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The 404 Show 1,537: Netflix eyes HBO, attack of 1,000 kilobots, farewell gentle intern (podcast): The 404

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The 404: The 404 Show 1,537: Netflix eyes HBO, attack of 1,000 kilobots, farewell gentle intern (podcast)

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Today we say goodbye to Justin the intern, who's name we just started remembering last week. We'll give him an exit interview on the show and find out what he really thinks about his boss. We're also talking about Netflix's comedy moves, kilobot attacks, and the obvious demographic of AOL subscribers.

Yes. So, I don't, I don't think click base is going to be a good idea today. Like just today or for good Just today. Cuz it's just the exact same things so you know, unless you want to like put in the old discussion we had from last time. So maybe, maybe we can cut and paste that. And see if anyone notices. [LAUGH] Maybe not today. Cause it's the same, it's that same [CROSSTALK] [INAUDIBLE] It's the number one story. Wow, so that was the same, so Friday, I'm sorry. Monday and today. No it was Wednesday and today. Yeah, people really love the alpha. So for, that's, that's three days! It's just unusual. I don't, I don't know if I understand that. I don't understand people, Jeff. Like how could you read the same story for three days? I'm gonna assume they're different people. Yeah. I don't think anyone is coming back and being like oh man I want a rerun of that story. I really want to see that again, the exact same stuff, over and over again. Very strange. Alright it's Friday, August 15th. 2014, it's time for the 404 show. [MUSIC] Hey welcome to the 404 show. I'm Jeff Bakalar, joined by Ias Acktar, Ariel Nuñez over on the board. Holler. [LAUGH] Today is Justin's last day. So. Leaving us. Justin's leaving us. No. This is sad, man. It's sad on, on numerous levels. So, we're gonna do something a little special with Justin today. First things first, I'm gonna let Justin pick the trending topic. Okay. And then I, I've prepared about four questions. For, for Justin that I wanted to answer that are directly related to his time here as a CNET video intern. You're giving him an exit interview on air? Yeah, but this, yeah. Okay? Uh-huh. Sounds good. I was about to say something to cover my ****. And I couldn't, couldn't think of it. So,cause you know I haven't done at least three of these already. [LAUGH] Your, Your doing exit interviews already? [UNKNOWN] it's all done. Really? The feedback, the With who? SF office. Okay, So Mark, if people don't know Mark Lasay has been your direct report right? You go right up to him. Straight to him. And then from then I don't know where it goes. I think it goes Justin Mark [INAUDIBLE] Les Monnves. It how that operates all right so first things first I'm going to go to Facebook today for the trending topics because twitter's been nothing but a god damn disappointment. So let's go through five of these and their all good. First one is Joseph Gordon Levitt something's going on with him. Something's going on with the Ferrari 250 gto Betty Boop. Hell yeah [INAUDIBLE] That's before anyone guys [CROSSTALK]. [UNKNOWN] And, and, yeah. I'm gonna give you those three. You got Betty Boop, the Ferrari, or JGL; the heart throb JGL. The, the Betty Boop. Betty Boop. Simon Cowell is bringing Betty Boop to the big screen. Why? Why Simon Cowell? Why him? Why does he get to do that? It's being described as a music driven comedy. It's a result of the deal between Cowell's entertainment company and Animal Logic Entertainment. I guess Betty Boop is coming back. There, there she is. I, I, that Simon guy hates everyone, what appeal does he have in Betty Boop? I'm at a loss for words. Right. This is the strangest thing I've ever heard. I guess there's gonna be a punch of, of kids growing up like Justine not knowing that there was a Betty Boop cartoon, and he'd gonna think that is what Betty Boop is all about, Simon Cowell. Yeah. I will be honest. The only, the only I ever had with Betty Boop in a traditional sense. Was her cameo in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. OK. Wait a second. So what's a, what's a not-traditional sense? Well, like, seeing an old Betty Boop black and white cartoon. And, like, trying to follow the god forsaken plot. Like, who knows what she, shenanigans she got into. I don't think we know her motivations at all. I don't know anything about her. She looks a little like Stewie Griffin with the big head. Yeah, yeah. With the football head. And she pre-dates Stewie Griffin by a good, like. Sixty thousand years. By a millenia. And I don't know what the hell she was about. Like, what did she do? What was, what was her deal? Did she have, like, a job? Was she just working somewhere that, that's where the cartoon followed her? Do you know, Ariel? No idea, no. But you know, you know, she kinda dresses a little. Suggestively. [INAUDIBLE] There's more to this. He's actually teaming up with the company behind The LEGO Movie to do this. All