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The 404 Show 1,532: Guardians of the Galaxy spoiler-free review, eco-friendly Superman: The 404

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The 404: The 404 Show 1,532: Guardians of the Galaxy spoiler-free review, eco-friendly Superman

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Iyaz Akhtar joins The 404 Show on a more regular basis to debut new segments, new music and a new chapter of The 404 Show.

So I was in, in a Subway and pulling into Time Square and this lady in the car with me I was, I was like standing and she was sitting on a r, on a, you know, on a seat and it was a packed train it's like 4:30 on a Thursday. And she just starts having like an event. Something's happening and she's like and everyone's like freaking out a little bit. And it was as the train is pulling into Times Square, and I had my headphones in and I'm just like looking at this lady and it's, it's definitely disturbing for sure. But like, right as that's happening you've got like 45 people calling nine one one. Like right away. Instantly. People yelling, is there a doctor? Is there a doctor? Everyone has perfect cell phone service. Everyone has everything. And I'm just sitting there and I'm like, watching this happen and I'm like. There's nothing I can do right now. Everything is being taken care of. You didn't pull out your phone and like go to Instagram or anything like that. No. I wasn't gonna take a photo of it. I'm shocked that you actually called and actually did something about it. No. I got. I mean. I guess I was. I mean. It was a packed train. Clearly things are gonna happen. Someones gonna be like, all right, I'm gonna. Call 911. But, like, service in the subway now. It changes everything is, like, I guess, my point. It's, like, there's service in the subway now. You can go make a call. Like a. You know? A catastrophe, I guess, av, avoided. I don't know how the woman's doing. She didn't look too good. She didn't have a hashtag we could follow? You're such a big geek. You can't belittle that story, okay? I won't belittle it anymore, but I'll embiggen it. She had, I mean it was just crazy. Like there's a feeling of helplessness I guess that I had, but at the same time I was like there is nothing I can do, everything is being taken care of. All I can do is get out of the way. And that's what I did. I just got out. I got off the train and just. Casually walked away. That's spectacular. Your, your contribution to this was absolutely nothing. I'm just talking about like the helplessness of it all. I dont know. All right let's, let's, let's start the show. [MUSIC] Hey what's goin on everyone. Welcome to I guess the new 404 Show. I'm Jeff Bakler. I'm joined by [INAUDIBLE] How you doin buddy? I'm doin fantastic. How are you doin? I'm doin great. We'll get more to you in a second. Ariel Nunez running the board. What's up, buddy? Good. How are you? I'm doing great over here in my closet. Be honest, man. How much does this suck? [LAUGH] I'm kidding, I'm kidding. It's no different for me. Yeah, I'm in the corner. You're in the corner, but nobody put baby in the corner. Is that what the B stands for on his hat? Exactly. Exactly, maybe. We're gonna get back to REL in just a second. I want to, again introduce, Iyaz Akhtar, whose going to be helping us out, here on the 404. I wanna, I wanna applaud for Iyaz Akhtar. Thank you. Look even the intern's applauding for you. Thank you. Ya, he's behind, he's hiding behind a light and applauding for me. Thank you. He's doing a good job. So Iyaz is going to be here. He's gonna be our go-to guy when there's, when there's not a guest on the show. And when and, you know, basically you're gonna be here like when, you know, we, like as the regular. I'm the regular guy. Yeah. Right here. So. Enjoy that. That's freaking cool. That's my gift to you. This is, this is, this is freaking awesome, though. If you heard the episode I was on last week. Talking about how I've watched the show forever to be on it somewhat regularly sounds pretty freaking cool to me Don't patronize me. I'm not being nice to you. I'm telling, I'm, I'm just very happy. You know what is? I think some of it has to deal with like I just don't believe you. i don't belive that you were really a fan of the show. I was in the chat room, check it out, go ask Genie. Okay. If I was in the chatroom. Boom. Now he has got people backing him up. So if you don't know about [UNKNOWN] he is our front door editor, he runs the front doors unit. So if you go to cnet.com, those, those stories. I pick them. Right. And, and we'll explain why that's gonna, play into a little segment we're gonna do. But first I want to talk to Ariel Nunez. So Ariel, do you go on Twitter a lot? Or what's your deal? I am not active on social networks as much as I used to. But I do check Twitter from time to time yeah. Okay, well here's something I want to start doing with you. Everyday after we bring in the show, I want to go to you and like. Just tell you five things that are trending. Mm-hm. On Twitter and you tell me which one you want to find out more about. Okay. Okay, so usually there's ten topics, and this is United States trends. Okay. Okay, [LAUGH] so #bigdusty Mm-hm. Happy Birthday Mr. President. Like to smoke weed and play basketball. Intriguing. Or #perfect on iTunes. What's the first one? The first one was #bigdusty. Bigdusty, that sounds the most interesting to me. Okay. Let's go with Bigdusty. So, don't switch to my computer just yet, because I don't know if you've realized what's been going on lately, there's been like. Trending bombings. Where like, people put awful photos, attach them to a hash tag, and you, you're forced to see it right away. You click the link and immediately on the top is this giant thing of images, and you can't unsee it. So the, so the first thing I do is cover my screen. Okay, okay. He used safe. SFW. Big Dusty. I don't know, what is it? Big dusty, beast coast, people are quoting this guy I think he's an artist. Oh, oh, I know, oh, I know this. