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CNET UK Podcast: Taxi apps Uber and Hailo cause road rage in CNET UK Podcast 390

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CNET UK Podcast: Taxi apps Uber and Hailo cause road rage in CNET UK Podcast 390

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Angry cabbies have turned on taxi apps Hailo and Uber, but is it time technology steered cabs in a new direction?

[MUSIC]. Hello, and welcome. You're listening to CNET UK Podcast. This is episode 390, for Friday the 23rd of May, 2014, taxi drivers are revolting, yes, black cabs are protesting about apps they say are unfair, yeah, see what I did there. Oh. Nice. Plus new rules BT16 faults, Microsoft killed Windows RT and much, much more, I'm Rich Chonhome, keeping the meter running and our lone seater this week is Andy Hoyle. Hi, I tried to think of the cuff of their taxi pun, I haven't got anything. Heilo, I know that's actually kind of. Well we'll come to the Hailo in a minute and and in the, something about rank, Luke Westerlo. Taking the long way around. Absolutely, yeah. How's it going guys? At this time of night you must be joking. [LAUGH]. We are as always filming the podcast, so check out the video on Cnet or Youtube.com/cnet, so there you go, look out for that. Andy, why don't you kick us off with the news. [MUSIC]. Well after ruining my own introduction by coming up with something completely not funny, I'm going to keep that spirit running. [CROSSTALK] Through the whole podcast. That's what I look for in a podcast. By ruining, ru, ru, ruining the news that way. So yeah. We talked about the London cabs, revolting and getting all angry and things, and Rich you are gonna tell us why? yeah, that's right. So today in fact, our office is just around the corner from a local dispatch office of Hailo, which some of you may have used, it's a taxi app that allows you to hail a taxi from your smart phone and your tablet. And there's been some changes over there at Hailo and Black Cab drivers have risen up, and have gone round there and registered their displeasure, basically, what's happened is that. Hailo previously, was an app that was started by black cab drivers, so we're talking about taxi drivers. Yep. The individually licensed guys who have their own cabs, and you can only hail them on the street, you can't call them up and, that was how, they were the guys who registered with Hailo, and that's different from mini cabs, where you have mini cab offices and you have to phone up and they send you a car. Right. See anyone can be out there. So, when you phone up like easy taxis on a nights out. There are mini cabs, hail a cab in the street, that's just a self employed man or woman. So yes, and and, and Uber has managed to sort of climb into the gaps and the kind of loopholes in the taxi regulations in various cities around the world, it's been a very controversial app. So anyway, Hailo has changed, what Hailo is doing is it is now letting minicab drivers into the app as well, and the black cab drivers, the guys who were there at the start. They are very unhappy about it. So we're going to be writing a little bit more about this, talking to some taxi drivers over the next few days, but yeah it's kinda bringing to bringing to a head these, these protests. In in Paris, there was a recent protest, where taxi drivers brought the city to standstill, there was a related protest here in London. Where, taxi drivers were blockaded the streets around London bridge, and there's going to be another one possibly on the 11th of June, protesting against Terfel allowing Uda and Hale and people like that to, to get on with things. You can see why, because if you were a, a driver of a black cab and, you. You've done the knowledge You've done the, done the knowledge. You've been around on the little bike with the thing, the heads up plastic thing with the map on it. Which looks like a real pain. What's that mean? But you know all the streets in London and and, you know, Hailo is kind of, sort of appears to be representing you. Mm. And then all of a sudden they're like, oh we'll also let in minicabs, nothing against minicab drivers. Mm. But you know, if you were a Black Cab driver you can see why that would be a little annoying. Absolutely. You, you'd feel like you're stabbed in the back. Then again, you might say these guys have had it all their own way for along time. That's the whole point of technology, right? I mean, disrupting, I mean, you know? Well, I mean, [CROSSTALK] there, that disrupt, disruption is good, in a sense. Well Andy I mean, how do you feel about that? I'm, I'm kind of, I'm on the fence cuz I don't know enough about, about the reasons why they're so angry about it, but, from my point of view, I use the Hailo app, I use various services like that, all I know, is that from my point of view, me the consumer, on the street. Um-hm. Saturday night after some drinks, I want to get home, i just open up an app, I press the button and a taxi turns up right next to me. Or a minicab. And it. Or a minicab. And it costs me less to get home than just hailing a guy on the street. And. You don't have to stand there for ages. Yeah. Waving and sort of going. Yeah, but also, like, the more people use these apps, and because, you know, they can offer slightly cheaper prices, it means that more taxis are getting more rides and not having to drive around quiet parts of London. They're