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The 404: The 404 1,510: Where the Internet is leaking money

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The 404: The 404 1,510: Where the Internet is leaking money

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Would you send pics of your infected body parts to a dermatologist for a live STD screening? That story, plus getting paid to handle social media for a bunch of dogs, and the short life of the pointless Yo app.

It's Friday, June 20, 2014. I'm Ariel Nunez. And from our CBS Studios in New York City, welcome to The 404. [MUSIC] Hey guys, welcome to the show. It's the 404 on CNET. I'm Justin Yu And I'm Bridget Carrie. Thanks for joining us today. Happy to be here. Yeah, Bridget Carrie is here from CNET update, helping us out once again while [CROSSTALK]. I don't know what that was, like I was representing the news [LAUGH]. Are you throwing gang signs on the show? Not even good ones just like limpy hands, you know. Limpy hand news. What's up? [LAUGH]. Well you're in an interesting mood this morning, and you and I were sort of talking about. I'm always in an interesting mood. Preparing for the show. We were sending links back and forth and that's sort of how we build the rundown of what we're gonna talk about, at least when Bridget's on, that's really fun. But before this episode was filmed. I sent you an article that got you really pissed off. Kinda worked up. It's kinda nice because I feel like most of your editorials are very well balanced on CNet. They're never too emotional because that's your job as a journalist, to stay unbiased. But with this subject matter, you got pissed. I never even heard you cuss that much before, [LAUGH] and you were getting pretty passionate about it. I can have a bit of a potty mouth on Google G Chat. And it's not even about tech. So since it's Friday. Yeah. We don't have to talk about Tech. I want to know what pissed so much about this new archery stadium that they're opening up in Guanis in Brooklyn. Brooklyn pisses me off, that's what it is. You know all of a sudden. There's an archery little place opening up in Brooklyn. It's not little it's 7500 square feet. Size, whatever. So, so New York Magazine makes this post about how wow it's the newest. Fad in Brooklyn? Archery. Brand new, no one's ever done this before. No one's ever done it before. Brooklyn invents everything, don't they. You know they, they. Everything cool happens in Brookl- **** you Brooklyn [LAUGH]. I as, as a queens resident I get, I get a little annoyed at how everyone thinks Brooklyn is the center of the universe. [LAUGH] But I have been going to- Universe. I've been going to archery in, in Queens and they've been open since the 70's and the people who run it. Have been involved in Olympic games, and there are some serious people out there. But oh, it opens in Brooklyn. Suddenly, suddenly oh, this is the thing to do. Can you imagine people take lessons there? Oh my gosh. Any way, I'm glad people are getting into the sport. Yeah But I didn't like. The way the article was like, guys its so cool. No competition. You know, you know what's also cool the hunger Games. [LAUGH]. Well okay, so I wanted to ask you some questions because I know this, but maybe out listeners aren't aware that you're, you've been doing archery for while and. I remember talking to you about over a year ago almost. well, I, I just got into it when I moved to New York actually, which is kind of a funny place to get into archery, the, the city, [LAUGH] but. yeah, like it's just something that I kind of stumbled upon. That, that there's this indoor range, where they're very welcoming, for beginners who know nothing. And I picked up on it, and now I own a bow, and I own my own arrows. Crazy. And kind of like, think about it like bowling in the terms of a hobby. Mm-hm. It costs about. The same, to kinda, go and rent out, you know, a lane, so to speak, and just kind of shoot for a while; and it's kind of a fun release, and y, I'm getting better now at it, I've been, I've been, I have a membership card. [LAUGH] I've prepaid for some sessions, you know, for like a hundred and fifty bucks or so. Be honest, though, was it the Hunger Games or Lord of the Rings. Or Game of thrones, that influenced you. I did happen to go around that time but I didn't see the Hunger Games. Hm. Before I went you know, I saw it after I went. But it was more like oh, I'll give it a shot that sounds like a cute date event, and suddenly it became like. Let's do this. Let us. You know, let's launch. [LAUGH] It's both you and Jose that do it. It's not just you doing your own thing? Yeah, we both start and I don't know. You get kind of into it. It's a fun hobby. And who's better at archery. Who has a better aim? Way, way him. Although I'm getting better. It also