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Tomorrow Daily 043: Time traveling with VR, smart cruise ships, and the Telephoto MegaFon: Tomorrow Daily

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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 043: Time traveling with VR, smart cruise ships, and the Telephoto MegaFon

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Ashley and Rich discuss using virtual reality as an illusion of time travel, check out Royal Carribbean's new "smartship," and ask why Fuji Xerox's new megaphone needs a sniper scope.

A new study creates a time travel simulation. Using virtual reality I can't wait to go back in time and change this joke to something funny. Royal Caribbean has unveiled what is said to be the worlds first smart ship. A ship so smart you have to. See it to believe it. Nope, and there's a prototype megaphone with a sniper scope that will deliver messages to far away targets. Please don't use this to pick up people at bars. Yours was better. Tomorrow Daily. [MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] Greetings citizens of the internet. Welcome to Tomorrow Daily. The greatest tech talk show in the known universe. How you doing Khail Anonymous? Pretty good Ashleycil. It's, you can just, you could really I'm sure you can butcher it. Khail, Khail and I have know each other for years. Mm-hm. And, the only reason that I know how to pronounce your last name is because I see it all over the internet. Oh because I'm infamous on the internet. Yeah, all those inspirational quotes on Tumbler all, I mean just so many things written by you. That's what I do when I'm not on this show is just write inspirational quotes. I really like that idea of you like Hemingway but writing, making little images for Tumbler. Yeah but I'm like the velociraptor. I do that thing. Oh, perfect, perfect. I really like how we're leading into the terrible jokes at the start of the show. It's getting more and more intense every single time. I think, I think it's now a competition to find the worst joke ever told. >.Yep. And you can help. You can help. You can totally help. Until then, until you decide to help. Let's talk about the headlines. Okay. So. Virtual reality has been used to do a lot of very crazy things. Yeah, crazy as, yeah definitely. And this one is a little bit weird because it involved, like time travel. But not Doc Brown, Marty McFly time travel. No jumping jiggawatts, okay. No, no, no 1.21 jiggawatts. This is a group of scientists from universities in Barcelona, London, and Israel. They created a method. Of [UNKNOWN] time travel using virtual reality. So what they do is they took 32 people. And gave them this virtual reality headset. And basically put them in a virtual museum. Let them look around and stuff. And then, gave them control of this elevator, that you can see. This lift. And in this simulation. There's a man at one point. Yeah. Who walks into the museum. And he asks to use the elevator to go to the top floor. And you send him up there. And then when you do. He pulls out a gun and kills all five people on the top floor. So then what they did was. For half of the participants they let relive. That particular instance, and ask them if they would change something. And of course many people did not let him go up to the top floor and kill all those people, in the simulation. But there is another person on the bottom floor. So they chose to sacrifice one to save many. And it was just a really interesting sort of study on how people kind of respond to. Being able to go back and correct a past mistake. You, you seem, like, maybe you have a lot of past mistakes that you would like to correct, like, coming on the show today, for example. Yeah definitely. [LAUGH] I was, I was just sitting there in my room just in the dark and then I was, like, I should probably go. I think I'll, I think I'll [INAUDIBLE] yeah. Yeah. This is crazy. There's been a lot of things like this in pop culture there's. Obviously, that Live, Die, Repeat thing. Yeah, yeah. Then, there is also Minority. Minority Report all this crazy stuff. Yeah, that's pretty crazy. I would actually like to see them do more. Scenarios like, Yeah. Almost like a choose your own adventure type thing. Oh man, could you imagine a choose your own adventures with virtual reality? That would be really fun. That be really awesome. So it's only that one let him up Scenario. or let him down. So they're saying basically l,l,l,look at him killing that thing. No, he's like indiscriminately killing people. Is terrible. Mm-hm. But the point of this is, so this is three different, you have three different options. Like the first option is you can sound this like alarm that will stop the elevator. So you either prevent the visitors from using the elevator and you let the guy go up by himself. And there's only one person up there. He kills the one person. Or you prevent him from going up at all and then he kills the person on the bottom floor or alternately you, there's a scenario where you can stop the lift halfway up and then he can't do anything. So the, the whole point of this though is that virtual time travel could help people overcome post traumatic stress disorders, like, or reevaluate previous bad decisions, so it's a way, so it's kind of a therapeutic. Way to treat people so it's, it's just a really interesting sorta