince i've had with 1&1 hosting. I've been trying to cancel for several months and I'm still getting charged. The service quality is poor and the customer service is horrible. Just needed to vent.

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RE: Avoid 1&1 Hosting
by tuongthao / December 5, 2005 11:59 AM PST

Me too! had deep experience with 1&1. No support as they stated and ate my CC of almost $200.00
So just writing with hope you all avoid this guy.

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Account locked at 1&1 US
by mettmann / December 29, 2005 6:58 AM PST
In reply to: RE: Avoid 1&1 Hosting

apparently - they have a new billing system that isn't seeing payments made within the past month - ( googled for locked accounts ) now I'm on eternal hold with Tech (as Billing is only 9-5 EST M-F) trying to see if they can unlock me - no emails, no website no nothing!! I had no probs for over 9 months - now this b.s - unfortunate - because if they dont do something to keep me a customer - I'm outta there..

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Reposted for TheBibliophile...
by John.Wilkinson / October 5, 2008 1:16 AM PDT

TheBibliophile: Please watch the language. The forum filter missed your original title and since it could not be edited I deleted your post and reposted the contents below, minus the title.

"I have now read several posts that are nearly identical to yours, differing only in the very minor details. Each complaint I read complains most vehemently about being charged for services not received and/or not being able to contact customer service (or the fact that cutomer service does not return emails and other forms of comunication) to resolve this or other issues critical to running a business. This is utterly horrifying and truly disgusting! It is also why so many people, even in this day and in which e-commerce has become so popular that it is now on the verge of overtaking traditonal brick-and mortar commerce, will not even consider purchasing anything via the Internet, let alone actually do it, and such online companies give other honest, trustworthy, and reliable online companies a bad name.

If you look carefully at 1&1's Web site, you will notice that is has a rather striking feature--or, rather, an absence of a normally striking feature. Even when they drone on and on about how many awards and testimonials they have received, NOWHERE on their site do they display the most important seals indicating that a business engages in what are generally accepted "good" business practices from the most well established and reputable organizations that award such seals, namely such organizations such as the Better Business Bureau Online (www.bbbonline.org), the (original) Better Business Bureau (www.bbb.org), Truste (www.truste.org, and Trustwave (www.trustwave.com), and a few others. Sure, they have all sorts of hosting seals, but they do not have even one of these truly important seals, and, frankly, these are really the only ones worth their "salt," so to speak, since so many "seals" can simply be purchased from rather nonreputable (and usually dishonest) companies that often disappear overnight, very unlike the organizations I listed above.

So why are such "beacons" of trustworthiness so absent on their Web site if they are really the largest hosting company in the world and so incredibly terrific as they claim to be? Actually, I don't really know the answer to this with unequivocal certainty, but such a lack of what online businesses universally consider to be crucial messages to their customers that these businesses are truly honest and worth the customers' trust (i.e., these seals on their Web sites) indicates extremely strongly that 1&1 either could not obtain these seals, probably because the organizations that grant them would not award a seal to 1&1 due to their lack of confidence in 1&1 or, at least, 1&1 does not consider the seals to be of any real importance--and this alone screams that 1&1 ia not to be trusted. THUS, WE END UP WITH A SEEMINGLY UNENDING LIST OF COMPLAINTS NEARLY IDENTICAL TO YOURS ABOUT 1&1'S SUSPECT, IF NOT OUTRIGHTLY DISHONEST, BUSINESS PRACTICES!

Well, enough of my moralizing! Let me move on to how you may do more than just being able to vent at a forum like CNET (which, of course, is of infinite value to others since you let others know to avoid 1&1)and actually resolve problems with 1&1 you are facing for not only some personal satisfaction, but also in order to get 1&1 to give you the attention and services for which you have already paid them.