depends on the bow you have. You can, if you think back to like the Olympics, they're very mechanical bows. They have all these sights. I got a bow that does not have a set. It's natural. Kind of like your Katniss Everdeen, you know, like, like, do it just for the feel of it. Yeah. And he has one that's a solid wood piece, same thing, so. It's, it's not as easy as like sitting there taking aim for a long time. Right. When people in the Olympics, they're just, they're not really pulling it back. I'm pulling it back, right now I'm at one that has, 25 pounds of force. Mm hm. And for my weakling arms, that's a good workout. But he has one that has 50 pounds of force, so that's. Right. Much harder so it's definitely a, a workout. Yeah, I mean, you sent me a video this morning, unfortunately I can't get it to play on this computer, I see yeah. [LAUGH]. But I wanted everyone to see it. So we will just have to narrate what happens in the video. Well yeah also you can go on CNet and search for Google Glass. I, when, when Google Glass came out is when they started getting into this. That's cool, right. So the first thing I thought of is what if. I took Google Glass to the archery range and used the hangouts feature, the video chat feature, which they now disabled for temporary until they can get it fixed again. But it was an idea that, you know, what if I had a live school chat with a professional olympic archery coach. And he was looking through my perspective to tell me all the things I was doing wrong because it was only like, my second time going. Mm-hm. And it was hard to hear him and that was the big downside to the. To the experience of, of trying it out because. Oh, this was when they were still the bone conducting. [CROSSTALK] Yeah. And also any sound nearby is so much more powerful than what ever is in your bone conducting nearby. Hover sound. [LAUGH] And now they have an earpiece you can put in. So I haven't, done archery coach session yet, but they've, yeah, they, they, they've taken off. The hangouts feature because it's a big battery drain. I think they wanna kinda perfect it more. Mm. But that was something that, you can find on CNET that I was trying out, you know. [LAUGH] But yeah, it's a lot of fun, I recommend just checking out. You never know what's in your neighborhood sometimes, until you search for something like this. It's pretty cool. And there's a lot of scholarships involved. I thought like, man, if I was involved in high school, Oh wow. Man, that would have been so cool, you know. That's way better than your normal kick-ball, or whatever. Yeah, exactly. P.E. sports you normally play. I feel like I should get into archery, and I would definitely try it. But I think the one thing that would be annoying to me is having to retrieve your own arrows. Do you have to do that? Is there like an arrow boy or something that fetches them back to you? It's not that long of a walk- But you have to go there- It's like from here to the door- I know. I mean, there are some longer ones, we get better at it. I'm a lazy archer. Oh, my gosh [LAUGH]. I mean a bowing alley is a longer distance than how you're shooting at. Right. Right, like it's not that long of a walk. Okay. It's more fun, you go up, you see exactly where it hit. Right On your paper little target. Yeah, I was gonna ask you, I was looking at that video you sent me and no one had personalized targets like. It's not, it's not the Robinhood cartoons or something like that. Yeah, like you know, when you go to. Gun range, or something? You could print out like, a picture of your mother or your boss, whoever you wanna shoot in the face. It is a paper one like that, but it's just in color like, like, red, yellow, blue. Right. You know, in, in the circle. It is light. You can take your paper home if you want. But I know, like. There's a lot of people next to you and I would think like, if I put up something really creepy, like a face of someone I didn't like. [LAUGH] I don't think that. Everyone kind of give you some looks. Yeah. You know. It's kind of like [INAUDIBLE] the point. The point is to get better at your aim, I guess. Right. But they do. Okay. So there are people who do this for sport as well. And so nearby. Like, I do it for the fun of the aim. But some people go hunting who go to this place, and so they have this gear you can buy where your target practice is a giant like, wooden I would say a big block that won't damage your arrow when you hit it, but it has a deer shape on it, and I'm like, oh, bambi, and so I just, I just block, I block out the bambi when I'm there. I don't like, I don't like, if you think about it, you have to be pretty exact, and, ug. That's kind of scary, I'll admit too. I blocked out the bambi's part, but. People take it supper seriously. The professionals, for, that do it for sports. And