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XCAR: XCAR Awards 2014: Best Classic
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XCAR: XCAR Awards 2014: Best Classic

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XCAR look back over 2014 to figure out what the best classic car they drove this year was.

[MUSIC] It's time to take a look back over 2014 and remember some of the awesome classic cars the XCAR team have been lucky enough to get their mitts on. And what a year it's been. Let's tick off the list of some of the highlights before crowning one car our best classic drive of 2014. Alex and Nick took a retro look back at the Sierra Cosworth, invoking the style of the era to tell its story. And those two lucky devils also made it out to Germany for some time with the legendary Porsche 959, my personal favorite Porsche of all time and one of the most famous bedroom poster cars ever. Well, maybe not the most famous compared to the [LAUGH] Ferrari F40. We spent time on the track with not one but two of these unicorns for an. Unforgettable shoots. As part of our U.S. tour this year we stopped off at the new DeLorean headquarters and were given the keys to everyone's favorite time machine. Definitely not the speediest car we've ever driven, but frankly, no one cared. [MUSIC] A car that did still have some pretty impressive go was the 1967 C2 Corvette Stingray I took out for a spin this year. Any car that's good enough for the man who flew to the moon is good enough for me. Our winner though had to be the Jaguar D type. We had the privilege of driving it around Castle [UNKNOWN] for our C, D, E, and F type film earlier this year. Not only did we actually get our mitts on it, it was the very first D type [UNKNOWN] number one. Even flanked by the gorgeous C-Type and the legendary E-Type, the D stood apart as something truly special. If you haven't seen that Jaguar film or indeed, any of the other videos mentioned, you can find them all on xcar.com or on our YouTube channel, XCARFilms. Don't forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get all the latest behind the scenes coverage throughout the year. Thanks for watching. [MUSIC]

Alex Goy is XCAR's Cars Editor. He loves all things on four wheels and has a penchant for British sports cars - the more impractical the better. He also likes tea.

Nick Wilkinson
Video Producer / XCAR

Nick Wilkinson is XCAR's Producer, so can either be found huffing serious quantities of exhaust fumes armed with a camera or making a montage of some kind. His background is in video, and as a film and motorsport nut finds himself in heaven most weekdays

Drew Stearne
Content Director & Editor / XCAR

Drew Stearne heads up the XCAR team and has spent the last 7 years producing content for CNET, GameSpot and many other CBS Interactive sites. He's equally obsessed with fast cars as he is with filming and photography, if he isn't involved with one, he tries to make sure he's involved with the other.