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The 404 Show 1536: The "P.T." mystery, iPhone 6 backplate, Galaxy Alpha, salmon cannon: The 404

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The 404: The 404 Show 1536: The "P.T." mystery, iPhone 6 backplate, Galaxy Alpha, salmon cannon

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On today's show we deconstruct the "P.T." interactive teaser mystery, check out the iPhone 6's new backplate, uncover Samsung's Galaxy Alpha and take a ride through a salmon cannon.

Higher, they have a new obsession. What is this obsession, is it bologna? Now, bologna? Like the meat? The sandwich meat. No, dude, not bologna, it is anything but bologna. Yesterday, in Germany, Sony did a press conference at a, at a. Trade show called Gamescom. You've heard of that? I've heard of Gamescom. From covering it here. They very slyly, slickly, however you want to describe it, put in this teaser during the conference for a game called P.T. P.T? yeah. Physical Therapy? Right, it's called physical therapy. It's about someone mending their bones. Here I have a video of what it looks like. The game is what they're calling the first interactive trailer, that they've, that, ever. So you, so this is like a teaser for the game, but you play it, right? Cuz it's like this first person, sort of horror game. ' Mkay? Ok. So it looks like they're in some sort of hotel or something or house. Right. So it's like the ground floor of a house and it starts off, and it looks shockingly real right? It looked like a movie. When you said trailer I'm like, oh it's a movie trailer. It looks beautiful Ya. Clearly theres human move, human sort of movement going on there. You're controlling the camera, and you interact. It is by far in my 25 years plus of playing video games the scariest thing I've ever played. the trailer itself? the trailer. Now here's where it gets even crazier. So you walk through this ground floor and you're constantly looping through the floor over and over again but things start to change. And you start to find out, something horrible happened, to the people that used to live here. It's like this married couple. There's a lot of murders. There's screaming babies. There's blood showing up in places. You find out eventually a few hours after even starting this you start to find out this isn't a game called PT. This is a teaser to announce a new Silent HIll game. That's what this is? That's what this is and it's by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro. Tha's ridiculous. That's ridiculous. This thing already looks scary, the description of it. OK, it's terrifying so if you have a PS4. Stop listening to the show right now, I don't care. Go connect your console to the internet, and download the playable trailer. The playable teaser, that's what PT stands for, playable teaser. In the Playstation store, go download it and start playing. Here's where things get even crazier. Mm kay, I was playing this last night for about 4 or 5 hours with my wife. K, she can't even look through her eyes cause she's that scared. It's that freaky intense. I looked like a lot of it, even just silently, just watching it. And we're not, yeah, we don't have any of the sound and I don't want to play the sound because I don't want to freak people out who are driving or maybe by themselves. It seems super tense. It is super tense. She could barely. Or like, she was grasping the pillow, she was like, eating it, she could barely look through the fingers in her face, it was crazy. That is a great trailer though. So you make your way through, it takes like 4 or 5 hours, and then you get to this final scene, okay, and here is where it gets nuts. That not everyone can finish. Not everyone can finish. Not everyone can get to the final, sort of reveal trailer that this is all for Simon Hill. Is that because you can't actually complete the task? You can't complete it because it seems like it is randomly generated. Like, the people who've broadcasted it happening on Twitch which is the first good purpose I've found for Twitch, people who broadcast it seem to have no rhyme or reason as to why it works. And this game messes with you. If you've every played Eternal Darkness which was a Gamecube game. There's these thing called sanity effects in the game. And this game does a lot of similar stuff, like pretending they crashed. Having, like, the, the, like, lines go through it like it's, like it's [INAUDIBLE] Kind of all buggy. Like pixellated and buggy. Wow. Okay. It's insane, it's absolutely insane, and, arguably the most chaotic part of the whole thing is, not everyone finishes it. I was in a thread of 55 plus pages that had over 400,000 page views of people trying to figure out how to complete this. And you can't do it