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Tomorrow Daily 042: Robot uses human blood to make art, all hail BabyX, and more: Tomorrow Daily

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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 042: Robot uses human blood to make art, all hail BabyX, and more

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On today's show, Ashley and Khail discuss a man giving his own blood as a medium for a robot-printed selfie, a translucent sphere that shows interactive 3D imagery, and the creepiest artificial intelligence experiment you've ever seen (it learns and looks like a toddler).

An artist found a way to make a robot printer that uses blood as ink. Still cheaper than my HP Inkjet printer refill. Scientists have created an artificial intelligence in the form of a toddler. I, for one, welcome our creepy baby overlord. And a team of researchers have created an interactive sphere with 3D images inside it. Fortune tellers everywhere are grabbing their crystal balls in excitement. Yeah, I said it. Tomorrow Daily. [MUSIC] Greetings citizens of the internet welcome to Tomorrow Daily, the best sit tech talk show in the known universe. I'm your host Ashley Esqueda, joining me once again Khail Anonymous. Yes, it's so good to be back this is where if we had a studio audience they'd clapping for you very excitingly.do this, they, they wouldn't clap normally. no, no definitely would not. a, were at wizard world, in chicago weekend. weekend I was huge nerd convention in chicago. It was a lot of fun. Got to see a lot of cos players, got to see a lot of vine stars, which felt weird but still. Did it, can you just briefly tell everybody about the ironman costume this weekend because I thought that was awesome. I ran into one of my fans this weekend at a bar of all places and he had an ironman costume made of beer cans, miller light cans. And them I was like, that's really cool. And, he goes wait. He takes it off, and it shapes back to like a cord like box. And, he won a contest with it. So. I am shocked and simultaneously wired out by that. People are cheap and also got to drink a lot of beer. Good for you, Iron man, Iron Millerlite. Iron Millerlite, yeah. Iron Miller Light. Well, Iron Man drank a lot, so anyway. Ok, fair enough. Aluminum Man. Iron Aluminum Man. Let's go to headlines. Iron Aluminum Man. We, We'll figure it out after. We'll figure it out after. Have you ever seen anything artwise where people use like body fluids to like make art? I've seen one. I've seen one for the movie Saw where they put blood and they painted the poster in that. But that's about it. This is, this is kinda like that. So, artist, his name is Ted Lawson, his website by the way is very not safe for work so. If you're young or at work, don't go to the website. He created this thing called Ghost in the Machine Blood Robot Selfie. This is a robotic printer that uses human blood as ink. So here he is getting, getting this hooked up, he's getting his arm hooked up to the machine. So his blood runs through to this robot printer, and then there's a spot where it actually. Prevents his blood from coagulating so he would be like usually they would, you know, most people would think you would just put it in a bag and then just let it go but it would coagulate that way. So he has to keep it going so, he basically fed it to this machine where it painted his he, I a, a nude self portrait. He does not look well right now, he looks like he's going to faint. Well see and apparently through this whole process he was drinking like. Juices and stuff, to keep his blood sugar up, so that he wouldn't faint. But it's not, it, you know if you look at a giant piece of paper, it's not a ton of blood, but it's still a lot. I'd say pretty decent amount. I gave blood this weekend. [LAUGH Super fascinating to me. That's, that's pretty crazy. What, is there, is there any sanitary. Fears with this? Well see this is like what people are asking in the comments on C/net. We did this story on C/net and everyone's like this is so unhygienic. Like somebody, this is a bio hazard. It's so gross. But the thing is, is I mean I wouldn't imagine he would do it if he had any transmittable diseases. Like if he had a blood disease I don't think he would do it, but. There's the portrait, it's like life size. Yeah, it even has his, er, genitals. His junk, he's got his junk out. But it's, this is actually going to be on display, which this will make you laugh. It's at the solo exhibition, his solo exhibition called the mapping of the territory, which is at this gallery called the Joseph Gross gallery. [LAUGH]. You're like no. It's in New York, September eleventh through October fourth. But yeah, it's, it's really weird. And I, like, I don't know. I would imagine at some point, Would you do that? No, I wouldn't do that. But I imagine at some point, it's like, I get that it seems really unhygienic but, then, if it's dried on paper at that point. I mean, imagine he left in there for it to dry. He wasn't just like well I'm going to take this. Giant canvas with my blood, my wet blood on it, over to the art place. Like, you don't do that.