study that they're might be thinking might be able to help people in the future get treated for psychological issues. I like the, I like the you're not one way or the other. Sometimes you can't, like change things, like. Yeah. Sometimes you just can't stop. Yeah. Someone from getting killed, so that way you can kind of, yeah, you can kinda like deal with the, okay, that was gonna happen one way or the other. Like maybe, right, exactly like, oh I wish I would have done something else and then, so it's just really interesting, I thought that was kinda cool that this is sort of. This is sort of as good of time travel as we're ever really gonna see, cause it would violate the laws of physics to have real time travel. Yeah. Right. So, yeah, really cool. Again, another awesome application of virtual reality. I thought that was really neat. Yeah, I like that. Psychology, nice. Virtual reality and psychology coming together. > Yeah, it's great. So have you ever been on a cruise. I have. They're terrible kind of. They're like half terrible. It's like they're parts of it that are really great. And then they're are other parts of it that are pretty awful. Yeah it's not fully. You're not fully in charge of it now. But. This new Royal Caribbean boat, the first smart boat called The Quantum of the Sea That's a terrible name for a boat I think it's kind of cool Do you? Okay But anyway is, is mostly digital and robotics so basically you like one of the things that they promise is you will be able to go from the street. On the boat. And control everything from your phone, from an RFID bracelet that you have. Oh, that's kinda nice. So you check in, you can track your bag on the phone, you can order, like- What is, what is this, what is this rotating screen? Tell me that. Okay, so I'm, I'm getting to that, I'm getting to that. So the RFID is just the beginning. And then, of course, there's the robotics that are involved. Okay. There's a place called the. 2-70, which is a 2-70 view, with windows, you can see the oceans, That are also screens, as well as these robotic screens that dance around, where are they? Okay. That's, That's awesome! The windows you can see through. They have like, okay, so it's like a giant theater or amphitheater kind of room with really big floor to ceiling windows? Yes. That can, that also are not just windows, they are screens? That they, you can, they can project any number of things onto. That's kind of awesome. And then in front of that, they have these screens that, that dance around and choreograph, they come together, and there's, like, special things made. Weird. But my favorite thing, see, that's, that's cool and everything. That's cool. But that, my favorite thing is the robotic. bartenders. Oh! Robot bartenders. That you order your, you order with your, bracelet. Everything's by your bracelet. And then you can order, like, on a tablet from your table. And then the robot goes, all right, sex on the beach. And then it, like, I don't think it says that, but [LAUGH] that's fine. It looks like an impression of a robot. Fuzzy, fuzzy navel Yeah. Or whatever. And then it makes your drink, and then, What I like, I like the idea that possibly going. Alright, Sir, you've had enough! [LAUGH] I like yeah, robots cutting people off. Have they been tips trained? So to cut people off, Yeah, they won't. I hear ya! But they'll like make your drink very weak. Yeah. And if not, That's probably what they have to do. They have to make and program the robots to pour really weak drinks to save them money on alcohol. Yeah. And pull people over. They're like, oh, don't actually pour one out. Pour you know, pour one per shot. Pour. Three-quarters of an ounce. Yeah, really screwed that guy up. Yeah, like, you gotta dilute everything so that people aren't getting their money's worth. But there's a lot of technology here. They brag about that they have internet that's 500 times faster than other ships. But why do you need fast internet when you're trying to get away from it all, and use bumper cars? What the hell? There's a roller skating rink? I know, there was aero Yeah, the last time I went on a cruise, there was none of those things. Yeah, shuffleboarding. We were just on a giant boat. Yeah, and there was like karaoke, very bad karaoke in a lounge. So this is the first maiden voyage is going to be in November. It's leaving from New Jersey. We weren't invited, right? We weren't invited, Royal Caribbean. Royal Caribbean, we're so good at relaxing, Call us. and we're also kind of, we report on We love technology. on technology. We like relaxing. These seem like they go together. And let us bring a fan too, let us bring a couple of fans. Yeah. Give us, let, call us. We'll do a contest. And let's do a contest. We will. Oh my gosh, that sounds like the greatest thing yet. it's. It sounds pretty cool. With these faster internet speeds. It also sounds really expensive. With these faster internet speeds, we could do the show from the cruise ship. What do you think of that, Caribbean, Caribbean Cruises? There you go. Point, set, match. You should probably, you should probably say you like the name of the Quantum of the Seas. I think that you should just. It's still terrible, you guys. Royal Caribbean, I'm just being honest, I'm sorry. We have to talk about this. It's like a, I guess it's a gun, its not a gun, it's a megaphone. This is