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CNET Update: Google seduces students with Classroom, Chromebooks
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CNET Update: Google seduces students with Classroom, Chromebooks

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Get 'em hooked while they're young. Google offers schools a free online tool called Classroom, and it's marketing Chromebooks for education. Also, Evernote syncs with LinkedIn for scanning business cards.

[MUSIC] Get ready. More Chromebooks are coming. I'm Bridget Carey, and this is your CNET Update. You'll be hearing quite a bit about Chromebooks this year. Chrome is Google's operating system. And Intel is making a big push into these cheaper computers. Intel's chips are in more than 20 Chrome machines coming this year from different manufacturers. The new models have faster processors and longer battery life. Lenovo jumped into Chromebooks for the first time with the N20 and the N20P. Both of these are small, 11 inch screens but the N20P has a hinge to fold the touch screen back 300 degrees. Asus also has two Chromebooks and it made the second ever 13 inch screen Chromebook which you can pick up for $250 in June. Chromebooks are also targeted for students. Google says about 10,000 schools right now use Chromebooks and Lenovo and Dell are targeting their new models to the education crowd. But there are also desktop versions. The HP Chromebox comes in several colors. You may want to connect it to your TV when it arrives in June. There's also the LG Chromebase, for $350 it's the first Chrome all in one desktop PC. Chrome is a good affordable option if you do most of your work online. But you can't just download any program to these computers. Since it's not Windows or Mac. Now along with a push for Chromebooks in school, Google also has an online service for teachers called Classroom. It's like a Google Drive for documents just for teachers and student assignments. Google says it will be free of advertisements and it'll cost nothing for a. School to use it. Google tested it with more than a dozen schools. Teachers can apply to be the first to preview it, but it'll roll out officially in September. And today I'd like to end the show with some helpful tech advice about business cards. Let's face it, business cards can be such a hassle to manage. Your pile keeps stacking up and then trying to find the one you need is simply a nightmare. Well, don't despair. You can use your smartphone to easily save a card digitally. The Evernote app converse a card by taking a photo of it and Evernote just added a feature to sync a business card with LinkedIn profiles. Now once you scan a card, you can send a connection request to that person on LinkedIn. But keep in mind, when you send that LinkedIn request you can't write a custom message. It just sends out that awful default line that says, since you are a person I trust I'd like to add you to my network. Yeah, well that's pretty tacky, so you may be better off just sending them an email later. That's your tech news update you can head to for more details. From our studios in New York, I'm Bridget Carey. [MUSIC]

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