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Buzz Out Loud: Ep 1464: PSN Hackers don't quit

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep 1464: PSN Hackers don't quit

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Wilson Tang from the 404 joins us in studio to hack away at all the tech news along with host of the week Mr. Brian Tong. Hackers are threatening a third attack on Sony which may cause consumers to think twice about adding their credit card information onto any site in the future despite the 1 million dollar insurance policy that Sony will take out for every user. The LastPass CEO explains how their system was hacked in detail while video game developer David Braben creates a USB stick sized PC for $25 which we all want. And we find out if the Chrome OS notebook will blend. Will it blend?

Today it's Friday may sixth 2011 mining Steven -- -- I'm Wilson day. I'm Brian Tong with the book download. Episodes at 1460 port here on the NPR news -- Will -- here joining us they will. -- saying from the oral or in the house in Minneapolis Friday Wilson you've been -- -- -- -- for a week. Yup yup I love your city beautiful. To be ended immediately thought it when he's when he's based at a concrete jungle -- your -- -- -- got on the screen here. Deathly deathly isn't going down the street it's so comfortable I could see why everybody there's a lot Asian people. Well yes how. I it was a very diverse plays just like dealer. There there is a little extra -- persuasion -- Owns most and I remember getting out of the Bart train and being completely surrounded by agents per second I thought it was actually in China town if you look. There are also begin at the knees and -- every -- is. The -- beautifully legacy music. -- isn't just like how would -- talent there. Anyways guy if you -- -- indicates how is look them up because you shed now definitely. But it is Wilson -- are coming on the show today we're gonna try and bring a little more a serious than out of -- -- we will have plans. -- -- trust and trust me on this well I gotta get you on my show the full force sometime next week. And trust -- guys if you listen to this so I guarantee. HR will burst through the door it's gotten what it -- seven staff. Us beyond the few times I've been on -- other reason why haven't come back price often is we might shut the show how I don't -- and there are some. -- we do we knew we it to goes the -- and and I legally and -- with -- a mine it should I've done that I can just shut them down that was when too many neat and yes the I -- absolutely grab a bite so that's -- the classic. Okay guys on the news because really do you care about us talking up that's up now you don't care about what's happened in the tech world we must -- things -- There is still. Still plenty of Sony -- to talk about. Exclusive from cnet's own air target or circuit breaker blogger circuitry to block a group of hackers say it's now planning -- another wave of cyber attacks against Sony in retaliation. For its handling and of the PlayStation network breach. The observer and observer of the Internet relay chat channel used by hackers told CNET directly at their third -- -- is planned for this weekend against Sony's web sites -- -- -- this time. I don't see that it's getting to a point -- why -- like. Okay you took down in this allegedly. Is the same group that did target Sony they -- outright -- that there anonymous. But they did say that they were related to the earlier -- as well. The people involved plan -- publicize them the information they were already able to copy from Sony servers include customer names credit cards addresses. All the information that we talked about I don't see what's the point in doing this the third time. It's really like taking some -- again paying yet yet and he's getting to a point where it's like c'mon guys. People are pissed they can't play a playstations and more but I think there's incredible long term damage for Sony on this. I mean like -- end. What their response the whole thing. I mean this is its eight took too long for them to do absolutely but them for a hacker group to come in sort of -- kick a mother down. Completely unacceptable -- -- people spent good money. On the PlayStation this want to play. -- there it doesn't it doesn't help this do I really. If they're just mad that Sony said sorry and it wasn't they need a hug -- -- You have good guys and you go after Sony for a third time you need a -- I will give you -- hunt personally and you'll -- and. -- -- -- -- -- does do you think is the bigger issues like for the long term. Would you ever trust Sony with their credit card information even -- like you know to be -- -- probably -- way more about security than anybody else now after the fact. We're -- Mikey this for future of downloadable content are you ever gonna feel safe putting your credit card number. In one of the devices. I think the question is goes even beyond that is do you even feel safe giving anyone on the Internet your credit card because -- because we all know. Everything is hackable PPS and has been now of the whipping boy. And kind of a model for what what can go wrong and possibly. What will go wrong the feature because hackers be they won't stop and this is this is another example they won't stop for myself. -- -- I'm just part I'm part of the generation that is going to do all my behavior on land it's not gonna stop me I just hope that companies are gonna take. More precautions and really beef up their network to take care -- now Sony in response Howard Howard Stringer we had actually talked -- two days ago. About where is his apology -- his letter to customers. He released a letters apologizing but again. They're they're wears no there if I recall right and I looked through his entire letter I do not even use the find searcher I did read through once. I don't think he actually used the word sorry at all and you know -- I'm correct I just -- search. He did not use the word sorry and all he said dear friends I know this has been of pressuring time for you all let -- issued resource the company have been focused. He continues to go down. Go down in the story I -- said it. He here's the catch light as a company we and I apologize for -- in canyons and concern caused by the stack and that's the classic we apologize for the inconvenience. Just say the word sorry. Well beyond that like okay sorry apology -- semantics the things is that they should have said sari. We screwed up when it comes to our security not be inconvenient to -- like we did not do enough. To secure service -- -- customers when he. Yes -- Sony they are stepping up though and trying to show that they are really serious about this. In the recent announcement of other measures that they're gonna be taking Sony's offering. Free debt makes identity theft protection for PS and security curiosity -- victims in the US so what. -- exposes if your data your personal data shows up on boards on in a hat and with also if it's. Revealed that has become public they monitor criminal activity known -- -- showcase your private digits of -- not. You'll be covered for up to one million dollars -- ID. Theft