what you were saying, there's a lot of people that do it and come dress in full camels like dynasty style, straight from the range. I think people come dress. The Renaissance Fair stuff. That's a really diverse sport. This is probably my sigh. I'd go, oh, your leather gloves are so cool. Where you'd get it? I gotta go get my quiver. I want to get like the woven quiver and stuff. For sure. I bet the hunting guy hates the fantasy guy. Head, I have, I have these arrows that you could pick the colors of your feathers on the back. Right. Which have a more specific name then feathers but I call them feathers. huh. And I'm like oh red, and I have this whole little like, little role play in my head. I'm like, I am, I am a champion. So, I like to keep that to myself but I just let everyone know. [LAUGH] I have little voices in my head. Oh, my God. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] And do you actually have a quiver that you pull them out of or do you just stuff them into like, the bottom, Right. Right next to you and pull them out as you go. Right now I have one on my hip, but I have, I have, I haven't, I have invested slowly like I haven't invested in the. Bad **** quiver, yes. Yeah, and is a cap required to shoot a bow and arrow or can you just wear whatever you want. A hooded cape, hooded cape. Yeah, you have to have a cloak of some kind. Cloaks, cloaks. A brooch to hold [UNKNOWN] together. Cloaks are. I would love to see you do that in person. You should do a showcase of some kind. I think, it, it. At the Renaissance Fair coming up this fall. It's like 20 bucks to go for. For three hours, it's pretty cool. Yeah, that's pretty inexpensive, even you gotta rent a gear if you don't have it yourself, right? It's another like, 15, 20 bucks to borrow with what gear they have if you don't buy your own. And my bow was only a hundred dollars, so, kind of like buying your own bowing ball, I guess, you know? Right, and you look like a bad **** carrying it on the train. Yeah. Yeah, [LAUGH]. Do people freak out when they see that you just have a bow and arrow? I have a case for it, so it just looks like one big, long, maybe, case thing, like, yeah. But the arrows, but the arrows I don't have covered, so people kind of look at the arrows and, like [LAUGH]. Yeah. I'm like, yeah, whatever. Like a bad **** on the train with the arrows on my hip like. Oh no. What up? Come at me. The arrows are probably [CROSSTALK] Just try. Just try my metro card. Come at me [LAUGH]. I want to see you just shoot an intruder that tries to come into your house at night. That would be sick. I would love to do that [LAUGH]. Night vision. You're so tough. I guess so. [LAUGH]. Sansa Touch. [LAUGH] Well, I'm glad that you're here on this show, and not off shooting some random person. Have you, has that ever happened before? [LAUGH] Have you ever hit anyone, like inside of the actual practice? Very, very strict rules there I'm sure accidents do happen. Well, not, not that, I mean, if you follow the rules it's. It's very strict, it's when, when you go to fetch the arrows they all, they get, they yell clear, everyone goes to get their arrows. You're not allowed to even touch an arrow. You get like there are people watching, you know so they're really good, especially for the new comers who don't know all the rules like, I'm like there's a lot of safety involved. It's hard to get hurt unless you're just crazy, yeah Right. Forget about Brooklyn. I'm not even gonna say the name of the place that's opening up this week. Thank you. Because if you're in Gowanus, you got bigger problems than archery. I think you should definitely go to Queens. You wanna give a shout out to the name of that place? Pro Line Archery. Pro Line Archery. Run by actual Olympians. I mean. [LAUGH] That's, that should be the motto. Well, well, Olympic coaches are involved there, yeah. Oh, okay. So I would call them. Knowledgeable in the Olympian ways. All right, let's get you a few tech stories todays, because, I think we're a tech show. Yeah, I think so. Actually, the batch of stories we have for you guys today is all based around a theme, and that sort of happened accidentally. And that theme is, it's really easy to make money on the Internet. Okay And I guarantee you by the end of this episode, after hearing the stories we've got for you, you will quit your job. And live exclusively on the internet. It's kind of sad, but you'll be rich for doing it. Yay. This is the first story that I wanted to talk about and you have it slated to discuss on Scene It Updates and so go check it out, for more analysis. But there's this app that's been dominating the headlines for 48 hours. Yo. And anything. The only thing people have been saying about it is yo, cuz that's the name of it. It's an app just called Yo The name is super simple. The concept