reliably. Like, people who've done it, and they've broadcasted it, they're like yeah, not sure how I did this. So it is basically, it is just random, you can't just, you can't regenerate this result. No, not at all, you can't do it and there is a lot of hidden stuff and there doesn't seem to be reasons as to why it happens, it just sort of happens, the end just sort of happens. Something triggers it, whether it is random, whether it is time based, whether whatever it is. But you just don't have any idea how to do it and when it does happen, you gotta be lucky enough to do it. Someone was able to capture it and then after you trigger the ending, along comes the actual teaser trailer for the next Simon Hill game which if it's any. In any way, a slice of the experience here, which they do sort of like, oh, this demo is not indicative of the final game. Whatever, mission accomplished. I'm on board. This is the best marketing for a game ever. Are you gonna keep playing this demo, this trailer, until you get to it? I kind of, that's, that's a great question. So last night we just stopped because- - Four or five hours you're playing this game. --Yeah, because, yeah, it was, it was probably closer to six. Okay. Just because it was time to go to bed. Which I did not sleep very well because this haunting. I'd assume this was your dream. You were in the same loop over and over again. It was, it's terrifying. I, I can't I can't say enough cuz I'm like writing a story about it for CNN. That's how affected I was by it. It's amazing. PS4? PS4. I don't, I don't know if it's gonna be a multi platform game but obviously go check it out. And I am serious. It is the scariest thing I have ever played. And it's, it's a, it's a trailer, it's a demo, the commercial. That's the right way to do marketing. That's the right way to do marketing. Absolutely. Alright, we've got a lot more to show on today's program. It's Wednesday, August 13th, let's start the show. [MUSIC] Welcome to the 404 show everyone, I'm Jeff Bakalar joined by Iyaz Akhtar. Ariel Nunez over on the board. Hey. I'm telling, Ariel, what do you think of that? It was freaky, Wasn't that cool, like describing that story, wasn't that cool. Yeah, it's pretty cool. You can hear the terror in Ariel's voice. Yeah, I'm frightened over here. Jeff, I'm totally freaked out Jeff. [LAUGH] Come at me. Awesome. Scary, really scary, I'm totally blown away by it. If you haven't played it, go check it out. okay. You know what time it is Ariel. What time is it? Five things. nervous. Five things on Twitter. Okay. Trending on Twitter. Okay. Tell me which one you want. Throw 'em at me. First one, #Lefthander's Day. Hm. What could that possibly be about? [LAUGH] What is that about? I have no idea. I have a totally different definition of what that is. Oh Jeez. Yeah. Okay. Numbers. [LAUGH] It involves a bottle of Robitussin. [LAUGH] I'm kidding! I am not kidding. I like your style man. I like your style, gonna go with a stranger in there somewhere. But yeah, it's basically a variation of said stranger. Number two #boldpredictions. Okay. Ronnie Banks. Ronnie Banks. Who's Ronnie Banks? Everett Goldston. Mm-hm. Hashtag seven years of [UNKNOWN] 1996. Weird, how many is that, four or five? Doesn't matter. Hashtag go beyond party. [LAUGH] It's like, I think that, I think the really gimmick here is try and say these and not laugh. Right. That's them? That's all of them? That's it dude, this is what we're doing. OK. Look we are, we are tethered to the creativity and diversity that Twitter is. On Twitter. Ok. I'm gonna go with the left hander day things. OK, so Ben we're gonna look away here see what images we have. And there it is, summed up. Happy left handers day. For all of you people in high school that used to sit with the desk attached to your chair and never had a desk that comfortably set you and your notebook so you could take note without having to lean awkwardly. Do we have any lefties here? No. What are we, savages? Even Justin the interns a righty. I had trouble with my left and right when I was growing up, started writing with both my hands. What? I would just write, when I was young, I would just write with both my hands. You were just, am, ambitious. Not going to lie, 20 points the the Charmin Corporation who claims their newest toilet paper is left handy, left handed compatible. left-handed toilet paper, that's brilliant. That's not bad. Like a left-handed mouse. This is the first, little segment here that I'm actually delighted. By the result from the left hand hash tag. Pretty great. Awesome. Finally, toilet paper for lefties, finally. We have been wanting it for all this time. All these years we have been using our shorts, our jorts. [LAUGH] This, yeah, lot's of problems for lefties, you know we have