>> Could we just buy him some paint? Maybe we should take up a collection. Just buy this guy some paint. Should we start a Kick Starter to get this guy some paint? I don't, I. I wouldn't even, [UNKNOWN], is he selling it? Huh, I don't know. Maybe he wants to keep it for sentimental value. Yeah. It's really weird. Hang that blood on the wall. So do you want to hear about a really, really creepy baby? The, all babies are creepy but yes. Okay. So. I want to talk about Baby X. You know how artificial intelligences, like, they have to kind of, like, start from somewhere. Start from almost nothing, kind of learn and grow, just like a toddler. Okay. So, this is an artificial intelligence called Baby X. And it's created by a team led by Mark Sagard director of life [UNKNOWN] for animatechnologies and the Auchland Bioengineering Institute and a former [UNKNOWN] digital special project supervisor. Oh [UNKNOWN] alright! And they use. Yeah, they used biological plausible learning models such as repetition, association conditioning, imitation and reinforced learning to teach Baby X some skills. Look at what's weird about this [INAUDIBLE] that, that baby like loses focus like a real toddler does. It gets distracted, it can, it has, facial expressions read basic words, basic symbols. And yeah, it, like, knows when you're reprimanding it, but I like that it gets distracted. Yeah, and he's like hey right here, right here, and then he has to like re-focus that kid. That's really weird. I think it's, I think it's pretty intense. So, why a toddler? Like, why a baby? it's, it's mostly because of the way that they learn, do ya know what I mean? Yeah, cause kids are like sponges, I guess, okay. Yeah, yeah, and they start from, like, not having a grasp. I don't, it didn't say whether or not it'll grow up, and like, if, if it turns into a teenager. What if it did? Get's, like, acne. I'd be super freaked out. Yeah, I don't, I don't like it. This really is one of those things that people are, like, I know I could say this every episode. But that, you know the, there's the whole like you know, Robot apocalypse, Technology taking over, Yeah. This is were like creating a fake baby. This is really weird, You know, I, I'm just really creeped out by that, I don't know, Yes. I don't know, if it grows, if it grows up, if they have the, the weather guy,. Remodeling this toddler every year to look like it's getting older, I'm gonna get real freaked out. It looks crazy, can we see it again. Logan, can we see that again? Can we see it again? Can we see the creepy baby again? Ugh, okay, Logan, take it off, take it off, take it off, take it off. Oh, god. That's the stuff of my nightmares. Yeah. Easily the stuff of my nightmares. let's, let's look at another story that's a little bit less creepy, and kinda cool. The last one that we have for our headlines is this, so true 3D display is kind of a thing that we haven't really seen or experienced yet, if you have the glasses or you have the glassless 3D TVs you have to stand there. One particular one. Yeah it's really weird. This team of researchers from the University of Sao Paolo Brazil and the University of British Columbia and Canada made these spheres. It's a translucent sphere and you can actually walk around it. And there's animations and images that look like they're floating in the center almost like a snow globe, kind of. Wow! But that's the image that's in there. And it's an optical illusion. So they've, they have figured out a way to use multiple mini-projectors that shine these images into the interior surface of the sphere. And so, and then they created this special software, look, they're using a WII mote to like. Oh yeah. So they're actually 3D sculpting with this, so this is what they're saying. Leap motion tracking software and leap to, to sort of have people be able to manipulate these images like as they move. So, you, this guy's able to actually design something in 3D and they're saying that at some point they'll be able to like send that to their 3D printer, like they could, a sculptor could sculpt something out of 3D in that space. That's fantastic! Isn't it cool? Yeah, personally I'd like to get. Personally I like the gaming potential of this, but, yeah that's pretty crazy that they can. And, so, see how it's a little, like, distorted when you're not the person looking at it? So what is happening here is they actually have a headband. [x] That tells it it's got motion trackers. I think