right. Well that, that's good. So, The LEGO Movie's pretty awesome. Did you- Yeah, The LEGO Movie, I know it's good. [LAUGH] I haven't seen it, but I know it's good. You know, you,I think your outlook on the world being total crap, if you watch The LEGO Movie, you'd see that there are good things out there. Yeah. Although, this might continue with that idea that the world is crap. It's weird. A Betty Boop movie's coming. Anyway, we'll link to this in the show notes. Thanks for that click bait we, we talked about it already. It's the galaxy alpha story again. Okay Justin time for your exit interview number seven. Oh, all right Question one, now you've been here how long? Since June second so about two and a half months How the freak is that even real like. You just got here. I just learned your damn name yesterday. That's true He just learned my name a few days ago too. Right or at least the right way to say it. Yeah. Okay this is a very general question but what do you, what is the most important thing that you think you learned while you've been here. Like, take this kind of seriously because I'm personally interested as well. How to deal with people. Like, [UNKNOWN] That is so smart. Just kinda everything that's really gone out. Even just behind the scenes and everything ya know. It's not the type of stuff you're gonna just learn you just learn, you have to learn that through experience. How to deal with people? I mean everyone that works here, you know, they have their own different personalities; and then having to do work with them, you know, you have to try to. do what you still need to do but make them happy at the same time. Now don't be afraid to name names here, Justin. [LAUGH] But at the same time I mean also dealing with the And the moving of offices and Justin leaving you know, that was a curve ball for every body. And you know, seeing that first hand you're only going to get that through experience. Yeah that's, that's so true like you've been here for two and a half months but you've seen so much **** go down. In the course of, you know, two months, it's amazing. That stuff doesn't happen in three years sometimes. I started drinking because of that. [LAUGH] He's now an alcoholic. [LAUGH] Another thing he learned. [LAUGH] He learned how to drink bourbon at two o'clock in the afternoon [CROSSTALK] really good at that point. He learned that he liked whiskey neat. [LAUGH] alright, so, so you've taken that into consideration. What's your, what was your highlight moment. What was the moment. That, that happened that can summarize this summer for you? What was that moment, do you have one? this. Right now? Right now, right here. [LAUGH] Yeah. Cuz I'm never in front of the camera. Aw! I'm always behind the camera. So wait, that's like exit interview inception. [LAUGH] It's happening right now! We're in the moment. Is it really? This, this right now is the moment. I'm never really in front of the camera. Like, I've always been behind the camera, so. It's weird seeing myself. Yeah. [LAUGH] Wait, you just waved to yourself? I waved. I waved to me. How did you feel when you saw yourself wave to yourself? Did you feel relieved when you did that? [LAUGH] That's the new moment right there. [LAUGH] In the moment of the moment. Were you trying to tell yourself, yourself that you were on camera? I just told myself I'm on camera. That's awesome. Oh man, Okay, I think you learned something new also, that's a good add to the first question. Okay, here's where we're gonna get a little naughty, we're gonna have a little fun. In one word, I'd like you to describe the following people. Oh boy. Okay? Alright. Alright, in one word Okay. Everyone knows Richard Peterson. All right. Describe Ricard Peterson in one word. Quite. That's a softball. [CROSSTALK] Everyone's sure you're quite. [CROSSTALK] I had tall. [CROSSTALK] It's like. There. [LAUGH] That, that's the answer. There. All right, so. All right. You can't be mean. You're gonna see these people. No, no, no. I mean like, he's there as, like, [CROSSTALK] me personally, like, I know. If I needed help with anything he was there. Right. You know what else is there. Like, a tree is there. [LAUGH] All right. I hear what you're saying. Yeah, but, you know, he's a good guy. He's been extremely helpful this entire time, but. If I need help he was there. Oh, oh okay. Good save right there Yeah, yeah All right you've only known [INAUDIBLE] for a little bit but describe [INAUDIBLE] in one word. Nerd. All right that's pretty good. Pretty accurate. Cause I mean you know, a lot. About a lot. Yeah. So you know, I mean, I wish I can talk about some of the stuff that you just happen to know. Yeah. Yeah. Type deal, like. Well I've got like 13 years on you. I think you'll get there. [CROSSTALK] Yeah he'll, you'll get there. I was always, I was surprised with how, you know, well you just sort of hit the ground running with stuff. You know, where you're just like I know how to do that. I know how to do this. So, I try. That's good. You did try or you just were really good at lying and said you knew how to do