seen this hash tag pop up all the time, left handed T.P. now. Yeah, guess what, left handed people don't need a day, how about that. How about they don't need a day, Well, it's not like, one in every five, so, one in every 5th day is left handers day. Yeah, or whatever it is. There's only, there's four of us in the room, we need a fifth person in here so we can find out who's the leftie. It's funny, I really, is that what it is? One out of five? I think that's what it is, that's the averages. It's funny, I remember my wife telling me that she was a leftie. Her parents like forced her to be a rightie. Have you ever heard about that? Yeah, that happened to me. That happened to me. OK. Really? My Dad slammed a pencil in my right hand and said you write with your right hand, that's where you know you write. He's right. That was the end of it. I wasn't allowed to use my left hand. Like, what inconveniences besides like mice. Are lefties, like, dealing with on a day to day basis. It's hard. And, okay, so you get a little ink on your hand when you write. And you look weird writing, too. What do you mean, you look weird? Cuz, lefties, they write like this, cuz they have to go this way. And righties you write like this. Yeah, but left-handed slap shot. Come on! Oh yeah [UNKNOWN]. And you're, you're such a wanted commodity as a teacher. Hot, hot comm. Seriously? Seriously. Left handed batters. Left handed pitchers. Come on! Right? Mm-hm. It's crazy! You can't condition a world of only right handed people. We'll all be going to the right! You wouldn't do that! Some people gotta go to the left! And some people are straight down the middle. My wife is left handed. Yeah? Do you make fun of her? yeah. [LAUGH] Point and laugh at here. Yeah, every time she writes. Everytime she's like stupid. Giggle. You stupid. Yeah. All right, very good. [UNKNOWN] tell us what we got going on for click bait today. Well it finally happened we have an iPhone 6 rumor. The rumored iPhone 6 back plate made an appearance in photos. It's on, off somebody's Twitter account, this guy apparently has leaked other Iphone images before with the 5S, very accurate, and it basically looks like the same stuff we've seen lots of different places. Basically it looks a lot like the ACC1 on the back. I mean, if you look at this image it's just. It looks like, it looks like the one to me. I don't know if, if if it's this little line on the top, little line on the bottom, and it's supposed to be a large 4.7 inch phone. So you, so you're telling me. Mm-hm. That the most popular story on cnet.com. Yeah. Some of the internet's best. Tech journalism. You're telling me the best story, the most visited, trafficked stories in the last 24 hours was about what the iPhone 6 back plate is gonna look like. That is correct. That is the top story. Anyone see something wrong with that? Why are you surprised? Is my question. Well, it's the first iPhone click-bate story. So, the, 25% of our stories have been iPhone, which is the minority, but the back plate? Well, we're getting closer and closer, and the fact, how leaky Apple's been in the last year or two with the iPhone has been really strange, and people just wanna see what they're gonna get, at this point, I think. I mean aren't you? What kind of phone you rock. You have a Nexus right. No I have a G3. A G3. Yeah. Were you interested with the G3 leaks or the S5 leaks or the S whatever. No, no when you're a normal person and you have android. Oh, I take that back right away [LAUGH]. I take that back right away. When you have an Android they come out so often that you're like. Well what's this one about now. It's every. Four weeks, it feels like. Yeah, there's always some company. There's always something coming out. AT&T or LG or Samsung or. I mean, I guess the Galaxy I mean, I don't care. I mean, I'll see it when it comes out, that's fine. I, I definitely pay attention to the press conferences, as I will when the iPhone 6 gets announced. I am interested in it and I wanna see what it's like. But a leak of the back plate. I mean, maybe if the back plate had like, oh, I don't know, like a time machine on the back of it, I'd be like sick, look at that. But you'd have to click it through, though. Right. Don't forget that you always have to click through. Absolutely. Click through the gallery of back plate time machine. Yeah, I don't know. But there you have it. There it is. There's the back plate. It does look like the HTC One a little bit. I like the HTC One. I've been using it for a while and like I'm getting used to it just so I can get used to a new iPhone. You're gonna, you're gonna get the new iPhone also? I can't avoid it. Why? You have an HTC. You said. I have an H- You're currently avoiding it. The camera itself is just crap. And it is, right