not having to queue up outside clubs. Because people can just book one for a time. And that seems. But yes, but. Is a better business model isn't it? It's not as simple as just getting more rides, because if I understand it. Taxi drivers who've kind of signed up with Hailo, I don't think they like. Hailo takes a cut, doesn't it? I believe so, yeah. I am, I commented why I talked to some cab drivers about this before but, Hailo is like you, there's pressure if you are a cab driver to sign up with Hailo because it's, it's, you know are kinda guaranteed to get more work and also all of your competitors, other cab drivers who, are inda doing it so you want to as well. Mmm. But it you know it's not like oh it's gonna be more money, challenging situations. Yeah, I've said it's very complicated the different types of taxis and the different types of apps, and there are all different apps and there's a lot of pressure coming from all different sides so it's hard to say who's the who's. Looking into the future, do you think then are we going to see these apps reigning are these going to be the way we get cheap cabs home, or do you think that apps like Hailo are going to be, restricted by new policies. It's, it's hard to say, authorities seem to seem to accept them quite widely. In some places they clamp down on them like in Brussels, for example, they start fining uber drivers, but other places they, for example, in New York, at first, they said it was basically running an unlicensed taxi service and they clamped down there. Then they changed their minds and now, this week, a New York tax commissioner has just gone to start working for Ruby, a former New York tax commissioner,. Okay. So it's kind of, it's kind of becoming accepted, so, I think it's quite a chaotic time, I think it's almost like MP, digital music came to the music industry. We're gonna see a big shake-up, and we don't really know who's gonna be left standing at the end of it. [CROSSTALK]. So we kind of need new laws anyway. I'll tell you a potential. Andy, you were talking about how this is like good for the consumer because you get caps and mini-caps, but, I've, I've called taxis in cities all around the world don't you know, and. Well, that's not really the question, right? Exactly. Well globe trotting west too I think and London is the only major city in which I find taxi drivers consistently and reliably know, the location you're trying to get to. I've never had a problem with a taxi in London, If you say, you say the street. Mm. Even though London is, is like a kind of alien honeycomb of tiny, weirdly named. Yeah. Little streets, some of which are only, like, a meter long. Overlapping Roman cities on top of mews on top of. Exactly. The Great Fire of London or what's it called. The, the city of total chaos. Yeah. But they always know where I'm going and that's one of the things I like about Halo is that you, you get someone who has done the knowledge and. Mm-hm. And stuff. Again not to cast dispersions on mini cab driver's knowledge or London or anything. Mm-hm. But, I do like that when I get a black cab that you get that sort of you know? But [CROSSTALK] all maps, even out on a watch, do you need the knowledge, is that important? Yes. Especially in London, because maybe one day Google will have an algorithm that is just for London. Hm. But, it doesn't at the moment. And like I mean now, if you, if you live in, or any town center, or in something like you know your way around. Your local area best and you put directions into Google and sometimes, quite often I think, people listening will have had this experience, it gives you the route and you're like, well obviously no. [LAUGH]. [LAUGH]. You know, obviously not that one. What's another one? Oh Google. Yeah, oh Google. Not going that way. Yeah, no. We're not going on a boat. [LAUGH] You know? Cool. Alright well [CROSSTALK] tell us, tell us what you think Cam. Are you on the side of the cab drivers? The, the, you know, the, the guys who been who know their way around, The guys who've been a part of this existing industry for years and years, should we protect that industry? Or should technology come along and shake everything up and see what happens? So, tell us, tell us what you think readers if. Like a can of coke that you then open in the friend of your face to make him all sticky, anyway, BT has 4G coming in weeks. Hooray. For businesses, apparently. Hooray. yeah. If you sign up you can be kept in the loop when BT's first 4G service will launch in this summer, and apparently it will come to consumers by April next year. BT's 4G will be an MVMO to the mobile virtual network operator, which uses EEs and architecture so. BT best return to mobile phones for quite some time. Yeah. So, it's usually BT that first became OT. But speaking of EE. Yes. The E has released just, well just announced four crazily named bird themed. Taking flight. Taking flight! Yes it's, it's preying on your wallet. Bird of preying on your wallet that is. There's the EE Eagle. Try saying that at home listeners. I think you'll find it quite. Let's have a go at saying that. EE Eagle. Eagle EE eagle. EE eagle. Eagle and what is that? The EE eagle, Rich, thank you for asking is a very basic android tablet it's going to cost 199 pounds on pay if you go, it's basically a rebranded while away tablet, it's got an eight inch screen, a kinda reasonable but not exceptional screen resolution, five mega