things when you didn't. Maybe. Sally so people don't I don't know if people know Sally from the show. I don't think we've ever had her. We've talked about having her on, maybe we will. Sally Neman she works for video she is a predator, producer editor. She does a lot of stuff with CNet Espanol. Describe Sally for us. One word. That. I don't know if I can do it in one word. Okay, two. Just cause like, personally she's the fastest editor I've ever seen. She's what? She's the fastest editor I've ever seen. Oh, really? Usually Ariel gets credit for that. [CROSSTALK] Like when it comes to like seem like, CNET update. Things like that. She got that done. So speedy. Really [INAUDIBLE] Speedy? Yeah? Yeah? [CROSSTALK] I didn't want to use that cause I was thinking that originally and I was like Speedy Gonzalez and [LAUGH]. [LAUGH] Good call. [LAUGH] Seen Espanola, gotta call her Speedy Gonzalez. Oh, I didn't even put that together but that's kinda. Trying to avoid certain things there though. Expedience [CROSSTALK] That's smart. Yeah. Expedient is the word you're looking for. Expedient. Yeah. There you go. All right. Very good. She's the fastest editor ever. I didn't know that. One of the. One of the, today I learned something new, I did not know that. okay, he's not here anymore on the show, but obviously I'm not going to let you get through this. Describe Justin Yu, in one word? Old Soul. Honestly, just cuz, like sitting across from him and, you know, in the old podcast studio. Oh that's right. Especially like the music that he listens to you know, it's like, well of course, well before my time. And you know, before his time, and, it's like you know, he's just kinda just chilled laid back really. And it just, just goes with the flow you know, so it's just like a, a old school just kind of hanging out I think that's a, you're doing a great job so far. All right the man right next to you. Oh Ariel one word [INAUDIBLE] big shot right here. old. [LAUGH] Old. [CROSSTALK] You can hear his knees cracking right now. You're killing it right now, dude. He hides it well though. Is that your word? Old? Like, he came in the other day. Wearing glasses, and I stared at him like the whole way while he's sitting over to his chair, I'm just like wo, oh my god Yeah, now he looks old>> Yeah, but then, he does hide it well, I mean, I understand, the whole hat, I started wearing hat's again because of Ariel. Yeah, let's change it to hat's, how 'bout that>> How 'bout that!>> [LAUGH] Impressionable hat's,there we go,>> Impressionable old hat's [LAUGH OVERLAY] yes>> Alright, I guess it's only fair, you got, we'll do will do me next. All right. Do me in one, in one word. Shameless. That's [LAUGH] Shameless. What do you, what does that mean? It's a you, you say what you feel Is that [UNKNOWN] You know, with, with people and you know, you when you say this for people it's a. You can either agree with what I say and like it or you can agree with what I say and don't like it but it's cool either way. Okay. So. Thanks. And you say whatever you feel like saying. Shameless. Exactly, no holds barred. Yeah, I appreciate that. All right, is that good? It's pretty good. I want to say it's like not very good. Well it's not racially charged, so that's good right? At least I'm not [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH] I like that No Mario yours is good man, and finally, your boss who's not even in the building today, the guy you reported to this whole time Justin describe Mark [INAUDIBLE] in 1 word. Kinda goofy. [LAUGH] Yeah. That's perfect. Exactly. Seriously, cuz it's like just to get like once I got the position, I kinda wanted to see what Mark was like. Yeah. So, you know, I did some Google searching. I came across his blooper reel when he was an intern. Oh, crap. And I was just kinda like, really? [LAUGH] This is, this is gonna be my, this guy's gonna be my boss. [LAUGH] Okay. [LAUGH] All right, and then seeing him in person, how big he is. I'm like, why? Yeah. Just cuz, it's like, I mean I understand, you know, you're gonna be in good, just someone with Mark's physical persona, kinda throws you for a curve ball. Yeah. It's like, you know, it's like. I don't want to say that I didn't ever take him seriously but sometimes it's kind of like [INAUDIBLE] I think it's a Mark problem not a you problem. He's got to work on that Well you know Mark is a great guy. [INAUDIBLE] you know? Yeah sure. And also him just kinda being kinda goofy made him really good to talk to. Yeah. So, I mean, it didnt matter what it was so, you know, made for, you know, no intimidation, to talk about anything. Right. Yeah, he's super approachable, right? Oh, yeah, easily, easily. Well that's good. All right. . Finally, last question and then we'll leave it at that. Alright. And this, and this is not real. I want to previs this question. This is completely hypothetical. Oh, boy. Alright. Okay. This is just me out of curiosity. This is just Jeff wanting to know. Just Jeff. If you were offered a job at CNet would you take it? I'd be back in December. He would be. If I was offered a job at