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GameSpot's The Lobby: Infinite Warfare--Can space rejuvenate Call of Duty?
10:35 5 May 2016
We've been in space before, but Infinite Warfare is boasting way more space battles and even space ship fights, is it what the series...
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Google's next self-driving car is a minivan
1:12 5 May 2016
Google gets in touch with its inner soccer mom with a self-driving minivan thanks to a partnership with Fiat Chrysler.
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Apple Music too messy? Makeover may come soon for WWDC
2:13 5 May 2016
The paid music-streaming service may be getting a cleaner look in time for the June developers' conference, while rival Spotify rolls...
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Samsung's 6,000 smart fridge keeps watch over your leftovers
1:52 5 May 2016
We're taking the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator for a test drive in the CNET Smart Home's kitchen -- here's what it's like when your...
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Hoverboard flight breaks world record
0:59 5 May 2016
Franky Zapata has piloted his company's jaw-dropping Flyboard Air over 2,252 metres, shattering the previous world best. Take a look...
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LG's 360 VR headset doesn't dazzle when it comes to virtual reality
1:03 4 May 2016
It may have a lightweight design, but the LG 360 VR offers a disappointing VR experience compared to competing devices.
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Tiny homes turn to the sea in this pod ship concept (Tomorrow Daily 358)
4:55 4 May 2016
Mini-yacht maker unveils floating, self-sustainable pod houseboat idea; also, a Brazilian design company creates Lego-like "Braille...
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Naim Mu-So wireless speaker looks a million bucks
1:27 4 May 2016
The Naim Mu-So Qb is a striking-looking wireless speaker and a decent performer but of most interest to existing Naim users.
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