Check the wires and circuits that are common to both doors such a the lock-out for the passenger door lock or window buttons first. There's always a common point of contact or harness that contains your problem and if you're a maze wizard like me, you always start in the middle not at the start. It's easier to get out than in! Obvious just get's you the general consensus not the right answer. Remember... Chrysler never learned from repeating their mistakes, if it rains leave your Chrysler at home under the blankets and dry. Moisture and crowding cause heat and resistance and Voltage Variables cause Computers to have a Break with Reality or a melt-down because they can't answer half-right questions and so they give half-right answers or answer everything a if they're mentally confused... which they are when their sensors get wet or shorted. WD 40 will chase out the moisture if you spray it on the wiring harness and it won't harm anything, that was it's main purpose when they discovered it... Water Displacement experiment number 40... Chrysler's prayer answered butwho knows about it?