he's wearing it so. Oh. To that guy, he's able to walk all the way around it and see it in 3D. But somebody maybe on the other side that would not see it the same way. How come they haven't done anything with like a planet? Like have a planet Earth or something like that? I would really enjoy that. Kinda [x] cuz it's round. I want it as a lamp. Oh yeah. It's hanging from the ceiling. It's like a planet. And it just has your head in it. See the baby. No. Oh my God, just the like Haunted Mansion. We could totally do that. Yup, And it follows you. But I, you can put the baby in this. You know, the baby, baby x. It would be your SIRI. How weird would that be? It's in like a little cradle, like rolls around. [CROSSTALK] Baby like owns your house, like just a baby. That's really creepy. We're gonna take. I think we need to take a very brief break, and have some nightmares. Mm hm. Some, some day terrors. I'm, I'm getting out of here. Caleb's gotta get out of here. I can't, I can't take it any more. But we'll be right back so don't click away. It's Tomorrow Daily. Caleb, come back. [MUSIC] Babies everywhere. You okay? Yeah, sorry. Terror, Terror at Tomorrow Daily. It doesn't even creep her that I have a face on my shirt today. I know it is, even, it, that makes it even worse. Two faces. But a good face, a good face, are you you love this segment because you're really into all the entertainment stuff, you ready to talk about some new releases? I am, I love it, let's do it. [MUSIC] So the first thing today is have you seen Hyper Lap today? No. Kay. So Instagram just released hyper lap, which I know. Ohh. That those of you who watch the show have seen Microsoft technology on this. This is now. Facebook slash Instagram technology on this one, a stand alone app so continuing in the tradition of irritating things that Facebook says, it's a really thing a stand alone app for this, it's called hyperlapse, it helps you make these really smooth time lapsed videos for your Instagram or whatever else so. These are things that you can record with your phone and then there's a lot of already really good ones like [UNKNOWN] had a real good one today where she was like doing a little jig, like dancing a jig backwards and it was, it was kinda cool. But yeah these are all videos made of hyper laps, pretty neat.>> My life isn't interesting enough to use this.>> See and that's what I kinda felt, like, I was like I don't have a trampoline or a roller coaster in my backyard. I don't go to the beach ever. Like, I don't do any of these exciting things that people are doing. [CROSSTALK] good for like, artists or, you know, like if you want like draw something or film your pet going real fast. Film your pet going nuts. Or like doing puzzles. Aw man, I'm bad at this. You are bad. Doing puzzles. Doing puzzles? You're also. Kelly go, go come up with something go. I just found out that you're like an 85 year old man. [LAUGH] Just doing puzzles. Doing puzzles or taking your pills. Walking your dog. Or. Yeah organizing your pills for the week. Or collecting newspapers stacking newspapers. I don't know. [LAUGH] But yeah it's out, it's out today. It's only iOS for right now but I'm sure it'll get expanded to Android very soon and then hopefully. Windows phone, but I know Instagram's still in beta on Windows phone. Are you sad about that? No I want to know in the comments what people, what some ideas that people have. For Instagram? Yeah, because they have time to sit there and think so Yeah So they're like, they're like, oh you should have thought of this, but they had like 20 minutes to think about it. You had 20 minutes. Even more probably. I'm going to have to come up with some stuff. Alright. Come up with some good stuff for tomorrow. And then, movie wise probably the most exciting which isn't that exciting is the movie coming out November Man. That's just Pierce Brosnan playing shocker a spy. It looks kind of I don't know, I don't know you guys I might have to rent this one. I think he should have started coming back in the Expendable first. I was actually going to mention Oh my god what movie is this? He is really old. I was gonna mention that Gaurdians of the Galaxy came out first again this week at the box office and just recommended tat people see that again. Go see Gaurdians fo the Galaxy Again. Yea and a tree [CROSSTALK] Go see it in IMAX 3D if you haven't seen it that way. I haven't seen it on IMAX. How old. He looks really old. How old is. Is- Pierce Brosnan? Pierce Brosnan. Too old. He doesn't look like James Bond any more. Well, and then when you go and see these movies, now we're getting into critique, but when you go and see these movies, you realise they don't show his face in the action scenes because the stuntmen are doing 90% of it. The 30 year younger stuntman is doing all this