insurance coverage we've. I've never heard of -- -- until now so we don't know really. I'm not familiar with how legitimate -- services normally people do you pay ten dollars a month for this but this is a way telly show people that they are serious and at least care. For them to cover you for a year I I'd I'd definitely like that in addition and then just saying okay here's a free month of PlayStation what's. The Fremont doesn't bother me so -- doesn't -- Wipe the slate clean for me as much but this is like what I expected. Because what normal companies -- IKEA it happens all time somebody from finance lease a laptop out. And everybody Social Security come number at a company gets revealed. And the standard procedures for an insurance company. Or ninety theft compete like this to come -- Now I don't think this that I think it's unprecedented on this scale and this company's got to be making millions and millions of dollars cousins. We found that there -- about seventy plus million just from PS and on top of 25 million from a I guess Sony online entertainment so this is a hundred million customers signing up for this. I think that the guy that went out the most is dead X you know this. All this new business for them. Great idea will see how it actually works -- that what happens when. Your credit card gets charged what's procedure like is it gonna be a pain in the -- in the but. And that's -- the big thing because at Yemen based Sony's argument holding up the big chunk of via insurance million. This one and one reason why thinks Sony is also doing this is up to this point Sony has said based on the hack on the -- a network none of the credit card companies have filed that. Criminal activity has been directly related to the credit cards that -- -- now people were writing in again we reiterate this that they had some suspicious charges but. At the same time if -- time to -- of a hundred -- people there are always people that are getting suspicious charges from other for other reasons as well. -- -- other reasons and then that opens up the possibility hay island at PS3. -- should I go in charge a couple thousand dollars some gold watch is -- And you Leone and Angola. I let -- -- But -- -- -- -- the details of academics. Our plan they're offering cyber monitoring and surveillance of the Internet today at tech exposure -- customers' personal information. There's also priority access to licensed private investigators and identity restoration specialist. As well as the one million dollar identity that -- -- policy per user. One other -- note is that -- only at the moment will be covering. Users in the United States they're looking to find similar programs internationally. But at the moment. Just US users and another thing is -- it's probably legal in -- users. That are currently using PS -- if you sign up Europeans -- network account once the service opened back up. I highly doubt you'll get covered but you might as well try. While the service is gonna be opening back up in the next couple of days hopefully hopefully somebody says -- in the final stages of internal testing. I don't know and I -- feel like he'd -- actually this is the one time did they should bring dual -- back in the whole thing they do. Take a crack at it. -- -- break this before they release again that's -- -- the first thing that happens as soon as it opens up a flood of hackers are gonna be like oh it's you can take this on badly. I was I was the first to say I just want them to take their time and make sure it works and have is that you know these security teams they have working on this. Are no doubt trying to -- it anyways so what they said there in the final stages and internal testing -- and of -- -- towards restoring the place if you know or give you guys wanna find out what is really going on. At least for the most part -- it is possible to go to blogs Sony's PlayStation blog widgets -- blogger dot US dot PlayStation dot com. They have once they started releasing information they pretty much but at the post every day for the past -- -- keep you in the loop which is a good thing. It do you think that the sort of the new service though is gonna be over print overly protected or you can happily walking with your password. Every time wanna play video game is that sort of like that the approach to happen with a Windows Vista as the infamous -- user account settings. Every time you need and might download a a JPEG off the Internet have heard your password. Is -- considerably -- in the gaming experience. It's not a question you know I I ideally I hope not I don't. It's up to them secure their network in the back -- and not let back in the way I don't I don't think they would change it -- a security expert we talked about like TD -- ago. During some of the hearings or during some of the when Sony was invited to talk about what it -- a security experts said that in forums. That there are now Sony's PlayStation network was using outdated Apache servers with no firewall and it was posted on forums around the -- three months before the attack. This is according to him okay -- that's ridiculous and so. You know it don't change the user experience just change your security -- all right -- also just a follow up with we mentioned last passes. Kind of sensitivity towards all these things are happening around network intrusions last passes CEO explained the possible -- and he said. That he might have been a little too alarmist in assuming the worst but. Even if it ended up hurting his company's image he said they wanted to act quickly to make sure everyone is formed last past. Is and like the password aggregators that enables you to treat a master password to access a lot of the web -- email accounts. -- accounts that use one point that he did make clear is that if you had. A sophisticated. -- master password the chances that even if they were acquired the data that the hackers were able to acquire any data. The chances that they would be able to access your -- was very low the data that. They -- might have been were released. Was very minimal so -- billion won the yeah if there was made in humans they just were all to censor because -- monopoly on the network didn't say exactly what it was but. At the end of the day. Data even if it was this -- -- and access it wasn't enough to really take down all their users otherwise they would have been even more aggressive about this. Do you think -- like give in this attack given the last pass -- a couple months ago there was the huge tech and the caucus sites. It's clearly. Six privacy and security become like the forefront of the biggest issue on the Internet. I mean do we need a new paradigm -- password sort of like passe is just something else. Might be more effective but still balance -- the usability. In the future I don't know the answer to that. But I am concerned -- suspect that you know like I just I don't expect my email anymore and to be secure I don't expect my not by that and my email address. Expect anybody -- network live. Now which is kind of upsetting. And all sorts -- -- its slew of personal information. And I know there are sort of the new regulations might not one other issue