pixel camera. Quad core processor, so it's kind of, it's sort of like bog-standard, it's not nice, I think, to be honest. It's a cheap tablet. Yeah, it's cheap and you can get on 4G and, and stuff. There you go. So, that's nice if you want it. More interesting though, is the EE Buzzard, now, what I hear you ask is the EE Buzzard? The EE Buzzard is a 4G dongle for your car, so it plugs into your car of course! So, it plugs into your cars cigarette lighter. Yeah. And fills your car with soothing 4G WiFi. Because the world's asked for that. Yes. Ladies and gentlemen, and you have 4G in your car. [LAUGH] Exactly. No more will you have to form precious memories playing games of I spy with your family. Now everyone can just be watching Netflix on their own 4G device. I wonder if that will, if they'll be able to, sort of retroactively use, mm, these things as signal repeaters so they'll bring 4G to more areas. Yeah, I guess, yeah. So, once a day when the milk float goes past then you get 4G. Yeah. And you can quickly change your email. [CROSSTALK]. You hear the ice cream man and you're like quick download something, yeah! If you stay in his slipstream then you get to be faster. You see it's kind of a, kind of a fun idea. So then you've got the eagle, the kestrel and the buzzard. Yes, but that's not all, you also get the EE Osprey and the EE Kite, which about my fires are a bit more boring. The Osprey is kind of colorful and chunky and he's aiming at them like students and like, young people who want to take a portable hotspot with them, I'm not really sure that's a thing. Young people if that is a thing, please correct me. I don't know what young people are up to these days. If you're going to like a hotspot party [LAUGH] I don't know maybe. The kind to select business chaps. The most fun named one, a kite. Yep. As in, a thing that you can fly in the wind. Mm-hm. Is for business types. Yep. Let's Go Fly a Kite was a very important song for one business type, Andy. Alright. Mr. Banks of Mary Poppins-fame. Yeah, and on that note, I'm gonna move on. So. Spotify has hit 10 million paid subscribers,. Wow. That is a lot of people. That is a very big signal to the music industry of, this is how consumers want to get their music. Mm. That's interesting right? Certainly, yeah. Yeah. that's, that's in what? Five years? Six years? Something like that, yeah. I should have probably put that in. You're right, Rich. Thanks pointing that out. Well, I, [LAUGH] started after, it started, it started after I was working here, and I was working here for seven years. So, it's it's about. Okay, something around that time. That is a lot of people. So, I thought I'd take this moment, and I was gonna ask. You just a couple of questions, if I may. It's quiz time. Who is the most popular artist on Spotify? I would imagine, Tom Jones? Katy Perry. You're both way off. Try again. Have one more go. You're going Gaga? Is it [LAUGH] is it love in spoonful. Is it witch doctors? It is. You're a cartoon. yeah. It's Eminem. Eminem. Eminem the man himself Mr. Mathers. What is the most streamed song? Is it witch doctors or cartoons? Again not far. Is it Doctor Jones by Haquill? Is it Dr. Jones. It's Girlfriend by Is it? There are loads of great. The best. Alright now it's wake me up by Avchii. Who? Okay. A-V-C-I-I. What? That's not how you pronounce Billie Piper. [LAUGH] you spelled it really poorly. I, I only know that song cuz of walk, occasionally walking passed the top shelf and hearing it. That's the only hope, I can't believe that's the most streamed song in Spotify's entire stream. Unbelievable. That's crazy. Crazy. Yeah. I'd have thought it may be, Carly Rae Jepsen. Mm. Call Me Maybe. That one. That's number two. Call Me Maybe. That's Call Me Definitely. Shaddap You Face by Joe Dolce is obviously in number, number two position. Only a couple streams away. I might leave that playing over night. Well, I think most, most of those streams came from me. Shut Up In You Face. Absolutely. Speaking of sound. Mm-hm. Or maybe in this case a lack of it. Naw I don't know where I'm going with this. Facebook now has auto play video ads in the UK. Oh god. That sounds terrible news, also playing videos there is a small silver lining and the audio won't automatically play so, though the video might. It's not going to interrupt your music listening on your phone by blaring, come to Barkley's for special rates on your home insurance or whatever they do to get ripped off. Alright. Other banks [UNKNOWN]. Other banks may not rip you off. No, they all do. All the banks will rip you off. All the banks will rip you off, yeah. That's, what do we think? That's bad right? I guess, auto play videos. I mean it doesn't make the sound so, so who cares? My only con. ttt. Yeah? Yeah, so I had a concern that if, if your on your mobile, and your out and about, on 3G. If a video will automatically play, that will perceivably automatically start, sapping away your data Mm-hm. By streaming a video which. Yeah. I think is a bit of a concern if you, have say, only got a 500 meg, 4G contract thinking I'm only gonna use it for a bit of Facebook. Mm. If Facebook then starts playing videos, that's gonna start taking away from that. That's a good point. Mm. That I think is slightly concerning, but we will look into that, in terms of how much that actually will take away. At least we can see how well, how separate, how clearly marked as adverts they are, because