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First Look: Toshiba's Satellite Radius 11 offers laptop-to-tablet convenience in a small package
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First Look: Toshiba's Satellite Radius 11 offers laptop-to-tablet convenience in a small package

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The Radius 11 features the same flip-back design of the company's 15.6-inch Radius, but made for mobility on a budget.

[MUSIC] I'm Dan Ackerman, and we're here taking a look at the Toshiba Radius 11. This is another entry in the growing field of laptop tablet hybrids that use what we call the fold back hinge. And of course, we originally saw this in the Yoga, and a lot of other guys have had it. Toshiba actually has a 15 inch version of the Radius that does the same thing. Here's the 11 inch version. And if you haven't seen these before, hard to imagine,. It starts off like a clamshell laptop. And you tilt the screen back, and it keeps going, and you can stop in this mode, which we call kind of a kiosk mode. They say you can flip it around and use it like a table tent. I've never seen anyone actually do that, but you can do that. You keep folding it, and then you've got basically a big sort of thickish tablet. They keyboard is on the back here, but it's, you know, deactivated, so you can just use it. Either as a landscape or a portrait tablet, you got to lay it down just flat on the table if you want like that, and then just pop back to the clamshell mode. I think the reason why people like these systems is that, unlike a lot of other hybrids they don't mess around with that clamshell laptop shape you can just use it like a regular prototudy machine and you're not really even gonna notice that it even has any special hybrid abilities until you want to use them. What's different about the Radius 11 compared to some other models is that it's a fanless design, so it doesn't have the air vents on in. Maybe would run even a little quieter. It will come with Celerometer Pentium CPU's. Other ones like this cost between four and $500. I expect it to be about the same for this model, and it should be out around the end of October. I'm Dan Ackermann and that is the Toshiba Radius 11. [MUSIC]

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