CNET I'd be back when I graduated. Well, I think we did a good job, if that's what his answer is. Cool. You guys really did, it was quite the impression. Alright, great, well, a round of applause for Justin, Ladies and Gentlemen. It's been a pleasure having you here, we're gonna have to, our, our. Twitter feed and our Facebook page and our Instagram will then go dormant once again [LAUGH] Tell we get someone else to help us out with it. No, but seriously you did a bang up job and really dug all the videos you edited for us. And all the work helping out during the production of the show. It was, was a bang up job and we're gonna miss you buddy. No problem, I mean, thank you guys I learned a lot just from doing this from being behind the scenes. Of course, will update and everything else so thank you. Right on, all right, you're welcome, sir. Get out of here. Sit quietly in the corner. He won't acknowledge you at all for the next half an hour. But thanks for the nice words. You shut up and you drink out of that bowl. All right, thanks again Justin it was a, it was, it's been a damn pleasure sir. We don't have too much time because we gotta little pizza party happening for Justin. Ooh, pizza party! Let's get to one or two of these stories, Let's do it. And we can, we can have the rest of our day. SO, so what do you think here. What do you want to do here? I want to talk about the swarming robots. okay okay So there is these little kilobots they are about the size of a penny and there is a motor on them and scientists at Harvard have figured out a way to get these things to kind of work together, each of these robots knows three things. That can follow the edge of a group. You can see a kilobyte right there if you're watching the video. It can track the distance from where it started, and how to maintain a relative position. So all they have to do is give it one single command, and the rest of these robots will continue to do something. Oh, like, like dominos. Well more, like, take the shape of anything. Shut up. Ugh. So they've done. They've done this form where they can make it into letters. They can make, like, wrench shapes, starfish, this kind of thing. And the practical application is something like cleaning up oil spills. Yeah. But the idea is that you only have to send one command out and these things, Talk to each other. Yeah, they, well kind, they basically have an idea of what's going on, so they don't need to be consistently talked to by another central source. So it's completely decentralized. So it's really. Obviously I'm sure people are freaking out because mm it's gonna be like, these things will overtake us. Yea, well, I mean, they don't, they're not, they're not coming up with ideas by themselves. No. You gotta direct them first. Right. So, you know, and that's the thing, you know, as long as we hold the keys to that. You know, we're okay. You've heard the laws of robotics. Alright. Mm-hm. So we're fine as long as we just don't give them free will. But see, couldn't somebody use this and then the one directive is to like conquer justice? Yeah. Like let's say if that's the directive and it always knows how to do that. Yeah. It's basically like a swarm of bees or ants. But you step on these things. They're like little, you know, hockey pucks. You don't you know, they're not, there's not like claws and guns on them. Well, the rate they used was 1,024 of them. Okay. That's a really large frigging array of them. Yeah, it's a lot. So I guess after a while you would get overpowered. Yeah, I would think it's like, it's like the idea of what? Fighting a horse-sized duck. Oh right, right, right. It's like, do you want to deal with it? Or like, what is it like? A hundred little- Hundred duck sized horses or one horse sized duck. Yeah, so basically, this is like the horse size, no duck sized horse. These are the duck sized horses. Yes, that's so easy for me to put together in my brain. It's like, I cannot comprehend the. This warms. This just seems like something bat man would do. Yeah, it's pretty cool. It reminds me of batteries not included. Remember that movie? Mm-hm. Do you remember that movie Justin? I've heard of it. You've, you've heard of it. I've seen it on laser disc. I've seen it on the back of toys. Batteries not included. Right. Exactly. That's what these little guys remind me of. All right. Very cool. I'm into it. The, this is the, I mean, and they're called killobots? Yeah. You still have to buy these. It's a really bad name if you want to freak people out Right. Yea Killobot. It, It's kil, you know, like thousands. Right, but it's like the killer whale got a bad rap, too. He doesn't kill humans, he just, you know, just called the killer whale. Likes to eat lots of fishes, you know? Poor guy. And this sort of thing. okay. Oh, this is a story, we're gonna follow up on, from, from last week. We were talking about these, people who still subscribe to AOL like it's something to do. And then an, an article from 538 sent in to use by Rich. Says that there's plenty of reasons for people to sils, still subscribe to AOL. I didn't know this, but when you subscribe to AOL it's like getting the entertainment coupon book. Right? So listen to what you get. $60 a year, which is AOL support plus, gets you unlimited dial-up service, which for many bum **** parts of the country are all you can do when it come, comes to internet, Access, you get 10% off a sprint plan, which is probably useless when you live in the middle of nowhere. Can we just, can we just say that? [CROSSTALK] Yeah, Yeah! I'm gonna, I'm gonna, it's, everyone's coverage area. Like if you don't have access to high speed internet, ya probably don't have cellphone service. Regardless,>> You gotta keep going on this list, there's 1, there's 2 of them that are amazing. 