if you think that's a video that someone's posted into your feed. Yeah. And then it, it turns out to be an advert. Yeah. And you click on it. Who's this handsome guy? He's obviously gonna get punched in the face by a kangaroo. That's gonna be hilarious to watch, and it turns out, no, he has a great life. It's better than mine and I'm not jealous anyway moving on. I'm going to sell you some yogurt. Yep oh, it's always yogurt isn't it. They're always so damn healthy. Life is better than yours, he's getting punched in the face by a kangaroo. No he's not, that's the thing I was hoping, I was hoping for kangaroo punch, it never came. I was talking to Ryan Gosling before we came in here. I thought why am I trying so hard to like, why do I wear clothes? And why do I get my haircut? Yeah. When he's handsoming that hard, why am I even bothering? What is the point? How hot are you? [LAUGH]. Alight, I'm wearing a free Xcar tee shirt right now. Ryan Gosling is only gonna make things harder for the rest of us if he stops wearing clothes, I feel like,. Keep them on, yeah more clothes for Ryan Gosling, that's what we say. Good news for Ryan Gosling, bad news for Ebay, which has been hacked, apparent, good segue. Thank you. Yeah, eBay, and it said today that, it had a massive hack earlier, slightly earlier this year, in March, and a lot of personal account details have been taken. So it does say that to go immediately and change your eBay login details, change your passwords and any passwords you had using the same. Name elsewhere. Should we take our credit cards and cut them up and burn them? Well eBay does say that it's financial details haven't been taken, because eBay, as well as PayPal, because eBay actually owns PayPal, all financial details were stored on a different server, which it says hasn't been compromised, but it is worth just changing everything. Yeah. Go to PayPal change your details, go to eBay, change your details. Basically change all your passwords every day these days. It's becoming a nightmare. Something gets hacked. Change the password. Oh, you should think, if I used that password anywhere else, then I have to change that. That's what you need to have a password that is specific for that website. Well, I, well, I do. By using the same two letters. Oh yes, but then I can't remember all the different ones. Unless I write em down somewhere, but oh no. Oh yeah. Do you know what? Actually, it's probably, it's probably way safer having a piece of paper in your wallet with your passwords written on it then it actually is to have your passwords stored out there on the internet. No, no, no. Last thing you need if you get your wallet stolen is to have to go home and log onto every website and change your password. My only thing is though that. When you get home and somebody goes, it took you ages to get home cuz you don't have your wallet. Which has like your Oyster card in it or whatever. And you can't get a taxi. Yeah, you can't get a taxi. But. Actually you could if you had the payment details stored in Halo Ruba. But you. But that's been hacked so you got no money in your account. [LAUGH]. Yeah, by the time you get home, the criminal has logged on to your Facebook and is winding around in a taxi. Yes he's riding around in a taxi posting to your Facebook, buying things on your eBay. Got in touch with an old high school crush. All of that. I didn't send that email. Ruining our lives. So anyway what else. This is going on. So, Microsoft looks like it has put an axe to Windows RT. Microsoft has just announced the Surface Pro 3. Mm-hm. It's like a 12 inch version of the Pro but slimmer. It's got a new processors. All that jazz. And what it didn't do as was partly expected would launch a miniature version maybe a seven 18 inch version on the surface. Right. Now, we think they didn't because, a mini version would be running Windows RT. And while Microsoft hasn't announced any new RT hardware at all, probably because it's been so badly received and a lot of other manufacturers have ditched RT tablets. See, I. Yeah, the, the, the shocking unpopularity could be something to do with it. Yeah. But I don't understand. Windows RT and Windows 8. Have the same relationship as iOS and MAC OS X I don't understand why people are so down on Windows. Yeah but they have that relation like seven years later. One's for your computer. Yeah. And one's for your tablet. But. And the one for your tablet you have to go through an app store and the one for your computer you can do what you like. Okay, first of all it is I do not believe it is clear to ordinary if you put Windows 8 in front of them. Then, I don't think people realize that it kinda does both. It has this kinda iPad-y bit for apps and then underneath it has like the proper, sophisticated bit. Mm. It just doesn't look like anything. It just looks, it's new and unfamiliar. Also, I don't think that I going to get a loads of sticks for saying this. But I don't think that the Metro interface is as fun to use as IOS or Android. Mm-hm. And I don't think it's as friendly. Like, if you pick up. Now, let me come across this table. If you do that. I will come across this table at you if you keep [CROSSTALK] knocking Windows. If you do do that Rich, I'll crawl under the table and I will cry so piteously that you don't dare hit me. Windows 8 RT doesn't have the same simplicity as iOS does on the iPod and you're right, Lee, that Microsoft does tend to sell them as one thing, oh, it's just your desktop but on PC, on a tablet, and it's not the case. Also. Really, it's academic 'cause the people have spoken. What was it, 2012 when the first Surface came out? And, you know, it hasn't worked. And critically, of course, app stores. If, if. Hm. Windows 8 had the same massively well stocked up to date app store that iOS does. Then, yes, it probably would have been a lot more popular, but it doesn't. And that's why people want Windows, full Windows 8, so they can install desktop software. Okay, fair enough. This is, this is feeling too sad. So what is the Surface, the new Surface, the Surface Pro? Well, the new Surface. [INAUDIBLE] three. [INAUDIBLE] probably three. As I mentioned before, [INAUDIBLE]. Slightly bigger 12 inches have a 21 [CROSSTALK] resolution. 