Must-See Tech at CES 2015

The good and the bad, the amazing and the weird. From stunning booths and strange pitches, to exciting (or misguided) new tech, look here for the stories, products, and events you need to know about at CES 2015.

Must-See picks

These are the things you absolutely must see from CES 2015. CNET editors have been scouring the showroom floor to bring you the biggest highlights from each day of January's show, and we'll have them all for you right here.

Thursday's Picks

Compute Stick puts Windows 8 in the palm of your hand
This USB-powered PC runs on tablet hardware and fits in your pocket.
by Nate Ralph
Sony TV is thinner than your phone
The 55- and 65-inch sizes of the X900C series have cabinets that measure just 0.2 inches thick at their thinnest parts.
by David Katzmaier
The dogs of CES 2015
Technology isn't just for humans -- there were plenty of pet-related gadgets on display, including some rather impressive wearables for your dog.
by Nic Healey
Quell hacks your brain to relieve chronic pain
By stimulating nerves, Quell can help relieve chronic pain without the need for medication.
by Sharon Profis
Asus Transformer Book Chi hybrids
The Chi models differ from previous Transformer Books in that they are made of aluminum instead of plastic, and some use Intel's high-end new Core M processor.
by Dan Ackerman
Wiggle your finger to control your phone and home
Control your home with a Ring: take a look at another take on finger tech.
by Scott Stein

Wednesday's Picks

The PonoPlayer ain't no ordinary MP3 player
Neil Young's Pono high-resolution music player is finally now available to buy. CNET takes a closer look at this device.
by Ty Pendlebury
Meet Nixie, the wearable selfie drone
The Nixie is a drone you wear as a bracelet. Once you launch it, it flies off, snaps a picture with its built-in camera and flies back to you in boomerang fashion.
by Kara Tsuboi
The Airdog drone follows your every move
This flying drone uses sensors to follow you around while you surf, ski and more.
by Sarah Mitroff
​Oculus Rift's latest iteration lets you walk through virtual space, and it's amazing
The Oculus Rift Crescent Bay prototype is being demoed at CES 2015, and its vision of virtual reality is even more impressive than before.
by Scott Stein
Hands on with an app-controlled vent at CES 2015
The Keen Home Smart Vent replaces your existing vents to allow room-specific control over your heat.
by Andrew Gebhart
Polaroid Zip delivers instant prints for your smartphone snapshots
Debuting at CES 2015, the nearly pocketable printer connects wirelessly to your mobile for on-the-go mementos.
by Joshua Goldman

Tuesday's Picks

Reversible USB: It's here and it's great
At CES 2015, USB Implementers Forum demoed USB Type-C, while MSI announces its first gaming laptop and motherboard that support this new connection standard.
by Dong Ngo
Mercedes-Benz unveils connected, self-driving concept car
The self-driving capsule-like vehicle is 17 feet long, 5 feet tall, and keeps passengers connected to the outside world.
by Steven Musil
What does a $6,000 phone look like? The Lamborghini 88 Tauri, of course
The Torino Lamborghini 88 Tauri is crafted of calfskin and steel, and topped with sportscar-grade shatterproof glass. We take it for a test drive at CES 2015.
by Jessica Dolcourt
Lenovo boasts world's lightest 13-inch laptop and hybrid with the LaVie Z
In partnership with NEC, Lenovo offers a 13-inch laptop at 1.7 pounds (0.7kg), and a Yoga-style hybrid at just over 2 pounds (0.9kg).
by Dan Ackerman
Panasonic unveils prototype 4K Blu-ray player
Panasonic has announced a 4K-native Blu-ray player at CES 2015 in anticipation of the forthcoming UHD standard.
by Ty Pendlebury
Intel's 3D-printed Spider Dress
Tomorrow Daily hosts Ashley Esqueda and Khail Anonymous brave the danger and get up close and personal with this gorgeous piece of futuristic fashion at CES 2015.
by Ashley Esqueda