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Microsoft unveils new Surface tablet, laptop and Netflix raises prices
2:28 10 October 2015
Microsoft shocked everyone by introducing its first laptop. Meanwhile, Netflix just got more expensive.
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Amazon Fire HD 10 is an affordable tablet with Prime perks
1:21 10 October 2015
The family-friendly 10-inch tablet is Amazon's biggest yet
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The Asus GX700 brings liquid cooling to gaming laptops
1:36 10 October 2015
Powerful desktop-grade components could make this gaming laptop an intriguing pick.
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The Asus ROG G752 is a pricey, bulky gaming behemoth
1:23 10 October 2015
Premium gaming in a portable package -- but it'll cost you.
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self cleaning brushroll can't save Electrolux's underwhelming stick vac
1:48 10 October 2015
The Electrolux Ergorapido stick vac has cool features and a nice design, but falls short in one key area -- it's not good at cleaning.
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Schlage's HomeKit deadbolt doesn't make Sense without Apple TV
1:46 10 October 2015
Despite simple setup and strong performance, it's hard to recommend this smart lock for anyone who doesn't want to get an Apple TV,...
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Share Live Photos
1:35 10 October 2015
Even though Apple's Live Photos can only be viewed on iOS 9 devices, there is a workaround so you can share them with other users....
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iPhone 6S chip controversy over battery life
2:50 10 October 2015
Not all new iPhones have the same processor chip, but Apple says differences in performance are minimal. Apple also pulls ad-blocking...
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