12 inch tablet that's the thing now isn't it? It is but it, as, as, as before it comes with the, the keyboard dark and it has a pen so they're really pitching it more as a laptop replacement. That's what their message was loud and. Yeah. Clear at the launch event. The new laptop. This is what laptops are. What's the word they use? Lapability? Lapability. Lapability. Let's say that again. Lapability. Yep. Lapability. Okay it's not as fun to say as to eagle. In fact it makes me a little sick in my mouth. [LAUGH] Lapability. And hm, what's Microsoft's new tablet? What about Apple's got some new hardware in the pipeline so we hear. Yeah. The WWDC, that's Apple's developer conference, kicks off in June and the second of June is when Apple will be having its. Big keynote called into 95 Mac. There will be new hardware unveiled. We don't know what that is, so it could be the. New iPhone! Could be the new iPhone although we're expecting September for iPhone. So no new iPhone. Maybe not. Probably not a new iPhone. New Macbook! Maybe. [CROSSTALK] Maybe a new Macbook. New iMac. Maybe new iMac. Maybe a nice new, retina i, no wait, the retina MacBook Air. Who knows? New iWatch? Less so on the iWatch, but the others, yeah. I notice you're wearing your your Gear 2 Neo there. I am wearing my Gear 2 Neo, I wear it all the time now, it's quite good. Viewers, if if you notice why Andy keeps looking at his watch, it's not because he's bored the quality of this week's podcast. No, he certainly isn't. Let's not rule that out. But it's because he's checking his notifications. Nothing else. It's a bit weird walking around with Andy for a number of reasons, but also because occasionally, he'll just like, look at his watch and go like. Oh, well that's not confirmed, or something like that, I'm like what about the time could possibly [LAUGH] oh wait I see, yeah No, I am waiting for delivery of a new snow board. I don't know why I am so excited for this delivery of something that I am not going to be using for nearly a year when I. You will be able to use it just not for snowboarding. Well that is true I can use it as a, as a [CROSSTALK]. Yeah. It does. But it's a 450 pound snowboard. I'm not taking it downstairs. How expensive does it have to be to go downstairs? [LAUGH] It's like, you obviously put a bit of a [INAUDIBLE] Yeah, yeah. Snowboard [INAUDIBLE]. It's a really nice new BC board. I'm very excited. Okay, now, and finally, we're gonna introduce a little, new little mini feature, that we've just thought of, ten minutes ago, [NOISE] and we're gonna see if it's any fun or not. This is. Leak of the week. What is this week's leak of the week? Cool, we have the, you know I can tell you these and you can tell me what you think is best Okay that's a good idea, how about that? Okay, We have the Samsung Galaxy S5 active, it's like the S4 active with it's physical buttons, it has a better screen Nah. No. Okay, HGC1 M8 prime is the flex M8 but apparently bigger and better. No. We have the LGG3. No. But. But. Well, the LGG3 had loads. Of leaks for the G3 and the launch event for that is going to be held Tuesday which will be live blogging and all that stuff, so it's Tuesday. That's right, got to go check out that after we've recovered from the bank holiday. Another one coming up. All right. Do we? Yeah, we've got the bank holiday Monday. Oh, it's fantastic. You could go snowboarding. Hooray! I could. As I said. So, yeah. That's a. That's Tuesday evening, I believe. We'll be there. Photos. Hands on first impressions. Videos. Yep. The whole. The whole plan. Tuesday evening. UK time. Mark it in your calendar. Going back to leak of the week. If I may. Leak of the week. Yes. Okay. Finally, how about this one? Float it and float your boat. Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime. Apparently this has download, speeds are gonna be really, really super fast in Korea. Faster than 4G in Korea. And may be metal and Q HD screen. Three times faster than 4G. I'm sold. That's, that's, that's a leak of the week for me. Sounds like a leak of the week to me, Rich. That, that, that certainly does. I mean. Cool! Yeah. S5 Prime. [INAUDIBLE] Takes the crown. Leak of the week. Prime time. And the old rule used to be. So he gives Thompson an award. Can we print one out and send it to it. Book tokens I think is the liptrition leak of the week prize. At every leak of the week I've ever seen. Yeah for W.H Smith family. Actually what we could do is we can send them a fuzzy video of us. Handing over a prize or something like that. Yeah. Or like this. Photo of some sushi was, we believe, from the access data taken. [LAUGH] Yeah. Using