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2008 predictions

by thriftyT / November 15, 2007 10:59 AM PST

My humble projections for 2008:

<b>People are coming to the realization that CD/DVD drives are fairly useless.</b>
-> Dell, HP, and Apple will all release notebook / subnotebook computers sans optical drives.

<b>2008 will be the year of the smartphone</b>
-> Some Androids, Blackberries, Windows Mobiles, Treos et al. will be available for $49 (with 2 yr. contract, of course)
-> iPhones will undergo another $200 price drop (DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU) and be available for $199
-> Palm will fold or be purchased by someone. (Samsung, Sony, Dell, Google or someone)

<b>No widespread WiMax...yet. (Sorry Tom)</b>

<b>Jason's mug will be posted on the BOL page</b>

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2008 will be the year of the cheap ultra portable laptop.
by deanlowe / November 16, 2007 7:24 PM PST
In reply to: 2008 predictions

Google will buy or merge with Sprint if they win the 700MHz auction.
Digg will be sold and possibly ending of DiggNation.
Microsoft will buy Palm and make the Zune phone.

and one more thing...
Mac tablet at MacWorld.

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2008 will be the year Microsoft admits Windows Vista was bad
by iainkayphd / January 5, 2008 7:32 AM PST

They will begin recalling it right after they release SP 3 for Windows XP which is by far the better operating system.

Leslie Iain Kay

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with a price drop.
by mementh / March 2, 2008 8:19 AM PST

with a price drop they kinda have admitted its bad Happy

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by Nicholas Buenk / November 17, 2007 12:58 AM PST
In reply to: 2008 predictions

iPhone 3G and a iPhone Nano

Someone will start distributing advertisement supported TV shows on a p2p like protocol to save bandwidth costs. (I hope) You know, actually make money off the same successful distribution method and model pirates use.

720p on iTunes, and other online HD offerings will come around. And have a shot at displacing both blu ray and hd-dvd. This is another area where the content industry is falling behind the pirates in innovation and risk losing their market to them. Note 1080p movies are already on the pirate bay. Wink

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iTunes sort of HAS to do 720p rentals to survive
by minimalist / December 31, 2007 7:59 AM PST
In reply to: Mine

Its like they have no choice.

Because the stuff they are selling now looks OK on a laptop or iPhone but not so hot on a 40 plus inch HDTV. I was shocked at how bad the two TV shows and one movie I had purchased looked when my friend hooked his Apple TV up to my new 46" flatscreen. The "near DVD quality" Steve promised may be believable on a standard-def CRT but its not very believable on anything larger with higher definition.

If they don't get better quality rentals (and more studios on board) the Apple TV will continue to flounder.

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High tech
by clarity55 / January 2, 2008 3:14 PM PST
In reply to: Mine

The cell phone providers will accept that they have colluded with each other to sell services that that the average Joe does not want. In particular free phones are a scam. There is no free lunch - there never was. The technology (satellites, relay stations etc are nearly fully paid for) and is now in place so that the providers can actually reduce their prices and stop taking an ever larger proportion of the American hard workers pay check.

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Reduce prices--HA!
by twm219 / January 3, 2008 2:54 AM PST
In reply to: High tech

See oil companies and pharmaceutical companies for "price reductions" on technology.

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Those are big estimates
by Alegoo92 / November 17, 2007 10:57 AM PST
In reply to: 2008 predictions

that make perfect sense. Interesting..


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My predictions
by mementh / November 17, 2007 12:12 PM PST
In reply to: 2008 predictions

Jason will get his face in the BOL pic Happy

apple will let the mac os run unsupported on pc's (hackitoshes)

google will purchase the 700 mhzs spectum and will start to destroy the cell carriers that don't join in with them

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Kindle price, sales will dwindle
by thriftyT / November 19, 2007 8:21 PM PST
In reply to: 2008 predictions

<B>Kindle will undergo $100 price drop by February/March 2008</B>

Amazon will sell less than 500,000 Kindles in the U.S. despite the price drop.

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(NT) Microsoft will release a mobile game system
by ibcrandy-2120454356981420 / November 20, 2007 9:11 AM PST
In reply to: 2008 predictions
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by Owyn / November 28, 2007 8:20 AM PST
In reply to: 2008 predictions

will be the most downloaded software update of the year.

WXP SP3 roll up CD ISO will be the most popular P2P distro. Most downloaders will be legal users of WXP who just want an easy way to do there regular WXP re-installs.

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Windows Vista sp1
by mementh / November 28, 2007 2:19 PM PST
In reply to: WXP SP3

Windows Vista sp1 will be a flop.. giving no improvements to the system and no reason to upgrade *still*

Sp3 will cause more people to get windows xp.

Vista will be considered ME's Son for all time

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Good one
by stevent1992 / November 28, 2007 8:14 PM PST
In reply to: Windows Vista sp1

Vista SP1 might be a flop ROFL.

Just to throw around another "prediction" I expect that maybe Microsoft will release the Zune 3 and that we might hear more about the Google phone play in direct competition with both the Iphone and the Zune (sound pretty absurd doesn't it?!?!), but I pretty much suck at these anyway.

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my humble predictions...
by kwahhn / November 29, 2007 2:00 AM PST
In reply to: 2008 predictions

1. Wiis will still be difficult to find, so will non half-***ed games for that platform.

2. Touch screen iMac....yeah, not going to happen.

3. DVD will continue to be the dominant physical media format over HD-DVD and BlueRay. Torrent pirates everywhere will continue to laugh at those loyal to a physical format.

4. Prince will stop being a dumb*** and will allow his likeness and music to be heard and seen everywhere for free. He will then appear at half time of next years Super Bowl and rock our socks off and cure world hunger AT THE SAME TIME!

