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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 009: Mood blankets, hoverbikes, Luigi death stares, and more

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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 009: Mood blankets, hoverbikes, Luigi death stares, and more

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On today's Tomorrow Daily, we discuss mood-sensing blankets on planes, hoverbikes, the Wii U's future via Luigi's death stare, Space Quest, Android L, and your feedback on that space capsule.

British Airways has a blanket that changes color depending on your mood. Sadly it still wont stop that brat behind you in 7C from kicking the back of your seat the whole way through. There's an $85,000 Hoverbike that goes on sale in 2017. Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads. If it actually happens. And Mario Kart sold over 2 million units. That's a lot of Luigi's Death Stare. [MUSIC] Oh that Luigi, we're gonna get him one of these days. Welcome to Tomorrow Daily, your favorite technology show on the face of the Earth or the universe, the known universe. I'm gonna go with that. I'm your host Ashley Esqueda. Joining me, as always, is Rich DeMuro. How's it goin'? Oh, it's goin' so great. I love that our show just keeps getting bigger. Yeah. it just keeps expanding. Now it's the universe. Yeah. I love it. We're infinite. We just, we just keep expanding. It's gonna be great. What did you do this weekend? I was Mr. Handyman this weekend. Well I did two things. I did, my tech weekend I installed Android L Okay. We'll talk about that a little later. Interesting. But for my you know, real life I did the garage floor. So if you've ever put a puppy- Sound exciting. On a floor, Home Depot at like 6:00 A.M you're sitting there, more tools you could ever imagine, much longer process that I imagined. But it all worked out and it looks great, what about you? I went to a wedding. I went to my cousin's wedding, congrats Dave and Caitlin. We. Good names. Very, they were very adorable. They were getting married up in Nevada City so me and the husband and my brother and his girlfriend all packed it into a car and skeedadled up north and had a very long drive. That is a long drive. [CROSSTALK] Your drive up there is exciting, it's like going to Vegas. The drive there is really exciting. Drive home, not so much. It's pretty exhausting. Yeah. Cuz you're very tired because you danced all night and you had a great time at the wedding. And there was so much food, and like you know, meeting people. Food. And fun and excitement. [CROSSTALK]. Yeah, so it was exhausting. Both, I mean just driving and it was pretty exhausting. But it was a really nice time. I had a great time. But now, we have some really exciting stuff to talk about in the tech world. So let's hit the headlines. [MUSIC] As I mentioned earlier, British Airways has kind of a mood blanket. It's a mood ring that is all, that is a blanket. And this is very weird. Yeah, what is this? This is strange. What's the point of this thing? So, this blanket is a wool blanket and it's got these fiber optic LEDs built into it and then you have to wear this crazy headset that this guy's putting on right now all your flight. And what it does is it sort of reads your, your feelings, and so- That's cool. [CROSSTALK] Scanning your neurons right now, scanning your neurons. And it's trying to decide what your emotions are. So if you have anxiety, if you're relaxed, it changes colors based on those things. And so they said during take off and landing, no surprise, is when most of the blankets were red. Right. A shade of it. So here's the, here's the color changing. Oh, here's read. Okay. I'm nervous, I'm nervous. [CROSSTALK]. And then, when folks had alcohol and food, they were not so nervous. That does not surprise me. So, it all sort of makes sense. Do we, what's the point? I mean, so it's just that stewardesses or flight attendants can actually see you and say like, oh, you're red. Oh no, you're red. I gotta help you. Red alert. No, what they're doing is they're, I love that they're testing this right now on first class passengers. Yeah, of course. They get all the best. [CROSSTALK]. Because of course if they test it on coach, like everybody gets red. This idea is that so they can judge how people feel at different parts of the flight and sort of adjust things like how long it takes them to bring out food. What movies to offer