a thank you message from CNET. Here's a, here's a fuzzy picture of a, of a, we'll make a statuette, and then we'll take a fuzzy picture of it and we'll post it on China's Yeah. Y-Vo or Wee-Vo Internet network. Sports and marketing. Exactly. [INAUDIBLE] So keep looking out for those leaks and we'll decide next week, leak of the week. We'll probably sometime next week. I imagine here. Look out for that. Alright cool and finally let's hear what you guys been saying in this week's feedback. [MUSIC] [UNKNOWN] [MUSIC]. Jumbo Hughes says where do babies come from? Anything? Good question. [LAUGH] Question. Not from eBay, because you don't know where they've, they've been. Change your passwords. Yep. Babies. Liam K says, why aren't we funding graphing research and development and why aren't we finding the research into making better batteries with graphing. Good question. Why aren't we funding that Lynn? Well, the background to that is that of course, the graphing was pioneered in this country. We are funding graphene. We yes. So the. [CROSSTALK] funded it, [INAUDIBLE] budget. The government has promised a lot more money towards graphene and also I believe setting up like research centers into it and stuff, but considering it's a material that was pioneered here in this country. It's people like Samsung, it's these big multinational corporations overseas. That they are doing the research and they're pioneering this stuff and Britain should be leading the way and it's not but yes that there is some [UNKNOWN] towards at. So, Liam let's look out for some, some [UNKNOWN] they can, [UNKNOWN] revolutionize stuff. Yeah. Revolutionize [UNKNOWN]. Our faces. Water filters. [CROSSTALK]. Revolutionize, revolutionize water filters, for example [UNKNOWN]. Really. Yeah [UNKNOWN] ,is really incredible. It's miracle [UNKNOWN]. Cool. Wonder material. [CROSSTALK] [UNKNOWN]. Devious material. You can balance an elephant on like none of it, or something like that. I may have mangled the facts slightly there. It's the, it's the [UNKNOWN] material we can sympathize Cool. Sam Sr says, do you belive the LG G3 is going to be much better than the G2? I just can't see how it can get much better. Yes. Well, we're gonna find out. Could it get better than the LG G2? You see the links. This thing looks incredible and sounds incredible. Right. Mm, okay. I'm just saying [CROSSTALK]. 6 p.m., I believe, big pen, big Ben time on, here in Britain, on Tuesday. Good, [UNKNOWN] phones, tablets. Watches and sports jackets, is there anything else out there in terms of gadgets? No, that's it, that's pretty much it. Well, I'm wearing Tom Tom's new sports watch I'm quite curious about trying out. The EE, the EE Buzzard. In car, in car [UNKNOWN]. Cars actually. Cars are like the ultimate, is one of the next big frontiers of the technology. We're seeing connected cars. We're seeing. Yeah. Driverless cars. Things like driverless cars, absolutely. Look at a how far, a really good story on CNET at the moment. About driverless cars. Volvo is doing this trial in Gothenburg, it's one of the biggest trials of driverless cars ever. Our man Tim Stevens got to go over there and drive this Swedish self driving car. [UNKNOWN] Although it's mostly just hanging around in the passenger seat, presumably. Well exactly, yeah. Yeah, but that's kind of the point really. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] So look out for that. Why are they going over to Gothenburg? Honestly. That's a good question. We're, we're, we're close by. Yeah. Yeah, we're closer to Gothamburg. I'd have gone. Yeah. That's great. I mean, I can't drive, but that's the whole point. So. Yeah, exactly. That's why you'd have been perfect. You would be the best guy to go. I have no idea what I'm doing. I could have even sat there, going, [LAUGH]. And the car's, like, mm, I don't. If you deftly turn the steering wheel, you will override it. And you will crash. [LAUGH] Wha! Can't hear you, I'm driving! Too busy! I miss the way that, when you used to pretend to drive. Hm. You used to kind of lean over with the wheel. Not really a thing you ever do when you're really driving is it? That's a thing you used to do when you would pretend to drive. You used to kind of lean over with the wheel. It's not really a thing you ever do when you're really driving. Like, err, err. That's, that's still how I pretend to drive a car. I can't drive a car, but if I, someone says, oh, my I'm driving a car, I do this. Moving my hand as though I'm consciously swerving. Like you're milking a cow. Like I'm milking a cow, yeah. As if you were in like, an old movie and there's a back projection behind you and you're kind of like going like and the road. Yeah. Hello, darling! Where are we going to go? Even before like, the days of power steering and all that stuff, it's always like Sean Connery like [NOISE] [LAUGH] driving like, he must, I know he can't see what's gonna be on the map but he must know it's not gonna be like. A million ton [LAUGH] Probably you're right. Anyways. Also appliances, you know, the internet thing, hooking up your appliances. [CROSSTALK]. Yeah, yeah I [CROSSTALK] Yeah. cool. Clint Gardener, amazing name says, what do you think of the upcoming VR systems, personally I is beep buzzing? I had to bleep out some minor cussing there. What was the swear word? This is a family show and I intend to keep it that way. Also Clint says, can we have a Facebook post with the link to