is even more simple. All you do with this app is message your friends, yo. Yo. End of story. That's it, yo. That's all it does. It's kinda like. Is this a joke? It's kinda like, well it started off as a joke. It started as an April fools joke. Yeah. And it actually. Got really popular this week when it was learned that the guy who made it raised funding of $1.2 million for this thing. Think of it as a Facebook poke. Yeah. It had no purpose just to go, hey I poked you and you can interpret how you want. Yeah. It's like, yo. But the only response he could do is, you know. Until someone hacked it. Have you read about that? We just can't have fun anymore. That's it. Even jokes get hacked. There's no money to, aside from the million dollars they have. Obviously they didn't spend it on security because it got hacked already. Not even a week. It wasn't really a hack it just wasn't done well and secured in the first place. Right. I mean so about 50,000 people signed up to have fun with this yo thing, and some college student at Georgia Tech realized. You can access every one's phone number because you need a phone number to do the messaging Yeah. And you could also spend unlimited you're with the people you just keep owing them all the time. right. And they also hack it to the notification pop up is more than the word yo. So, it would be like. Right. And one that's going around is like, I just hacked Yo. Hash tag, share your stories with hash tag like I got hacked on yo or something like, and so people are kind of bragging about an easy hack. And the founders are like, well gotta fix this. And you can spoof a Yo too, to make it look like it's coming from any source. So Right. You could be like, dude, Barack Obama just sent me a yo. [LAUGH] That's crazy. Or whoever you want, which is obviously causing a lotta problems with people that have already downloaded the app. The lesson? Don't just give your phone number to any app, yo. [LAUGH] The founder, or Abel. Which I think is like the coolest name, just side note. [LAUGH] Or Abel. Yeah, you're right, he raised $1 million in seed funding. That guy's, whoever invested, this angel investor's really regretting that purchase. Tech bubble. [COUGH] Yeah, totally. Tech bubble. Mm. Sorry, for that? [LAUGH] He said it took only eight hours. To code. So it's a really easy job. Yeah. And you're right. It started as an April Fools joke, his boss wanted him to program an app to beckon his secretary. Instead of just saying, excuse me, or, can you come in an help me with something. Just wanted the easiest way to get his receptionist to pay attention to him. Yeah. So you can order her around. This is ve, it's very bossy. Yeah. It's not cool. Not cool. I'm sure that secretary was super pissed. No word from her yet on how she feels about this. But on either way it did get 50,000 users 0$ in revenue. But a million dollars in seed funding. It shows you how desperate Silicon Valley is for something new. The kids like messaging, these days. We've gotta have something new. What are we gonna do? Yeah, yeah. Yo is the big thing, now. Everyone's yo-ing. Do you know that you're yo-ing? We all have to be yo-ing. And so invest now, while you can. Get in. Get in early, yo. But the sad thing is, the internet is so vindictive, bitter, and jealous, right? It's like, they see somebody else getting money and I admit, if I were a programmer, software developer, I'd be pissed that someone who spent eight hours got a million bucks, and I'd been working on my app for however long. That must be real frustrating for real programmers. Yeah, I mean, and once again, like, why did this come up? Why is this in the headlines? Because the funding. Right. Like, like it's this weird cycle of like you weren't worthy to begin with. It's like the. Yeah. There's, there's, there's al, there's always something that kind of pops up in how ridiculous and bad it is like the flappy bird syndrome, you know? No, I was actually about to bring that up. Yeah. Yeah. This is another flappy bird. For some reason the internet, seed investors, maybe even tech journalists are obsessed with anything super simple. And it's probably as a result to so much complication in our industry. And also slow summer. So when something that's so weird, we like weird news. But that news has a very short cycle. Right. Right? I mean this story's going to be gone by tomorrow. No one will remember it come Monday. Right. So, I mean, yeah, the fact that he raised a million dollars is good enough. He might as well just close shop right now. Oh, you got hacked? No one can use it anymore. [LAUGH] But I still get a million bucks. He's gonna fix it so you can have more yo's. It's a win-win, I guess. Yo-yo. It is similar to Facebook pokes feature. Can you still do that? You can still poke. That's right. Poking people. Mm-hm. Equally