work. It doesn't look good. Aww man. It doesn't look very good. I don't know. Hey, hey Pierce Brosnan, Liam Neeson has already got this down, all right. I think he's got that market cornered. Sorry. Sorry. I'm going to see Sin City 2 instead. Okay. Fair enough. Don't go see that. Should I not? I, it doesn't look very good and the reviews are pretty bad. But that, that,, those movies are made like for my age range- But even the first, I know, but even the first one got good reviews and like this one is getting like pretty bad reviews. I love Eva Green. Like it hasn't aged well, apparently. In a way it does. [UNKNOWN] Imogrene Logan. Imogrene call me. Okay Logan. That was great. Thanks. She has crazy eyes. I love her rich. Wow she's got some crazy eyes. Yeah. And then the [UNKNOWN] kills. I like crazy. [LAUGH] HTC, also, lastly is releasing the one M8 for Windows. So if you like Windows Phone and you like well built phones, the H. HTC one now has a Windows phone variant that you can pick up if you're on Verizon for, it's pretty cheap, it's 49 bucks on contract. And it's a really nice phone cause I have the one, it's my work phone and it's delightful. Do they ever, do they ever send them to you because you do this? no. No, I don't get any, I don't get any free phone. What would you say is the best feature of this phone? For one, well, I have the Android one. Okay. So, I would say I really like the video highlights features. So, when you take video and pictures, you can have stitch it into little quick, like, clip video for you. That's cool. And that's what, my favorite thing. Cuz if I go to an event or something I'll just, like, take them. And then, and then if I don't wanna deal with it I can just have it assemble it. Here. Do this, robot. Here, yeah. Here, phone. Here you go, PVX. You figure it out. Yeah. I, there's probably a baby X living in there, just FYI. It's not Corton it's baby X. Windows phones are so underrated. I think so. I think so. But you know like this is actually a really nice Windows phone so I hope people buy it. I mean between Lumia and, and this both good options. So you want to get any user feedback? I didn't know we were high fiving. Let's do that. I know, I didn't. [MUSIC] I truly appreciate how awkward we are. I thought you were just gonna hit me. But, [LAUGH] that's what I am usually expecting is a big- - - Tomorrow. - - - hand across my face. I'll insult you tomorrow I mean. Fair enough. I don't know if you saw yesterday's episode, but we did, T, T.D Camo Scanners. There was a group of scientists who figured out how to make, almost like a skin-like texture that changes color, an, when it's exposed to light. Like, really, without any [UNKNOWN] Give me an example. Like an octopus, to change color. Cool. Really cool. So, we asked people to use #TVCamoskin, and we asked what they would want their skin to look like if we could change it to anything. Pizza, Pizza, perfect, cheeseburger, you know, get that whole Cheeseburgers, milkshakes, chocolate. Hotdogs. So our first tweet was from Ilan and he said hash tag tdcamo love the show I would have carbon fiber skin to lose weight. Genius. I like that. The cheap and easy, dirty way to lose weight. But don't you just look like it? Carbon fiber, I mean you'd look really strong. [LAUGH] Well I guess you could look like Colossus. That'd be kind of cool. That'd be kind of cool. Although you wouldn't be, but you'd just look like this. Yeah, but you wouldn't actually, you'd still be like kale, but you still wouldn't be Jack in winter, you wouldn't be like Captain America, like suddenly a super serum. Right. What if I got a bunch of like, little Ashley faces, like it was just like an Ashley face? That would remind me a little bit too much of that. Nightmare on Elm Street where he had the pizza with the heads on it that would freak me out a little bit That's not a very good pizza, anymore? No, Yeah we have one more Rishikesh says new and accurate cosplay for comic con every year how cool is that? boom there is is [NOISE] That's perfect you could be Gamora from Gardians of the Galaxy [CROSSTALK] Mistique every year But yea you could also kinda like change you could look old. And, yeah, and you can look like you have like gigantic eyes. There's so my option. There is a lot of cool stuff. But I really like that one. Yeah I like the cosplay one. The comic con yes good, good answer. Your hashtag today is hashtag T D blood paint and hey listen I didn't pick this. Producer Logan picked out T D blood paint I guess you can complain to him. But we thought it would be cool if you told us. What you would paint. What you would paste and what you would use. What medium you would use Oh like instead of blood Yes Okay Or you know hey if you want to us like unicorn blood or whatever fine mhm Get creative with it but I'm just