because apparently as people watch more like thriller movies, they were more anxious so maybe you don't want anxious people on a plane. Yeah you don't want to show like what was the movie with like Taken 2, no what was the one that was in the airplane. An airplane yeah like Flight Plan or. Nonstop. You don't wanna show that movie on a plane. But it's very interesting that they're sort of using this kind of weird sort of mood detecting technology via blanket. Which, I mean, I guess that's kind of a cool visual indicator so it's easier to track. But I mean, wouldn't you, with all that technology you couldn't just have it like send directly to your laptop. Like that seems. Well I think that it's, it's the theater of it. It's the theatrics, it's very theatrical. Right, very. Okay, fair enough, makes sense. It's not something they are doing on every flight, it doesn't seem. But people are volunteering to do though, so they haven't ruled it out for everybody. I'd do it, why not? You'd do it? Yeah, sure. As long as it's warm, because it gets cold up there. Yeah, it has to be, well it's a wool blanket so I think it's okay. Okay. And with all those fiber optics and stuff. That'll keep you really warm. I'm just worried you can't sleep. That the angle with the light. If it's too bright? Yeah, what if it's too bright? But it seems like it's not so bright so, I don't know. Yeah, it does seem a little bright. It's kinda need. This next thing is even cooler than the first thing. Like a mood blankets I can get behind, but this, this I can really get behind. Yeah, we're excited about this. Rich. Yes. Tell me what is that and how can I get one. This is the Airofex. This is an $85,000, basically it's a hovercraft that's also sort of bike. So it's like a hoverbike. Yeah. Takes off and lands vertically. Two, two person hovercraft. And its just, it's, it's. And it took off and. Look at that. It's a speed machine. It goes up to 45 miles an hour. I, looks like it would be the most fun in the desert. Now this has been around for awhile. Okay. We're sort of discovering this today. I think it's one of the coolest things I've seen. I don't know about you, but I've always wanted some sort of hover device since I was a kid. I mean, and well it all comes from, it all comes from the skateboard. The skateboard. the, Anna, you didn't get boys life as a kid, obviously. Fair enough. But I got, you know, it's like a Cub Scout, and you get these magazines. In the back, it'd be like, build your own hovercraft for like $29.99, and it was of course, of course like a scam. It was like, you get like the. The sea monkeys. Yeah, yeah. I think I got those too. Back of the magazine ad. Oh, you're so gullible [UNKNOWN]. But I always wanted that. Like that dream of just like, getting on the thing. Yeah. Why wouldn't it work? That's always my question, and. Why wouldn't it? And now they're proving it, I guess it kinda works. So here's the, this is what it looks like. It actually has wheels and then it uses a rotary engine instead of a piston-powered engine. And you can sort of lift off from the ground and they're saying that one of the biggest uses for this would be things like using them for search and rescue missions. Things where you might actually not be able to traverse the terrain as well. Yeah, cuz it's kinda rough. Yeah, and they said you can get up to 20 feet in the air. Okay. So it's up to like six meters which is kind of impressive, like 20, you know, 25 feet. That's a lot. I mean, that's a little dangerous. I had 10 feet off the ground and I thought you could jump off if things got really bad. Well yeah, you could, I. Like could you jump at like 10? I think you can scale 10 feet right, if you. Like if this thing was just going really bad, you just like aah, ditch. Like nope, I'm out. Nip, tuck, and roll. Just jump right off, yeah, that was a good. Or you just, well, so they were allowing developers to get in on these sort of, spots in the vehicle that are kind of these, these extra added areas, like added value areas where developers can make third party objects, to sort of sit and, and add functionality to this, to this Aero-x. So you're telling me this is gonna have a choice of air play, or car play, [CROSSTALK]. Yeah, yeah, we're gonna get Android auto or car play in this. Yeah, developers have access to this. So you can actually go to the Aerofex website and check this out, it's actually a local company. So listen Aerofex this is tomorrow daily, we're talking to you. And