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] You know big dusty. Nah, I don't know who big dusty is, but I know who, what beast coast is, and I know like pro air and it says like right here pro air. Wow, those guys are trendy. They are trending right now. Do you want to hear this? We can play it. Okay. Yeah. Sure. We can play it. I'm just scared. I don't know what we're gonna be listening to. [MUSIC] How's that, how's that working for you? Very nice. That is Big Dusty. Big Dusty in the house. I think you just said something filthy. Anyway, [LAUGH] Yeah, probably. Anyway, there are some. There's, there's the little segment there every day. REL's going to pick one of five trending topics, whether it's on twitter or Facebook I like that one. Big dusty was one. Never forget big dusty. [CROSSTALK] I like that name, that name's pretty bad ****. Alright so what we're going to do now is introduce a new segment that i'm very excited about. what, you know, like I said, Iyaz runs the front door, right? So, he knows exactly what's trending on CNET. You know the most popular stories of the day. For better or worse, I do. For better or worse, that's a good caveat, because I feel like, well, nine times out of ten this segment's gonna wind up being a **** Apple story. But, never-the-less, today it's not. So let's introduce a little segment we're going to call Click Bait. Oh, the future of graphics. There it is sir. Okay Click Bait. [UNKNOWN] What is the most popular story on cnet in the last 24 hours? Alright the most popular story was, the headline was HDCP 2.2 What You Need to Know. [NOISE] Now I know that headline doesn't sound like it'd be clicked but the, the headline that was on the door was the technology that could ruin your home theater. Cuz that's what this thing could do. Okay so a little back story here. Tell, tell, the people what you're doing. I'm about to. Tell them what you're doing to headlines. So I get to rewrite headlines in, in promo language as we call it in the business. [LAUGH] Promo Language. Right so. Say it, you make things sexier. I have, that's part of my gig. I have to make that happen. There it is. But the thing is, I read this article and actually talked to [UNKNOWN] about this technology. So actually, what, what I wrote was completely accurate because this is about HTCP 2. And if you don't know what that is, er, 2.2, it's a high definition content protection, high bandwidth, excuse me, high bandwidth digital content protection. And it basically stops content from getting from one point to the other. So the content producer can decide. Whether your content will play on your TV or receiver or whatever. With 2.2, the problem with it is, it's hardware based. So, stuff that was sold last year, like 4K TVs, might not work with 4K content. What? Next year, when this stuff is all out there. Okay. 4K Content's never happening, number one. But number two,. It sounds like, sounds terrible because it sounds like I won't be able to use some things that I have in my home theater set up. Right. Potentially. The real thing about HDCP 2.2, so like not to freak everyone out, this is really about ultra HD 4k copy protection. So not until you have like 4k. Will rate this and stuff like that, will you actually kind of want to know about this, but, if you bought a 4K tv in the past year it might not be, it might not work with future concepts yeah, but if that's a hardware thing, you're saying, so there's like no way to firmware update it there is no firmware to do this which is That's, you know what, that's good, that's thinking ahead. That's, that's good. You want it to break everything? Oh yeah. This is great. I don't want anything to work in the future. [LAUGH] This is exactly what I want. This is exactly the luxuries that we should be afforded by technology. So, your player would have to be HDCP 2.2 compatible? Your receiver would have to be, and so would your TV at the same time. So if any one of those things in the chain doesn't have this. It won't work. << It's not going to work. << So pretty much I'm looking at my home theater << Stupid, dumbest thing I've ever heard in my entire life << At home, everything I have to check out if I ever move up to this. << Yeah, all right well I'm just not going to get anything 4K. That's what it is. It affects 4K basically cuz it's like the copy protection for the 4K error. Error. Error. I fig, figure this will be a big deal in like a year or two. Cool. Like for your current stuff, if you, if you are an early adopter, you could be pretty ticked off. Good. Well I don't worry about the future, so I'm good to go. But coming soon. Get this ladies and gentlemen. Bioshock. Well, I mean, if you've listened to the show you know Bioshock's like my favorite video game of all time. It's coming to iOS. And, our buddies over at GameSpot, they've played it, and it looks like it kicks a lot of **** actually. So it's coming out very soon for iOS and that means your iPhone and your iPad. And it's actually also going to work. With a game controller for iPad, with some game controllers that, have been released in the past. So you got that going for you. I don't understand who you are if you haven't played Bioshock, but you. I have not played Bioshock. We just started man. Mm-hm. {LAUGH] We just started. I really like my first and last episode. If we just got it going. Yeah. I was like hey I this is gonna work out. This is gonna be great. Perfect timing and then he comes on and the first day of the show he is like I haven't played Bio Shock. I have been missing out on my life. That is exactly right. So it has been a