that has very much worry about. Is the whole identity -- signing up for. A credit cards alone and -- not all before all you really need it was your mother's maiden name you can kind of -- that out just on FaceBook. The idea. They need to do face scans. It's kind of data you basically hands. And I don't want you be able to hold a still picture of the IE I needed a little turtle -- and the right double blink. -- -- -- -- Imaginative yet he is computer network provided urine sample list of current I like a blood samples and figured. That can tell -- have a bucket here under the table doesn't have some -- -- -- -- so long. That I cannot leave this daylight is letting -- So if if that is the new interface. A -- -- occasions that I'll get. And get Wilson. -- right also in no more this is in the river of news but this is this could be pretty -- a new rumor claims that Apple is planning to potentially deeds. In cell processors. Sometime by the end of 2000 -- over early 2013 instead. To adopt arm architecture. It's currently found obviously in the devices like the iPhone and the iPad but this would be. Potentially implementing them in to their desktops. And laptops this is sources semi semi accurate which is sent -- -- for -- connectors. They really don't. You know -- got a -- information in general but they were. One of the sites that did report that Apple was transiting from Nvidia chip -- other vendors and -- -- -- -- Us and at least have a little credibility. This to be pre is to be pretty -- Intel just announce their new 3-D architecture chip. And really -- trying to say this will be great for mobile devices really trying to almost -- about in order to get Apple's interest but. It but some people are speculating that it might be too late in Apple's already made the deal to lock down and move towards arm. I don't know I really don't like I think for especially high and use this is what you really what -- desktop for. I know arms performs is certainly increase over the last couple of years to be desktop competitive but I don't know whether it's like work. Workstation competitive just yet I think actually might one possibilities of -- the hybrid solution. Where you still have -- -- Intel CPU but the GPU. May actually have an arm component which would make you know sort of this. Across -- last Mac OS development a lot easier. Any given sort of Apple's market -- they certainly can do that. And they do own a big chunk of power PR which does do the graphics for the iPhone -- the iPad. That might be a way to do -- but I I don't know I think there's. Although people have said that they would never switch from power PC to Intel. Yes in time yeah I think one thing that you -- arms calling card is really they've had longer battery life with lower power chips but like you said it will arm be able to. Get -- when it comes to the high powered -- you know they've proven their worth. More over and over in the mobile space but we timeout a desktop based processes that now requires a lot more juice and all the if they've proved its Apple we've seen how optimize at least one Apple -- their OS with the arm processors how how it's and ally you know. Now that I also think like ten years from now that question is very much open and I think that ten years from now we may actually see. Mac OS-X solely on arm. But two or three years. I haven't seen anything from then that would say I'm gonna replace that when it comes to file cut editing or -- -- high in three graphic. Yeah this again this is very rumors speculation but. Just -- can -- you where maybe others in the industry are doing even Microsoft they're planning use arm architecture in the future in windows in the windows eight platform. So -- don't -- -- there are some bread crumbs but again. And these are bread -- okay guys don't don't get all crazy on a solid what they said it's happening now it's not just test. Okay guys religious settle things down for a moment and take a little -- -- -- return we'll be talking about AT&T. Other corporations and all the mobile carriers -- in Washington next week as well as Smartphone growth. Apple taking numbers. Welcome back to buzz -- -- everybody on this beautiful. Bright it does it what's the weather like avenue or is it pretty -- Arctic OK so this is the -- I mean everything. Out but it's it's really the like two weeks of good weather we have an -- and -- right now yeah yeah I mean like in New York you do -- like way -- yes. Only to call them right now it's sort of it's in that 970 degrees. That's -- right now though details of this is on near lonetree don't know -- Don't know. Let me tell you last week I was bundled -- -- it's -- you want in on the street it was a model -- because they drive down the sixty I'm sorry guys. I'm just telling you also I'd like to tell the viewers and listeners that. Wilson was adjusting his camera because he didn't like the angle and I -- a few pointers and how it you know show his. -- -- a little thing I'm really. Glad -- and real about it but I he had no this isn't actually amazingly for whether it's a beautiful beautiful city October losers in Canada and other cold. Areas like Wisconsin. -- I'm not gonna I'm not -- -- -- was -- to but trust me this I mean. I'm due to my hand my -- from Hawaii still it's a nice out here at the brown keeps in Browner OK I don't even know what that means that on this -- -- All that particularly -- -- start with an SRI. Next week. This week has been a big week in the news for the government but next week you know government meaning maybe Osama bin Laden getting knocked out but next week is going to be -- big time. For some of the mobile carriers and the tech world. AT&T CE OT mobile CEO sprint CEO and though was the other smaller us cellular south. -- CEOs will are on the witness list. To talk about the proposed 39 billion dollar acquisition of T-Mobile by AT&T. You'll. One of the notes that they make about the hearing is that its title. The AT&T T-Mobile merger is Humpty Dumpty being put back together again. This clearly favors AT&T and T-Mobile to be there in such a non -- style environment but at. Dan -- has been adamant about the merger and now cellular south CEO I'm not even I'm not a musher who -- what areas -- what -- cellular south. A covers they'll be there at the Syrians in addition -- that it won't be the only big -- -- Capitol Hill next week Apple and Google are also. Scheduled to appear before judiciary subcommittee on privacy technology and law about the location based data. Location based data practices. Well I mean these are two very. Sort of intermingle but separate issues. The AT&T and T-Mobile -- it -- -- I think has stirred a lot of our passion in late customers not super techie people who have experienced the hell that might be AT&T service. And T -- merger because they don't want to see that. And it's only good to see you know congress stepping in Indian whoa. You know I'm sure a couple of them have -- -- a. The couple got a lot different they're not -- Blackberry -- get to that later and it. Yeah but you know I I. -- sort of a lot of people about this whole AT&T and T-Mobile merger and the word is is -- -- -- that there's too much