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Aplus.net Review

by jonmc12 / April 28, 2006 2:18 AM PDT

In the past I have experienced problems with Aplus.net as my webhost. I had posted my experiences on Cnet forums, and various web host review sites to inform others. This post reflects my latest interaction with the company.

I am happy to say, that although I had experienced problems in the past, aplus.net was able to work with me and rectify the situation. As a customer I had experienced much downtime and an apathetic customer service mentality from these repeated and harmful problems. We all know that bad things can happen in any business, but the true character of a company shows in the way they react to these issues.

At the end of the day aplus.net was able to show me that I was important to them as a customer - and this should mean a lot to anyone who works with them.

Some tips if you are one of Aplus.net's thousands of customers and happen to run into service issues:

1) If you have a legitimate problem with service, share your perspective with customer service reps.
2) If the situation is not resolved, ask for it to be escalated. Aplus.net has a few 'escalation tiers', so if you have not reached the Director/GM/VP level, and you are still not happy, continue to escalate.
3) If you reach a brick wall (as I did), and someone tells you they can not assist you any further - write down this person's name. Aplus.net wants to know. Continue to address your complaint either with another customer service rep or through the Better Business Bureau. Alternatively, try to reach ''Theo(at)Aplus.Net'' or another member of the Aplus.net marketing team.

In the case that aplus.net experiences a disasterous problem (which can happen to any network provider) and you feel that the problem caused to you violated your service agreement, be empathetic to the fact that the company could be handling 1000s of complaints at once. Ask to be contacted by someone at a later date, or have a rep note your complaint and begin your escalation process a week later.

I hope this is helpful for anyone else who experience problems like myself. After everything, I feel like I can continue to work with aplus.net because they will work with me to fix any problems that will come up.


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No to aplus.net
by stopaplus / August 25, 2006 9:39 PM PDT
In reply to: Aplus.net Review
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Bad support
by TechView / October 26, 2009 12:25 AM PDT
In reply to: Aplus.net Review

I can not judge about all of the Aplus.net support team, but recently I had terrible problems with them:

1. They do not answer the tickets at Sunday.
2. Most of the responses takes about one day.
3. Sometimes I have to send more than 2 post for one ticket to have an answer.
4. Some of the shared plan support staff can not understand the difference between MYSQL and Microsoft SQL Serer database. I ask something about MSSQL, they answer about MYSQL. They did it many times.
5. Sometimes they do not read the ticket, or they do not test the situation you described. Some of them just copy and paste the answer from text books. For example if you describe the error in control panel, They will just refer you to the same tool that has error in the control panel!
6. Sometimes they tag the tickets as "RESOLVED", when they don't want to reply it! I had one toady after waiting for 6 days!!
7. You can not chat. High traffic there and must wait for a long time.

I found the Aplus.net as one of the best company for their amazing support until 2009. But now, decreasing the support quality seems to be policy for budget management or something else, I don't know.

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From Aplus.net
by aplusnet / October 26, 2009 2:09 AM PDT
In reply to: Bad support

I'm truly sorry that you experienced problems with our support team. If you have specific needs to be addressed, please feel free to email marketing@aplus.net and I will escalate to a manager. In addition, if you had a bad encounter, please email me any information you may have on it. We want to ensure a high quality of support and your feedback will help us address these types of issues. Your success is important to us.

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SOS signal, has been replied.
by TechView / November 7, 2009 12:54 PM PST
In reply to: From Aplus.net

Thank you for your help, aplusnet.
marketing@aplus.net was helpful.

Your reply to my comment here shows that your company still concentrates on customers benefits.

I have a dedicated server and a firewall, with 6 shared plans, and some domains there. My business is critical for me. Next time I wish to use just support ticket instead of this public forum.

Thank you again for your serious and perfect help.

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by kltracy / November 1, 2009 11:44 AM PST
In reply to: Aplus.net Review

I had my website with Cedant, decided to go with another webhost provider. I set up an account with another webhost provider after reading excellent reviews. When I couldn't access the account with the info they provided and customer service could not assist, I searched the internet again, only to find out the reviews I read were not independent reviews. I found CNET, read a review of APlus so I called APlus.

I explained to APlus my website was being hosted by Cedant. The APlus rep informed me APlus recently bought Cedant, all Cedant accounts/websites were being transferred/transitioned over to APlus. Since the APlus price was 20.00 less than the Cedant price I asked how long it would take for the transition. The APlus rep said he didn't know since they were two different divisions/accounting structures. I asked if I opened an APlus account could I transfer my domain name and rebuild my website. He said yes. I was informed there were TWO webbuilders in the package. I purchased a webhosting package week of AUGUST 24, 2009 AND THE NIGHTMARE BEGAN.