we have a message for you. If you ever want somebody to come out and check out your cool hoverbike, we're totally in. Send us out to the desert, we'll meet you out there, at like Joshua Tree. Yeah, we will, we'll be there. We'll roll around the desert, we'll check it out. I am kind of dying to try it. My only thing is, okay, and I think this is totally awesome technology, I read about the optional extras and it says you can get. Oh yes, there are some optional extras here. A whole vehicle airbag. What does that mean? I assume it means like the whole thing pops up around you in case you like, ditch. A bubble. Yeah. It turns into bubbles? But that concerns me just a little bit for this technology. Seems like a way to suffocate. That makes me a little nervous too. Like, I just wonder, but I mean, you know, you wonder why the technology hasn't really happened, but 2017, couple more years. You got three more years until it officially, they start being delivered. That's the estimated delivery project, but the guy who is involved in this is the guy who runs this company is an aerospace and [CROSSTALK]. I'm sure they're smart. Like these are really intelligent people working on these things. Okay, just one more question. Okay. What happens, you know how it's a fan, right? It's a rotary [CROSSTALK]. What happens if you fall into that fan? Don't. Okay. That's my advice. See my, my brain, I don't know if your brain works this way, but mine always goes to the worst case scenario. I do that too. And I just imagine like hey let me lean over oh. And it's like the end of you. Don't. See don't. Maybe they have like some sort of barrier there. I hope so. Like a, like a, like a ceiling fan, you know? Or like a little like, you know, fan on a stand? Something, like a mesh. Maybe a mesh plate. Yeah, just like a mesh thing. Yeah, mesh plate or something. Okay. I think that would work. Okay. I think it will keep people safe. Okay. But we'll do it. We'll try it out. All right, we're in. Aerofax, call us. The next news story is exciting for me. I had to talk about this just because I love Nintendo. And I love Mario Kart. And Mario Kart officially has sold over 2 million units. That's not shipped, that's actually gone out to consumers. Like these are actually units that have been bought. So, Mario Kart 8 obviously a, a- That's in one month. In a month. That's, that's big. That's, a lot of games. And I, I think that that's an impressive number for any game, like I mean you could say, any game selling that many in a month would be pretty impressive for most developers- Oh yeah. And publishers. For Nintendo it's a little bit less because, obviously the Wii-U hasn't been selling very well, so it'll be really interesting next month to find out. NPD usually releases their numbers on the Wii-U, on console sales every quarter. Mm-hm. So quarter two just is ending today, June 30th, and so we're going to be seeing these NPD numbers come in and we'll see exactly how many Wii U's have been sold because of Mario Kart. Yeah, it's like people wanted to get the, it gives them a reason to buy the console. It's a good thing. I, I looked up the numbers for all the Mario Karts. Okay, all right, hit me with these. Now, I say Mario. I know you say Mario. I say Mario. Okay. So, I'm just gonna go with how I talk. Well, you're from Jersey. I'm from Jersey. So that seems like the appropriate Mario. Mario Mario? So the top selling. There's two that are top selling for Mario Kart. Okay. The DS and the Wii. Okay. How many do you think the Wii sold? Take a guess. The Wii? I'm gonna say, well the Wii itself sold over a 100 million use. I'm gonna say 35 million. Oh my. Did you look at this? No. Seriously? No, I really didn't. Wow, okay, that's pretty good. That's exactly how many. We don't have it in the notes. Is it really 35? No, you, this is yeah, this my thing. Okay, it's pretty good. Oh, that's a really good guess. Yeah. Come on. Ashley- Score one for Ashley, what? That is the cred right there, bringin' it. Okay. See if you can strike gold twice. Mario, Mario Kart DS for the Nintendo DS, how many did, global sales. How many? Okay, the regular DS sold a lot of units. Not the 3DS, just the regular DS. This is just, DS. I'm gonna say, 50 million. Well actually less. 20, 24 million. Okay, so half. So half. I tried. I did, I do what I can. [CROSSTALK] You nailed the first one. I should have just stopped right there. Just cut that out of the show. [CROSSTALK] I did nail the first one. We