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Crave: Pay attention or this car won't drive, Ep. 139

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Crave: Pay attention or this car won't drive, Ep. 139

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NASA has created a briefcase-size radar system for detecting human life in disaster rubble. Plus, we take a look at the Rideye, a black box camera for your bike, and take a ride in a car that won't drive unless you're paying attention.

Hey guys my -- -- -- and here's what's happening this week. On cnet's crave blog. Didn't show promises to -- -- beer and thirty to sixty seconds. It's been -- offers two devices have both -- the same purpose which is just being in chillier beer. The first is the chill bit which is a power drill attachment that fits over your fear. He simply place the -- to ice and run the drill for thirty to sixty seconds for until your beer has reached optimal -- -- The veer away is a portable hands free device you connect your fear and turn it on and dropped in the cooler for thirty to sixty seconds. Placing a can of beer and ice takes about ten to twenty minutes to get a good -- I spinning the container convection is introduced to both inside and outside of the container that is increasingly. Heat transfer and -- -- -- down at a rate. At least twenty times faster according to the -- -- description. Why should I use -- US. Because we all know hash -- warm -- socks. Right -- is a black box for your bicycle which Easley announced here handlebars and records HD video as you ride. The makers of right I have safety in mind him believe it can be of vital tool if you're ever in hit and run accident. According to the Department of Transportation 48000 bicycle lists were injured in 2011. And 677. Were killed. Right I -- -- crash sensors and -- record on it continuously. The -- house and an aluminum box of records dot MO -- files at 1280 by 720 resolution. In carries a battery charge of 24 hours. It's excel parameter will detect when it's been knocked over and automatically saves the footage. NASA and the US Department of Homeland Security are working together to create -- finder portable radar system. -- uses radar to detect the heartbeat of victims trapped under rubble in the disaster area. -- is short for finding individuals for disaster and emergency response. This device works by sending low power microwave radar signals through the disaster site. The signals that bounce back -- -- for patterns that indicate a person's breathing or heartbeat. The technology is related to the -- systems NASA uses to locate spacecraft and their mission. Algorithms in the system can differentiate between humans chest moving vs a rats -- Fighters small enough to be carried by one person can quickly be deployed when needed. -- rescue teams precious time when searching for victims trapped under rubble. The attention powered car demands your full attention to drive. -- headset maker -- motive teamed up with the royal automobile club of Western Australia to -- solutions for distracted driving. -- they came up with was the attention powered car which uses and -- hit that to measure how much the drivers concentrating on the task of driving. If the driver becomes distracted by a phone call -- the radio custom software in the car will safely slow down the driver and nine miles per hour. The headset known as the EP OC measures electrical activity in the brain to gage helped focus the driver is on drive. In a semi related story New York governor Andrew Cuomo was also bringing awareness to distracted driving. By introducing -- stops along many of New York's highways. The project will consist of installing nearly 300 blue signs across 91 rest stops and parking areas. For -- can pull over and take care of their phone business away from traffic. Besides -- carry messages like it can wait tech stuff five miles. -- iPhone has sold on eBay for 101100. Dollars the regular price of a new gold -- 649. That means that the buyer could have purchased about fifteen -- iphones -- -- just wait it. Sad state of affairs and Japan's rocket news has figured out that you can unlock the iPhone 5 that's what you're nipple or your -- The video shows a man clearly unlocking the iPhone with his nipple then -- it to its friend who tries and fails to unlock it with his nipple. -- Hi guys thank you very much for watching that show as always you could find all these exploits against crave blog X -- dot cnet.com. And check out this week's crave giveaway -- this re create his giving away the 118 quad copter to prepare lacks. You can build your own 600 dollar plug -- prefer a good of the blog and enter to win. I've been very quiet and on top right -- -- KP sleeping maybe -- home title. Fourteen hours you know fourteen hours just. -- -- -- -- I didn't love got. -- Time. I don't think you have to give them crazy wait in line. Time and I think you -- just a little like me. --
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