I attempted the Wizard webbuilder and had problems. I spoke to tech support who informed me the Wizard webbuilder was not in operation and had not been in operation when I purchased the package. I asked if he could give me an approximate time when it would be up and running. He said they didn't know. I asked if it would be days, weeks, months. He said they didn't know but it would be a long time and I could use Trelix. I was not able to access my website address so I called APlus again. I talked to the Aplus rep who told me my web domain name had not been transferred, I had to call Cedant. When I called Cedant's number, the rep answered the phone as APlus. I explained I was trying to reach the Cedant division. The rep informed me I had dialed the wrong number, this was APlus. I informed the rep APlus had purchased Cedant,they were one in the same but with different divisions. He said he had been working there for awhile,never heard that and who ever told me that was incorrect. I hung up and called until I found someone who knew Cedant/APlus were the same company, just different divisions.

To make a long story short as possible. I was paying both Cedant's division and the APlus division. I was told Cedant didn't renew my domain name when I paid them. The Cedant division did renew my domain names. Cedant told me the domain name would be transferred to the Aplus division, the website wouldn't be transferred. I explained AGAIN I didn't want the website transferred since I was taking vacation time at work to redo the website. I was told my account with Cedant would be closed once the domain name was transferred and I would be refunded the monies paid to Cedant. Cedant closed my account and refunded my monies. I tried to build my website only to find out the Cedant division did NOT transfer my domain name. I was told the Cedant division would re-open my account to tranfer the name and it would then be closed, it would only take a day.

I began receiving billing statements from the Cedant division while the APlus division continued to deduct monies from the bank account I provided to them. I wrote the billing at Cedant, informed them the account was only to be opened for a day because Cedant forgot to transfer the domain name to the APlus division. I informed them I wanted this fixed and wanted to know why they were billing me, etc. I NEVER received a response from Cedant, so I assumed this was taken care of.

During this whole time I was unable to receive e-mails from my website address. When I opened the Aplus account I had acquired new phone numbers. I didn't disconnect the old phone numbers until I thought I could post them on my new website. I still had problems, explaining I HAD to get the new website built, I DID NOT want to transfer the old website, just the domain name. AGAIN I was told it would be done. I wasn't able to build the website during the vacation time I took to do so. So after many problems, I tried to build my website AGAIN, on 11/1/09.

While I was able to build a one page template informing people the new website was underconstruction, I was not able to publish it. I called APLU AGAIN on 11/1/09. I was on hold for over 20 minutes so I called APLUS on another phone while still on hold. I finally received a rep. The rep stated there were problems with the website account still being in Cedant's name. I explained that was impossible because I was not paying the Cedant division, I was paying the APlus division. I informed this rep of everything that had taken place, then asked if the domain name had been transferred to the APlus division. He said Cedant did NOT have the domain name, Aplus had the domain name. After much discussion, he said there were a few problems with Cedant, he would transfer me to Cedant division and I would need to pay Cedant and they would then refund me the money so they could get this issue resolved. I informed he I was not going to pay Cedant any money because I would be double paying the same company just different divisions. He said the money would be refunded. By this time I was upset.