pleasure. Yep. [x] [x] You think? Am I going to call you Justin all over again. That's upper [chamber] and lower third. Soon as you can. [LAUGH] God. So here's where Bioshock looks like, IS. Thank you. Have you ever heard of it? I've heard of it I've seen gameplay. I've actually seen the news about. Ok, so this is what it looks like on IOS. I mean, yeah it looks like it's going to suck with the virtual buttons, but hook up a game controller and I'm on board, man. Yeah, like that looks terrible. This poor shmuck is touching everything. It just looks terrible. But, it does support, there you go. Look at that, game controller on your. Are you kidding? I'm all over this. I love it. I don't know how much it gonna cost, I'm a little nervous about that but never the less it's happening. It's coming soon. That means this year. iPad. IPhone and if you have an android, you're screwed. Why not? Because I don't think that, it's ever going to happen. Defend my, my not playing BioShock just yet? Nope. I'm going to defend it anyways. How are you going to defend it? Defend it. I, I basically stopped playing video games a long time ago because I what I would do is I would. Oh right. Loose hours, and hours, and hours playing this. I look up at the clock and go, holy crap, I've spent 4 hours doing this and I was supposed to be doing other stuff. And because of that, I'm like, I can't really play, but I do play casual games. So if I'm waiting in a line somewhere I'll mess around on my phone, now that, looks like something I could play and it doesn't suck. Cause I'm seeing a lot of these games they're all racing games and>> Yeah, there's a lot of racing stuff, I mean, if I'm, if, if, if I'm a gamer whose only library of games is, is. Casual stuff. I just hate my life. But you don't even, you don't know any better. It's not your fault, you just don't know. All right, fair enough. That's coming out very soon. I'm going to try and get in touch with those guys and maybe give away some codes for a giveaway. I think that would be pretty rad. That would be nice, maybe i'll actually play it time. Yeah, okay. Fair enough. Alright, what else have we got going on today? We got this, this story about these students who calculated Superman's solar efficiency. So this idea is, if you know anything about Superman, he's powered by the sun. Which I didn't always know. Didn't you read the I didn't really know that. You didn't know that, okay, well, a lot of his powers come from the sun, which is. Just so, so, but okay. On Kyrpton they have a red sun, right? And that's why they, they, they are like normal humans on Krypton. But you take a Kryptonian and bring them to the yellow sun. Oh. And boom! So, so, so, so, so it wasn't like on Krypton, everyone is Superman? No. Well, no. It's just, they're regular people. That would be completely impractical. They're regular people but it's the sun's effects on him that give him a lot of his powers. Okay. Not the first part- So, so as soon as he got to Earth, Mm-hm. He was like oh damn, I can lift cars and stuff. Depending on- On Kryton, he's just a regular Joe. He little guy, yeah. A little baby. But he doesn't know that world. Cuz he was a baby when he came to earth. Well, he knows of it because he's got the big floating head dad thing. Right, right, right. But he doesn't know that. Does he know that everyone on Krypton wasn't Supermanish? When he's Superman? Yeah. Using Detective Comic Book knowledge, yeah, he does at some point, because he learns, he realizes. He learned about that. So, that's why he's super special. Yes. Okay, I just had a little crash course in superman. Is that embarrassing. I didn't know all that. Did you know that Ariel? I did not, but I don't normally keep up with. Yeah, me and comic books go way back. Unaware of the negative. [LAUGH] It might have changed entirely, by the way. DC just completely rebooted the universe like, two years ago. Oh, the New 52, right? I'm not up to date on my Superman, this current gen. I'm I don't know one person who's reading the new 52 Superman. You still don't. There you go. If you're not one of them. I'm reading the new Batman. << Not yet. << The new 52 Batman, and that's pretty good. But Superman's a, ugh, I hate him. All right, what, but he's apparently green so. Well, I mean he's not green [LAUGH]. [LAUGH] Apparently he's super environmentally conscious. Oh that? [LAUGH] I was like, no they made him blue once. He never was green. The electric Superman blue was- [LAUGH] I mean like, you know, environmentally green. Eco-friendly, friend. Yeah, he gets a green badge. Anyway, these students at the University of, of, Lechester? I don't know how to say this. And that's Lister. That's Leicester? Where's that from? Sounds like Leicester Square from the UK. And they use this equation that calculates the efficiency of solar panels. So the most efficient solar panel in the world has an efficiency rate of 44.7 percent. So for Superman, they've figured something out. So if he is going to fly for around for eight hours. He is going to spend six, what no, 207 billion jewels. So this is a crash course in science on top of this. Yeah. His energy output, he'd have to be 6,000 times more efficient. Than the most powerful panel we have on Earth. That would be correct. I could, I have no problem believing that. Now, my question for you is. So wait. Is super, is Superman have to like, recharge? Well he, it's so he has to deal with Superman. Like when they killed him. Yeah. That was kind of a joke that all you have to do is kind of put him in the sunlight and he'd kind of be okay. Superman is just a plant. He's basically a plant. He's just a seedling. Base, based on. He just needs a little bit of, he's, he's, he's got photosynthesis. Well, kinda. Actually, the thing about it, he's actually using the sun much more efficiently than we