should [CROSSTALK]. But this is a game that sold over 100 million units worldwide. Yeah. It's a fun game. I've heard [CROSSTALK] love it. Yeah. It's a huge franchise. It's amazing. It's amazing. It's such a good game. And of course, the Luigi's Death Stare have been such a good press for the game itself. Yes. [LAUGH] Really funny. Whatever. Whoever designer artist graphing, whoever kept that as a game, just a million thank yous because you've made the Luigi's Death Stare such a big thing and it's so funny. But yeah, I guess the shareholders got together revoted [UNKNOWN] this weekend. So he will continue to lead Nintendo. Way to go. A lot of people saying way to go, a lot of people really expecting that to not happen. Yeah, that's. So because of the Wii emails. I meant way to go for him. Yeah, way to go for him. Like way to go to keep your job. Still have a job, good job. But yeah, I mean you think sometimes there'd be a shift. But I don't think Japan really they don't see things well, I don't know. I, I guess they can go either way. Sometimes they, I feel like they would want to continue with someone that has like the legacy. Right. And like someone like. Sometimes. Just stay the course, but sometimes they do kind of. Sometimes they might just oust somebody, but he's been there really long time and I think that unless he steps down at this point in the game, I think, I think unless he steps down it would have to be a drastic fall from grace. I mean everything would have to fall apart. Which, honestly, it's not really that bad just because the 3DS is really propping up non sales of the Wii U and hopefully this year I'm hoping, I mean if you're on the fence about it I'm telling you Mario Kart is so much fun and then Super Smash Brothers later this year. They're really hoping those are the two games that sort of push console sales this holiday season and sort of revitalize a little bit the Wii U sales numbers. But really awesome news for Nintendo. And it's, I, I like that this is good news for Nintendo. Yeah, we need that. We've seen so much bad news for Nintendo. And don't forget, there was so much pressure on the Wii U to be amazing out the gate. Right. Because they did such cool things with Wii. Well, because the Wii was such an anomaly. It was such a thing, it was a thing- It changed everything. That revolutionized how Nintendo makes games, and so everyone was expecting the same hundred million numbers, and it's just not realistic. Kind of like Apple with the, you know, iPhone, like they caught up with iPad, and then it's like what are they going to do next? What are they going to do next? Yeah, next [INAUDIBLE]. Like Wii U is awesome but it's like, it's gonna take some time for people to even figure out how to use it. They needed games, they needed to launch games, and I think the games had something extra to confuse people but. Yeah. Overall, I think now people are starting to sort of see more value in the Wii U, which is the good thing. But, on that note, we are going to take a very quick break and we're gonna be back. We've got Into It, we've got your tweets about the space capsule. We also have some phonetography and we have an email from a very, very lovely viewer. Ooh, lovely. So, we'll, lovely. We'll be right back. Stay tuned for that. Stay tuned. [MUSIC] Hey, you're back, Internet. [LAUGH]. Welcome to Tomorrow Daily. We're in the second half of the show. Rich and I spent the weekend thinking about what we love, and it's time for Into It. In Into It, every single week, Rich and I talk about the things that we love. You have a very interesting Into It. I wanna talk about it because everybody's been talking about it. Go for it. Oh, okay. Android-L. Yeah! So, you know. You installed it. I installed it, which was kind, you know, I, I don't really use my Nexus 5 very much. So, I was like oh, let me dust this thing off. [CROSSTALK] Let's let's put this on there. So it was the first time I flashed a phone from the terminal line, which was kinda fun. Little scary. From the terminal, and the command prompt. Which is cool, cuz Nora, I have flashed a lot of ROM's on phones, but normally, it's like the one click, or like- Yeah, yeah. You know, I've done different ways. Okay. This was like the first time I did it from terminal which is kind of fun, I felt. Did you feel like an XTA developer? Oh totally i was like ahhh. I'm like following all these little things. I would open like five different tabs, so it was like five different sets of