saying there are other options Alright Kale and I are just saying Quick strawberries or something strawberry juice Yeah exactly there are other options Yea pomegranate I would take some Kale juice. And draw a picture of me. That's so disgusting. Where's the blood? Kale juice. Kale, you know, kale juice. Not me. What! No, kale juice, like kale the vegetable juice it up. Oh boy this show has gone down hill. Also hashtag kale juice. Hashtag kale juice, you guys. i love this show. It's time for our phonetographer for the day. [MUSIC] I, I do, too. I love this show, too. Yeah. Brad M. writes Justin says big fan of your show, been watching all the episodes. You are by far the best in the known galaxy. Oo, yeah. See, I like him. He's sent us a few different shots and says here's a couple of shots like to share with you. Take you pick. This is the one I choose. That's me doing a road gap on Whistler mountain with the iPhone 5 perfect timing, no burst mode. Technically my friend Brad from Minnesota took the photo from my phone. Pretty awesome. Look at him. There he goes. Super athletic. That is amazing. That's extreme. That's what, that's what I think of when I hear the word extreme, like, extreme, like that's, I think of that stuff. That's amazing. It looks so amazing and God there's so much snow. Yeah that guy's having a great, he's, is he a, what kind of camera was it again. iPhone 5. iPhone 5. Pretty nice. Pretty cool, it picked up a lot of light. Look at him [INAUDIBLE]. Like he like gangstering it up in that picture where he's like, he's like what. Well, he did 14 flips before that shot... Right, he was like hey. da,da,da But that's pretty cool. I want to know what his board... Look like. Cause you, you can get art. I can't snowboard, so, I'm not allowed to snowboard or ski. I can't even surf, I can't even go into snow cause I'm a little girl.>> Caleb can't even be in a tube. I can't be in a tube? Little tube thing, little tube thing. Oh, no, no, no. No, I can't go up the mountains. I get, blood comes out my ear and then I have paint stuff with it. I was gonna say than you write, write a letter to home. Everything, it's it's Terrible. It's all coming together. It's all good Cale juice. Time is a flat circle, always comes back full circle. And then it doesn't win an Emmy. No, no, definitely doesn't. Man we're good on the in jokes>>That is an in True detective joke if you saw that show. There are so many. [LAUGH] You have to be like completely up on pop culture to watch this. And hang out with us you have to really be in, we got a lot of inside jokes. On that note. If you would to send in your phonetograpghy to be considered or you want to contribute your hashtag of the day cuz you don't use Twitter, you can email us tomorrow@cnet.com. You can also find us all over social media. Would you, do you have something to contribute? [INAUDIBLE] Can you also submit the little fast things, too. What fast thing? your little fast thing video that we were talking about earlier. If you would like to submit a hyper lapse, if you have an iPhone feel free to submit a hyper lapse, so send us a link to it, and I will, maybe we will show it on tomorrow's show. Oh no, did you say it's only iPhones?>>For now, they're going to release it on Andriod. But usually they do that though, where it's like limited release then they roll it out. everybody. So I'm guessing less than a month. Sorry. Don't leave, we've got to finish the show. Sit back down. So before you storm off cuz he's like Captain Android over here. [LAUGH] The worst super hero of all time. Pretty much. You Trashed again. [LAUGH] Aw, too soon, too soon. You can also find us on social media, were @tomorrowdaily pretty much everywhere, except for Google plus tomorrow daily TV where can we find you in the internet? Aside from everywhere and anywhere. Go to, go to You Tube.com/. Khail anonymous is spelled K-h-a-i-l. Logan has no lower thirds for me, on that. That's okay. We have, but earlier we have your Twitter. Okay. So we know where to find you on Twitter. Yeah, sorry Log, I, I can't speak bad of Logan or he'll just like cut out this section of the screen. No. Producer Logan. That's right. You'll become a, you just become a, a disembodied head. See, he'll just cut to that and that will be the rest of the show. He'll just cut to me. That's it. That's the end. All right. So that's it and feel free to give us you're feedback, your questions if you wanna get in on our in jokes your more than welcome to because we love it. Yeah. The more you watch the more you'll be in on the in jokes. In on the in jokes. I guarantee it. It's true. But that's it for the show everybody. We will be back tomorrow. Kale will here again so be good humans and we'll see you then. Bye. All hail baby X. [MUSIC]
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