are. Also they're saying this should be impossible. The student had a great thing there. Because this, because the solar efficiency is so ridiculous. Yeah. Their like, there must be other ways he's being powered. So like, they're buying the idea of an alien. Right, right. That came to Earth, fine. That's so they dis, they suspended their disbelief than that. But now They're like holding him to earth physics. Right, right, right Of solar power efficiency. But they're like well maybe. How mo? He get powers from the electric magnetic radiation. Right. And neutrinos passing through him, maybe. Yeah, cuz there's more stuff that, car, that's carried in sunlight. Well yeah that and he's also, also an alien. And, and we're going to believe that he can like do super. Breath and supervision and stuff. He's such a loser. I hate him so much. You hate the Super Man? He is super Did you watch Man of Steel? Yeah, I saw some of it. It was terrible. Yeah, I mean I think he's such a chud. I hate him. Right. Superman is the worst. I don't know. I think he is the worst superhero possible. I think he's the dullest. I don't know if he's the worst. The whole thing with like. I'm wearing glasses, you don't know who I am. I take them off, I'm Superman. Go F yourself Superman. Okay. Okay, one, that was funny, that rhymed. Two, they actually explain this in the book. They should do in the movies by the way. It glamours people? Like vampires? No, the idea that when he's Superman, he's constantly moving slightly. Oh. Always blurry. If you could not see the Superman, you could not identify him. That is the lamest, weakest. It's better than this. I think it's better than taking off glasses. No, no, just to even propose that he's so fast that he's constantly out of focus. Yeah, well he should be. Get out of here. He probably still smells the same as Clark Kent, right? You never forget a man's musk, okay? Mm-hm. And believe me, I have musk. [CROSSTALK] Right? So that's a thing. I'm telling you. This is all BS. I hate you Superman. You're a loser. All right, I want to move on. Okay? He's going to save your life when you need him man. No. If I'm in a situation where I really need that, just let me go. Let me go. I'll hit up Batman. You'll hit up Batman. I would much rather be saved by that dude, or Spiderman. Seriously. At least Batman's somewhat realistic. Alright, tell me, and us, rather about this four chan scam. Okay. There's this ridiculous thing on Ebay right now. It's, a four chan screen shot. And what it is is it's a screen shot of a. Poster says, art used to mean, used to be something to cherish. Now literally anything can be art. This post is art. And so, what people are bidding on is a screenshot. And if you win, you get a printout of the screenshot. And that sounds kinda lame. But the, bid was $90,900. Yeah, but that's, I can't take any of that seriously. It's on Ebay. Ya know? Right? So, you think this, they're not gonna pay up on this at all? No, I don't think so. $90,000 for a screenshot. It just seems like a bunch of trolling happening. there's no way anybody's gonna pay for this. No, not at all. It's, it's for crazy people. But, so now, the, tell me the details cuz you said like there's something gonna happen where they'll print it out. And it's not even like. Framed? It's like on, on paper? Oh, it's printed out on regular paper, but it is framed. Oh! You do get a frame. Oh, okay. So, you know, it's totally one of a kind, clearly, cuz it's a screen shot that you print it out on a printer, standard printer. Nothing special about this. Makes no freaking sense. Yeah, I don't know. It had a minimum bid of $500. That's pretty ballsy, too. It worked. I don't, I don't think anyone's really gonna pay for this. Ya. Somebody running it up. I feel like we cover this all the time, where it's like, "Something stupid went for a lot of money." We, and no one ever follow, follows up and is like, "Oh did someone get hosed? For real?" We have to find out for, but see four-ten, it seems like that's something somebody would pay for. Ya. Secondly, the nature of art is ridiculous. Right. So it could. Actually happen? I guess so. Some pretentious lunatic. You know, art, you can find art anywhere. You could find it in Superman if you're that crazy. All right. Or Big Dusty. [LAUGH] Big, dude, he's talented. Don't hate on that. I didn't hate on him. I called him an artist. You so you saw Guardians of the Galaxy over the weekend. Hell yeah I did. And I want to hear. I don't wanna hear, I don't wanna like a spoiler thing cuz I don't, I'm not in, I'm not interested in. You're gonna see the movie? I'm gonna see it. Is anybody listening to this is gonna see the movie? Definitely. So, I should spoil this movie. No. Don't spoil it. Don't spoil it. I don't understand how you could spoil a movie like this. Regardless, you saw it over the weekend. Uh-huh. In the director James Gunn who, we've actually had him on the program before. It's a troma films like, It's a troma like super campy stuff he was also in something called porn without porn have you heard about this? I have not heard about this. So he was in, he was in, [LAUGH] this is crazy he was in a video series where it was just like the fillers stuff between porn. So it was really like, the guy fixin', the guy really fixes the cable. You know, like the pool gets cleaned. Right? And he was in a video series where that's all they did. And he was like, and he'd be like fix the engine, and she would tip him like five dollars, and he'd go home, and that's be it. That'd be the end of it. And it was called porn without porn. Usually a look a lot younger This sounds nothing like Guardians of the Galaxy No I'm just saying. Just letting you know this guy has range. This is like a James Gunn sort of trivia Easter egg thing there. Ok, Guardians of the Galaxy 94 million dollars this