instructions like cross referencing you know just to make use I do it right. Woow. Yeah, I know you don't wanna break it down. Cuz you don't want to break it right. so I did that, installed it, everything went very smooth and it was kind of fun. So I had L on my phone and you know I just was kinda poking around to see what I liked, what I didn't like. So material design, the phone is like very different. Like the look of it, everything kinda acts different, does different things. But there's a couple things I wanted to try out. But this is very incomplete, so I found out- Yeah, early, early build. It's very early. So I started installing some apps like twitter. Doesn't even work. Like it kept crashing. No, yeah. Couldn't even open up twitter. Okay. A lot of apps like are sort of incompatible. I tried mirroring on my TV screen with Chromecast, cuz I was excited about that. Not having it? Didn't work. I wanted to try the trusted bluetooth connection. So, I can like link it up to like a jaw bone, or my car and have the phone stand locked. I went to try my MacBook. I was thinking like wouldn't that be cool if your phone is near your computer, it stays unlocked. Right, okay. Didn't work. Didn't work. But, anyway, it was fun to see what the future of Android is gonna look like and get a little preview. That's pretty cool. So, what are you into, Ashley? Enough about what I'm into. This, is, oh man, we're kicking it old school right now, this is almost 30 years old. Oh, wow. That is old. This weekend I was hanging around on gog.com if you're familiar with. This website's games, just kinda like Steam, where you have all the access to all these games. And I notices that GOG was having a summer sale, and they were selling Space Quest 1 to 6. Wow. And it was 10 bucks. This is old school. For the entire series. This is an old set of Sierra games that were very very funny. A very, very amusing. Roger Wilco on the Time Rivers. These are all like different chapters in Space Quest 4. There's the latex babes of Estros. Wow. Like all kinds of really. But they're so, so funny. And man, I just love Roger Wilco and our very own, one of our Australian copy editors said Roger Wilco to me the other day and I took it as a sign. Oh, wow. And this is actually, you can see there are some icons going on there. Space Quest 4 was the very first of that franchise that used an icon based UI. So before that it was all text based, you had to type in like walk over, you know open north door or whatever. Whoa, there's a latex babe. The latex babes of Estros they're there. So yeah, I, I, totally had so much fun playing this game when I was a younger. And now I get to relive it and I highly recommend any of these like old adventure, point-and-click adventure games cuz they're so, so funny. The scripts are always very, very hilarious and interesting. Did you beat it? Not all of them. No. I mean, they, they take a little bit but yeah. I mean, what a great. Such, such a good series of games. I just railed through it, brought me right back to when I was a kid and like just first playing video games on my, you know, my dad's computer and all that stuff and, it's just so fantastic to be able to like buy those for $10. Cool, now you know what we're into. We, yeah, now we want to know your Into so we're going to get back some user feedback. We've got some good user feedback on that #tdspacecapsule. Some of you guys had some very widely varied things to say about it. We actually had Perry1238 on Twitter. We gon, we asked you basically if you would go up into space. Would you? In, in this little capsule that you know was like of, kind of an air balloon almost, right? Yeah, it was almost like a space air balloon but in a hard capsule instead of a basket. Right, and we asked you how much, and would you go? Yeah. And here we go. So Perry1238 says I would go as it sounds awesome. But 10 grand? That's crazy. I would pay 2,000 at most. I like his face. Ooh! And that's his [CROSSTALK] picture of your space face. And that he's space face, he will be so excited. Perry you look so excited in that picture. MJ9292 says I would go to suborbital flight and take some amazing pictures and I would only pay $1,000 #TDSPACECAPSULE. Some other people said they'd pay up to 10,000. $1,000. Okay, 1,000 is like you may or may not. Like it sometimes costs 1,000 to go across. [CROSSTALK] That's like a flight to Europe. Yeah, right. Yeah that's like maybe going to London. Cost yeah, like, yeah. So I don't know