called the Telephoto Megafon. Spelled F-O-N? Yeah, Megafon. Okay. It's super weird so of course it comes from Japan. [LAUGH] Let's just like right off the bat comes from Japan, it's awesome. Fuji Xerox has made this what they're calling a four dimensional pocket project. That, that it's, they've named the telephoto megaphone. And what this is, is it's a 3D printed, megaphone. Aw. It's a megaphone. But look, it has a sniper scope on it. [LAUGH] And these girls in the, they, look at this guy, he brings it to the kid's recital, hes talking to the kid. What it does is you aim the Snyperscope part at someone ear. And then you talk into it. It sends your. It sends your voice far away and the person can hear you as if you're right there. Wow I can think of a billion uses for this. Mostly trolling stuff. I was going to say. Mostly pranking on people. Absolutely trolling people. For sure. And just like. Cemeteries would be really great place for this. Tell me why you don't want to use it to hit on girls? Well, I mean, I guess you could. Just something in the bar, listen. It would be a little weird if you carried that thing into a bar. I'm just saying. So did they have like a practical use for making that? Other than just, hey, we're bored. Why not? Like. Oh lord, we don't have any animated watch right now? Its. I, did somebody? Now I'm doing the ascending. Oh my. Somebody had mentioned, somebody had mentioned in the comments of this story that they actually felt this would be really great for crowd management. So for example, like Comecon, if you saw, if an officer or somebody, security saw somebody like. Stepping off of the curb into the street before they were able to walk they can directly talk to them without having to rush them, if they couldn't hear because it is very loud and so you would be able to like tell somebody" Hey, don't do that." or like you know," Watch your step", or whatever it is; it would be good for crowd management because you would be able to directly speak to certain people. Ok, I think I...yeah. Alright. I thought that was a really creative... The [CROSSTALK] idea of how you do that, I'm pretty sure. And still, a regular megaphone would also do that. Well, yes, but it is, if you wanted to g/ privately get a message to just somebody without having to disturb all the people around you. Yeah, but I mean, that would be for like, secrets. Well maybe, Are you still disputing it? [LAUGH] I want to know- Why do you hate technology? Put in the, put in the comments some, like some really good practically- Yeah. Tell us some practical uses for this, because I don't know. [CROSSTALK] In the comments, are they down this way? Or up- And then the like button is over here. Yeah. Over in this area. I don't know. That's, that's what I think about it. But it's really neat. Eh. I think it's funny. Yeah. It's not, it's not available for purchase yet, but. I mean, knowing Fuji Xerox they'll probably be available- Why do they have a sniper scope on it? Well cuz, okay, this is the crazy thing. You aim at somebody's ear, and it has a laser, and it's a range finder, and it adjusts the volume based on how far away the person. [INAUDIBLE] Oh. You don't set the range? No. Isn't that neat? Logan, can you show the part where the little girls are looking out the window and they snipe the guys that they have the crush on. It's like ridiculous and amazing. It's like my favorite thing in the universe. Kale's just like we gotta, we gotta, we gotta see this. I, I, I want to see that part again. He's a, you know he's a taking notes. Yeah Logan. Woo. [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] Sorry. Amazing. All right. We're gonna go watch that clip a hundred more times over the break, but we will be back. We have a round of into it. You've got some good stuff, I've got some good stuff. And then we also has some user feedback. And of course our phone [UNKNOWN] of the day. So, don't click away. It's tomorrow daily. I don't know what we're looking at. How come we never use this table. There's a table back here. We put something exciting on it. What do you think we should put there? Maybe a ship. a ship. YEah, like a little ship or something. We need a tiny quantum of the seas. That would be amazing. Oh yeah, or just like a little, one of those little 3D or 3D printers [CROSSTALK] Or 3D printers we could just print things at all times, that would be amazing. One of those babies from yesterday. Ugh! God baby X, all hail baby X. Okay so it, what are we into? Yeah, let's do it let's see into it. Are you tailor [UNKNOWN] it right now again? You really like that part. I'm into Taylor Swift, Shake it Off. Or, shake it, oh boy, Shake it Off. What are you into this week? This week? Okay, have you ever seen the show Silicon Valley? I have seen a couple of episodes, but I need to watch the whole first season. There's a lot of nerd shows out there, or like geek shows that kind of. Don't really nail what it's like to be a geek it kind of like over-exagerrates them. Would you say Big Bang Theory is one of those shows? Never. No, no way. Yes. Absolutely. Okay. This one is about a bunch of guys that are, it's a comedy about a bunch of guys- But it's real. It's super real. It's so close, it hits so close to home Yeah. It shows, it shows that they're awkward in a way that, you know. Anyway the show is great, it's one of my favorite shows, it's