weekend, that's nothing to squawk at. So how the hell is it? Really really fun, I mean if you're looking for a movie that's gonna make you think, this isn't it. It does a really good job at taking a bunch of. Different characters, introducing them to us. Yeah. Cause this isn't like the Avengers movie, where you have the luxury of having all this back story. Sure. You got all these characters being introduced. It's done really well. The effects are really good, the acting is. They did a lot of freaking jokes in this. It's really, I, way funnier than I thought it would be. I feel like that's the reason this movie did so well. Cuz it's got like a racoon, it's got a talking tree that people you know, look, if I don't have to look at Vin Diesel, great. I'd rather him look like a tree, that's awesome. The, the racoon is freaking hilarious. Yeah. Is he really a racoon, or is it like an alien? He's a modified racoon, he's been experimented on. He's been made. Aw, poor guy. Yeah, so there's a bit of back story there. Everyone loves the main guy, what's his name? The actual character's name, or the actor? Golf, it's Chris Pratt playing Peter, I think it's Quail, goes by the name Star Lord, and he's really freaking funny Star Lord? There's a reason for that, I don't wanna spoil why that it is. It's a lame name, explain it. Right, right, and that's the thing, I think what you get, and again, I haven't seen it, so I can't spoil anything, I think what you get from the trailers of this movie. Is that it's just fun, it's just fun. It's just over the top, I think it's a little self-aware in ways Mh-hm. Where it's like, hey. Not so much like Deadpool where he will just look at the camera and start talking. But in that vein, where you're like oh, this is just a feel-good, action, sort of, com, you know, camaraderie hero movie. You're kind of like the 80s like when you have a big, action, stupid kind of action comedy thing. That's what this is, but with a lot of money thrown into it so you go really good effects. That stuff doesn't fall apart. The story really carries. It's, I mean, it's a simple, simple story. It's like. Something is lost and somebody's gotta go find it. Right, that's pretty much the entire [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah, it's cool. It's freaking funny, and it's just lots of fun. Not a thinker, think of it more like it's almost an Avengers lite, if you wanna call it that. Well, I didn't love Avengers. Well, this is much funnier. This is better. Would you say it is better? Oh, I couldn't say that. No. No way. How could I choose between fictional and Marvel? >I'd pick Avengers. I always pick Avengers. [INAUDIBLE]. Really? [CROSSTALK]. You like Captain America? I like Captain America. He's like my second least favorite guy. He's so lame. I have a plate. Cool. I will serve you things real quick.>> Yeah. That's, that's, that's exactly right. [CROSSTALK] His whole story is stupid also. Like, Captain America. I just don't, I just don't care. So, you. Right? Orio's laughing. He agrees. He agrees. I mean, he just looks kinda dumb to me. Yeah. He's usually. Well, I mean, but in okay. When Marvel versus Capcom he was a really good character. He was. Oh, for the video game? Yeah, the video game. Oh, okay. Was really good. All right. I'll give you that. Yeah. That's fine. But I just think, him, like, his weapon, he's got his shield. I don't know, dude. I just kinda think [CROSSTALK] I just don't like the whole patriotic thing. I'm not into that. Yeah. Yeah, I'm not. Yeah. [LAUGH] I'm not into patriotism. It shouldn't, it shouldn't manifest itself in a super hero. Like I don't like the fact. You don't like the whole Canadian factions that are out there? Alpha flight and everything like that? Yeah I think that any sort of regional loyalty like, national loyalty [CROSSTALK] It's not the olympics, it's super heroes. This ain't the olympics, like these guys are. Supernatural people and they're like, well, I'm Canadian first, [LAUGH] Nightcrawler second. [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] But Nightcrawler is not Canadian, what's Nightcrawler? What's- German [LAUGH] He's German? He's German, you didn't watch? I, I loved Nightcrawler, I guess I didn't- You never noticed the accent when you were reading it? When I was reading it? No, Allan Cummins did, was he doing a German accent? Mm-hm. I guess so. He was German or Austrian. One of those. I, I do love me some night crawler though. He's pretty badass. Yeah he is. But anyway. Anyway. If I had to pick, If I had to pick I'd pick Avengers over Guardians of Galaxy but Guardians of Galaxy is way more fun. But there, and there like super natural like outer space, or do they live on Earth? Don't tell me I don't want to know. Never mind that's spoiler It's Guardians of the Galaxy, it's probably in space. Right, no, no, no. I mean like their nationalities. Not. Who was their home planet?>> Not telling you. You actually want to know No Groot that's his name? Groot is the tree guy. So, okay, that's cool. I like him. It's, I don't know, it's all I have to say. It's actually like weird. Is he like, I don't even know what he see that's the thing I think people see the racoon, they see the tree and they are like. I want that, I want to watch that. And that's what I promise, it's as simple as that, that's why this movie did $100 million dollars. When I saw the raccoon in the tree, I was like, oh man, this could really suck. right and then I saw the trailer It could go either way And then it had a ton of like 70s, 80s music in it. yeah which is like Does it? A lot of pop music That's weird And it's really strange to see these like big action scenes and you've got, like you know, hooked on a feeling going on underneath. And it's really kinda fun that way. Strange. But to be, some of these movies take it way too