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The 404: Ep. 1404: Where we channel surf with Robyn Ross

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The 404: Ep. 1404: Where we channel surf with Robyn Ross

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TVGuide.com's Robyn Ross is in the studio today to talk about the best and worst television of 2013 and give us a sneak peak at what's to come in 2014.

It's Tuesday December 17 2013. These is -- 404 show on CNET object. Mario on the union. Welcome to the program today we're joined by a first time world -- yes she's freaking out about this you can hear it in her voice Robin Ross staff editor from TV guide com. And I'm fantastic thank you so much for being here. This is an off some sort of thing in the works -- -- for couple months we met a few months ago. Visio. Robin. You have a -- -- when I tell people like. Video games for a living day. First they spit on my issues and then they say -- -- -- You you and I are not -- from different -- use use you watched TV field. That idea I mean there watching. -- -- where they come out which is the thing that -- people really -- -- did you get to see it shows the for the -- and -- very scenes and stuff that doesn't premiere until this -- -- so is it similar with that -- like I have to sign in India is out of the a video -- you and I'm holding -- on that for the most -- they actually just send them to all cracked -- like you know a few shows that are super locked out here in the -- and something accurate it's not -- -- actually right on right. So all right so this is great is here he's watching TV -- -- you come in here you know like -- -- 7 shows in the morning Michael that's that's normal for 12 o'clock and after carries certain man planning ward explained to me like. Your data day -- had is you know because this is. You know people like a legacy of and I wanted to be like I work a lot with videogames are like -- so it's just you play -- we know it's -- job -- so kind of take us through -- Well every day is is pretty -- rant on because where fulltime website 24 hours just -- a week. Sometimes and updating the home page you know changing all the layout listens to her time you know very well. Like times writing story is whether it's just news pick -- things that are going on in the world and television -- entertainment -- pop culture here. I'm and -- is -- -- MI on sax at I did an interview on Monday in the shows premiering on Thursday where he and that -- Sun when I'm not doing that and probably watching TV whether it's for her under color things that actually have to for work. But I really I haven't I haven't TV on my guest -- in addition to my main computer. And I even think you I haven't watched TV all day but it's really it's -- -- -- -- -- You you've you've become so ingrained in the TV or you just need but I like that comforting glow. -- I have a morning -- on tube. And Anna had meet sometimes apparently Kelly and Michael -- lower ran speaker -- even watch that stuff out yet because a lot of people like on air sometimes I'm talking this way you kind of -- of that they're doing the whole -- wearing -- ahead sailing to the. So that's chemicals you get to interview a lot of actresses and actors and you talk to people behind the scenes -- -- -- that is. What have you -- sort of stood out for U 2013 in terms of interviews. Costs. -- -- -- -- -- I did interviews for shows they don't cover because I do interviews in our studio and -- Look -- inner view. Like DB list ram you know homeland. You know I don't. -- Die -- -- time and thank you. A lot -- Actually -- interview is really. So what is it like interviewing these people because I would imagine it's painful because well I actually I talked to just a pad repair a cookie sheets and he's got his stuff that I do I do weekly interview with him and get enter okay and you know each other -- -- sharing. And I do a lot of CW -- because -- third imaging camera is -- married -- -- let a little yeah all well. They have so whenever I had them come in and I -- I actually sat lots and I accidentally it. I'm going to Nashville at for the -- national that was. -- highlight that's. So they issued in Nashville yeah -- is totally legit -- issued. That day -- was -- set in the shooting in real story that they do you open Mike -- -- nightly redstone -- now. Like you have a through our hands and and you had only thing and you'd sit out -- lot. Very cool. On our rights as the end of the year. Things are winding down its only logical to start talking about the best and worst of 2013. -- now. I don't believe that -- -- -- -- -- do you know you may be better than someone would know someone having only met them once or twice. Mom I know you're like really into the Bravo stuff the -- in my life is well. I inserted into you when I'm home because when I hate when I get home from work honestly and turn on -- HDTV varieties they aren't that thinks about it and I don't I don't think -- quality assurance that out -- Comforting thing you. In giant like a millionaire matchmaker here and name. See that I've you know and I'm I'm unfortunately familiar with all that -- -- -- reliable crazies she needs to watch -- shows about people who just. Just -- matter -- And you know I think I think she's a terrible person overall she comes off as very person. And she actually keep him into the studio here and this is actually funny I had a few people he -- dot com. On -- videotape and asking us -- and then when paddy Keenan. Least weekly her in the video and then she answered questions and she acts that really inappropriate things -- that I candy -- and it. Something that millions of eyes and that it -- valued at almost I don't want -- to be a -- no one I'll just one of the guys are asking about -- picking up girls and am via. And she has made a comment about. Yeah liking her boyfriend when he comes on in the DM and Sony are right that -- like. Really -- now I'm. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She wanted to get you drunk -- that you know dealing in our allies and I watch that show interview I don't know it's -- it's an awful show but it's basically like god she calls herself the millionaire matchmaker and only she knows the secrets to hooking millions up. With would be our life -- And she's need to people she's like -- Secure and stupid you're too short. People have no control over it like your ugly and stupid no millionaire -- ever -- -- view. And they're like -- my -- ID with the machine though right. I wanna spend too much time -- have an anti terrorism. I over although and I have a lot of -- that I'm super psyched about. You and I talked a little bit before we went on the air and and I told you I confess to -- them a big cartoon fan. -- -- -- -- -- -- And add as much I'm gonna take that as an -- now that path now that's exiles like and what the cherry and I am a grown up and I think. Not that's not hurt you but actually you and I are from the -- generation the three of -- -- you know a kind of that and app which we share like a span of five years or so -- I -- say. In the the the ninja turtles and grappling. Ghostbusters. -- so every growing a -- but I -- it deserves -- awesome hello again. Yes Jim and it's totally outrageous. Like. We're getting to I don't want him higher fees and answer to my favorite show -- you know and we've actually writing about the -- I am not easily love that he has the Brian okay and now it -- Of -- like you do know the name of adult with Brian -- new -- she's the Z -- and that's that. So it was that was sort of controversial guest book and I understand why you'd want -- -- -- but I think cartoons. Are like at the cutting edge of comedy on TV like archer. Well. I know like my colleagues at CD actually just wrote about. Brick and Marty is opening -- EXT and are in a new yet on results -- right yes now I mean I can see. It's just not my. Right and just use not stoned enough to enjoy probably say yes I mean adult swim I think that's sort of stuff has to be taken with like you know some sort of reservation but. You know when you look -- like FX and Mike archer and like even like Bob's burgers and stuff like I mean some real quality comedy. -- I don't think there's a live action show that's as funny as archer. You're gonna disappears and it. I I actually don't watch a lot of companies -- -- in terms of new economy is one of the -- that is like super -- up on our list for -- -- -- -- -- whole -- Okay I feel like you'd kind B and CO you have is very hot dogs are you -- from the AD but people. Love -- -- and that was the -- into a lot of people because there's been so many -- like the coming out right. I think that your -- right there aren't that many companies reiter up there. I mean this I I know they came -- with -- on fox and that was oh my god add an especially -- like -- BC yeah playing sort of partners at this development company for video games which totally spit in the face. Of that cited industry like all my buddies in the injury like what that -- -- this. -- about -- BC totally miscast. He's just not a comedic actor. You know he's either the creep or -- lake. You know the sort of quiet guy who can yet we -- off the rails and any moment yeah he's not the comic relief guy Seth Green whatever it just didn't work out. Army town what do you think the -- birds is sort of like our generations the wonder years even though I don't wanna output and the wonder years. I don't like hitting a way of knowing underlying such drama that it's heard was it's hard to get care yeah this is accommodating probably one of the first instance carriers to capture. An Apple like it -- past generation and ultimately that I am. People can enjoy today -- because I mean that's seventy -- obviously was around for a little bit but it's it's. Really hard to. Watch. An holders on matter decade and -- related to platinum. As -- -- that show even though it took place in the -- it failed to bring that. Decade out in the show yes it that the comedy felt more current you know -- it was sort of like this an acronym yadda. I mean Google Earth has so many nine city -- share which is why I think it's that -- real and right people are. -- tastefully area pray sound. Right on all right so you see you tend to cover more drama stuff all right so -- your picks for 2013 I want to know -- Robin brought us. Who runs TV dad -- decide what stays on and what's get what gets canceled. That's of people believe that they think you're like Asia bear it and -- TV guide invited you in a lot like really we don't -- TV today -- Really YouTube doesn't it's -- you have to get like re adding -- Middle America -- play. TV guy you can for PT UK the line up you know I I -- I got its tail and I think. While TV -- has we have there are less than a year section there's a clean out Aston and -- and a lot of the -- would be -- as well. Just for your time a -- -- them. New shows that lack. Of your effort it's the -- speeder dad it's. You know ego and done and that's NBC at NBC