money involved not to happen. And and the thing is though is that they're not gonna look at national. And they're looking at her market and eighteen he's can make just. Enough right moves locally for -- to get through and I would be really disappointed because it's it's gonna be almost what is it thirty years since the break up. Twenty or thirty years since the breakup. And -- and he's essentially to be put back together. -- get the band back together New Kids On The Block of -- -- needed in five years. Let's -- AT&T'S so long I want it that way. Open it but you see what happened afterwards -- went AT&T broke off. UB. I gotta though it didn't. Bonnet that -- We -- very well. -- really knows what is that -- but don't start a little like colonizing on this I'm not gonna start today. I think you've got another career in your just mean -- answers on that -- the other big. Issue is is the privacy concern. And a lot of companies that are sort of looking -- that -- for the instant gratification walking down the street. Whether they contract you bet there incident whether they cannot view -- deal so I think congress is finally looking distancing any. In -- this might actually kind of dangerous. Yet. We had talked about Apple released their updates IOS four point 3.3 which. Pretty much res alls or Jess is a lot of these location data issues that they had with the logging on and wonder of data show like any. We fix that -- what have I done. Peace out I really don't make more money now. I was really the timing of it gonna be and it couldn't be better where the -- You know why are you doing this we're not -- anymore. It's done why we're doing this reluctant anymore -- -- -- -- in via the bugs and we use the bug -- Also under -- one reason -- T-Mobile probably want this merger to happen. T-Mobile reported losses of 471. Contract customers that's -- net -- customers in the first quarter compared to. 3181000. -- in the fourth quarter and that's a 77000. -- a year from a year ago. T-Mobile said the decline in net contract customers was driven primarily. By fewer contract -- customer additions and continued -- contract churn due to. Competitive pressures. -- The iPhone at the thunderbolt to the amazing phones. It's -- This is these are just some of you know T mobile's -- they're not doing so hot but they would they want this merger happened more than anyone else. Well I mean they're hemorrhaging employees and I'm pleased -- customers. And the question is now that their board obviously wants this happened is if -- AT mobile shareholder. I you're gonna be getting an actual premium. On the Clinton -- -- -- -- silver lining. But as the T-Mobile customer. It it doesn't incentivize them in any way to compete now. And I think one of the blessings that -- could be doing is really getting these new funds to be honest I actually really love T-Mobile service. In New York City out and it sucked in some other parts of the country but in New York because nobody. Nobody thinks to use it yeah. We did -- with test is the fastest service in New York City I love it I wish that we could have more. Legit competition and -- T as revealed in the news -- com article actually owns the most spectrum. -- -- -- Just not just not higher broadband frequency that support four -- spectrum right. Is valid is well they they all -- -- -- using it effectively. They own more than Verizon more than anybody else and they're not using effectively and I don't think they're -- -- effectively when they get it from T-Mobile. To be frank they don't -- T mobile's customers. NYT mobile spectrum. -- -- They want the bandwidth -- yup and just to let you guys know that was not Wilson tang and at T-Mobile -- where the guys like in the dwindling media. And Newton and you know what I'm talking about -- -- -- Wilson's covered in pink. I wonder if I let that if I -- -- -- you look like captain Zeta-Jones right now. T-Mobile -- you may be -- I'm never coming on this dance a I'm just -- about it. Also on in the Smartphone world the IDC says Smartphones -- Sony nine point 7%. The biggest -- behind this Apple has now slid up to -- number two spot behind Nokia. In shipments for phones in the first quarter 2000 women Nokia shipped when he four point two million phones market -- 24%. Apple shipped eighteen point seven million phones a market share at eighteen point 7%. -- Oh no sorry you guys actually mean -- yeah -- -- rhetoric rhetoric that was why the numbers the same button and why are the numbers for the same. -- -- not a huge surprise I I don't think I'm actually more surprised that Nokia is up there in terms of Smartphones and they're really popular in Europe. But I have never heard anybody in the last year to be stoked about a Nokia Smartphone. -- rim attorney rim hurting the most drop being. Down to thirteenth when you know why this survey threw me off. It -- the total of devices sold happened to be 100 million devices 100 million so. When I saw the number 24 and -- 44% on reading this wrong Michael what -- on. It just happened to be a hundred -- places exit pretty much to the -- Brenda -- -- Samsung and HD. Round out the top five but yeah. -- -- then the second charts of underneath all this. Is. All -- so not just Smartphones but all phones and Nokia still -- strong 108. Million units sold. But to be I -- probably make only couple bucks off each one of those. -- well -- -- market right off -- feature phones as in -- rate the the average growth of the market -- 79 point 7%. Rim had probably rim and Nokia specifically. Had some of the light -- growth Nokia's was only twelve point 6% Apple had a 114%. Growth this is your -- and rim came in at 31% so. Those two companies that are hot in competition is they're not growing at the rate the market is and it's been really the although Samsung isn't one of the largest players they had 350% growth -- DC 229% growth NE TCs becoming more more of a bigger plans. I'm very very worried actually about rim as I remember. Earlier this week on Monday they released the Blackberry people within 99 and announces. And there was nothing -- -- there's like it was a -- Newsday because everybody was looking at Osama stuff. But even then that none of the attack the it was pretty much one news article about. These Smartphones and the new O less. You know you would expect a lot of times new -- -- get a lot of coverage and we talked about it here but we -- People are excited about it. Now now I have not heard anybody even in the tech world be remotely excited that's beyond as it -- -- -- in 98 under yeah I can't tell the difference. I can I just looked at if I had both of her next feature that depriving the OK this -- looks a little. If you're I don't know I can tell you how many Blackberry users because they just felt like they were outdated were like I don't care that my phone doesn't have keys anymore and going to touch screen bulletin. It's and these are women with long fingernails let me tell -- that's a challenge to which phones when you have long fingernails and I'm not even -- about -- Have you ever -- -- -- with you press on studies and iPhone that is funny right there but that's a like this. And the economy around literally