now, and this is the, this is the, the biggest failing I have with Android phones, is that the camera just isn't good enough. G3 camera's really. G3 camera is really good. The LG3? Really good. Okay. Laser. Got a laser focus. That will be a competitor, I am going to wait until this thing comes out, the rumor is September. I can actually see the judgement against each other, photo tests and then go, okay, finally I can pick something that is not an iPhone, because I don't like using an iPhone, you kind of have to, and yes I might be Apple bashing. That is b.s. man, you don't have to do anything that you don't want to do. I enjoy things that work really well, that is crazy. I know. Okay, fair enough. Why don't you like using an iPhone? Why don't I [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] For iOS. No, no iOS. I don't like the fact that you can't customize a lot of the options. But one of the bigger things about iOS 8, you're supposed to be able to choose your own keyboard. Mm-hm. Like some of the things you could do on Android forever. Oh, like a Swift Key sort of thing. Yeah. I like that. Kind of swiping around the keyboard. They like widgets, they like being able to see things on the fly. Do you like expressing yourself and not being sheeple? I wouldn't say that. Is what you're saying. What I believe you said. I just want to be able to use Google. The thing is I don't want to be stuck in Apple's universe. I want to be able to change the freakin' options. Right. That's the thing. I, you know, I like to mess around. iPhones are great phones but, they don't let you have any personality. See, you guys are pro users though. No. Eh, you, you be careful with that. I feel like I'm more of You going to be using a Fire phone soon? You think you No, no. I'm not that bad. But, what do you mean pro user? You're a pro user. I wouldn't call myself a pro user. I don't care about customizing things and using Skype and stuff like that. It's like I'm more like I adapt to. Whatever I have, you know. You are an Instagram baller. Eh, not really, man. [LAUGH] Don't sell yourself short on that, dude. You own that. Thank you, but not really. Easy going. You're like that the way it is, that the way it is. [LAUGH] Alright. Yeah. We're like, no, this can be better. Better. Yeah, alright [UNKNOWN]. All right, well, we'll see what happens with with all that. Oh my God, the fallout, it's the back page for change between now and the announcement. There's already other reports showing cases for sale of the iPhone 6. There's like, all kinds of. Yeah. Just gonna have a big screen, is that the thing? Yeah, it's a big 4.7. Whoop-de-do. Yeah. Speaking of phones, what's the deal with the Galaxy Alpha. [LAUGH] I'm not ready for a new Galaxy. Galaxy Alpha's actually official, Samsung announced it today, quietly, no crazy press conferences, no Radio City music hall, no dances, no nothing. It's a new Galaxy phone. It's a metal frame around it, still got a plastic back with those dimples, got a plastic front there, I guess that piece of glass in the front there. So it's suppose to be a more premium phone, but it's nowhere near as agood as the S5 in, in like the screen. It's a 4.7 inch. 720p instead of a 780p, it's got the camera resolution is a little lower, I think it's a 13 instead of a 16 so it's, it's a snazzier looking phone as opposed to basically make people happy with the idea of better components.>>Right>>But it's, it's not it's a non flagship flagship. It has never been an alpha product from these guys. Galaxy alpha basically announced today, I think it's coming out next month. It's supposed to be their big iPhone competitor, which is weird because they already have the S5. How? I don't understand. Maybe, maybe it's, it's designed to match the new iPhone form factor more closely? It really, now that you say that, 4.7-inch screen, metal kind of framing, a little bit. I think the Galaxy Alpha is the iPhone 6. [LAUGH]. These are all the leaks. You're right. It's super thin. It, I don't know, it seems strange, like, I mean, Roger Chang wrote the, wrote the piece. Hm-hm. He said, is this the new flagship phone? Flagship phone is the ballsiest, most hardcore phone, right? It's got the biggest testicles. Well, this has OctiCore. It's close to having the biggest- OctiCore? -processor. Four, eight cores? It's big yeah. That's crazy. There's an option for it. There's a four and an eight. So, it's got a lot of freaking power. The question is why do they cripple it compared to [INAUDIBLE] Well, when you say cripple, you mean the screens? It could have had a better cripple. Because that's not- Not screen size. They could have gone with a higher-res screen. This is, Especially with a 4.7 inch. I don't know- But, it's a Samsung. They make the displays. They