if you're gonna get to space for that. Yeah, I'm not sure. I'm not sure, MJ, I'm not sure about that. And then we got an email, so we'll have to answer very briefly but it's from David Brogan and he says, hi, I'm currently using Spotify which is great but I'm just wondering would you be able to recommend any other streaming music service. By the way, love your show. Watching it since it started. I think this is a really good question. I feel like we should answer it. What do you, what do you use? Yeah. My all time favorite is slacker. Okay. I think slacker radio is way underrated, but when it comes to like curative a playlist and just like, the most simple way of finding music, that's it. And I know you're gonna say what I, what my number two is, which is Songza. Yeah, I use Songza. Songza is great because you can pick an activity. So this weekend, if you're celebrating the 4th of July, on Friday, you can pick barbecuing for the 4th, and then it'll give you all these like patriotic playlists, you know patriotic country or like, you know, American rock & roll. Right. Or whatever. And then you can choose based on what you're doing. So I really like Songza. It's free Slacker. I don't understand it. I've never had an ad on Songza. How is it that free, like I don't get. I've heard ads on songs though. I've never had an ad. I think it's in the app like when you're looking at the screen like they pop up. Okay, I use it on [UNKNOWN]. Oh, okay, so yeah that might be why you don't get them. Yeah, but it's great. I mean it's like- I love Songza. They literally have playlists for like any occasion you can think of like. Here it is. It's Monday Afternoon. It'll, it'll base the time and then it'll say, here's some things you might be doing at that time. So most people, you know, Monday afternoon maybe you're at work or you're going to the nail salon, [CROSSTALK] whatever, cooking or whatever it is, gaming and they'll give you a bunch of suggestions. And then there's also genres that you can choose from. I always like the, the international cocktail, vintage cocktail parties. Ooh, yeah I'm always looking for good cocktail party music. Yeah I have a lot of good cocktail party party mixes. I, so I really like Songza. I use Songza and Rdio, those are my, those are my streaming services I use. [CROSSTALK] I pay for Spotify, use songs up, and I pay for Pandora, and Slacker. Okay, so I, and I use Rdio, and I pay for Rdio. And then I use Songza, and I pay for Songza. I pay $3.99 a month. Cuz I use it so much, that I feel like I should give them some money. Okay, so they must have some ads. You don't hear ads either cuz you pay. No, mh-hm. Okay, my other playlist by the way, recommendation, is Acid Jazz on on slacker. It's really good for dinner parties, like once you've got the dinner going. Once you get everything going, okay, fair enough. Yeah, once everyone's kind of like, you know, relaxed. We've also got a phonetographer submission and this one is David Fernandez who says this scenery was taken on a Galaxy S4 LTE during a vacation in Indonesia in December 2013. So a Galaxy S4 LTE took this picture in Indonesia. Gorgeous. Beautiful picture. Wow. Ridiculous. I love the fence in the foreground. It's a really nice like, fore, mid, and background. Yeah, and it's got like some sort of like little haze to it, too, which makes it look really neat. Yeah, and like I really love sort of this, it's a really nice perspective, so, and I love that he, just, I don't, it seems alive. Yeah it feels like- I feel like I'm there. It took a little work for him to get up wherever he took this picture- Yeah. This vantage point. This wasn't something that you just like you know, click out of the side of a bus. Yeah, yeah. He did some work to get to that. Yeah, he did some work to get this picture. Good job, makes me wanna go. Yeah makes me wanna go to Indonesia. David, high five to you. Phonetographer of the day. That's it for the show, if you wanna send in your phonetography, or if you wanna send us your comments, concern, praise whatever. Cookies. tomorrow@cnet.com is our email. And you can also find us on social media. We're on Twitter. We're on Instagram. We are on Facebook. All you have to do is look up Tomorrow Daily on any of those things. And of course, you can find us individually on Facebook, Rich DeMuro. Ashley Esqueda. And that's been Tomorrow Daily you guys. Be good humans and we'll see you tomorrow. [MUSIC]
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