8% cash back on Priceline, that's not a big deal. A subscription to MyReputation Discovery which is glorified Google Alerts, okay? McAfee Internet Security Suite, ****, 2 free wills from Hyatt Legal planning, I freaking love that one Because your so **** old? Is that what it's saying? Well that's the joke in that article, this really makes clear the customer base that AOL is aiming. For. So then AOL is also aware that their customer base [LAUGH] will continue to dwindle until there's just no one left. Exactly. You also get AOL OnePoint which is a password manager. That's not so bad. Because you forget everything cuz you're 88. [LAUGH] And an AARP membership. [LAUGH] You can't make this **** up. See, you put together the AARP. RP membership with the will. With the will! [CROSSTALK] It's already a deal! It's like, okay, you're gonna die, but we really like that you're here while you're here. Why do you need two free wills? For you and your partner? No, you're a widow. [LAUGH] Aww. Maybe, at that point, you've paired up. You know these little widow couples? Together. You've never seen this? Is that a new website? Not yet, it might... LittleOldCouple.com. You haven't seen that. They're always driving together, two little old ladies. I guess. Yeah, and they rob banks and stuff. Eventually. And they go back home they check what their passwords was on AOL 1. The tears just... Keep going. I mean like product tears not, not tears of sadness. You could pay like an extra $24.00 and blam, blam, blam, you've got all these other things. Look at the [INAUDIBLE] service [INAUDIBLE] that's pretty neat. How does, does a senior citizen [x] that? Oh, I'm don't know if they need one. I just saying it's neat. I like VPN. Yeah, it's pretty rad. All right, good story. Thanks for sending that in, Rich. Appreciate it. okay. Netflix has a new weapon to take on the people at HBO. What is it? It's a bunch of comedy specials they have coming out. And any, so this is, this was crazy just to see it on CNET. It's like, okay, here's a giant. A picture of Bill Cosby. [LAUGH] Because Bill Cosby is one of the comedians, the special they're gonna have. They've got a whole series of them coming out. There's Bill Cosby, Jim Jefferies, Bill Burr and Chelsea Peretti who I don't know offhand. But the, the stuff's going to be released this year. this even another Aziz Ansari one that's coming. So they have a ton of comedy specials. Yeah. It's basically what HBO did in the first place which is kind of hilarious to me. Not, no pun intended but it's hilarious. You dork. You're right Justin. Nerd [LAUGH]. Why did I say that, if it's not intentional. But, but this idea. Should HBO be freaked out that Netflix has got all these designs to basically copy what HBO did to make it successful. It's, it's got Bill freaking Cosby. Or is this part of the AOL team of like. Okay, Bill Cosby. The thing is the special is called 77 cuz that's one of the, was the 77 birthday when they recorded it. His, his, his comedy is ageless. I think it works. I mean once you bring in Jean Jeffries and Bill Burr your demo goes all the way young again. So and Chelsea Peretti so, yeah I don't. I don't know man, I think it's just a smart move. Like, there's all this premium content out there. You know, and, and, I don't think this is really, you know, I don't think they're really competing necessarily with HBO. Directly. I think it's more of an indirect competition. But I think, you know, they are becoming the HBO of the internet essentially. Well, these specials are going to premier on Netflix. I don't know when they'll be available elsewhere. Right. In that sense, they are competing. Because HBO could have funded this. They could have had the special. Sure. They had deals like Katt Williams and Louie. K, and all these other dudes you know. It's not, it's not they were in the contention for it. So, you're saying it's a good time to be a comedian. Because people are fighting for you. It's always a good time to be a comedian. Because comedy is never going to go away the way AOL is going away. It's not a fad? It's not a fad. Comedy is not a fad, you heard it here first. If there's one takeaway from today's episode,. Yeah, that's pretty rad. I mean, that's a interesting little tidbit there. But I think you, I mean, the problem of course is like you're paying all this money for HBO and you're bitter about it, but eventually