could do anything they want, and they're like well, let's put this out there. You know what. That's the one thing about the, the G3 that I'm kinda bummed out at. It's got this 1440p screen, which is stupid to me. Just make it 1080p and, don't have it, hog as much battery life. You want your phone to have less resolution? Yeah, dude. The, the, the resolution on the G3 is stupid. It's too much. You don't need it. You can't tell the difference between that. In an S5 or an HDC1. You can't tell the difference. Only when you're looking at a, 45 megabyte photo. Which you do every freaking day. Which is just stupid. Everybody does this every day. It's stupid. That's the, my only knock against the G3. The resolution is stupid and they know it. And that's it. Yeah, my laptop doesn't even have that. Yeah, like what the hell do you need that on a phone, why do you need it in your pocket? You know? I'm a resolution. Oh, I have this 83, you know, 100 megapixel photo I carry around with me. Well, yeah, that, and then this, this, this S, this Galaxy, I almost called it the S Alpha, the Galaxy Alpha does not have an SD card slot. So when you're taking these giant freaking photos, they're on there. I, yeah. The G3, that was the biggest improvement over the G2, the laser camera and the obviously the screen. And the Inclusion of an SD card slot changes everything. Mm hm. Cause now they have like terrabyte micro SD cards. Does G3 have SD? yeah, that's what I'm saying. Oh, nice. This is awesome. What's the biggest micro SD card being made? I think it's 64. I think it's 128. 128 now? I think you're lying. No, you said what I think. This is great. I can't believe I lied to myself like that. It's going to happen, man. Do you think we're going to see a terrabyte micro SD card? It would be micro SD XC then, that's the next one. Yeah? Alright. [CROSSTALK] I can make up letters too. [LAUGH] I wanted to talk about this product, I know we have covered it and when I say we I mean CNet, but my buddy Brian turned me onto them and apparently they are still offering their product for free, it is called TracR, the word track and then the letter r. And apparently it's a quarter sized GPS tracker, that uses a new kind of GPS technology, that allows you to attach this little device seen right here, no bigger than a stack of quarters, three quarters to be precise. And you can put it on stuff that you might lose, like your pet. Like your car keys. Like your mind. [LAUGH] It's kinda hard to get it on your mind. Yeah don't that's a joke. [LAUGH] So yeah that's, that's the, the idea and they're giving away apparently 200 grands worth of them for free, and I think that's pretty cool. I haven't really seen it in the wild.or seen it in action. But I'm in to it. I think it's a smart idea. I think there's a lot of things that need little GPS trackers. And, you can, you know, you can spy on your spouse, if you think they're dicking around on you. Well, this thing, they've got like, crowd GPS, that's what they're calling it now, so these actual little pucks can communicate with each other, so you can triangulate locations for something. Yeah, that's what it uses. Crowd GPS. I really loved that. Because the idea, originally these things were just a Bluetooth sub. You're phone could find it, you lose that thirty foot radius you're outta luck. Right. But these things are talking to each other. That's basically why they're given away for free, so they can build out their network. So they can, [UNKNOWN] talk to the app on your phone that can be somewhere else. And you can have this information. Like that's really freaking cool. Terrifying, cause you're right, you can just like pop it anywhere. This is like a like like spiderman's tracker, or bat trackers. They're chiefs are [CROSSTALK] Spiderman doesn't have a tracker. You really have to get on to comic books dude. Spiderman's got this spider, stupid little tracker. It's red and. He made that. Yeah. He made the web, the, the web fluid. You think he can't make a freaken' tracker before there was bluetooth. All right, I take it back. I don't want get down. I don't want to go down this hole again. Don't get down with Spiderman. I don't want to go down this rabbit hole again. So that, that's what's great, Yeah. So, but it, can it use other things? Other than crowd GPS? It uses Bluetooth as well to communicate with the phones that are around. Okay. So that it talks to each other. Basically so if there's one item that's like 30 feet from another one, it'll find it. And that could find a phone that's like another 30 feet away. And then, that phone will communicate back with Tracker, saying: hey, you lost your dog! Right. It's over there! Right. Gotcha. Which I freaking love this idea>>Smart, I'm into it>>Did you order one for free?