which they definitely couldn't use it it yet. And it's just. -- theater is like he's so perky and he just works this -- -- he wouldn't work in in annie's. In every part yet he wouldn't work in every -- mystery procedural but this one he -- and I love like. The case that week chlorine is that it -- and there are ran so it's like an overarching theme right -- steel -- week to week thing it's just that -- stuff like this week's worth exactly. And -- and dateline and I need to check via homeland ended that. Not very high on -- advanced then that's the add a lot of people are just not that needs to three meters a little Brody. Which makes and done and well don't do I want violence. And we have to make your review on Simpson we can't spoil anything now I want to Bryant thing was almost too -- ask about our. -- -- Decided long time ago -- Cartoons can have spoilers out -- there -- only two years that they're just there and don't worry about -- and you can spoil the hell out of it. All right so notebook -- -- -- home economy does it -- first season fantastic second season there -- the fourth -- I suppose -- Carolina. -- -- Season three yeah I was born on breaking that obviously share your -- -- and yes I -- and immediately. In earlier seasons. I in thinking that greeted I was great -- in -- me out the this season now. -- like happened in those screeners -- movies like I want to keep seeing and they. There -- showed and I think got as cute as breaking bad did towards the and the only show they came to mind was the shield I thought that shield got progressive. We better yeah it's really hard to stay strong you know I mean that was a season five was breaking that. But because it's cable. And their model is so different -- they couldn't -- Avis yes shorter episode -- -- that you really tells a great story and and some shows or does not meet for tiny tube episode order and I think that. Like everyone's been talking about how that kindness screws things up a little and actually. On the opposite of blacklist hostages was sort of the matter and big mystery show that people are excited about hostages did the cable model for CBS that that completely. Around -- Right now I think there's good there's a lot of psychology to it I think the way you know that sort of -- form factor of the show really dictates. How it needs to be written -- and perhaps hostages sort of you know -- gold with that because of that time. Yeah come and also people like to watch things you know without a three way and -- went like Britain that there is. Break in between you have -- that you can fully that's exactly row now comes I think. It's funny bring that up is that I think a lot of people overlook that that sort of thing like you know shows that are usually written for television -- commercials into consideration -- part of the narrative socially with an a cliffhanger that attacks. Exactly -- -- clip anger sort of straddle both cable and or or premium stuff and network TV. Arm put what I notice this year and I'm sure you've seen you do you are you Sons of Anarchy person -- I am I actually it's on the less of adherents are huge fans in my coworker. Adam covers -- chair and is. So what's amazing about that show is Kurt -- the guy behind it I feel like has gotten to the point where FX it's like here you have the network for ninety minute at you with it what you gonna -- -- -- -- -- earned it. But I think this season and I know a lot of our listeners are huge sounds American fans. This season was kind of crazy every episode was ninety minutes. It just was so much of -- such an investment yes. On and then you know it was a good season I'm -- I'm never gonna say it was bad but the finale. For me didn't. Yeah and seamlessly off half the photos -- people I've never been talked about and there -- -- and -- -- -- was -- an -- like 48 -- -- Our. Trending you know with our stories and -- -- is number. Number line -- lamb which doesn't cost and sheer. Smaller audience. Absolutely. I don't know there was something about it where it just felt like it was shock for the sense of just for the sake of shock. All I found it a little predictable address even though -- -- sort of like taking -- -- there -- no this is pretty much what should happen act. Yeah I just an and I thought there -- -- usually. Sun -- so good it sealing up but all those holes and a ceiling all of his tracks. And I just teasing you with you know what I honestly think I think the show is finally just getting away from him I think he's just not and it's not his fault. You know he he was behind a big portion of the shield that -- amazing you know he starts the Sons of Anarchy show when it it just starts and after like the second and third season. And I think it just. It seems too much pressure but I just think like at Texas like it you can't Apple at all this -- be. -- every single season and it's been and he's delivered and this isn't a bad season it just. For me as a die hard sons of arrogant I had just put things need be though you know went off the -- at the -- Any not to compare them although we've recently. -- -- -- and then if you like people need to focus on their one shallow idea because when -- get. Pulled into many directions. It just it really makes it work suffering. We need our help bananas scandal is that the area craze we had a strand are -- like. Why we're giving upgrade is right but the thing I'm good a lot of people give up one's a little while ago -- its theme actually ABC is like Sunday your aren't being