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Retail deals of the week, 9 April 2014: CNET News Video

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How to set up Xbox game streaming in Windows 10
1:22 4 August 2015
CNET's Dan Graziano shows you how to play Xbox One games on your PC.
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The problem with Amazon Dash buttons
2:48 4 August 2015
Limits on choice mean the new shopping gadget won't click for everyone. Bridget Carey explains how the buttons work, and the rule changes...
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Roku TV 2015: The best smart TV meets the cheapest price
2:14 4 August 2015
Despite its "just good enough" picture quality, the TCL Roku TV is one of our favorite entry-level sets thanks to an awesome smart-TV...
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Virtual reality is going to get even more amazing, fast
0:30 3 August 2015
Magic glasses that show you other places: this is VR now. But in the future, you'll be able to move in those worlds, too. Here's why...
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Wearable tech, polyphasic sleeping and me
0:30 3 August 2015
How I never lost any sleep over getting obsessed with fitness tech.
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On the Road: 2015 Ford Edge Titanium
6:47 3 August 2015
Ford renews the Edge completely for the first time since its introduction, and Brian Cooley gets behind the wheel and checks the tech.
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The Point - How rockets & cars made the best sports game in years
9:45 3 August 2015
GameSpot's Danny O'Dwyer discusses how much time & talent is required to make a beautifully simple game, and how Rocket League feels...
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The dark side of taking your phone into the bathroom
1:18 2 August 2015
Do you keep your phone in the bathroom while you shower? Sharon Profis explains why you shouldn't on "You're Doing it All Wrong."
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