>>Yeah, I did get one for free, I ordered one for free, I doubt that I'll be>> I think there's like 74,000 people ahead of me>> Oh, okay, so were like in the, the, the later group I guess. Yeah, if you want to move yourself up, all you have to do is>> $100 dollars>> Well no, it's not just that, it's like you can promote, you can spam your friends>> Oh, those little, move up, like that. Incentivized spamming. Yeah, it's, it's, it's a way people learn, right? Like hey my buddy Jeff told me it was great. [LAUGH] The future. All right, we got time for maybe one or two more stories. Can we, all right, Sam and Canon. [LAUGH] Salmon Cannon. OK, that got me on the headline alone. Salmon Cannon fires 40 fish a minute. Now, here's the deal. There's a company, they're called Whooshh Innovations. I'm not making up the name. Whooshh Innovations and they've solved this problem that, that, migrating salmon were having. They wanted to be able to move up but there's all of these, dams in the way. And so- These damn dams. These damn dams are in the damn way of these salmon. So the company whoosh they, they took one of their old products which was used for transporting fruit yeah and they made it so they can fire the salmon from 11 to 22 miles per hour and they've tested it in several places and it's been successful. Normally it's the people picking up the fish and putting them in but they have found the salmon will actually be attracted to this, I guess the firing squad of the shoot and they go in and they go flying across. I mean there are fish ladders but this is sea ladders. You don't know fish ladders? That just, the idea of like a fish climbing a ladder to me is hilarious. Yep. There are fish ladders. Fish freaking cannon. Okay, so I"m also playing the video because of the overly dramatic music that's going on. We're talking about salmon cannon. There better be, a real- The second video is better for that, we're actually seeing the firing of the- You promise? If I don't see a [UNKNOWN] flying in the air, I'm gonna be super bummed out. You're gonna see a flying salmon, coming up. This better deliver. If there's no flying salmon. This Bush Industries. This is just crazy, this is crazy. Oh my god look at it go. You are going to see this thing come flying out, here it comes. [LAUGH] That was fast, the video. Shut up, what are we watching right now. Trout, they are firing live fish. Ew, ew, that is gross. [LAUGH] Look at it go. Apparently because the tube is like a fabric, it kind of creates like a vacuum, so they. Are not necessarily suffering. I mean no, right and I mean, yeah I'm not too worried about like fish suffering. They're only out of water for a little bit. Yeah. They're worried about them breathing. They're just like OK, go! Then they get thrown through the cannon. I just want to like, I want to, if fish, one fish communicate with each other it'd be like you wouldn't believe what just happened to me. I was just swimming along and I was sucked out of this thing and then. Dude, did you go through the tube? Yeah, the tube. Yeah I went, it's great, I went back. I mean this is just hilarious in every way imaginable. Okay I just want to see. For larger animals and larger animals with until we have Futurama style. Those look dead. Those, wait. Now a guy's taking fish out of like an ice bucket. They're clearly dead. Those are dead? Are those alive? Can you keep a fish on ice? I haven't gotten this far in the video. I don't know. Wait a minute. Now they look like they were gutted alive. Yeah, are any of this fish alive? That was alive. There was live trout, man. They're bringing them back to life. [LAUGH] Oh, so it's a reanimation cannon, [LAUGH] Makes more sense. That's exactly what this is. Long distance. please tell me you're going to shoot a salmon 100 feet. We, we came to MetLife stadium. 200 foot, 250 ft transport. [LAUGH] It's like a roller coaster for salmon. [LAUGH] Oh, this is so cool. I, this has no practical use, I guess it's, you know, to get them upstream, I get it. It does, It does act, that, that's the crazy part But it, but it also, but it also like brings them out of their traditional you know, habitat. Well they were trying to go to their traditional habitat and then a dam got in the way, that's the whole point. Here's the human element, the human element of the entire thing, where one man in a mess hat has to run along a laboratory. [LAUGH] The manually deliver the salmon. This is the best video on the internet right now. Wow. There you go. Yeah, I'm sorry for people who are just listening but do yourself a favor and go to the show notes and watch this freakin' salmon cannon. It's amazing. All right. Very good. I, we almost skipped over that and I'm so glad we didn't. [LAUGH] We almost lost that. We almost lost [INAUDIBLE] The