useless. [LAUGH] But it's kinda sad. So I guess the lesson from this story that we can learn is don't spend too much time on something cause it's going to get hacked anyway. Yeah. Yeah. Inevitably. Next story. Another crazy tale of how you can make money using the internet. Did you read this one about the dogs? [LAUGH] Yeah I can tell, you're really gonna love this Yeah So. This one is kind of interesting. Cuz it's about a new television show that's launching pretty soon. And I, I don't know, it's kinda, it's kinda crazy but. It's about a show called going to the dogs. And it's coming really soon, they haven't figured out what network it's gonna be on there's no shopping it around. But the concept is pretty basic, it's a lot like Honey Boo Boo for better or worse. It's the pitch is basically the shows about a super rich guy who made [CROSSTALK]. A multimillionaire. Millions of dollars. Yeah. Basically making an auto recycling empire that he eventually sold to Ford. Mm. And he used that money to reinvest and now he's worth like $75 million or something. And the, the show is about his whole family, including his girlfriend and his kids. Kinda wondering who's gonna get the money when he dies. Sort of morbid, but the biggest. the, the, everybody thinks that the, the dogs are going to get the money. Because he loves his dogs. He loves his freaking dogs. These cute little spaniels. Yeah, yeah. And, and so much so was he hired someone to do social media for the dogs. He hired this guy to do social media for the dogs. And don't worry Beta Beat got the interview so we can actually see what's going on with these dogs. Let me bring up this story here because once you see these dogs I think you'll be convinced they need their own. Their own social media guy. Mm-hm This guy gets paid $45 an hour to run a Facebook account and various blogs for these three spaniels. Here they are here. This social media manager according to this interview, he spends about eight hours a day just doing internet stuff for these dogs Taking video of the dogs. [LAUGH] He's trying to get Instagram accounts for the dogs Yeah. He's has Twitter accounts for the dogs. He's vining them. It's just like. And it's all because this guy has so much money he doesnt know what to do with it. He just hires a guy to make for Facebook's. He just loves these dogs he wants more pictures of them, these pages have all followers. He's the luckiest guy in the world. People are following these dogs. Check this out you can go to. Spoiled Cavaliers dot com. And this is what this guy gets paid 45 bucksin an hour to build. Try making a website! I don't see any gifs on here, no banners. This is the worst website, right? There's like one link on the side, and a couple recent posts. You could literally put this up in an hour. I don't know what the hell he's doing for the rest of the. This guy has a good gig. Yeah. It's crazy. And he has a Twitter profile as well. It's all recycled stuff so everything appears in the same way on the various blogs. But that's it. That's all he does. $45 an hour, and he's racked up 20,000 fans on Facebook. What a great thing to have on your resume. I, I manage social media accounts. Yeah. Of little spaniel dogs. Right. [LAUGH] How- He's got no ads on here, so he's not making money off visitors to the website. Ariel, I think you got a future in it. I think you should start a blog for your own dog. No, let's not do that. I don't even get along with my dog. It's not going to happen. And let's get it right, it's my step dog. [LAUGH] Oh really. Dog by marriage. I love that you refer to it as your step dog. That's even better. It's like, like a blog about how much you don't get along with your dog. Yeah [LAUGH] that might actually work. Yeah everyday you wake up and you're like I don't love you. [LAUGH] Yeah Your not my kid [LAUGH]. Yeah I'm not your father [LAUGH]. What's the dogs name again? Selfie. Selfie. I mean she's a cool dog sometimes. Whenever there's food [INAUDIBLE] she's adorable and she loves me. Besides that we're enemies. Put up that blog man. Sophie's choice it'll be a heck of a food every day. That's a good idea. I just gave you a million Dollar [CROSSTALK]. I no, thanks man [INAUDIBLE]. However, it's so easy. Do you have any pets? Not right now. No I used to have a little Pomeranian but no right now though. I picture you with a Pomeranian. Like a little purse dog. A little fluff. Fall. Okay. I never see those things walking by themselves. [LAUGH] They're always getting carried or they're in a bag. You got. [CROSSTALK] You gotta walk them. I don't like when people carry their dogs too much, you know. Yeah. But, you know, to each their own. How legally blonde of you. Very Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde of you. It was our family dog. You know, I got him when I was in third