one of my favorite comedies on television. And it's HBO who, whose been killing it on everything. Yeah. And I'm re-watching it again for the second time. Yeah. It's from Mike Judge. I forgot to mention that. It's got Kunal, Kunal Nongiani, Mark. Just a bunch of great comedians- That I can't remember their names. Can't remember their names- Yeah. Because I'm too busy watching this on [UNKNOWN]- And enjoying it. Watch, watch three episodes and then, if you don't like it, come to the comments and- And Cale will give you your money back. And say, I love Cale, and I'll know that you hated it. Yeah, yeah. Okay, so. Definitely do that thing. Yeah. No, I really, I mean, I've enjoyed the two episodes that I saw. I saw the one where they went to the conference. That made me laugh a lot. That's really great. But it's, and knowing people that do. With start up stuff and knowing people in the industry. There's so many people just like that. And of course, I love my judge. I was a huge fan of you. [CROSSTALK] I'm sorry, it's, it's like some it's, he hasn't done anything good like this since Office Space. That's true. That's true. Like this level of like quality where he nails what's its like to actually do it. And does it in a very you know unique way. Did you ever play the Beavis and **** game for Sega? No, isn't that the one where they, like, push themselves through, like, a hospital, like, they have [INAUDIBLE]? That might be a theme, but they are trying to get to the Gwar concert and you have to get the tickets around town. Listen, I played that game. Is that what you're in to? Not this week, no. Okay. But I played that game and I loved it when I was a kid. You're like a crazy nerd. Yeah. You're like a Mr. Moyer nerd. In some weird. And stuff. Yeah. Games. Speaking of video games I I am into Diablo three. And I know, obviously this has been our for a while, but now it's out for Playstation four and X Box [INAUDIBLE] for console. And full disclosure, I have to say my brother works at Blizzard. Oh. But, like. I have been playing Diablo since High School since he was like six years old. So, I've always been a Diablo fan, and I have to say this, I've been playing the PC version of this since lunch. I have a level 90 something hunter something paragon level witch doctor. And. Oh you're a witch doctor, alright. Oh yeah, I'm all about witch doctor. So, this version of the game for console is so good. Yeah. And it feels like. Is it better. It feels like it is made to be mapped to console controls. It's that good. It's just so smooth and so fun to play with other people cause you're in the same room. Right. You said you can do, you screen, like you share the same screen, screen share. Shared screen and and then also other people can join your game so it like. If two of you are in your living room then someone else can join your game, and then it's up to four people. Okay. And so you can, you can bring your character from, from your. And so do you set up a new battlement, is it a battlement thing? And so, here's the, here's the sad thing. Is as far as I'm aware, and I could be wrong and of course I, because, again, this is like, my brother works at Bilzzard. I should know the answer to this but I don't. As far as I'm aware, you can only transfer your Playstation 3 file to Playstation 4. Oh! And Xbox 60 to Xbox 1. Not PC to console, because they're different servers. So I Alright. can't pour it in, I can't pour it in my witch doctor on PC. But if I had been playing on Playstation 3 and upgraded in the last year, I'd be able to bring it, to import that character. First world problems. But they might figure that out in a future patch. They just had a patch, like yesterday. Yeah Oh my gosh that patch is amazing, like Grifts, Great Rifts are awesome. You're having a moment right now. You need to look at that camera right now. Logan, give her a camera Now Serious oh good, listen everybody, listen. Greater Rifts are so good if you love Diablo. You, it's, it's amazing. You burn through an entire dungeon, like a level of a dungeon, and then at the very end of the rift, when you kill the boss, all the loot drops right then. So it's like a piñata, it's literally loot piñata time, and that is the best part about Diablo 3. [LAUGH] The best part. The best part. And I still can't get a mask of Derom [LAUGH] It's so upsetting! [LAUGH] I hate it! Oh, I know! You can't get a mask of [CROSSTALK] I know you're just waiting for this like crazy. I love it. You're gonna start like knocking stuff over on the set. [CROSSTALK] I'm just gonna. Ugh! Chalk this over. I'm gonna go nuts! You dumb! I just really want that Mask of Jeram. I have a fetish build. It's serious. Alright, we're done with into it. We're gonna get into user feedback. Calm down, yeah. [MUSIC] Alright, now that we're done knocking- I didn't mean to. [CROSSTALK] Done with very politely knocking this over in the studio yesterday, we asked you guys to use the #TDbloodpaint. And [LAUGH] asked you what you would make, with what medium. And you guys are sick. You guys are totally sick. Especially Devin, who says I would use chocolate sauce to create the largest chocolate bar on a canvas ever. That's not sick, actually. No, it's actually pretty delicious. I'd make that. And it'd be like in Willy Wonka, where the snozberries taste like snozberries. Just, like, lick your painting. Yeah, you could lick your