adamant about that light. She's got so much stuff going on right now -- I think it takes away from each of the project that on its own can be so. Absolutely I mean there's nothing wrong with sticking with one show yeah I think that it's okay. You know and and you're right and into that well with with Sutter it sounded like I think he's like training on yeah be -- act now and it's just like you. Now if this one name married to peg it's like -- ninja enjoy yourself man. On this was an unbelievable year Ford non TV program. Netflix Amazon right this real deal Netflix is up for grammys this year I mean I'm Tagalog or got -- -- this year. Yes likely to start in the morning edition did I just started I -- so lately it oh my god can't I mean for -- for anyone else to be okay -- actually gone -- constantly -- now out our new black yeah just started this morning. -- -- -- you watch what seven episode. Clicks on the current habits -- that. On but that -- minute number Q on -- -- -- around the years reality app. Yeah and how many shows are on best of the year on the -- it's funny this year we actually -- the -- a little bit longer than usual chair but the also there were so many things that ran. So I'm like kind of memorize -- could you give us like the top five at the end of the is it is it live on the site yet it is it is the gaming on our company okay so maybe I'll have to -- act I. And we'll go we'll go -- Italian -- breaking bad right here is aren't you that's. Yeah an amazing I mean I can see NASA to and we talked with the Goldberg's is number twenty -- -- I don't want you to -- we're talking about with the with the -- -- -- -- blacks. Yes -- so I just started an -- on my coworkers -- are currently on my Twitter followers aren't -- via one of those things they just didn't. Get to watch first hear -- I am I heard from. So I am excited because I haven't done -- on TV shows I think I covered any of that stuff. I haven't really gotten a chance to get into the Amazon in -- right you know house of cards and all that and a staff. -- I am gonna try to do that over break but yeah I mean. -- -- -- Crazy how well is and -- also. But or from black which is on people shouldn't he America and you know who'd -- thought and -- Tatiana the star is like. The biggest. Like name -- on is like rooting for now comfort. And love that though I love the fact yet and I mean -- used to just be label all the good social and HBO let's be honest like it just used to like that -- and not to take anything away -- -- the other stuff is still for can fantastic for the most part. Farm but it's just so cool -- like now there's these crowd funding sort of sort -- If you have a good idea Billy your odds of never been better -- is the good stuff is really -- gonna rise that's. Right or even if late. Veronica -- -- cult following yet -- you're in good shape. Yeah you know its its gonna we're gonna what other com have you -- -- any other shows that are like part of the Netflix like the house -- card sorting out. I had I -- on that's not on our list and haven't watched that on. Eight are like most -- -- I covered chest hit their winter finale isn't going on -- But it's actually the Olympics coming up here -- haven't -- pretty long. Long rate before most egregious acts in an anti level you are now saying like you like and quietly -- hi there is that I hotter yeah and that's for eighty him because those are -- -- -- I'm just looking at this listening yeah yeah I -- you back yet. Number god -- number seventeen. Was justified. Or via and that we -- -- -- -- focus on just a variety asses another on that. Hit it really it's -- and this year and then -- Just because Timothy elephant is like super dreaming is no. -- -- One and I kind of and I highly that uncovers that and he's married and I don't get an accident the all of aunt and he's -- hands down. That -- like we -- talking about it actually this morning and -- season. -- -- so. Now did you know of this actor before justify. All that -- now. He has a very special place in my heart movie -- -- in like 99. You know movie that is I -- this is crossing into movie territory of you not it's. Yes -- yet you -- go -- all right. So why -- -- asking you I've seen them you know its its I -- And because the UK IE -- absolutely he was he was Todd -- the drug -- It was as our other calls just in a Mike on remember you have obviously seen the god by hand in signal never -- and and it. Of these the other track record like old report and I. Go is a classic film on so that you got -- -- so read you your stock has gone through the creek and -- -- so it's kind of said something's. And this year -- thirty -- the bomber. Yeah. 30 Rock. Breaking bad a lot of shows -- coming to -- -- yeah so it's kind of like an add a link in new generation and that her -- start. Yeah I mean. -- -- -- there were so many new shows this year look at that and it seems kind of I don't know right -- kind of fell off. The wagon -- bit I mean out of all those new shows. I'm I'm pretty sure not all of them are are getting picked back. And yeah there's I mean there's a lot that are definitely beyond the kinds -- next year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Completely bearings -- like like the how do you like gangbusters an -- and I -- -- because it's like. -- -- -- -- -- Shows that are terrible that -- well that's better likes to go crazy that you use like believe it is you know there. Purposely trying to -- out there Gregory's -- -- So that was actually that was a big