resurrection of Sam McKenna. Love it. I think that technology can replace the subway system here. [LAUGH] It would be such a fun way to get to work. Put righteous like, slurping through like, Futurama stuff. [LAUGH] Yeah, exactly. That's awesome. All right. We do only have time for one more story and we can save any others for next. Time. I'll let you choose this. You, you drive for a second. Which one you wanna do? Let's see how angry do I want to be on this one. There's two different stories here. I'll go with the, I'll go with the easy one. More science here. A temporary tattoo that's a battery actually, powered by your sweat. Huh. Here's the deal with this. So there was some research out of the UC UC San Diego. And they wanted to measure when you exercise, like the actual rate at which you sweat and wh, what your performance is like. And so they needed to measure something called lactate, and this is the stuff that happens before lactic acid, that's the stuff that makes you tired. And I believe it's what makes like your muscles burn too. Yeah. Is that, that's how you know that you're tired, because lactic acid builds up. And this is lactate, this another thing that you can measure for this. And so what they found was, when they were doing this measurement, that it basically created half a battery. So they, they went on with the research, which the video is nowhere near as cool as a salmon cannon, I will say that. Then I shan't be playing it. It's not possible, it, you can't have, you can't top that. But you put this little sticker on you, and what it does is it actually. Will generate electricity based on your sweat and it's, it's making you a battery. Using your waste products to create energy and the theory is that in the future you'd be able to wear clothes that could take your sweat, use that to power your smart phone eventually. The last time I heard about humans being turned into batteries. Did not work out so well for Keanu Reeves and Lawrence Fishburn, if I recall correctly. That is the last historical documentation we've seen of humans being used for that. How am I actually going to transfer this into some sort of like, cell? Like, how would I be able to use? Cuz, you know, I'm always exercising, every day. Absolutely. Well, mostly, sweating when I play hockey. A lot. Profusely. It's to the point where it's, it's actually quite gross. So how would that be able to? Make its way from growth to energy. Growth to energy, I would imagine to be like one of those solar backpacks. You'd have to have like a battery pack, that's on you. So you're charging this battery pack all the time. And then you can connect normally. Unless they have, like, temporary tattoo versions of smartphones. They'd just adhere to you all the time. You got to make sure you're a little bit sweaty though. That's cool, man. That's really cool. Very good. Sweaty, sweaty batteries. Sweaty, lactating batteries. Love it. You know what time it is folks. It's time for some calls from the public. [MUSIC] So clearly I'm mental over that PT SIlent Hill demo and as luck would have it Alex from New York wrote in or called in rather and said, hey yeah there's actually some real life applications for Twitch after all, and this is his experience. Hey guys this is Alex. From New York. Just calling because I, I, I personally never really tried twitch, but I [UNKNOWN] to the appeal. I'm not much of a, not much of a gamer myself. But, most of my roommates back in college were big gamers and, I would actually sit down and watch them play. Yeah. And, I would, I would be really interested in the story and sometimes, it's more like, oh, you like watching, a movie, or something, or, something like that. but you're watching someone else play and sometimes you get to tell them, maybe you should, do this or that. I mean, I, I'm not that guy. I'm not that guy. See, see, he's got a point and he's right. But I don't think we're at the point yet where twitch. Emulates the environment of you in your living room, on the couch, with a bunch of friends, all making your way through a game like PT, together. Mm-hm, yeah, the ideal, like the, there's something very different, even with this online play, it's not, to me, it's not exactly the same as having someone on the couch with you, just talking smack. Right. The online play works out okay, cuz you're not necessarily. You're not sort of like one person driving in the other sort of- Right Commentating [INAUDIBLE] to,to help along the, I don't know if it is there yet Yeah I don't know if it is there either but he brings up a really great point and twitch last night through my dissent into madness was actually a helpful tool. Your regular Tuesdays In showing me that there is no way to figure out how this game works. Right, so that was pretty