that okay. All right. Also this is a really cool cool story game developer David brain and treats a USB stick PC or 25 dollar soul why should we care why does this matter. Well David -- and he's his. New video game career has spanned games he's one of the you know the developers who runs -- studio that has helped develop. Place games like roller coaster tycoon I think you guys know about that -- -- and that doubles. And I hold all right -- -- out if you just the name yet he he's behind that the what he's done now -- he's argue mean. He's argue that education since -- into the 2000 does. -- more towards. I CT education which is what they call information communications technology and -- really doing in his mind. It's kind of watering down the passion for computers that we're teaching a lot more about. Writing documents and we're processing how to -- presentations but not having people deep into more computer science like skills on the basic you know on a -- -- -- Elementary entry level so he's design. This ridiculous computer that's. Maybe the size of two -- three quarters wide it. -- is loaded with a 700 megahertz arm processor we've seen how those processors due in phones -- is it more than ample 120 megs of ram. Runs open GL ES 2.0 for pretty good graphics performance really you know web browsing that if this is really more -- Hackers -- that hackers and an education tool to get involved in computer science program as an html to -- to screen and a USB port to -- keyboard 25 dollars. Though. I mean this is incredible in ridiculous thing that ridiculous would be actually the word that he's I would say amazing. This is faster than the computer I had. Ten years ago you really wanna have a conscious of hyperbole used. I. -- -- I'm constantly. Earth shattering its historic but little else on the hook up. Let's get -- I ever really contest will -- no but I hope. This is really cool why they expected to be ready in a range of Linux distributions -- Ubuntu might be the main one that it ships with or the initial that it ships with. But on the -- Hot -- He's really -- about this do so on -- -- can be available to the mass market at the moment. This is -- they're also looking to distribute this -- for charitable foundations one called the raspberry -- foundation will promote computer science studies and schools. Well I mean I am also I think is really cool for the remember the One Laptop Per Child project and that whole -- -- sort of -- creating a unit for under a hundred bucks. The consultant developing countries in this guy sort of in his spare time did it. Really almost everything you need all you need is a keyboard connected to and has at least -- -- port so you can pick connected to almost EH DTV. -- got a full on computer. It can browse the Internet they can do all sorts of things. And -- as Sony's network yup. And there's that for people that ask in the chat room there is a storage. Look there's a storage slot with -- there's an SD card slot on their for storage. And it looks silly you can also -- other modules the image shows a twelve megapixel camera image sensor on top of the actual -- the chip board. So. And almost out that's why we had to bring it via home. It would also makes you wonder what about all -- cellphones because it essentially sounds like the innards of a modern Smartphone. With HDMI port I know we saw the HX four -- earlier this year this day. -- -- -- But I think the future might be a Bluetooth keyboard you bring home your Smartphone plug it into an HDTV now you've got your full on computing experience and extrapolate that to -- three years out. You might go to some real desktop class -- And let's let's not take this illegal way overboard this guys don't put this on your key chain in rock in a day I don't know. I know there are some people out there that are going to try to do that you're the same got -- I think the nano watch is cool -- -- was. I don't do -- today is not also lives just a heads up what's coming out next -- big news. The Google I -- this is the their main developer conference where they really release a lot of kind of some of the new toys -- the working with and you know we -- wanna do a rundown of some things that you guys can expect. Yeah -- first and foremost for most people listen to the show it's probably gonna be the update to Android. Now the biggest question that we have is whether they're finally -- -- -- -- That's three point -- with the gingerbread fro -- line 2.2 2.3. I don't know the word on the street is that they may still do a separate release and we may have to wait for another one thing that and keep it separate -- -- because it does the user paradigm is still very different from I had an Android Smartphone -- -- -- -- tablet. Some of the news coming out of the conference we hope to see is an update to the long awaited Chrome OS project that was -- the Weiler. Year ago actually last year's -- -- -- And they -- they were saying it's gonna be out before the end of the year we've only really -- the CR 48 notebook. But hopefully we may actually see some other notebooks and other manufacturers like Samsung. Don't know yet and the other you know big update there were also looking for -- global TV Google TV last -- -- found out. -- pretty heavily with the logic reviewed annually -- about 150000. Units. The word on the street is that they finally got their act together fix that the UI so it's actually usable. But those -- the three big ones and you might hear something about remembered the Google plus one. Announcement couple weeks ago. -- -- And anyway it really isn't how it's gonna work I'm not gonna work -- is no -- it's not gonna work. This last two. On the bus plus one is when I looked on this list I'll tell you aren't already and I don't wanna be mean about it but -- the -- Google TV they've already burned their bridges that manufactures with the first rollout it was even from a sales standpoint. They rolled out a product that they probably promise to -- factors. A lot of things and all the content deals that were not in place were severed after that first weekend you know Viacom content lot of Internet content that was part of the here's the Google TV experience immediately chopped up now. Do I like using their search algorithms to find programming yes but it's gotta be more than that. If they don't if they're -- -- Google TV and they don't have any manufactures. On board scene this is what Google TV to when it'll run on until you right now to get done. Well I don't know I might disagree a little bit in them as much as the other big rumor about Google T -- finally usable version is a -- They may add enjoyed app support somehow. It might change things. -- -- -- things that I don't think that we year. Or you know I agree and disagree we can agree to disagree look at -- I know it -- we can degree should turn. A but I -- you know people start at the political gamble no one has shown that -- coupled -- Mobile apps on -- you know our Android -- slashed -- apps on their TVs yet let's wait a blur but through a tablet. Probably but if it's through Google TV. I'm gonna say now. Well let's wait for developers and even jump over honeycomb before they