Yes, if you can reach anyone at all at 1&1 by telephone (otherwise, you willm unfortunately, be forced to email them or to write an actual letter, which usually packs more punch than an email), ask immediately to speak with a supervisor; do not speak with the first person who answers the phone because the main purpose of this person is to act as a gatekeeper, or screener, and to deal with the most mundane of the company's issues, thus allowing more upper level employees free to do more important or involved tasks. Really, if you absolutely INSIST that you will not speak at length with anyone other than a supervisor other than to let the screener know the KIND of problem you have (not the actual specifics of the problem), the screener has no other choice but to pass your call on to a supervisor. Of course, get the name and identification number (most employees have such and I.D.), and write these names down along with the time and date of your call and any important specifics of the conversation. When you get ahold of the supervisor, succinctly and calmly but, nevertheless, very firmly (acting extremely angry at this point will only make the supervisor dismiss you as just another "nutcase" who call to yell at him/her and put obstacles in the way of solving your problem) describe your problem and why you are now upset about how your problem has been treated (or, actually, mistreated). Then, tell the supervisor that you are truly exasperated at how you and your problem have been dismissed by the company. Then, finally,--and here comes the punch--tell the person that you will be initiating a series of complaints if your problem is not completely resolved within 24 hours; do not budge on the time frame (unless it is really PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for them to resolve your issues/complaint IN FULL within 24 hours). Tell him/her in no uncertain terms that you have already exhausted your patience and that without fail your complaints will begin 24 hours after your conversation with the supervisor if your issue/complaint is not FULLY resolved--and be ready to keep your word and act on this if you do not receive a full resolution to your problems. Then tell the person that you will contact: the Online Fraud Complaint Center, the Better Business Bureau (both online and the traditonal BBB), the FTC, and the State Attorney General's office in both 1&1's state and in your own state, if you do not live within the state of residence of 1&1, to file formal complaints about 1&1'a dishonest business practices. Believe me, if the person takes you seriously (which is why you must follow through with your threat if your issue is not resolved within the time frame you delineated, usually 24-48 hours) and knows ANYTHING about ANY of the above organizations/offices, the person will know you mean business and will do his/her utmost to ensure that your needs are met. These offices, while some (especially the Attorney General's office since the are often backlogged with cases and complaints) may take a bit of time to get around to taking action on your complaint, will put the fear of God into any Internet businessperson (and other businesspeople) because of the recourse these true institions in our culture have with regard to any business about which you have a complaint.

Well, anyway, I know that was long-winded (I haven't slept for two days, and I get a bit unfocused with no sleep =) ), but I hope it helps. Good luck! =)

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Me, too! 1&1 the worst customer service company ever
by bholscla / February 24, 2006 12:03 AM PST
In reply to: RE: Avoid 1&1 Hosting

As posted on another website, I glad I?m not in this boat all by myself. It makes me feel a ?little? bit better to know that I wisely coughed up the money to get the collection agency off my back.

I had not been using 1&1 for quite some time (in fact, I forgot about it about after my initial sign-up and switching to a much better internet hosting company). After a year or so, when they needed to auotmatically renew and charge my credit card in advance for their services, it had declined since I had cancelled the card previously. I then got various emalis and threats for collection agencies to pursue. I took my time to cancel the 1&1 in mid-September of 2005. However, my billing cycle was, apparently, from 1-Sept-05 through 1-Mar-06. So, even though I had cancelled, officially, on 25-Sept of last year, I still this bill for the entire 6-months. By me cancelling, I figured the bill would no longer be necessary. What other company bills for a service that had been cancelled. Well, to my surprise, yesterday (23-Feb-06), I got a letter in the mail from a collection agency. Good grief. I?ve now spent 30 minutes on the phone with 1&1 literally yelling at the poor rep and explaining the situation. She kept saying there?s nothing they can do since I clicked to sign the Terms and Conditions when I initially registered for the service. I spent so much time on the phone and got so upset that I just finally decided to call it quits and then call back the collection agency to pay the bill (oh, yeah, and they charge $5.00 to use a credit card?on top of the $19.99 late fee 1&1 charges for a $29.00 bill).

Never before in my 10 years of Internet usage have I ever dealt with such a terrible company. Never.

For anyone who still may be reading this thread in mid-Feb. 2006?Stay away from 1&1 as mentioned above.

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OMG they got me too
by jayobrien / April 16, 2012 3:37 AM PDT
In reply to: RE: Avoid 1&1 Hosting

They would not cancel my account and put a lousy $20 on my credit report after numorous agruments.
Nightmare, too many good ones do not waste time with these guys.
Customer service is right up there with Dell !
or other companys that out source to India.

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Worst & Horrible service.
by manganam / August 13, 2012 7:34 PM PDT
In reply to: RE: Avoid 1&1 Hosting

Worst & Horrible service. Never ever go for 1and1 for domain services, even if they give free/money for buying their domain.
I bought a domain from them 10 months ago, then I wanted to transfer it to another domain registrar and I unlocked my domain for that. They unlocked my domain from their side and told me that the domain was unlocked, so they couldn't do the transfer!!!
Unprofessional support. Someone from support says, "It is transferred already" and some other says "you have to re-initiate the transfer again". Seems, they don't have enough know-how about the procedures. Sure, they are answering your support calls from some out-sourcing companies in Philippians or some Asian countries. They don't have much privilege to do anything for you. They can maximum escalate your call to a higher level. That's it. So, don't expect any miracles from support team.
After 6th day, I have re-initiated the domain transfer request again. So far they didn't do the transfer.
It's the 8th day, I have been asking for release.
There are many cursing/experiences against 1and1 over in webpages/reviews from many users. Please give a read all those review and decide to buy anything from 1and1.

