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XCAR: Meet the trialers: Land Rover Defender fans get down and dirty
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XCAR: Meet the trialers: Land Rover Defender fans get down and dirty

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Trialing might be the purest expression of passion for the Land Rover Defender -- man and machine pitted against nature in a muddy arena. XCAR got their hands dirty.

[MUSIC] Five, four, three, two, one, go! [NOISE] [MUSIC] [NOISE]. [MUSIC] We're here today, time trial with [UNKNOWN] Rider's Club, just kind of flying around the mud and really enjoying ourselves. [MUSIC] A lot of people go to pay and play sites where you just drive around the site. But then you get bored because you're always doing the same circuit and you never really push yourself this way. There's a means to and end that there's actually something at the end of it. And you're sort of competing against other people and seeing what other people can do on the same bit of ground. And maybe it's a bit of ground that you maybe not would wanna drive otherwise. [MUSIC] Well I think it's kind of a thing that kind of gets under your skin. They're a good road car as well but you can also build a special car like this and just get out there and have a bit of fun. It's a good budget Motorsports. My parents got me into it from about the age of two so I've been coming to events 20 years now. I think part of it's noise, part of it's the culture. We also try like to be a very friendly group. It's a good laugh, a lot of decent people about, a lot friends. They're a really good crowd. Anyone to help if you have a problem. Everybody will be around the car to help you out with it. [MUSIC] This is my VFC it was a present four years ago and we've kind of rebuilt it. And done people's stations to here and there. I say that's definitely the feeling mechanical. I'm very much a fan of Monkey, he has to blow me away. [MUSIC] Yeah, I've got this one, which has been doing the time [UNKNOWN] today. Bubbles has got another one. We're doing ordinary trials, because they're so long lasting, you get, you do get attached to it, if you've had one for a long time you do get attached to it. [MUSIC] [NOISE] A lot of people go out with them, a lot of them out there. Everybody see them. They're just a little bit different to everything else. The iconic British vehicle. Everybody's in it for different reasons. Some people want a modify them and put lots of blingy bits on them. And other people just like the off-roading. Some people never take them off-road. So it's, it's different. for everything, and they're so adaptable, everything bolts on, I mean, so easily changed to what you want it to be. [MUSIC] I saw it a long time ago when I was in TA films, we drive a lot of Land Rovers for that, and then when I left the TA something was missing. And so that, that's what all lead into it for me. It's just adventure I think. You, you're not really limited I think, only by your own imagination. It's just the, the way they're built. They're just so sturdy and bomb proof, and they, they're just so strong underneath. Okay, you can't break them. It's going to be bit of a demise. Gonna be interesting to see what they replace it with. Whether they can keep the icon going. But it's gonna be a long time before we actually see the fender disappear, I think. Because that's so repairable. You just very rarely scrap one. So no matter what you do to it you can always find enough bits to put it back on the road. Relatively cheaply, as well. [MUSIC]

Alex Goy is XCAR's Cars Editor. He loves all things on four wheels and has a penchant for British sports cars - the more impractical the better. He also likes tea.

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