jump over to go to him yet but yeah I'm excited to see what they have to bring in the Android ice -- Because Android OS for the mobile phones and mobile devices does keep and gain better Chrome OS. They really they have to partner with more manufacturers -- -- that people on board like you mentioned Samsung and Acer are planning to notebooks but we need to see more than that. -- -- I don't know I I would person what the CA. Polish up to -- a honeycomb -- why that's my biggest clone with the the honeycomb. You know platform right now it's actually prefer. The 2.2 interface to three point -- it looks really cool juvenile looks really cool but to actually use it is entirely different thing. I and that's why -- sort of see a lot of manufactures come out these new tablets shockingly still running 2.2. Yeah and noble and then also what we had talked about is how many of these main factors actually got their hands on honeycomb because Google's. You know I'm not gonna say that it's not useful because I think they're really just trying to target completely different audience -- and then in it was. When you say is -- will compare the an iPad. For your mom. Probably not but I don't think they want those people at all. Well I mean I and -- as Apple has shown that that that's opened up the market for people who never would've considered buying. A computer essentially on the go. And I you know the thing about Google the reason why it's so popular in the first place. -- that its main product is a box on the screen with two buttons. And I don't know I think that -- so -- that philosophy with honeycomb -- like to see something more like that. You know it let's. Innovate and -- to -- -- -- two -- -- you'll take over the market. In spades and just as Europe you feel lucky that the elderly are looked and at some of the -- -- guys who. That's not good for you. Got a little Italy did a lot actually a pretty I don't Polly pocket and take the -- actually -- left because I kicked his ass every -- -- -- -- It's really unfortunate -- you aren't alone in its -- is likely that it doesn't all right. Just the -- Asus is transformer tablet really cool tablet talks directly -- to this. Keyboard pad if you want it and also it's running honeycomb is well. There's rumors or rumblings about a shortage so you know. People decided to maybe some -- -- -- Wii news we just ask -- what's going on. I know people say Asus Asus I think there's -- officially -- -- I think its its loose yet. This -- -- -- what they have said -- it wasn't necessarily a component shortage but the demand is so much higher than they expected. Because I think the waters had intended for other tablets at the moment they -- you know the in game wasn't like -- rolling out 500000 units so. They had 100000 units produce in May 200000 plus he in the streets around June and they said after that point. They should be good and but looking no -- -- -- initial sales of around 300000 units but this is. Struck a chord with users and is pretty popular so this is good thing for tablets. Yeah no I'm I'm excited about it it -- I think this is what the H friction event should have been and zoom with a -- global -- But matrix as excited as many tech people where about it not too many people adopt it. Nominee tech people are even using an honest as as a laptop dock as a phone -- great phone. Also quick hit IOS four point 3.3 the untethered jailbreak is available now that means you don't -- do. Attach it your computer every time if you have to restart the phone or whatnot. This supports devices like the iPhone three G 3GS iPhone -- the iPod Touch Apple TV. An iPad so you guys in the jail breakers -- -- listening to us. I stopped overeating because I'm just tired of playing the cat and mouse game buttons. For those you -- have time to -- to do it because there are definitely benefits that. On that's available also in our final -- -- Mozilla. Jeff Barr is the Department of Homeland Security does an update will -- you wanna -- -- the story a little bit. So are a couple months ago there was that sort of big hoopla about the Department of Homeland Security in the FBI coming in and -- -- all these domains are retired at least piracy web sites. So some hackers and some programmers on the Internet. -- come together and actually put together if Firefox add on that if you typed in the original domain and URL it would -- direct you to secondary or backup. So here's -- service circumvent the fact that FBI's CD seize these domain I guess. You why they don't like that now this is a quick update the Department of Homeland Security did not serve Mozilla the court order they just requested them to do it so Mozilla pushed back. And they wanted to prove that way how is their add on called mafia with two days at the end. Just occasionally tried out if it's illegal or not so their site and you know it come until they actually service in -- we're not gonna do anything about it so I -- Allah I can like acting like that that's -- -- -- -- that's been bullet in the in my case and prove it. Yet it's being legal in that was the biggest issue with these in the domains is that like -- is OK can -- government is committed. Take cnet.com away from -- even now. Just because we're being sued by the media because little Lime Wire thing is that okay I mean that -- this would be if -- -- if functional equivalent young. I think it's different -- by proxy like rate. I mean it doesn't pass my taste tests I. And easily -- and -- Okay. We're gonna gonna gonna -- well Wilson giggles like -- schools are not an analytic. -- business with you -- gonna go check out some of the cool lag gadgets that we implement. -- -- -- Engines gadgets. In a flexible paper phone created boomer research from the human media lab McKinney Canada's green university -- -- -- fully punk -- Floppy. It's in your pocket. -- the way you want it to fold they refer to -- as a paper computer. As a rigid. A body -- counterparts. You can make and receive calls or. It there's also -- an example of it that can be used as a wrist band that. I'm not gonna use it that way. I I'm not gonna but it -- because is that this is this is local stuff I love this. This is minority report that in real life -- picking up PC through a piece of plastic -- -- actually type I did it updating real life. CU I guarantee within a year policy Lady Gaga wearing something like this and -- -- out. This is gonna revolutionize football game patent Manny and we'll be able to just dominate even more. Which is what treasure chest and -- -- I was actually in the NFL needs to take notice the thing is gonna blow off. -- -- it on his wrist it's free it's the end of all it's the little -- on Israel as its -- it is really cool. Also in other kick -- gadgets. If you like you -- You like this an excellent company who doesn't like -- yeah -- -- hands in digital jello agility Eagles like that. Gyrating -- New York this is from -- a company called. Movie seats they that we talked about tennis of these interactive experiences. -- SD box technologies -- -- at a Montreal is introducing a physical motion. To the movie viewing experience. Emotions range from -- its board backside aside experience