painting, it'd be so cool. And that's but I, that was my favorite. That's pretty good. You make a candy bar? Maybe make a giant candy bar [CROSSTALK] Yeah but why does he make like no, no, I'm not trying to like say he's wrong but why doesn't he do like one of those giant chocolate bunnies? Oh that's a good one. And then but don't, but do the ears like you bit them off. Like you bit them off, that's classy. Yeah. And now your hashtag of the day today is #tvtimetravel. And. But would you kill people in a. No. Like a, like a [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH] No. What would you go back and change in time? Oh. If you could virtually. Like if you could be like. If you could virtually. Hitler, like, Like, listen, you can't kill him here, okay. [LAUGH] Wait, why can't you? [LAUGH] Because it's a paradox. People are saying, like, oh, if you killed Hitler then there would be maybe somebody else who would take his, like, there like a whole bunch of. Oh, like Hitler two, okay. Time travel paradoxes about this. You can't go. Kill your grandparents. And there's not that Why would I do that? Okay. It's a paradox. You wouldn't exist. Kale, you've got to calm down. Okay. Did you pick one? Well, no. What I'm saying is tell us where you would virtually wanna travel and what you would change. Okay. I think that's a really good Right. You don't actually get to time travel, but if you were to virtually time travel somewhere, what would you wanna see? I want to see dinosaurs. Yeah, but you'd probably die. Well, it's virtual, so I wouldn't actually. Maybe I'd virtually get eaten, but that would be fine. I feel like- I think I would go out like that. I think Logan would agree with me on this one. if you agree with me wait till I say it. But if you agree with me switch to my camera. But I think I'd go back and like go to Woodstock or something like go to a really awesome concert that, that sure to remem- . Yeah! See he totally agrees with me. Do ya love it, I super knew it,I love it. Okay you guys so that's you attaché for the day? Let's talk about our favorite phonetographer of the day. [MUSIC] I really dig this picture. This is from Vishal M. He took this with an iPhone, and he say. Wow. I love your show and watch it daily. I live in Seattle. I used to carry a [INAUDIBLE] for day hikes, but this year I've stopped carrying the extra weight and only carry my iPhone. It helps in instant sharing of photos creating panoramas, and generally enjoying the moment rather than figuring out the right camera setting. I'm submitting a recent photo for phontographer today. It was takin on Mount pilchuck on a very cloudy day. It is very difficult to capture fog and clouds in photos, so I thought this came out pretty well. I agree. Look how nice it is. That;s creepy. That's pretty fantastic. Do they usually submit. I like how they always have a question about how this works. I know. Does anybody ever submit like I used. This specific camera app to like help me get this shot. Some people were like I think we have somebody later this week or next week that uses HDR settings on like their camera or they'll say I cleaned this up with snap feed or like they'll use [UNKNOWN] photo kind of an editing app to help just clean it up a little. Or enhanced. It's still, it's still incredible. It's a really nice picture. How crazy that is. You guys are really talented and we might be a little bit jealous. Yeah, we need to draw your pictures in blood. But that one's really cool. I like the, I like the fog. It reminds me of the [INAUDIBLE]. They remind me of Silent Hill. Oh, yeah, Silent Hill. [CROSSTALK] Oh, no, you just ruined it. I remember the ending of the mist and now I'm all sad. And now you're sad? Don't be sad. Listen, it's okay, Kel. It's okay. I don't like it. Alright, you guys. Do you want to submit your photography? You can email us, Tomorrow@cnet.com, that's our email address. You could, of course, send over your hashtag of the day to us. If you don't use Twitter, that's cool too. You could find us pretty much on social media @tomorrowdaily on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, like, we're all over the place except for Google+ for tomorrow daily TV. Oh. Because they wouldn't let us have tomorrow daily. Which is weird. But yeah that's how to find us. Where can we find you. You can find me at youtube.com/kalonymus. And Logan still hasn't made me a lower third for that. [LAUGH] Anyway I like that was a really nice shared moment you guys [LAUGH]. But yeah if anybody lives in LA. We should try and get them to do a photographer for like these huge waves that are happening. There are some humongous waves happening in. Gigantic. So Cal right now. People are ridding them like crazy people. I mean good for you surfers I would be really scared. That yeah big time, big time waves in So Cal. Big time waves bro. Gotta ride the waves. Wow. I like they we both did that together. That's another YouTube gif that somebody has make for us. Terrifying. Terrifying. But that's it for this show and we'll be back tomorrow, our last show of the week, sadness. Yeah. But we'll be back tomorrow with a whole new round on the delightful, weird, wonderful world of technology stories. [MUSIC] And of course, you guys as well. So be good humans. Please be good humans and we will see you tomorrow. Bye.
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