seriously. Like the, the new one Batman Superman looks so frickin' dark. It does. Almost like- Like there's no fun in that But if they do the Dark Knight Returns. Arc. Which is such a happy-go-lucky [UNKNOWN]. Oh my God, it is. Like people will never look at Superman the same. And I hope, like that's the only incarnation of Superman that I'm okay with. Where he gets his **** kicked by, by Batman? Yeah, but again. You know what, it is the sun that saves him in that, too. Yes, cuz he's powered by the sun. I've been telling you that for 15 years now. How stupid. Oh, the solar-powered super hero. It's so ridiculous. All right, we're gonna keep it in movies for the last story of the day. And guess what? Then we're going to go to calls from the public. Because, that's right, we're bringing it back. Ghostbusters 3, now this article is headlining it as Ghostbusters 3, but the details are still a little. I guess sort of, up in the air right now, we don't know exactly what's happening. hardly detailed. The headline is, yeah, seriously, the headline is Ghostbusters three, targeting Bridesmaids director, and all female cast. Alright, before you have a reaction to that, the plan for the third Ghostbusters moving was always happening, and after Harold Ramos died. Obviously that conversation was resurfaced. And I believe originally Ghost Busters III was supposed to be like a Seth Rogan thing. Where they were gonna like bring in the new class and it was going to star all four original Ghost Busters but bring in a new class. What this is proposing is that it's going to be a reboot of sorts and have Paul, Feig, who directed Bridesmaids, and he did some other really funny movies as well, those of which escape me at the moment, but apparently the idea is to reboot. So not necessarily a Ghostbusters. Three, like a sequel to two, if that makes sense. So it would be more like, okay, we're going to have, we [UNKNOWN] of the Ghostbusters? Right. And then we're going to do some new people, are we talking about just like, we're just calling them Ghostbusters and we got a bunch of new people? I think, I think the latter is what I would be more comfortable with. I don't think you can make a sequel and just be like. I don't know. Bu, a lot now, a lotta people are being, getting real misogynistic on Twitter. And they're like, what the hell? Ghostbusters are men. This is lame. You can't. You can't say that because ghostbusters can be anyone, right? That was. Like, Jeanine, like, could totally. They can put a backpack on somebody. And they're instantly a ghostbuster. There you go. Right? So relax with that criticism fi, first. I understand people who are. On the defense because they are upset that the, that the legacy of the two would somehow be compromised if you just didn't explain anything. And were just, like, magically, oh, it's new people. I would be upset if it was new people, regardless of their gender. You wouldn't wanna watch the really old men. And who would replace them? Harold Ramis? Nobody. I'm just saying they have to be there. Okay. Like, they would just have to be there in some way and explain why it is we're getting what we're getting. Some kind of cameo to go, okay, we got. Something. Like Bill Murray's just got to come out, smoke a cigarette, and explain the story. He'd be the supervisor, the managers. Yeah, exactly. They're still running it. They're still running the show, just not sliding down the fireman's pole no more. Right, exactly. I mean, cuz they're old, they're like in their 60's. But why would it be for, why would it be all female as opposed to just being like [CROSSTALK] a mix? Why wouldn't it be all fe, like I'm not. Again, and I really want to tread lightly here, cuz I don't want to give out the fact that we're, don't want up, GIve up the fact is what you wanted to say. [LAUGH] Give up the fact [LAUGH] that this could not happen. The fact. No, the idea that this can't happen right. God, that was Freudian, right. What's that? But, but no. For sure, like obviously it's okay if they're all women. It just seems a little strange, and I guess not that it would be strange for women to be it,. Am I up to my eyes in this hole I've dug myself? [INAUDIBLE] What if, what if they're all the daughters of, of the Ghostbusters and they're being haunted by some ghosts. Totally fine. Their fathers did something stupid. Totally fine. There you go. But you have to explain that. You can't just have it one day be like, hey. That, that's where they are. I could totally see it being like like one of those pre-fab bands. Like okay. We're going to have the new Ghostbusters. We're going to have like. Or girl. Did they just make that part of the movie? No. Okay, that will test better with markets. Cause people trust women when [UNKNOWN]. That's, that's what I'm scared, just don't let this movie be a focus group, like the result of a focus group. Nevertheless, we're almost out of time. Obviously, seven months without calls from the public, played hell with my emotions. I don't know about you guys. [CROSSTALK] Ariel, right? Yeah, it sucks. What, like, what went through your head? You were like, oh man You know what's going on, I haven't heard from that girl from Brooklyn in awhile. Oh, what was her name? Was it like- I forget. It was like Becky? Yeah, call me up again? [LAUGH] It's working. Well never the less. Calls from the public makes its triumphant return right now. Let's do it up. Time to show the love. 866404 CNet It's amazing. It's back. can you believe it. It's actually back, first call. Obviously, I guess we really haven't discussed the whole Justin situation. Yet. Right? Not on this show, no. No. So Justin's gone. There's been a lot of people who, who are, are opinionated and vocal about it. We welcome that. We love that. Some of these voice mails deals with that very topic. But first