5. The Zune will still be a laughable product. Creative Nomad II 4 LIFE!

6. A lesser known game developer will come out with a Guitar Hero like game which will actually require some musical skill and develop that talent.

7. 3G iPhone. Not all predictions can be funny.

8. No more DRM. Doesn't really matter since everyone who's been on the tubes has already downloaded all the songs that have every existed in the world for free.

9. Tiered Internet, Molly goes postal.

10. Skynet switches to solid state drives, one step closer to world domination.

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2008 Predictions
by romzine / January 2, 2008 11:27 PM PST

2007 business models that exploded in growth and value where FREE.

Myspace, Craigslist, Youtube etc.

It's now time to hybryd these models into pay to use but in subscription form.

What is old is not new but virtual. Whatever exists in print or the physical only needs to be transformed into e-digital.

Craigslist is classified ads online so my thoughts are that the webpage layout that is ever expanding will now have enough landscape to place local box ads.

The average screen size is expanding and the only fault I find is that the web should be viewed length wise not width wise.

But the big winner is going to be anything "live" broadcasted.

Anyone can automate selling you a product across the world but you you really aren't being sold. NO!

Print was transformed and archived video changed but live broadcasting around the world is what I am positioning to.

Television and especially news is still status quo but not for long.

Anyway enough said for now.

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NEW OUT 2008
by robertmi / January 3, 2008 4:18 AM PST
In reply to: 2008 Predictions

XM Satelite Radio beam U pick movies to your car $ 3.00 NO more Messy
DVD's Sirus too.

I Know !!!
Check with ON2 tech.

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My 2008 Prediction - Molly Wood will leave CNET
by kill_minus_9 / January 4, 2008 12:18 AM PST
In reply to: 2008 Predictions

She is a star. She gives good radio. Her on air personality is engaging. However you want to say it she is marketable as H-E-Double toothpicks.

I think the show is as good now as it ever has been. I listen to every episode though often several days behind. I started listening just before the infamous 'Gas Pies' rant. I think Tom and Jason mixed with Molly is a great cocktail but I believe she can go many places and will because it is too lucrative to pass on.

Personally, I hope I am wrong about this.

Proprietary UNIX guy

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(NT) Meh. If you go on talent, Tom and Jason would be gone too.
by udayan71 / January 4, 2008 1:13 AM PST
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Kindle/eee/tilt/DVD player combo
by merrybrown / November 29, 2007 12:57 PM PST
In reply to: 2008 predictions

Made by Asus, approx 7X3x1/2 unless you unfold it, and it is 7 x 6.
So it's a phone, reader, e-mail, photo, internet, video player.

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A Smart Phone is still a phone
by jodydz / November 29, 2007 5:00 PM PST

In the "olden days" like 1984, the business machine was the Word Processor, basically an electric typewriter with a screen. Within a short amount of time, those business machines evolved into technology that could do more than just work with text. So calling a computer a "word processor" is only one aspect of what it can do. That's how I feel about calling something a "phone" - it is just one of the functions of the item.

I think there will be more blending of functions and more robust capabilities. Tech will continue the direction the iphone has initiated by consolidating music, voice, graphics, social network, text,web...all the goodies, streamlined and simplified (affordable). I'd like to see better options for satellite music, like a free subscription for brief sampling like wifi hot spots. I wish the fm receiver on my gadgets wouldn't fuzz out when I walk inside a building.

My predicition (hope) is that wireless power(charging)and "green" batteries will show up more. I'd like to see more options in the waterproof MP3 Players and over the air downloads, like updating my podcasts without linking to the mothership (I know this is happening already somewhat). I'd like to have wireless sound as clear, convenient and affordable as corded headphones, a bluetooth without the bling.

I think games like the Wii will get people of all ages to get active again and try to combat our country's growth (girth) problem. Wii can do it America!

Well those are my hopes and predictions and I've got to believe some will come true!

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My 2008 Predictions...
by cyndymcc / November 30, 2007 10:02 PM PST
In reply to: 2008 predictions

1. Microsoft will kill the disappointing "Live" product family

2. Yahoo will start moving into the etailing business by buying Etsy, the crafter's storefront.
(they must have noticed the growing number of Flickr photos that include links to their Etsy storefronts)

3. The increasingly annoying catch phrase for anything that fails to live up to its hype will be:

"I like to think of it as more a marathon than a sprint."


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(NT) Hard times will come to the computer industry and the nation
by Dango517 / December 1, 2007 12:32 AM PST
In reply to: 2008 predictions
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I think I'd agree there
by Nicholas Buenk / December 2, 2007 11:16 PM PST

Rising cost of oil is going to harm the economy eventually as it just seems to keep going up.

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Recently the economic birds have been coming home to roost
by Dango517 / December 3, 2007 12:33 AM PST

My only surprise is that it has taken this long. This post isn't about discussions, It's about what you believe the future will bring. So, lets hear your predictions. What does your crystal ball say to you?

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I'm not alone it seems
by Dango517 / December 23, 2007 3:14 PM PST
In reply to: More
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Other predictions
by Dango517 / December 28, 2007 8:37 PM PST

The line between broadcast television and net television will continue to blur in a big way.

Sales of cell phones will drop as people realize that there money would be better spent elsewhere, like there families. PDAs will regain ground.

Two new OSs will enter the market one by Google, one by Yahoo/Sun.

DSL service prices will remain the same as speeds double. (Mostly this one is just wishful thinking.)

Yahoo will develop two new dazzling online products in 2008.

Anti trust rumbling will develop in Washington as slowly legislators realize that Microsoft is a monopoly.

Mac will fail due to improvements in Vista, Linux and Adobe applications. There customers will move to Microsoft.

Web awards will appear in 2008. The grand daddy of them all will be the Gates Award.

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