momentary. Free fall. Probably not good for -- Let's they -- like a character leaps off a cliff sites he controls let viewers dialed down the intensity. They're rolling it out in the the theaters now but -- find in any of the major ones. Like that MC theaters or a Regal Entertainment Group the company is -- to expand it to 200 locations from -- up to 1000. The -- -- for years. I I want it I had -- a fast. I I would be dot. I -- -- awesome -- incredible. I know I I think we've talked extensively about this many -- -- talked about this. -- like the movie industry really needs to innovate and before you always hear crap about like -- no vision yet I really wanna smell the diesel. I don't mind it. I don't. But I actually might want to feel like I'm in the car or like in Lord of the Rings you know there's a battle that -- -- that might be. And the union and you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But. I think actually I want to bring these to my home yet a lot of from India for videogames absolute idiot while you were in that whole body test that like you -- the shots -- -- underneath the back a bit like these and think body's needs and -- -- Of late like quality of yet shot -- like the late in the lower area -- there -- -- And your mom would be laughing in the background because depleted in her living room. Yeah I know I mean this is is really cool I I wanna see this at home but I would much rather see in the -- -- I like this better than three. Don't always told I'd rather have this totally. It's not RA we're gonna wrap things up recent lepers that we have are happy and mr. Stephen Beecham -- as -- so I'd like to introduce this -- and a gentler of the board burst ya -- look at ordered an email -- sent this this video it's pretty funny and but they put a Chrome OS notebook. And see if it'll bland but -- we would love this area. We love the series. I don't think they've blended a MacBook Air yet it's the interest. Thanks get through it a little bit. -- is the Chrome -- okay whatever I hadn't been around in there. Saves them. But again it's not obviously. Chrome notebook won't fit in Atlantic -- We've had this problem. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He just pulled -- willing to look regular press the delete -- And it blending them -- Only wild. -- -- -- -- You know it's Friday -- blended maybe. I'll -- right -- I don't think and -- with Arab land. I -- not right now and not getting that have been able I'm just saying I'm just -- you alone know. Pretty great while. I'll make you wonder what the what it's made out of now -- didn't drink then. To read this. -- -- my roommates and skills they. But the problem whether it. -- -- He's -- his information is still McCloud. Is a cool. Alright guys we wanna hear from you obviously -- gonna check out what's up in a feedback police. -- -- -- Our idea branded today's guest and you -- -- would you know what's notable -- first I apologize. We've got sever your calls and we player phone calls -- we'll come from brand. Who is telling us. Adamantly that the -- is a tablet. Eight -- can you review Bryant from G again. Yesterday that so fourteen. -- As we mentioned that the -- -- not a tablet. Hey I say to you it is. It's -- it cortex. -- eight tank rockets. X and -- fast are targeted at ten minutes. Earlier there outside my -- -- ready. I can -- any -- award due to sit out the door no problem. -- -- -- -- Is Apple okay Bryan -- he's mean first of all your name -- the same as mine we have something in common. If you listened and didn't get a little -- -- yourself I was the one that said it was a tablet. Journals like the -- not a tablet I'm like dude it's a tablet. A case O'Brien united. Where did okay just make sure just just if you play back the podcasts -- music just listen. And don't get all your panties up in a bundle because I -- said -- as a tablet. And we've been seen on the show that is the best value for -- it on the market right now 200 bucks Kansas sleeper tablet right now I liked -- do not okay. Also under the bush -- coming from Macs. And he's telling us that Intel's not the only one with the -- processor architecture. -- -- -- Equity mention Apple's specialty chip architecture. You -- opt out. The publisher of the great work. He is right this silicon on that have product -- chip was three dimensional there were multiple. I like Kenneth square arrangements. -- Cuba right yes definitely deftly and -- the rumor is he will be back. For more like -- I I actually did that because -- -- if you guys are familiar were and its is really good. Terminator five the script with Arnold attached to it. Is being shopped around -- -- -- Justin -- the director of fat diet is on board to direct it -- -- We better get those movie seats in every theater by the time that comes out -- islands. See I think that -- -- -- -- He -- in the engine is that in this new time line it's gonna be sky net is Google really like it didn't know everything that. You know I don't know how much how many Botox injections are gonna open -- man believes Apple is -- be a lot but it can keep up with. Continuity of you know his appearance. All right -- the emails this one come from Danny from does points paid -- -- actions it has pointed at people like Dick Tracy that. -- branded today's guest have you noticed that no matter how many times you go into account settings on basement and turn -- email and text notifications. FaceBook randomly turned some of them back on just last week I turned off about when he notification that randomly were turned on. And now again I -- randomly -- upper basement deals emails and group notifications I never click to subscribe to anything and this is unacceptable. By FaceBook. I -- a degree I've. The new I have to assume well I guess what deals I just surf the web page -- in subscribed -- did not click subscribers look to the page adults and I'm getting -- -- -- -- left and right. I happens it certainly happens and they get so planet were like I feel like. I need and email address just for FaceBook. I wanna kill my profile start all over again I want a new Digital Life. -- -- -- -- -- You -- the next -- -- you have it on your street. Yeah it says hey buzzes I'm in the military and I -- stationed overseas I think companies moving from -- to digital is a terrible idea. Besides being deployed to areas of the world -- we don't have Internet access. They still can get Amazon packages via the post office and a lot of things are reasonable restrictions like music and movies on the and it ends up costing a lot more for a lot of people -- -- a really good point about how going pure digital. Doesn't does it a benefit are gonna servicemen. Overseas but it just makes accessing this content a lot harder. -- in our little tech bubble world like we love digital downloads we love these indiscretion but -- is that I like to have the disk handy just because I. I don't wanna if you if you're on the go -- and you're like oh can I update my OS oh you don't have an Internet -- you don't have a disk will you're screwed but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I -- physical goods to and it sort of just what you're seeing distorts reality