shadow her for her and freshman. -- -- -- keep asking parent and I just haven't and -- -- that it parenthood that might be my main immediately. Number one in my unfamiliar with the -- is is that it that's telling funny right isn't. Just endearing I. -- -- -- -- It's on the football thing. The complete series on salary man and then 37 dollars at -- page -- And ethnic -- -- just -- -- -- having it taken I'd again and the theme and I hated for it does it and the writing is chest. I laughed and -- in the name in. Wanna cry I know ever wanna cry -- -- -- -- Triad the front and I would like for I have. You're gonna hope you're. Right this is stupid that on the dating I don't cry but I get choked choked up -- those stupid. All right it's on HBO. And it's it's known now. Pat showed -- that I cry for different reasons that you know. Signal they do these -- HBO sports mean yes okay on the died diehard hockey and not just the devils but like -- -- -- This sport tonight and -- succeed in the in the country. And the way they -- -- what you -- when you are and it might lead Shriver win when he narrates -- so. Heart warming and he's got such a magical voice and they would start the show off they're talking about like the winner classic you know that's -- -- -- And they start to show off and they're talking about like little kids -- like the best little kids what they want to be when they grow but it's so. It's like -- chokes me up that's what do I need. Superior. When they -- show the players with their kids on the ice. Still like -- and and a very similar it's so realistic in terms of like. Just the crazy dynamics of families and you have. Just so many like one of the kids -- -- and then you have you know that parents -- just adopted it. Like -- I think he's ten and then like there's so many different things and it's fun it's just it's great all right -- I cried on the -- and good do you mean that what -- -- you remove remotely. I I don't know anything about this show -- about ministers have sex with is it really. Your story isn't it yeah it would after John and I am saying that he wrote that back it has to be vaguely studying news. Just like human sexuality. Kinsey that sort of that's very similar -- End the show is is like the early years when he started it so spoiler alert it's real history meaning and together -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Odd but she comes on is like a resurgence this and -- -- -- and there's been a tiny cameos this year Adam on the only season partly out and Danny isn't that Brandon. Anti different people but -- it's very patents slow paced so you know -- Definitely -- all heard at and other people who stuck with it -- it it's -- eatery. Cool. -- is is American horror story on this list. If you have a happy then edit -- not -- now six now do you do you like it so I love other car I do and I like car that's like not garish -- -- And the first season of American RI. Was very wish washing down my wife of its second season I thought was on. Freaking believable I believe that Jessica line killed people like literally and figuratively to steroid people and that show it was amazing. Brilliant cast exact keep -- and I love that -- awesome. This season -- -- -- and dad and my wife's like. You can tell she's not into it yet going through the most yet she's and she's like pot admitted that she's discovered. But yeah it's not -- -- form and curious I have added what you thought. -- -- -- Not lag and -- -- Not my thing. And that sounds that rightly say is -- -- pretty much heard on -- an error has done in hearing how much about. -- and there. Now it's -- I think it's kind of on the now on number six and yours is beat at -- HBO. I'm a fan yeah yeah I know why I have salute of love the show tiny now Tony we actually had -- on our show. And Sony on -- -- -- Rutan on at least Hana -- Some privileges to recognize it's like on the knees and -- thanks Steve he won an award for his influence which is even better this popular this is the show that's getting better TV's the and she wine and held -- -- -- I got it it's very -- And I was aware crush on -- directors are not blank out like what's -- she straightened her hair. That's she acts -- -- at the port says she's so that -- -- mom mad -- number five mad men never really got into it. Yeah I. I was always on top and it -- client apps. Down -- like how much it's on there. And but it's coming and now. Mean just look -- that and I I don't know why I mean I hope not and a -- -- -- it'll -- Yeah. All right number four nights at here -- RA when you're. Is definitely -- I mean. -- -- -- each show costs -- five million dollars. And it's Leo did you read that mean I did in fact. And I'm kind of on the fence about that some people call me loser not having read the books and silencer hisha -- rattle which is actually -- Now. I've -- -- the silly I used to -- readers especially how far behind the -- -- compared to the books right at the time line. On yeah I mean I just the production value is so. Off the charts the did this it's so well written character or pseudo. Act and there. I -- I was -- but you know like. That's the kind of show where I just I was so cool with that -- like -- good. -- -- let's just go crazy let's have. Anarchy happen and that's what happened -- love though game at the rounds number four on the list. That has come back to -- march -- April again ask. However -- -- CBS. The good life of its. Good way it has had such a strong c.s and again there -- like. You know