grade. You know, I had him for a while, So I Yeah, he was old. Yeah. But, you know, maybe I'll get another one soon. We'll see, I don't know. I need a dog too. If there's money to be made in it, I'll do it, I don't care. [LAUGH] ****' I'll ruin a dog's life for a buck [LAUGH]. The key is to make money, so you've gotta get one of those boo dogs where like, they're Boo dogs? Oh. like, like some. Freakishly small Pomeranian, where you shave it in a funny way, it looks like a teddy bear. Right. And, you sell stuffed animals of it at Macy's. Yeah. So, this is the key to making money, you know? Yes, I know what you mean. You don't even have to go to Macy's, just put it up on Cat Bay Press, right? Yeah, no. Do an iron-on transfer onto a T-shirt. Calendars. Make a calendar. Mouse pads. Put it on cat's aprons. You're done. People will buy that [CROSSTALK] There you go. Now, now cats are the key to your cute dog. Yeah. God. We're the worst culture ever. [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE] That's why the terrorists hate us. All right. Last one of the day. This is your favorite story, I'm sure, having read the rundown. Mm. This is another guy that's making easy money on the internet. And this is an app. It's kind of a cool app, I think. It's pretty cool. He's trying to turn. [LAUGH]. Even before I say this word, look at Bridgette's face. She knows what I'm gonna say. That's body language right there. Here, here I'll make it easy on you. Do you want to read? It's about genitalia. So continue please. You sound like my school librarian. Hell, yeah. Got my attention. This guy is trying to turn **** pics, pause on Bridget's face, **** pics into a profitable enterprise. It's not the point of when he got [UNKNOWN]. Hold on, hold on. I wanna talk more about **** pics for another ten minutes. All right. You're right. It's not just about those **** pics, but you could send them to this guy. All great apps should end up being. About **** pics. Exactly. Look at snap chat. That got started, look how much they got bought out for. The app we're talking about is called first derm. Derm is short for dermatology. Right? And so an online dermatologist, dis, or, I'm sorry, a der, der. A dermatologist decided to develop his own app because he's lazy. He doesn't want to have to go into the office every day and hire a receptionist and pay rent on an office building. So what he decided to do was put an app up online that basically let's you meet with a certified dermatologist. Send them a photo of whatever on your skin. Does it look right? And they'll, they'll diagnose you. For $40, you send the- Forty bucks. He'll, he'll give you a diagnosis. Doesn't mean he'll give you treatment. Right. In fact, that diagnosis could be, go see your doctor. It could be, yeah. You know but, it's, it's like he figures. It's more like about what he probably thinks about the human race at this point. People are too lazy to actually go to the doctor. They rather pay- Yeah. $40 to see if they have to go to. That's true. Well not everybody has health insurance so, you're right, if you do get diagnosed with a STD or something horrible they might just be like, "You have chlamydia, enjoy." You know, they don't prescribe you medication. There's no topical treatment that you can get. That's it. And the thing about dermatology in general is that it could be a freckle or something more. You always have to still go get it checked so if this guy. You call him lazy, I think he's a genius. He could be a genius, depending on how many, how many, But I mean, yeah, he's getting a lot of pictures that are below the waistline, that's for sure. 70% of the photos he's received so far are straight up **** pics, baby. Straight up. Would you believe that. [LAUGH] Straight up. It didn't have to be, but for some reason, I don't know, he just caught a good moment. These, these are the things that technology is here to solve. Our, our problems with healthcare, you know, so, so God bless him. That's kinda smart. I like that. So Alexander Borv, the founder of this treatment, my hat's off. Next, next step in, in the app. Six second looping videos of this thing. [LAUGH]. **** gifs? [LAUGH] Is that what you're saying? I'm just saying, I'm helping him out that, that. That's your update, your 99 cent in at purchase. [LAUGH] Wow, that's your genius idea. **** gifs. I'm gonna register that URL right now actually. Give me five minutes. [LAUGH] Check that, all right done. Cool. Time to sexually harass everybody. [LAUGH] Well thanks a lot for being on the show. Is there anything that we missed today, besides, **** giffs, archery. [CROSSTALK] We've gone everywhere. I think you've covered all the very important- Social media for dogs. [LAUGH] All right what else can we expect from CNET update today? Well aside from making fun a little bit of YO, YO