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Crave: Obscenely overpriced phones and tablets, Ep. 124

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Crave: Obscenely overpriced phones and tablets, Ep. 124

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On this week's Crave, we hug our diamond-covered smartphone, dig in the dirt for old E.T. game cartridges, and look to the skies for a pizza delivered by octocopter.

-- -- here's a little stuff that's happening at cnet's crave like I crave at CNET dot telescope. Judge Peter Smartphone inside a stuffed animal and cuddle it. Graduate students it's Japan's -- university graduate school of media design. Have created cuddly stuffed animals that you can insert your Smartphone into providing users with some cute and cuddly feedback. Give the toy is squeezing the stuffed animal will respond. The way it works is by using -- LED light on the Smartphone. An app uses the camera as a sensor to engage the brightness of the LED inside the stuffed animal. When someone squeezes the animal -- stuffing inside the -- is compressed. And reduces the brightness of the LEE triggering that. Net -- to react with the sound vector animation. First of what the -- cop -- which turned out to be a hoax. Then there was the real -- and most recently issued through the veer -- dropping beer on top of concert -- Well now dominos once again to the aerial -- delivery gained with the download copter flying pizza delivery system. The -- copter is pretty self explanatory since October -- with a Domino's delivery back connected underneath we'll deliver you -- pizza. The -- a -- has a maximum payload of two large. But don't expect the dumbest copter to deliver -- -- anytime soon to publicity stuff. In a follow up to last week's story about porn coming to Google glass Google has vowed to block kids. -- Eric Mack reached out to a glass spokesperson who gave the following statement. Our policies make it clear that class is not -- glassware content that contains nudity graphical sexual acts or sexually explicit material. Any glassware that violates this policy will be blocked from appearing on glass. Bid on June 3 the first pornographic apps for Google glass called. And glass. Officially drop circumventing Google's process but after approval by loading itself as -- reviewed glassware. Doled out -- -- handy posted detailed instructions on how to load the app on the glass using Google+. One of the biggest videogame flops and history was Atari ET game released in 1982. Following the disaster release Atari did what any video game producer -- do. In jumped fourteen truckloads of unsold ET Atari games to a landfill in New Mexico. And covered it with -- according to a New York Times article published in 1983. Well -- a production company called fuel industries is on a mission to excavate the very TT games out of the ground. As part of a documentary film they're making on the subject. We will keep you posted if they find the cache of card. Okay put the sixty music -- god because crave has put together this amazing photo gallery of some of the most obscenely priced Smartphones and tablets in the world. Maybe you're looking for a 54000. Dollar -- solid gold keys that makes calls and text messages but does nothing -- -- maybe -- one point two million dollar diamond encrusted iPad when your stuff. If I had a million dollars to burn I'd probably go big eighteen karat gold one billion dollar Luxor -- biggest jackpot bulk adorned with rare black diamonds and 200 year old African Blackwood. While it says. Our guys extra logic that is the show is all you can -- all the easy steroids as cnet's crave blog crave at cnet.com. Don't forget to -- -- -- -- anyway this being creative is giving away this wing -- golf gizmo for analyzing your game. Want to be a better golfer get the swing tips. Go to the blog and enter to win. Craig has no crave next week oblivion LAE three was gamespot dot com and mixing their lives stage show from the Staples Center. Go to gamespot dot com to find out information on gamespot live show.
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