I informed the APlus rep I've had an account with APlus since about August 24th, it had been over 2 months and I still didn't have this resolved. I informed him both divisions had been paid and yet I still didn't have the service I contracted for. I also explained now that the domain name was with APLUS, I couldn't even go to another webhost provider since there is a wait period in which you can transfer the domain name again. I informed him I had spent countless hours on the phone with both divisions which cost me money yet no one was resolving the problem. I also explained my website is used by several large transplant hospitals as a resource, a government agency, etc. I informed him that I had suffered so much damage to my reputation which took years to build in the transplant community. I informed him I had met with various legilative offices, etc but now due to the problem I could NOT update my website I had lost credibility. When people call the old phone number, they are told it's disconnected and since I could not update the information, it appears my advocacy program is in trouble or has disappeared. He said he wanted a phone number for someone to call me during working hours. I explained I work two nursing jobs, one in dialysis, the other in forensics so I can't be contacted during the day. He kept pressing the issue someone from customer relations needed to speak with me so I could maybe get a free month. I explained I couldn't leave patients on a dialysis machine for hours just to take a phone call and I knew it would be at least an hour because I had just spend over an hour with him. I finally had to be blunt and tell him it's not like I can take time off. People are on dialysis machines and have to be supervised by me, the forensic exams are on rape victims and I don't schedule when someone is going to be raped AND I wasn't going to take another vacation day just to deal with them. He then asked me to have a friend call to resolve the issue. I explained my friends work and I wasn't going to have them take a vacation day to deal with my problems with APLUS. He finally agreed customer relations would e-mail me. I then said I wanted to get this resolved and it would take tech support. He told me again I would have to go to Cedant division. I explained I was done with them, I didn't have an account and again he said I would probably need to pay them. I then told him I wasn't going to pay them since I was already paying the Aplus division of the company and I was done talking. I said "This is going nowhere, it's obvious Aplus has no intentions of providing me webhosting or the webuilders they promised when I contracted services with them, I WILL NOT pay monies to the other division when they are not my webhost provider. I have spent hours trying to resolve this issue, no one is following through and I have suffered so much damage to my advocacy program and my reputation I might not be able to repair the damage. Since I will not pay another division of your company and APLUS will not provide me with the webhosting I am paying for, I will just need to contact an attorney to recoup my losses. This is absurd when you think about it, because APlus will probably spend thousands of dollars in court costs just because they wouldn't provide me services I paid for. I am done, I won't pay for two webhosts and I will just handle it from here." He then said he would get the Cedant people online it would be resolved. He then transferred me to someone on the Cedant side.

I had to explain everything all over again. The Cedant side rep informed me the problem was because the domain name was never transferred to the Aplus side. When I asked why, he said he was reading notes that said I wanted my domain name to remain with Cedant until they could transfer the whole website which meant I was to pay Cedant for webhosting. I informed him I had told many people I was going to rebuild the website, had printed out all the info so I could rebuild it. He said that was not what was in the note. NOW THIS DIDN'T MAKE SENSE. Why would I pay Aplus to host my website AND pay Cedant division to webhost the same website? He said there must have been a communication problem. I explained I didn't know how much more clearer I could have been when I said I DID NOT want the website transferred/transitioned, just the domain name transferred to Aplus division.

I explained to this rep this was ridiculous that I had to spend countless hours trying to get the domain name transferred to a different division of the same company. I could understand if it was a few days but it had been MONTHS. I have now suffered damage from APlus and said "Imagine if you had spent tens of thousands of dollars to build something, traveled to DC to meet with legislative offices, got bills before Congress ONLY TO HAVE A COMPANY DESTROY EVERYTHING YOU HAVE BUILT." "I have people who have donated organs, suffering and need my help but because of APlus, they can not contact me. I just had an interview and the story was published today, citing my advocacy program but no one can contact me or access the website. I took vacation time to build my website but I couldn't. I don't have 20-30 thousand dollars to spend again in order to rebuild the reputation that Aplus has destroyed." His reply was "I'm not interested in your personal problems, I just want to get this fixed." NOW I was angry, informed him that people like me volunteer their time and money to help people like him, this does affect him since someday he will have health problems like everyone else and people like me will be there.

SO THE CONCLUSION: I have spent several months rying to access and publish my website. I have paid for those months for webhosting services. I HAVE YET TO BE ABLE TO PUBLISH MY WEBSITE. My integrity has suffered. While my advocacy program is volunteer, I have spent money to build the advocacy group, which will take more money to rebuild to where I was before going with APLUS. I can only be thankful that my income/livelyhood didn't depend upon my website or I would have probably lost my company by now. Two months without a website for income would have been devastating. I do not charge ONE PENNY for my assistance to living organ donors. Living Organ Donors are people who have donated an organ while they are living to another person. BUT of course that it's APlus's problem because according the APLUS rep, these are my personal issues. So if CNET thinks APLUS is a good webhost provider, then I would hate to see the ones that are poor.

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by sbeena40 / November 1, 2009 3:57 PM PST

What a boring long story... j.k, sorry for the issues you are facing. This is what happens when you try to do something instead of concentrating on your core business. Online web builders are always crappy anyways.

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by aplusnet / November 3, 2009 2:43 AM PST

kltracy - I would like to have a manager get in touch with you. Can you email marketing@aplus.net with the best contact method?