I mean I just want to play the sheer delight that someone experienced that we're bringing this back. Yes. Yes. Calls from the public are back, yes, love you 404, thank you! Oh, we love you too man. Great voicemail by the way. I feel like, when he was saying that, he had the phone up to his ear and was like, yes, yes! Is that weird? I would assume that. Of course he's doing that. Yeah, I thought the same thing. I didn't think that was strange at all. Yeah, he was just like, fisting the air. Fistpump. I love that. It's great. Okay, this one is from Gbert from Washington, D.C. He's talking about Justin leaving and the circumstances. But more he's talking about, like, what the 404 sort of means then, and, and, and, you know, emails are one thing, and, you know, seven months goes by, we don't get a voicemail. And, it's just nice to hear people. There's something that you just can't deny voicemails provide, right? You can actually hear the emotion. You can't hear, I mean, sometimes people write things in a nice way and it comes out sarcastically when they write but Right. like voice mails. Nothing replaces a voice mail, so let's talk to what's this guy's name? I believe this is yes, DC from Jeeper. Let's hear from him. [MUSIC] What's up, 404 crew? I've gotta say I'm very upset about Justin's leaving the show so, so abruptly. Giving us about five minutes notice. From the time of the, from the time that his last show is. I didn't want to believe it at first. It's really sad, sad. For a lot of us. The show must go on though, and I'm sure it'll still, it'll still be great. That being said, I've been meaning to get in touch with you guys, just to let you know, that I've been listening to the show for about four or five years. And you've been a huge part of my life. I haven't missed an episode. I may have been drunk for some of them, I may have been asleep for some of them, but I've listened to every single episode for that period of time. You've, you guys have been a huge influence, you're like brothers almost to me. And I wanted to thank you, and I wanted to let you know that you guys are really appreciated. Well thank you, sir. I hope you're not drunk now, but that's fine. I wonder how many people do listen drunk. I wonder how many people call in drunk. That's what we need more of. We usually get that a lot. Mm-hm. Right? Ariel? Drunk people. He sounded drunk to me. I don't know. He was, he was definitely like, not. Inebriated, but he was probably like, one or two deep. He was feeling it. Get really emotional when you have a little liquor in your system. People get all emo. Jason from Kentucky writes in, let's see what he has to say. Hey guys, it's Kentucky from Jason. I just wanted to say that I'm pleasantly surprised that the 404 is back so soon. [LAUGH] I love it. He's like, because you guys really. Don't have your **** together. I just listened to, I think it was Friday's episode, Jeff, and you were saying that you guys were gonna be back on Monday and that cause for the public was back, so that's awesome. I know that Justin isn't going to be part of the team anymore, at least not as a permanent co-host. but, as I said my earlier email all thing, all good things must come to an end. and, it's a new air for the 404 I know, so it'll be interesting to see some of the changes come down the line to us, listeners. And again, I just wanted to, You know, say that you guys are doing an amazing job. Thanks dude. Then, I'm glad the 404 is still around and, I really appreciate when people, sort of sub, describe the, video content that's going on for us audio listeners that, may not have the option of viewing the video content later. That's huge man, like, I dunno, we always thought that that was such a big deal, but no-one ever thanked us for it. Actually describing. Yeah, it's like a very big deal, and no-one was like, hey you did that description, thanks for that. Now you've got that forever, it's in your ringtone. That's it, I'm gonna listen to that again tonight when I go home. Thanks for calling in, 866-404-CNET is the number. Before we say goodbye for the day, do you know what this is? Does anybody know? Audio [LAUGH] He's holding up a multicolored cube of some kind with moveable portions. This, Iaz, you silly, silly man is a Rubik's cube. Oh, a Rubik's cube, yeah. Okay? I found myself at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, New Jersey this weekend. Did you just wake up there? [LAUGH] In a drunken stupor, I managed to go five miles from my home and I wound up at the Liberty Science Center. And little did I know that going on at the Liberty Science Center was the Rubik's Cube Championship. Is. I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know. There's, there's a Rubik's cube championship. There is a Rubik's cube championship. And these dudes are no joke. Obviously you hear that and I'm just like, oh god. Nerd central, here we go. This is gonna be terrible. Was it true? While that was true, these guys are also really, really good. At doing this thing here. Okay? So I just want you to watch how good they really are. I took a video. You're not going to believe how fast homeboy does this right now. Okay? So here's, yesterday from the, from the Rubix Cube Championship, this is from Saturday rather. Check this dude out. [CROSSTALK] Like, look at them go. oh, timer doesn't work. He's like upset. Look at that. Done. Look at that time, 10.5 seconds. Dude, okay, 10.5 seconds, do I need to say that again? look at this, okay, I've been working on this for six and a half years. Okay. So, what they do is. [LAUGH] What? You don't think that's cool? Okay. So, like, I'm looking at this. I'm, and this kid he moves like a robot. Like, you've seen these robots that do the same kind of thing. [INAUDIBLE] Yeah. Like, he moves in ways that I haven't seen, like, fingers move. Yeah. He