We talk about some rumors about the Eye Watch. That's gonna keep coming, Yeah We're gonna hear more and more about the Eye Watch now that it's coming out in the fall, but they think a, a report from the Wall Street Journal has. Sources saying that it'll come in different sizes because, and if that's true, that's refreshing because one blocky thing isn't gonna work for thin-wristed folks like me. Do you think if Wall Street Journal or even Reuters who reported on the same story, if they talk about it and sort of confirm it through their own sources, do you think it's pretty trustworthy? I think Wall Street Journal tends to be. On the money most of the time. Because they never cite sources, right? Right. It's always anonymous, so. Right, but, but it's rare that they're way off. Mm-hm. I think other sites are more hit or miss. Right. Like, but when I hear, when I hear Reuters say either a 2.5 inch diameter screen and then you have Wall Street Journal saying well, if. They kinda of worded this one in a funny way. Like it could I heard the word could too much and i was like this is a little wishy-washy but maybe it makes sense that somehow there's another version and who knows if that means [UNKNOWN] or ban. Right. You don't at what point is another version how do they define that? You know, but. Yeah, it would be refreshing cuz like, you see these Samsung ones and they're massive and like, it doesn't work for every style, you know. Right. So it should be a style. It's part of your wardrobe when you're wearing it. It should go with a suit one day or beach wear the other day, that's all. That's all I'm saying. You build outfits out of it. If you stylize your cases, you wanna have some personality in a thing you wear. You don't wanna look like, like a cyborg, you know. Yeah. You wanna be mechanical? Like, it shouldn't be cold. Put some color in there. Apple is good at that. I mean, then again, let's just wait on the battery life, right. That's where it matters. This is going to be an exciting season come fall for Apple. They're putting out a bunch of hardware news, right. So whatever show is gonna come out next when they announce it, it's gonna be huge. New iPad, new iPhone, not incremental upgrades, maybe a brand new watch. I think it's exciting for watches. I mean, you have the Motorola one that's round. It looks like an actual old school watch that's the Android wear. Right. So, like yeah, everyone is kinda like going all right, this is the year we're gonna be serious about it. Right. We'll see. All right, well, we'll follow you on Twitter. Check out CNET.com/cnetupdate for your daily updates. That's right. Cnet.com/update and I always. I always give it to ya easily on Twitter. You just follow me on Twitter and you get it all. It's easy. Bridget Carie, don't do it. Also follow us on Twitter as well while you're at it. It's @the404. If you go to our homepage you can also check out the rest of our personal accounts as well. Add us on Facebook and Instagram. Justin, our intern, has been doing a great job of updating those social media profiles, so. You're probably check out a bunch of new photos everyday. Look at him in his sunglasses and his CNET. Yeah, show tthem. Show off your new gear. Get in there. Intern. We got him fitted with all CBS Interactive gear and his shirt actually says intern on it, just in case anybody knows. You're not getting paid for this. [LAUGH] It looks good. Yeah. You're not required to wear that every day though. Yeah especially not the sun glasses indoors. Look at this cool guy over here. I like him. [UNKNOWN] cool does it. I also wear them at night, so [LAUGH]. Nice. Of course, I like that. Well thank you very much for updating those profiles. They've been collecting dust lately, so. Go and add us on Instagram and Facebook. That's gonna do it for the week guys. Give us and, or send us an email, I always wanna say the voicemail inbox, but we haven't had that working for a while. Old habits die hard I guess. [LAUGH] Anyway, Jeff will be back on Monday, you guys, so. It's gonna be an exciting week next week. Google IO. What's going on there? Well we're going to have some announcement a I think it's Wednesday, Wednessday. Yeah. Yeah and I am still not over this Amazon Fire Phone. Yeah, oh. Too much going on. This is everyone is gearing up, to tell you what's going to happen in time for you to buy it for the holidays. So that's why. All right, we'll report on that as well. Check us out next week. Jeff will be back all week. I thinks that's it. We don't have any guest scheduled so. Should be a fun week, just us. Mm-hm. guys. have a great weekend. We'll see you next week. I'm Justin Yu. I'm Bridget Carey. I'm Ariel Nunez. It's the 404, it's high tech. It's low brow. Have fun. We'll see you Monday. [MUSIC]

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