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APLUS Misery
by Sullivan Goss / November 27, 2009 3:20 AM PST
In reply to: Aplus.net Review

We use Aplus for our web hosting. They are terrible. Our web site has been down for 10 days. Many unreturned emails, many unreturned calls and a complete lack of any sense of responsibility on their part. I have been in business for 30 years and have worked with many fine companies. In those years I have also worked with some mediocre ones. But I have encounter none that were worse than Aplus. They have old or broken technology, poor or nonexistent communications with their clients and no one there cares about the client or the success of their own company. Walk, don't run from this company as a web hosting company.

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Aplus.net response
by aplusnet / December 1, 2009 3:10 AM PST
In reply to: APLUS Misery

Sullivan Goss - I'd love to help you out but I need more account information in order to help. Email me at marketing@aplus.net and I'll see what I can do for you.

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A Plus Is A Complete Joke....
by ccschmitz / January 13, 2010 9:53 AM PST
In reply to: Aplus.net response

These guys are a bunch of crooks. They said they were going to upgrade their servers and that our site would be down for a few hours.... OK, no big deal. Turns out they completely lost all of our data during the update. They said they do regular backups, so I wasn't too concerned and asked for the backed up files. They said they couldn't find them and that there was nothing they could do about it. So we finally get our site back up and running, but we had lost all of the information on our databases that we have for our online software. Needless to say, our customers were very upset.... Then they all of a sudden said they were going to be updating their servers again and that our site was going to be down for TWO WEEKS!

Customer service was completely worthless. They did apologize, but they basically said "tough beans.... you're on your own!" Needless to say, I've moved over to BlueHost and have been very happy with their support and their services.

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Agreed - same here
by tvc1522 / January 14, 2010 3:05 AM PST

Aplus.net was unable to bring up our site after the upgrade, in fact they lost it for a while. Their tech support abilities are poor as well. Months after the upgrade, our site is highly unstable and I'm working late right now to find a new hosting company to transfer to.

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Aplus.net but with failing grade
by klaviste / August 12, 2010 5:11 AM PDT
In reply to: Aplus.net Review

2010 Experience.
I will state the fact in short with my experience.
1) Some tickets are not answered on even simple questions. (not troubleshooting)
2) Very slow!!! My client couldn't bear it.
3) Very hard to use. I'm a web developer. It wasn't easy for me to get around.
4) NO REFUND POLICY NOR CREDIT. They won't even convert remaining unused portion of service to in-store/in-site credit. Greedy bast***s. My mistake to sign up for entire year.

There are so many other competitions. Let this one close down.

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Re: Aplus.net
by aplusnet / August 16, 2010 2:57 AM PDT

Klaviste: We take customer complaints very seriously and would appreciate your taking the time to speak with us regarding your post and to share more details about your recent interactions. We cannot locate the username Klaviste in our customer database to contact you but please email a preferred contact number to customer.relations@aplus.net and a we?ll reach out to you directly to understand and resolve your issues.

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My impression of Aplus.net
by ca_keil / September 16, 2010 3:48 AM PDT
In reply to: Aplus.net Review

I've been a customer for about a month and was new to setting up a website from scratch, but did manage to launch a basic site using Dreamweaver, Filezilla and a few other tools.

Overall, I'd have to say that in its favor, aPlus.net provides an affordable portal to internet hosting. It would be fine for experienced web programmers that know their way around html and other web implementation methods. I did like the month to month program they offer.

On the negative side, their built in tools are not helpful or very useful. They lack Site Builder, which many other competitors have and the control panel is slow and difficult to navigate. Their traffic tracking tool is both complicated and highly inaccurate. It is best to figure out how to install Google Analytic and set up the appropriate filters.

On the subject of designing my site, I wanted something quick and easy, as I was not interested in becoming a web programmer and spending much of my time maintaining a site. My desire was to provide content. Their tools were not useful and seemed archaic. I learned to use Dreamweaver, which has a steep learning curve and did most of my day to day text writing with SeaMonkey Composer and then used Filezilla to upload the site.

Setting up Filezilla was fustrating, in that Aplus.net?s instructions did not exactly match the parameters required to setup the Filezilla ftp and then navigating to the right directory level to upload the files was confusing, since there were multiple levels of directories and subdirectories, all with the same name. But, once I figured this out, I was operational.

The main beef I have is the lack of onsite help. Going to their Help system, and entering a topic produces a list of related topics, but many of them were blank and other provided only a link to somewhere out on the web. In many cases the websites with the information, no longer existed.

I?d strongly suggest to them that they write a basic user guide for novices that explains step by step how to ftp in Dreamweaver, Filezilla and Composer and a few other features like how to add a discussion section, from say DISQUS or some of the other comment providers. Installing a favicon instructions would be nice, too. You can eventually get all this information from the internet (I did), but it would be so much better if it could be easily accessed from their site.