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class action suit
by kal98 / May 30, 2013 12:50 AM PDT

time for a class action suit with these guys they screwed me, and after many attempts to cancel I am now stuck with a premium pkg for a year! they are taking me to collections! I say sue the pants off them the customer support is lousy and the argue if you say this is being recorded they hang up. They did a bait and switch with me and despite trying over and over to get the act cancelled it was locked they had to know that and instead it lead to a year contract, they will not be honest with you I never really signed anything either!

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I had a great service from 1&1
by deepakeapen / October 7, 2014 2:34 PM PDT
In reply to: RE: Avoid 1&1 Hosting

I had registered 3 domain names plus hosting with 1&1 and had it for around 2 years without any problem, with good customer service. There were hardly any downtimes and the whole experience with them was good. I would recommend 1&1 to one and all.

Deepak Eapen.

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by kalele / December 7, 2005 4:10 AM PST

oh wow, i'm glad i didn't switch over to them! I have micfo right now and when I said i was leaving they offered to double my space and bandwidth and upgrade me to a better server.

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(NT) (NT) That sure worked out cool!
by caktus / December 26, 2005 5:17 AM PST
In reply to: thanks!
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Avoid 1&1 Internet
by Anna1234 / December 7, 2005 4:10 PM PST

I've been trying to cancel my 1&1 account. I did so last year with what I thought was my final renewal. Now I'm being threatened with legal action and they have debt collectors on my case. Their customer service is appalling. I've been trying to get them to correct my gender (I'm female and yet they refer to me as 'Mr'). After several complaints they have the cheek to send me promotional e-mails and customer survey forms. They obviously don't read my responses. I'm with 1&1 Internet.co.uk. Stuff them please take our advice even though their prices are low. It's really not worth it.

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Oh too late for me then......
by qnuspp / December 7, 2005 11:59 PM PST
In reply to: Avoid 1&1 Internet

Im already with them and i have to say im very impreased but by the sounds of your responses im going to have a hard time canceling when the time comes.

I have never tried their customer service as i have never had any problems but i have only been with them 3 months so i suppose i cant realy write a fiar comment about theis service.

Thanks for your advice though but its a bit late lol.



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I don't get it..
by hawleywood-20927978273774821755450249973702 / December 13, 2005 5:10 AM PST

Im very impressed with their services too.. in fact, running 11 domains altogether.. and I plan to stick with them.. Im not too sure why you'd want to give up the worlds number one web host - they make everything simple - and they still offer the most robust of server priveleges.

I've had no problem what-so-ever, and plan to stick with these guys..

I run a business, Hawleywood Interactive - www.hawleywood.com, and have tried many, many, many, many, many, many, many (to the power of 300 to be exact) web hosts and co-located server platforms.

These guys are the best.

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(NT) (NT) Yep, your post sums them up well hawleywood
by qnuspp / December 15, 2005 12:08 AM PST
In reply to: I don't get it..
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Ummm... definitely not the best
by randyx--2008 / December 23, 2005 10:51 AM PST
In reply to: I don't get it..

They were good for a little while. Hawley... just wait... you will see. These guys only care about COSMETICS... nothing else. Their system performance is abysmal... and truly usable email features are a joke. Their systems fail so many times... and they really don't care about their customers. They wiped out my ENTIRE COMPANY in one fell swoop... and had NO RIGHT TO DO SO WHATSOEVER! They cleaned out my website and ALL EMAIL BOXES!!! And they said that it was my responsibility to go and rebuild it all! Hawley... you will regret being with them... BEWARE!!!

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So Far So Good...

I can order domains through them - knowing they will bill me 1 week later.. I do make regular backups of all site content... on all the domains they serve..

As long as you keep them paid there is no problem

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class action suit
by kal98 / May 30, 2013 12:59 AM PDT

there are enough complaints to justify a class action suit, they fooled me into a year contract they kept extending my trail period and I wanted to cancel because I was going tonot hospital, then they did not even have the courtesy to phone me to say look this is the last day of your trial are you still alive?
also no one said on such and such date the trail will end now and you will be charged this amt and enter into a binding contract for a year
I would of just cancelled and be done till I was able to handle more. I had been locked out of the act which they knew when they separately billed for domain name and that billing did not go through!
a class action suit would stop this
they are more people complaining all the time over years so they just do not care!