was doing things with his index fingers. Yeah. That you don't even understand. And it was like he was playing an instrument. And that was pretty neat to see. But what good is this? Okay. Clearly not at all. It's like, it doesn't matter. But, There's skill, like you're smart. Like I think you're a smart person if [CROSSTALK] you do that. Is he going to put this like on his college application, this kid? [LAUGH] Yeah. I guess I'll go solve Rubic's equations. I mean like, look, we were choosing between you [LAUGH] and this really good. Bowler and the bowler one. Okay? No. So here's the thing that I thought was cool. Number one, they not only do three by three, they do four by four and five by fives, okay? For the Rubik's cube. The winner only. What does the winner get? The winner get $2,000. [LAUGH] They get $2,000 and the fame. I talked to a woman who brought her son there. And they're from Kentucky, and they drove. There's no way that it's cost effective to, like, drive from Kentucky, and win, and still be in the black at the end of the day. [CROSSTALK] Kentucky. Sort of like these guys, they lube up their cube. They have cube lube. They lube up their cube [LAUGH]. They have cube lube, they have cube lube, and they drip it in between the craps, and they like, they place it with a que-tip. It's kinda cool. What else was cool, so, like, my first question was okay, how, so they get to look at the cube and touch it for a certain amount of time before they. Can start solving it. Right. So they pick it up. When they pick it up at first, it's the first time that they're seeing it. Then they're just like adding in their head. They're like okay. Where, what's going to be the most complicated side first. And then they attack on that side. And start doing whatever they have to do. And so what happens is once the cube is solved it goes to the center judging area. And then the judges use a computer program to decide the starting point for the cube, because I was like, how is it an even playing field. How do you even randomized, sort of positioning. So a computer program tells them what to do, I guess, it says you have to turn the left one, or whatever. And then they put it in a box, they put a cover on it. And a slip, and then it gets put in front of the guy, or girl, whatever. Done. They put their hands on this mechanical thing. They let go. They start touching. And then they drop it and put their hands on the pad again, and that's how the time works. [LAUGH] Did you learn any tips from this? Can you solve this any better? No, nothing. You didn't glean any other information. The only thing I got from it is that there is a certain method that everyone uses to solve them. [CROSSTALK] It's just math the pop is a logic thing all right, it's a popularize method done by this woman who's still alive and doing it. The world record I believe it's around five seconds so that dude you saw in the video was doing 10.5 someone can do it 5 seconds quick, someone can do as twice as quick as him- That, that I mean that looks ridiculous to me- It's crazy and though I think the least amount of moves the record is 20. Moves. So one, two, three, [INAUDIBLE] done. Drop it. That's it. Rubik's cube. I don't know. I mean. I know. I know. I thought this would go over much better. I did. [LAUGH] I don't know. You go there, there's a video. I mean if you only listen to the audio again. So you just imagine all the colors being straightened out. Well, just like look at all the people, man. There's a lot of people there. Look at everyone waiting in line in the back there. It's all their families. Man. No, no, no. Those are the contestants. How do you, how do you know they weren't accidentally there like you were? They just showed up and [CROSSTALK]. There's no way they just showed up or like, hey, I think I'll compete in a rubix cube. It was funny. The I'm talking to this woman from Kentucky and I had to stop myself from saying something very typical of what I would say. She goes, I'm like, wow, what the world record. And she's like, five point five seconds. This guys Harold, whatever. I don't even know the dude's name. He's here today. And I stopped myself from saying like, he must get a lot of tail. [LAUGH] And I stopped saying that. Did she point him out to you. No. She did, but she was, like. He's amongst us. There any females in here? That's a great question, Ariel, not too many. Besides Mom? Not too many. Did not see too many of them. Well then you should do the cuts backing things. You ever watch the cuts backing? That's way more exciting than this. Oh yeah. I don't know about that, man. You can do something with cuts backing. I thought this was badass, whatever. That'll do it for us. 866-404-CNET is the number. You can send us email to 404 at CNET.com. You can do Reddit, Twitter, Instagram. We do that as well, and obviously the Facebook. We're back. So real quick before we just say goodbye, so the way this is working right now, we're in a temporary studio, you can tell. It's very temporary, but we have to share this space with a lot of other people. So we might not be able to do a show every single day. I can't decide if I should put reruns on during the times we're not on, but right now it sounds like the next show is going to be Wednesday. The next new show rather. So we'll be back Wednesday until then have a fantastic Monday, thanks for tuning in and like enjoying this you know whole thing with us and during the time while we're dark that means a lot thank you for the calls from the public thank you I.S. thank you REO thank you Justin the intern and everyone for helping out the new the new set for the new show. We'll be back very soon, thanks for tuning in. This has been the 404 show high tech, low brow, we'll see you guys very soon. [MUSIC]

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