you're going to be paying a lot of money for Netflix also. I love the leap you just made there. Like, you pay for HBO and you're bitter about it. Well, I mean, I pay like. Whose with, who is that? I just pay like $20 a month for HBO. I love HBO, it's great. But you're bitter about it. But I'm bitter about it cuz Of course. I know that if HBO was independent and not in bed with all these cable providers, I'd pay $6 a month for it. So that's what pisses me off. And Netflix is going up. It's like 9 bucks now, right? Yeah. Wow. It's a whopping. I mean, dude, but that's half of HBO. They're, it's gonna equilibri-ize. Okay Equilibrize>> It's going to happen>> Loving this It's going to reach equilibrium. You don't think so? You'll see son of a **** it's going to happen. Don't fight with a nerd man. Bitter might have been the other word you could have used there Justin Bitter, bitter [INAUDIBLE] I like it all right. We, you know what, calls from the public is supposed to happen today. But I don't know, we're running out of time. Should we get to it? Get one? We should get one. All right. We'll get to one [CROSSTALK]. Alright, we'll do one call from the public. Time to show the love. [CROSSTALK]. [NOISE] Alright, calls from the public time. Let's see. We got, plenty of calls. Oh, you know what? This one was pretty cool about left handed people. Okay. So, let's here this one. Hey 404. What's up guys? Huge fan. Calling to ask, about the, the left hand story. I grew up as a. A less handy guy. My mother, when I was a small child, actually tied my left hand believe it or not, behind my back and I was forced to use my right hand. No, ****. It was a little traumatic. But I'm really just pulling your let. No, she wouldn't do that. Come on, guys. [LAUGH] My mother loves me. Yeah, I, you know Geoff, you kinda downplay the left hand, yeah, we get ink on our hands about 85% of the time, it's annoying, but imagine growing up in elementary school in those desks, you know, where the desk is attached to the chair, you have to kinda sit at an angle as a left handed person to do write, I'm sorry, to write. The right way, makes sense. And then he goes on about all these inconveniences they do seem minor though its like like he was like talking about the spiral indentation of a note book like on your left hand. Did you talk about like shifting gears on a car No! Like that's a real freaking inconvenience. But you like you can do that with the other hand. [LAUGHTER} You could do pretty much anything if you tie your hand behind your back. ya I think that joke should have been maybe that's what you can do with lefties. ya. [LAUGHTER] Nice. Oh, by the way, I was wrong about the percentage of lefties. It's like 7 to 10%. It's not one in every five. Oh it's one in ten. That's where I found out later on. I'm correcting myself on that. Oh, wow. You said it was one in five. I didn't know. And it turns out. He's also a liar. You could call him [CROSSTALK] A dirty liar. A dirty liar who admits it later. Worst kind of liar ever right there. No. That's, that's, that's a **** liar. What is. What kind of a liar says something and then, you're, you're just a kidder? No. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] I thought I was telling the truth. I was ignorant Oh, gosh. Of the truth. You were ignorant. There we go. All right, we have a lot of stuff to get to, but we're just gonna have to call it quits because we've already been going for about a half hour, and we gotta end the show, we just gotta. Thanks to Justin, the intern it's been a damn pleasure, sir, the best of luck in your last go around with school and all that. Have fun, get into trouble, and get dirty out there, okay? All right. Stay clean. Stay clean but get dirty. There you go. We have emails and voice mails that we'll play next week. Next week we're going to have Shannon Cook and Steven Guttenberg are coming by. Maybe we'll do four shows next week, is that, can you handle that? I would love that. Alright, great. So we'll do that. Back here on Monday. Until then, 866-404-CNET's the number. Shoot us an email to 404@CNET.com, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all that junk, and follow us on Subreddit. We'll see you Monday. I'm Jay Baggelar word. I'm Iyah Zachtar word I'm Ariel Nunen word. This has been the 404 show, high tech, low brow. Have a freaking awesome weekend. We'll see you guys Monday. [MUSIC]

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Get ready for rolling BB-8 toys. The droid in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is a real robot, based on the technology in Sphero's toy...
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CNET Top 5 - Crazy looking smartphones
3:36 18 April 2015
Round, curvy and two-faced: five phones that broke the mold and dared to be different.
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Faster Roku 2 masters the streaming universe
1:45 18 April 2015
A nearly perfect mix of speed, features, price and ecosystem make the Roku 2 our favorite streaming device yet.
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