the podcast? That would be a good idea. Your wish is our command. I have had a couple of people that say its difficult to find the podcast. Mm, we should do something about that. Okay, yeah and then. Let's take it offline, not the podcasts, the chat I mean. Absolutely thanks. Good, good feedback. I always welcome feedback like that. Yeah the oculus, you used the oculus rift right? Yeah, I've used Oculus Rift yeah they're pretty good, they're pretty good. Freaked you out, right? Yeah it freaked me out. I'm really sceptical about their use in sort of gaming which is how they're generally sort of sold, is what they're gonna be for. Mm-hm. But I think they're gonna be really cool for other things like we, you know, just normal, boring jobs. Yeah. You could have a normal boring job in the future but you'll be wearing a cool headset. You know, planning a building and wandering around virtually. The best thing I did was a vertigo simulator thing which made it feel like I really, really was falling from a great height to my death. Finally. Yeah. [CROSSTALK] Finally, we can get that feeling. Really, genuinely felt absolutely awful. So I don't know. Maybe they're all these kind of therapeuting. I can't imagine what's so therapeutic about that. Maybe if you have vertigo. Oh, like a sort of aversion therapy. Yeah, something like that, you know. Like your being swarmed by spiders. Yeah. [CROSSTALK] do not want that. Oh, the other one they, the other one that they made me do is like you're playing Oculus Rift and you have to kind of hold your hand out and there's a video simulation of like a guillotine coming down on your hand, and as the guillotine hits the hand on screen like someone you can't see just goes like poof like that and chops down your hand. It's horrible. Why? That's not cool. [CROSSTALK] Why do you think that was like first thing that was made for Oculus Rift was like a guillotine simulator. Why would. Where was this demoed, was this when you were captured by the North Koreans? Yeah [LAUGH]. Like the Oculus Rift. Yeah, exactly. I did see it as well as the cool [INAUDIBLE] the Oculus Rift for chickens. Cuz even though we keep them in horrific conditions, they can think they're in a big field. Which which makes it all okay. The price of one chicken Oculus Rift could probably like. Oh, yeah. Pay for itself in eggs in, in, in millenia. I was thinking [INAUDIBLE] but, you know? Or about 1,000 pounds of hash. [UNKNOWN]. David Richardson says, why did the latest version of Android remove the ability to write to external micro SD cards? There's a number of people who asked me that over the last few- I'm walking down the street, people are like. Grabbing you on the line, pushing you against the walls, screaming in your face. So yeah. This is in with Android kick apps third party apps. So not the [INAUDIBLE] Have fewer powers to write anywhere onto write data anywhere onto micro SD card. I think the idea presumably is because it's a bit more secure. It's a bit neater as well. So you don't end up with like all these kind of bits of. Finals and stuff. Yeah. Dirtying up your micro SD card. Mm-hm. But yeah. I could see how that could be annoying. Possibly could do with speed, if you have a really cheap, slow micro SD card and you start writing system files, then it will be bad for your phone. Yeah. [UNKNOWN] But why? Why? Why? Why do good things. No wait. Why do bad things happen to good operating systems. Some random guy says [LAUGH]. I'm not just like failed the name there. It's what it says. Why is Microsoft. You stop trying now, when you know they know your name. The next blog says, why is Microsoft so awful at marketing their products, Xbox One, Windows Phone, and Surface, all decent products but they have poor traction with consumers. It, it's hard to say. I mean, remember when the Surface came out. Yeah. And there were those adverts everywhere. Yeah. About those guys dancing around doing the clicking thing. How, well I think [UNKNOWN]. What? Guy's dancing around doing the clicking thing. Right. It was like Stomp. [UNKNOWN] Sign me up for this five [UNKNOWN] But what, what, what are they doing, what is Samsung doing that, that's, that Microsoft isn't doing? [UNKNOWN] I don't know. Well, if you look at Samsung's marketing it is just bizarre, and I just cannot believe that anyone watches Samsung ads and is like. Yes, that's the one for me. Maybe I'm wrong but the thing that Samsung does is it creates an enormous volume of things and sells them at like low-line prices. So even if you don't go out looking for a Samsung phone you may come away from the shop with one. Because, you know, it seems like the best deal. Actually the Surface was impossible to buy for months. Yes. You couldn't buy it anywhere. And Windows Phone is similar I think in that you can't see that in shops. I mean also, I think Microsoft, like, I, I real, I really like Microsoft. I find them ever so endearing. But they're no where near as slick are they in terms of like. Mm. How they, I think people still associate Microsoft with, like not like, the XBox and like cool things that they. Mm-hm. Got. It's like Microsoft design, Bill Gates, and Windows and corporate stuff. Mm. Corporate. Well it is. [CROSSTALK]. Because that's why we're talking about them changing their name, changing the name of Nokia, from Nokia, the good old family Nokia that everyone loved, everyone had one as a kid to Microsoft Mobile because they do