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by ohbrother / March 15, 2006 3:27 PM PST
In reply to: I don't get it..

why is your dns set to domainpeople as opposed to the wonderful creatures at 1and1.com?

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Why my DNS
by hawleywood-20927978273774821755450249973702 / April 12, 2007 3:39 AM PDT
In reply to: why

Smart people don't register their top level domains with their hosting company Wink

Register it with a trusted third party domain vendor. Thats all they do. Then point the DNS to the server you trust most Happy

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1and1 Hosting and Other Services
by AMittal9 / June 1, 2012 5:57 AM PDT
In reply to: I don't get it..

I have been using 1and1 for over 7 years now and have over 20 domains registered with them and hosting more than 15 as fully functional sites. Never had any problem.

Reading the problems above I realized what is going on most of these people are using google adwords and are mad when they stop their subscription the charges keep coming for the usage.

99% of this case billing from google to 1and1 is at least 30 days to 60 days back in cycle, so the charges that come today are probably from 30 days ago.

1and1 customer service is slow as it is based in US only the Tech Support is based out of Philippines and India. and whenever I had to use them their response time was excellent and they also did follow-up calls on their own to make sure the problem was resolved.

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Good to hear some good.
by earleytech / June 1, 2012 11:06 AM PDT

My experience had nothing to do with Google as I wasn't running adwords, etc. My problem was shortly after being billed my card was frauded (but I could never prove it had anything to with them and wouldn't even try), so I cancelled my card. I used the service maybe a week and even then the software was quirky... many times changes wouldn't save and buttons didn't work. I gave up and thought I requested to cancel, but I started getting letters threatening my credit report. Long story short, I offered every way to pay what I owed (as they would just state "Per your contract" to everything I would say) as far as dropping a check or cash off at their office outside of Phila. They would not allow any other form of payment other than a credit card and I just wasn't going to give it to them again. They were rude about it and the only way it stopped and they changed their tune with me and "wiped the slate clean" was after letters to the BBB, and Attorney Generals Office/Bureau of Consumer Protection and they finally cancelled the account and I haven't got a letter since. I will have to check my next credit report though once LifeLock updates it. People shouldn't have to do that when there is a misunderstanding. I could see if I just said "forget you I'm not paying" ... but I offered to settle the debt and they wouldn't have it any other way but with my credit card info. So, although I don't doubt there are customers that are happy as I would never have even posted and wrote letters if they would have just understood where I was coming from and taken another form of payment. I found it rather suspect that a company acted this way with me about it, I mean who turns down full payment of services never used? They could see I didn't really use the service but to make one quick page with a couple links and then nothing... that is where I was with them. I just hope you or anyone else doesn't have to experience something like this with any company. Good luck!

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Support for UK customer of 1&1 Internet.
by chris.bailes / January 10, 2006 3:45 AM PST
In reply to: Avoid 1&1 Internet

Hi guys,

There is a growing band of UK customers that are adevertising our plight (spearheaded by www.thebleedingobvious.com) and mounting a group-action legal challenge (handled by www.wasitfree.com).

We are looknig to hear from any current or ex customers that were either duped by the 'free' .info domain, or in the wider sphere by customers who have had their cards illegally billed or had debt-collection, court-action threats.

Together we can seek justice for the group.

All best,

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1&1 Terrible Customer Service
by theBackLine / March 18, 2010 3:58 AM PDT

Absolutely horrible Customer Service from 1&1.

They went straight to Collections (NCO) instead of making an effort to contact me about my Credit Card expiry. (Same number of course, just a new expiry date.)

My "on file" email address changed some time ago since I had to change ISP's. I never log into 1&1 since their servers are so desperately slow and clogged. I rely on them to notify me when I need to update my C Card - like all the other businesses I interact with.

They won't send me a letter, or postcard.
They won't telephone me - or even program a computer to phone me and tell me to log in: "There is a problem."
If only they had another email address to contact me through. Hmmmm.

Oh wait ? I have 3 email addresses.

Let me see ? where are they registered ?
Oh yeah, with 1&1.com !!!

They couldn't flick me a message at any one of my THREE 1&1.com addresses to say "Log in ? there is a problem." ??
(Y'know this can be automated these days ? they have these new-fangled things called Computers ? you can program them to send an email, place a phone call. Its amazing. If only you guys were in an IT business ? Oh, wait a minute ? )

Nope - straight to collections.
With an $18.95 Late Fee ?
plus a negative impact on my Credit Rating.

Thanks for the Cust service !

Notice that one of the Menu choices when you phone their 800 number is:
'Press 2 if you received a letter from a Collections Agency.'