I'd be very curious what would happen to -- -- San Francisco involves on the Internet. Turn off. Like one -- somebody's actually cut -- cut the fiber optic link here what mayhem but that. All they right now Twitter would go down because -- -- -- there's still and the world would end up. -- world lit and does the mess and people aren't getting tweets. For some reason or another -- divided by an on the latest -- discount and a half. As well as a -- -- -- okay guys you know what it's Friday. And even -- miss Molly isn't here we still have one special you know where you you know what I that is. -- -- -- -- -- -- There's he loved the give as it is -- you listen you -- -- but never in her. Okay here we go this is an email hasn't seen like that they like they know we give love advisable and not so we're gonna take ever. Viewers and listeners -- -- crew trying to make a very long story short I was dumped last June 2 days before my 27 birthday two weeks before what would have been her seven year anniversary. I found out he was cheating with girls online and over the phone again. While it worked and paid to build a confronted him expecting the same -- promises that changed since then I came home from work to find him packing his truck and he moved back -- Texas. I -- I was gonna -- this guy as soon as -- found as soon as he found a job we can afford it then -- gun after a lot of tears which I still find while I type this I'm better. I'm trying to start over I dad my hair new -- -- lost almost fifty -- the joint -- keep -- about three months ago. -- -- -- a couple of nice guys obviously had coffee with -- and I'm really into these 28 a programmer. Makes me laugh we have a tiny comet and he even owns his own home that's -- that's a mandated. The problem having with someone -- Prominent having is how do I tell about my -- -- the fact that I was with someone for seven years I don't wanna make a big deal but I need is still slow because of what happened before and like it or not. My acts as part of major part of my past. Attract a broad subject knowledge refer to -- act as a friend when I tell stories and involve them which I try not to do but we really did everything together. So it's a bombshell and I know not to drop it on the first date but the longer I wait right -- -- got more feels like a bigger bomb. I like to bring it -- -- conversation but second -- -- -- Think those who have had a hell of a year including getting. -- last Friday but you've always been able to make me smile I just keep -- you guys keep make me feeling a little less alone in this day. And the anyway yeah I have. I -- -- your advice. A bullet my advice yeah I -- -- there is is -- Don't -- not. As as a man in in it's a religious. Previous relationship several backtracked -- certain bacteria carried final ever Lauren was. Now don't it's never good never bring up an -- and when you referred to a situation that you you were in with -- acts. Column your friend that's it that's the best way to go about it has no matter what happens. Someone's gonna get jealous umi at oh you didn't take me out to the ballpark you didn't get me flowers in this game you think we can do this together and that's what's gonna happen. Why we we have -- -- ally with anyone before I click my friend. Okay that's not how -- -- here here's my take actually it's actually a little different because. No guy wants to hear about the dudes here the current earlier with your hooking up with -- -- got ray -- and how well -- ever but it's. Here's the thing. If he. Ask questions about it and he's willing to deal with that I think it's okay to tell because to me when you can't like when you really can't talk about an -- It to -- it indicates you're still hurt and you're still trying to get over things like when you like I can talk about the alliances because I'm way past it but when I could it. It was because I still kind of had an attachment to them -- -- ready so. I really feel that something that you might have to work through and -- seven years that's a major party like ignite an emeritus -- -- big deal. But really don't serve up that information he doesn't ask where you know -- high. Wants to hear no -- don't hear it and it sounds like as a first date. Or in the first I guess couple of weeks of -- does -- Making it -- it will your voice is very sage once you've been dating for a couple months. Slide first couple no guy wants to hear about your ex on the first night of conversation. Even have you ever you know your your married man -- years you've been you've been through the ups and downs. Oh what you're -- have you ever been in a situation where some enlightenment -- -- -- you know have you've gone you that. I I don't know why she's compelled -- I don't know why -- -- I think to keep it yourself it becomes maybe like -- -- then you know maybe like preannouncement. You're just gonna like tell that show the got -- you have all the baggage yen and one thing that we don't like. Is -- I let me tell you right now know that the reports seriously and go back to us that the country Al Franken I don't want it. Okay guys -- that's gonna deal for this we show. Think it's a much wheels were coming out there and now yet at a time I'll be able to laugh and deliver news at the same time. Is it possible. Stressed who has yet but I do wanna talk about people that don't know -- from about. -- so if you haven't listened. I host -- show with Jeff Bakalar and just -- Other editors at CNET New York. A -- -- for -- mostly sort of a very different take. From actually -- well it's more about tech and culture so -- really later pop culture weird stuff that you have on the Internet. Is that -- we just try to have a good time. -- it's a fun show let's not let's let's cut. Let's not candy color -- -- on that show. And -- to have mr. Brian Tong back in the show I -- we broke the show notes on climate. If you think we got the rails here you know you wanna listen that -- I I would not advise my moment to even to developers. I. It -- it gets that bad but -- -- excellent so -- so we're gonna get some get a didn't. Makes -- in the audio feed our guys let's get a deal makes sure to send us if you guys wanna check out. Our show notes on -- -- that we covered here below that cnet.com also you can call us at 800. 6162638. You voicemails around thirty to 45 seconds and we love you guys are actually doing really good -- about that lately via I'll also said she knows the buzz at cnet.com we will read your emails talk about what you really think about what you like and also we keep on -- connected computer loves so. Have a great weekend we'll see you next week Molly will be back in the house with their presentation. Eight app or keynote presentations. That she agreed to Molly is now converted she -- I work -- she bought. -- Tyler that you get up on PowerPoint. You know now she's she's in the middle of okay and -- only -- on in the -- Monday or Tuesday though we will return with her keynote presentation. And toddlers so you guys have a great day enjoy the weekend they're mildly lover happy mother's there. Okay with you guys. Now that's what -- stretch. Back.
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