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Apple Byte: What to expect at WWDC 14
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Apple Byte: What to expect at WWDC 14

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We'll break everything you can expect to see at Apple's next keynote, but don't be let down if software is the focus. It's going to be a good one. Plus, our MacBook Pro case winners!

What's good, Brian Tong here to welcome the show for all the good and bad inside the world of Apple. And this week, it's all about what you can expect to see at WWDC 2014, just a few days before the big announcement. Alright, let's get to the show, and Apple officially announced they'll be making their WWDC keynote announcement available for the public to see with a live stream on Monday, June 2 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific time with exciting announcements. Now, June 2nd will also be the day that no works gets done. Now, Apple doesn't always do this, so consider it a treat. And you know CNET will have their signature pre-keynote and post-keynote coverage for all of Apple's announcements right here, so make sure to hang out with. Yours truly, and the rest of our crew, will be taking your live calls, live tweets, and we'll break it all down for you. Now, I think it's going to be a good one this year, so what should we realistically expect to see from the big A. Well, the Financial Times is reporting that Apple has been working on an IOS-controlled smart home automation platform that will be unveiled at WWDC. Now, remember, this conference is all about the developers and there's typically less of an emphasis on hardware. The platform would turn the iPhone into a remote control for your lights, your security system and other household appliances. Apple is one of the first retail stores to carry Phillips hue light bulbs. And the Nest thermostat that can both be controlled by your phone, but Apple's looking bigger to unveil a new central platform that will do it all with different devices. Now, the report says it will be similar to Apple's made for iPhone program that labelled speakers, headphones and accessories except this time it will apply to light bulbs, home appliances and more. But to bad they can't use the name iHome. Yeah, sorry taken by this guy. Now, if you have been following the show, we pretty much have kept you up to speed on what else to expect. But, just in case, Iowa State, code named Okimo, is expected to get a boat load of new features and all of this will point to the new hardware we can expect to see in the near future. Fitness and health tracking will get a big push with the health book application that is expected to aggregate health and fitness data from different apps and hardware all into one place. It'll be able to track anything from steps taken, calories burned, miles walked and even blood work details, like heart rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. Now, Maps will finally bring public transportation in an improved Maps with clear labeling and data that will be more reliable. But, I'll be the judge of that. We're also hoping to see voice over LTE become a standard part of the OS. Currently, many of the calls are sent over last gen's 3G network. But voice over LTE would bring significantly improved call quality. And if you've ever tried a FaceTime audio call, it sounds amazing with a good signal and that's really what we're missing. Alright, in the U.S., T-Mobile currently supports it while Verizon and AT&T are testing it out for a rollout later this year. We may or may not see this, depending on if the carriers are ready. And we'll be curious to hear anything about the new car play and what type of inter app integration we might see bridging third party apps to Apple's new platform. All right, OSX 10.10 is codenamed Syrah after the fine red wine, and reports from 9to5Mac said Jony Ive is leading a significant design overhaul. For OS X, and the new aesthetics will be the flagship feature Apple will be touting with the new look and feel across the OS. Expect it to be flat and white and hopefully they get rid of their, hypercolors. And what about Drake? Don't forget about Drake. [MUSIC] Apple confirmed the deal for three billion dollars with this nice picture. But, I don't know about you. I was just hoping that Tim Cook would be rockin' a big chain in this picture. And also, he's hiding something on his wrist. Now, WWDC could be the place to talk about the Apple [INAUDIBLE] vision for a music service, moving forward. But, let's also hope Dre does not perform on stage, because Kanye did that years ago, and everyone stayed seated and watched like it was an app demo. [MUSIC] Applause. It was embarrassing. Alright on to the hardware side. Like I said, we aren't expecting an iPhone or iWatch here. They could prove me wrong. But, WWDC has always been the place where new computer hardware has been announced in the past. Now, I expect we'll see new MacBook Pro Retinas with speed bumps at the very least. And the dark horse here could be the long-rumored 12 inch Retina display MacBook with the thinner design and an all new body. We just don't know this for sure yet. Also, iMac, Mac Minis, even the MacPro could be in the mix. [MUSIC]. For speed bumps and price drops, but, if not at WWDC, then, most likely, during the back to school season. And again, I know I still don't see an iWatch or an iPhone here. But the surprise could be the all new Apple TV. Because this is where developers are. And if they're going to open it up for more apps and games, this is the place to show it off. So, really, that's a lot of stuff packed into a two hour presentation. We have IOS 8, OS10, a possible home automation platform, new MAC with Pros, another way too long demo for the next Infinity Blade, yawn. Then there's a chance for speed, another MAC, and the possibility for the new Apple TV. It's more than enough to talk about all that WWDC2014 stuff until next week. But, there's a wrap up of what we expect here at the Apple [UNKNOWN]. Alright guys, let's get to our spec Macbook pro case giveaway. Last week we told you to decide if it was a good apple, or a bad apple for the Big A to take down the weed fern app. Now, a lot of you said it was bad because Apple wants to keep all the weed for themselves. Which is exactly what a pothead would say. So, congrats go out to our Apple byters on email. John Lezolday said bad apple because, What is Wiz Khalifa going to do in his free time? Terry Gong says: Good apple because weed is baddddddddd for anyone. And on Twitter, Daniel Yanis thinks it's a good apple, only because he likes the picture of the good apples we showed. And Abraham Namir says It's a Bad Apple since they just showed that they arte against high tech. Alright, congrats to all of you and we will be in touch, Keep sending me your emails to or tweet @briantong so I can read them while I do my crunches. You know with summer coming up, I got to work on that. That's going to do it for this weeks show. We'll see you after WWDC 2014. And I'll catch you all next week for another bite of the apple.

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