Makes me wonder if these guys OWN the Collections Agency too ?

Now the Collections Agency wants the Confirmation Number that my Bank issues to me when I make a Bill Payment ?

Do I give it to them ? Hmmmm.

Very fishy.

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1and1 Web Hosting Problems in the US..
by dmariez / June 3, 2010 1:41 AM PDT

I've have had 1and1 web hosting as one of the web hosting companys I use for over a year now without any problems, until now.

I canceled one of my packages with them about 3 months ago, thought it was all taken care of. The domain name for that package came due again just the other day. So what does 1and1 do, they open up a brand new account for that domain, even though I had cancel it 3 months prior and bills me $74.oo dollar. The credit card info they have for that past account has exspired so they send me an e-mail wanting me to sign in and update my credit card info so they can bill me for an account I've canceled and don't want anymore. Something sounds pretty fishy there. So I will be on the phone onece again today with them to try and work things out. This seems to be an ongoing problem with 1and1, (I google 1and1 scam, and all I can say is wow, try doing it yourself) I would like to know if anyone knows of a class action lawsuit going on in the US or eleswhere. I don't know if I can leave my email here but I'm going to try. If anyone has a problem with 1and1 or knows of any of the above going on please get ahold of me.

Thanks Rich

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class action suit
by kal98 / May 30, 2013 12:55 AM PDT
In reply to: Avoid 1&1 Internet

I think the only relief is a class action suit! They work I also tried to repeatedly cancel they locked my act so I could not and I told the sales person I was wanting to cancel because of employment loss and a surgery they said that's ok and extended it---big mistake as one thing lead to another and without
not even a courtesy call saying look you are going to be entering into a 1 year contract at 89.95 a month!
nothing! you would of thought knowing I was going to be int he hospital seeing I had not even logged into the account for over 60 days but no
they are just trouble makers I never finished the website nor was it gone over with me and their tech specialist nor did they tell me the domain name was billed separately and all the other hidden fees.' Let's do a class action suit!
you will either get your money back or stop the harassment!

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Small Site
by sknis / December 12, 2005 9:59 PM PST

I have a small site with the company and have had no trouble with getting service whenever I had a problem setting up the site and then adding on. The site always seems to be "up"

My son had a small site with them and shut it down after oral notification. He also received a notice that the bill was sent to a collection agency. He responded in writing asking several quations and other details. So far no reply after two months. I think the matter is closed.

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by pbruns / February 2, 2007 4:52 AM PST
In reply to: Small Site

Thanks everyone, i was considering going with them

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1 and 1 and collections - Stay Away
by elfrio06 / July 31, 2007 7:45 AM PDT
In reply to: Small Site

Stay away from 1and1.com. They are mean and nasty to their customers from a billing standpoint. I spoke with a Ian Morris this guys has no compasion. My username and password were comprimised and I got a police report to validate the claim. Thye refuse to wiave the charges of $40.41 cents. They sent it to collections. Remember, if they send it to collections must write a letter back to dispute the charges within 30 days. I did this and the collection agency sent the claim back and closed it out. However, 1and1 refuses to give me the authorization code to get them back. The sadi thing I never had a bag experience until now. None of their people will make exceptions even if you jump through their hoops. Remember, if they send you to collections dispute the claim within 30 days otherwise it will show up on your credit report. I spoke to people at NCO agency they will make with your SSN even if you didn?t give it to them and it can show up on your credit report. I opened a case with the FTC, BBB, and my us attorneys office. This isn?t even about the money. It?s about what they are doing is just wrong. Please do the same. Thanks.

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Cash Cow that's all they are
by samiam0123 / July 8, 2009 7:46 AM PDT

They don't care about giving money back to you, they just want your money. I used their service to do some searches for domain names because they were cheap, i used the back button to enter each search, upon paying for my choice, I find that I was billed for all the searches that I made and no where in my transaction did it indicate that I was being billed for my searches. I called billing and they were patronizing and rude and blamed me for using the back button in my search. They claimed that when i use the back button after my search results are given to me that the browser cached my search results and probably added it to my cart (which i did not see in my check out process) which was what I was trying to explain to them. They continue to say it's not their fault that I used the back button. There have been other issues with them where their entire website user experience lacks any intuitiveness or common sense as well as preselected fields that easily trap the user to buying something they don't want.

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1&1US - 1&1UK
by hawleywood-20927978273774821755450249973702 / December 13, 2005 5:13 AM PST

Perhaps there is a difference between the two in terms of service and/or customer service?

I have no problems with these guys 'what so ever'.

And would recommend them to anyone..

Whats the verdict guys?

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