rad. Finally, Professor Jeff calls in. We haven't heard from him in awhile. Let's hear what he has to say about automated McDonald's. Hi, guys, this is Professor Jeff from Elkhart, I was listening to your show today, in which you're talking about, McDonald's being totally automated and how you wanted to [UNKNOWN]. A corner where you can just go for your McDonald's if you were so inclined. Yeah, love it. Interesting note, the Red Boxes I heard before were originally supposed to be a [UNKNOWN] vending machine that CoinStar and McDonald's had teamed up. I think it even talks about it on their Wikipedia page [UNKNOWN] remember reading this. But the problem basically resolved in the fact that rats were getting into the machines and just having a picnic. So thanks, love the show. [UNKNOWN] welcome aboard and keep up the good work guys. Well so that's the wackiest thing I've ever heard so that's like that famous Mitch Hedburg joke. Where as like, I think Pringles initial product was tennis balls, [LAUGH] but then, but then potatoes showed up. No, it's, that's weird, so believe it or not, Redbox was initially funded by McDonald's. In 2002, the company placed four automated convenience store kiosks. It sold grocery items such as milk, eggs and sandwiches as well as 11 DVD kiosks in Washington metropolitan areas. They withdrew the grocery kiosks within a year. [LAUGH] They were becoming rat motels. But that makes sense, although why not just make them impenetrable, like rats, Like other vendors>> Like you'll, like [LAUGH] Like the other vending machines we seem to have no problem with.>> Okay, I have no idea>> It doesn't say anything about rat's in the Wikipedia>> No idea that Red box had food attached to it, makes a lot of sense.>> Yeah, isn't that crazy?>> But people take forever making a choice at Red box, can you imagine if there was food involved too?>> Well? I could have, I could have let's say blue steel Oh yeah. Or I could have zoo lander and I could have a tuna sandwich. You're like just get out of the way Yeah. I could lose my freaking mind. I'm really glad they took away the food element. Well yeah I guess, but. That, is that not the wackiest thing you've ever heard? Isn't it something like with a popcorn vending machine or something? Or at least like, spit out the microwaveable popcorn. Yeah. There's an opportunity there. I think the, that's not a, it's one selection. You get a Big Mac with. It's one thing. Well Redbox is gonna have to figure something out sooner or later because there's no way ten years from now they'll be as popular. Right? I mean, come on. I, I, I'm still bewildered as to how popular Redbox seemingly is now. I think it's just an impulse thing, man. You just show up, you, you're leaving the supermarket, and there's this giant box that has videos. Like yeah, look at this. Yeah, but I don't, I don't even foo, I don't even go to grocery stores. I don't think that applies to city people. I think that's a totally different world. I guess if it's like, if you're driving a half hour to get food. You gotta get everything too, you gotta get your movies and your, you know, everything. You've got to drive back half an hour to get there. That's a real thing. You could listen to a whole 404 episode on your way front and back. That's crazy. All right. Thanks for the class everyone, always a pleasure hearing from you fine people. 866.404.cnet. That is the number to call. You can reach out to us on Twitter, our handle's @The404. Be a part of our subreddit, which kicks all kinds of ****. I can't thank everyone enough for being a part of that, it's helping us decide which reruns to air when we don't have a show. Speaking of which, we'll have a rerun tomorrow and then back Friday with a brand new program. That will do it for us, guys. Again, thanks for tuning in. Hope you had a good time. I know we did. Did you have a good time today? I had a great time. Areal? Good time today?>>Awesome. I mean with that salmon can, how do you not have a kick **** time, it's fantastic. Oh, yeah, exactly. Oh, it's Justin the intern's last day on Friday. So maybe we'll, like,. We'll grill him. We'll sacrifice him to our gods. [LAUGH] Yeah maybe we'll do that and maybe we'll run them through the [UNKNOWN] Well that's what I'm going to spend today and tomorrow doing. I'm building a Justin cannon. No but maybe we'll put him in the hot seat for a second and get some of the dirt Heck yeah. About what he about what he thought about his time here at cnet. We're back here Friday, re-run tomorrow. Until then, I'm Geoff Baklar, I'm [UNKNOWN] I'm Ario Ninez. This has been the 404 show, High-tech, low-brow, have an awesome Wednesday, we'll see you next time. [MUSIC] Sorry, Don't say things. [MUSIC]

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