It would also be much more useful to have a tool like Site Builder, rather that that site wizard thing they currently offer.

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Aplus is biggest rippoff on planet earth!
by tirevs29 / December 24, 2010 12:11 PM PST

Aplus was actually my first host when i started messing around with websites.

want to know my deal with them?

1. i had to pay in order to change certain things on my domain such as ip's and so forth. they wanted extra to change a ip! now how stupid is that?

I ran a few of my sites at home so changing the ip was needed every so often.

2. The sites would be down all the time, i had more complaints than obama!

3. getting charged and threaten after moving a domain to new service.

I had moved most of my domains to new service cause i lost trust in aplus.
I not been with them for 2 years now. and even now i still get threatening messages saying i was gonna get suspended services on them domains if i did not pay my bill.

bill for what? most of my domains are at godaddy! and still i get these stupid emails!

i left 1 domain with them but thats cause i really lost intrest in that domain due to (cough cough) bad rep on site. due to aplus.net always messing up on websites.
so yeah, they messed up the rep on that domain so i let them have it. they can try to charge all they want for it, cause there not getting paid for it no matter how much they cry over not getting paid.

now that i got most of my other domains removed from aplus and moved to godaddy, i feel safer about my domains.

i dont like godaddies shared host, but their great with the domains.

Aplus dont even know how to speak english half of the time!
So if you are in usa and expect great customer care from aplus then forget it!

I would not even recomend the worst and crappiest website on the planet to them cause aplus would just make it worse for them.

so you know what that mean? aplus has beaten the crappiest. now how does that sound?

very bad.

What my rating for aplus? a -999. thats below a 0 rating.

For anybody who is looking for running a good website, i would suggest softlayer.com and get a dedicated server from them.

Most of these companies talking and bragging about shared hosting is basically liars. especially aplus!

and another thing, as for other webhosting sites, dont ever fall for the unlimited crap as advertised on any site as there is NO SUCH THING AS UNLIMITED SPACE OR STORAGE!

Its true there is such thing as unmetered bandwith, But not space or storage!

Im surprised aplus has not tried sucking in people with the words UNLIMITED!

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another thing
by tirevs29 / December 24, 2010 12:15 PM PST

and another thing, the sites i had at home was always messing up as well cause the domain itself never seemed to work very good after i went to aplus.

i knew it was the domain for the being i checked the sites through the ip and it always showed.

but when i moved the sites to aplus to host on sharing, nothing worked very good, it would be down several times a day.

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Aplus ripoff
by lazynui / November 30, 2012 1:56 AM PST

I could only say... I should have checked this review before! Thanks everybody!
I'm trying to cancel my account with them.

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Good luck trying to migrate a site...
by LisaAtStartUp / April 4, 2013 1:43 PM PDT
In reply to: Aplus.net Review

A client bought their domain on APlus.net and I'll admit, they're pricing seems decent for that.

I needed to make some changes to her DNS zone files. Whatever they use to manage BIND/DNS is awful! You are unable to modify TTL values, so you can't lower them in preparation for a migration (to reduce downtime when you make the cutover to server #2). I can't comment on what their default TTL really is, but when I used the dig utility to see how many seconds were remaining for it to expire, at one point it was 43,426 - or approximately 12 hours.

A 12 hour TTL is acceptable (maybe) when things are stable - but definitely NOT for a migration. As a customer, ideally I'd like to be able to control TTL values for my domain's DNS records. At worst, I'd like to be able to contact Tech Support and have this reduced 24-48 hours before doing work and then when the work is done raising the TTL value back up. But you have no granularity or options with Aplus. I contacted Tech Support and was told this was how it is.

Personally, I would find this to be a deal breaker, especially for business clients. At some point, it's going to bite you.

Additionally, when you edit the zone file, they can take a full business day to make the change. The change to the zone file is NOT instant. I have no idea when my changes will take affect in their server but it's been nearly 24 hours now. Maybe when the previous DNS entries expire it'll process it? Who knows. Tech Support couldn't tell me.

So not only do you have to wait for your changes (hope you got them right the first time!) to be processed, then you have to wait for other Internet systems to have their TTLs expire to get the new data. You're getting screwed twice.

Moral of the story: Just don't. Transfer your domains (for renewal only, not hosting) to GoDaddy, and host with another company. I've been pleased with HostGator and other than MX records, you can control your TTL values with them in their DNS Zone Editor.

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