things like that. And that there's the problems. Cause they try and put some dusty old marketing nonsense on something that could [UNKNOWN] be good. I don't know, but I bet Microsoft wishes it knew. yeah, there just not not quite slick in the old is doing fine. I'm sure they're working on it. JoejacksfawkingTV, [LAUGH] well that's a good name, says my phone contract runs out in May. I'm after a new mobile phone. I have the HTC One X at the moment, but I feel like I need/want more from my phone? Hm. What would you recommend to someone buying a new phone. Nokia Lumia probably. I'd say. No Joe, I hope that Joe didn't hear you say that. Pause the podcast and go out to buy one. Nokia Lumia Joe. Buy a Nokia Lumina. That was very irresponsible. I would suggest going for the Sony Xperia Z2. That phone is stunning and has a great camera. And is waterproof so you can go into pubs. And just shock your friends by just dropping it into pints. What are you doing Joe. Well, I've been using the Experia Z1 Compact which is, is a smaller version of that. It can also do the thing, also, cuz it's smaller I found it fits in more pint glasses. [LAUGH] Yeah. You can pull off that trick anyway. Yeah. Getting, you can't get the Z2 into the standard pint but. You know come back Jeff. [LAUGH] You could buy a half pint and claim a bit of money while impressing your friends. Well, Jay the other option is you can buy something really cheap like the Nexus 5 or the new MotoG with 4G, and like the HTC1X is a little long in the tooth now, so actually if you buy something that is very powerful now, but is somewhat cheap, you're still likely to feel like a big upgrade. Yeah, Of course you could upgrade from the HTC1X to the HTC1M8. Which is a stunning phone, although the camera's not great. [UNKNOWN] Right, and, that's all? And finally, Jerry Mc, McNally. Gary. Sorry, Gary. Sorry, Gary. Gary. I'm sorry, sorry Gary. You should've [UNKNOWN]. I've completely mangled your name. Gary McNally. So how long would you estimate that 4k monitors will take before they're the price of today's HD monitors? Let's say we're talking about 20 inch to 32 inch monitors. Well 4k TVs I mean TV life cycle, if we assume they're kind of similar. Mm-hm. I'd say maybe one or two years. But Andrew Riller chimes in very helpfully and says. It's probably not worth making 4 K for that screen size. I think 4 K only comes into its own on 50 to 60 inch displays and above, of course. And you also need to be sitting a certain distance away. You do, 4 K is a bit weird. You have to, you have to kind of, to really actually benefit from it. Yeah, otherwise as my mom might say, you won't feel the benefit. You won't feel the benefit. So, I'll benefit [CROSSTALK] And then put [INAUDIBLE] into This particular video pride [CROSSTALK] Cuz I know you can edit like full HD in a window inside a program like Final Cut and still see all the resolution of your video. But still have it inside, so. That is one benefit, but in terms of watching to enjoy video, yeah it's a bit pointless. That may be a few years. Andrew, and also, thank you for your feedback about the website. We are working on improving it all the time. Yep, cheers [UNKNOWN]. Thanks for that [UNKNOWN]. Stick with it cuz things can only get better. Being [CROSSTALK]. Don't get any ideas. This forecast is, 19, 1997, Blair's Britain. Touching some wood, there. [LAUGH]. Why am I laughing? [LAUGH]. Brian Cox on keyboards. Yeah! Thank you very much everybody. Yes, thank you everyone. Keep the feedback coming at facebook.com/cnet. Or tweet us @cnet, or email us at podcast@cnet.co.uk. And if you're stuck for a video to watch next I mean, we've got loads of good videos on this site obviously. Yeah. But I can highly recommend one video in particular starring this guy right here. This guy! Oh yeah. Who has two thumbs and has a video blog. This guy, Tell us all about it. Yeah, Adventures in Tech this time looks at the most important, biggest, most dramatic moments in iOS's history. With iOS 8 coming out, we take a look at things from early touch screen triumphs to mangled maps and everything in between. So some good stuff some bad stuff. And you also see us find Lisa come to doing a funny bit in black and white, it's very funny Oh what you've all been asking for Amazed it took us this long. There's some fantastic silent movie acting in it so it's definitely worth watching and Benjamin tech, where can you see that? Do a Google search using search engine Google. For Adventures in Tech, iOS. If you want you can throw in the word significant which will definitely get you to it. CNET, will that work? Oh, yeah, CNET as well. [CROSSTALK] CNET video section or [CROSSTALK] If you like it. Leave, comments or thumbs up on YouTube. Why not Tweet it, Facebook it or share it on Google Plus. What I love about the comment in that and there's one I just want to point out. Yeah. One person has said, as we do often get on any Apple thing we write, how much did Apple pay for this advert on CNET? Makes me laugh because quite a big section of that video is when you compare Apple's mishap to the Mayan apocalypse, which I don't think is a [UNKNOWN] Apple will pay for. There we go. Reason enough to watch it alone. Alright, [UNKNOWN] thank you very much. Thank you very much Lee. Thanks. Thank you Andy. Thank you. Thanks to our producer Mark who you'll never see. Right, we're off. [MUSIC]

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