season five yeah I believe. And I've been watching since -- the -- without one as well. And they totally change the game this season and what they did like. -- be on you know a short version of the story is. They started their own -- read lately I'm margulies character so there's like two different firms which totally content -- -- -- But it's it's really get it working now yeah and people are just huge fans of the -- and -- strong. All right I don't know if it's like for my Democrat yes I mean I also I like. Sorted and legal medical drama that whole bracket it shows that it. That's why aren't his new black British -- you have black while the -- there I have. And watch it I did watch most of weeds a price at the scene executive producer. On. I've heard good stuff news would use you've only seem like a little the first. Yeah so I just started and a sun. My coworkers ex asked so how I a layer I can check it out -- -- I have I think are lucky today yeah. And yet his big role in -- he placed her out on -- look at him. No he's a huge part of it he's. He's got to bring girl and parents you have to file a list. Do he's so local area now and this. -- actually break out of these early on you really likes super interesting article about. Being famous and also -- -- guy in bunkers that applies exactly. He's just really for it in funny idea married to comedian can't they're very cool no surprise you know he added me in that. The finale and and it was the second. -- their last episode. And in particular what the last episode that was that like. The acting is it is -- can't hurt me giant spoil I'm not -- Ryan and me like lately there's an -- this and it's kind of like a finale in the users those were sort of lake. You know almost like posts final chapter epicenter to wrap things that read this one -- its list. You're like this time I'm -- and -- Lori of these and. And I it's so -- is I feel like TV really. Has sort of taking over in terms of like providing the really compelling sort of where movies used to do not so much anymore. -- -- I am I -- going to amenities I'm not like that rent -- -- -- -- -- get movies on Netflix better person because -- just the idea is never empty burner lectured DR hates you it sounds like yeah just like a -- every model or like answer use aimed lately videogame you're my dad yeah. Oh -- and there since there I am in file that. -- and a gas -- with movies I mean. I'm always -- client to -- to catch up and link that TVs. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Can you think of anything off the top your head that was super disappointing -- -- thirteen we -- -- for me like that was such a freaking month now content. Shield marvel v.s and yeah hated that -- yeah right I don't come from like that world of light come know anything yet knowing any of these characters in the screened it -- act TC and -- Television Critics Association. I'm that was wanna luncheon that the instance screener app where I wanna buy yeah -- -- -- -- forests like during lunch one day and I was just like. Okay like for me and then talking people who loved all of those characters shared knowing the back story in. Done a lot of them were so disappointed and also the pilot like. Such high production value can't keep that up -- season so it just elect down the ally. And so people I mean I was the most -- about. My GR I'm -- incident. Especially when it like that marvel brand -- -- could have been some sort of wacky -- but it was like you have a lot of support. People he'd asked about was play I'd say that was probably. -- this point anything else that comes -- on top is is that there was another and I think -- where. Had higher hopes for our and just like I mean it goes up against black lists in the and -- -- act test -- Anyway. Well time. On the app and -- 99 by the way a surprise that they got globes nominations -- I was definitely surprised feeling that she'll answer and the shadows like the hardest show to promote averages because of how kind of -- ridiculously Kimmel and I keep promotes himself yeah you're gonna -- in eastern do you watch than even I I've watched the pilot. And -- it I interviewed -- and a time. And again and building those are also like a weird sort let's not -- -- -- they'd just hand them out. And they're not just only performance is almost like hey you guys the way I was -- -- -- separate like the categories are a little bit like how many musical or sisters. That that -- a surprise. And a when house. And not out. Really and I can -- Completely shocking I mean there -- dishes like he just knew -- Gonna do well we we all certainly had ninety antley -- The first -- to be canceled would be like you guys have like a pool in the in the office although lately kind of -- talk about it and we actually you have chart right. On the death watch but -- exactly out. Out and we are men. We me I couldn't do that and I guess there in the first commercial break answering that's got an idea of the -- I mean those aren't. And -- and then. You know looking for our Q what's coming late this spring sure yeah like English -- a little well so the following is coming back right and and I -- -- -- -- -- -- psyched yesterday morning. Saying. That's it was just -- -- it scares the BG does that mean it actually can I can only watch it during the day error error. -- that's coming back and -- -- and that's really that the -- -- just a lot man there's a bunch of shows that intelligence is coming there's believe which was GG Abrams client side. On a lot of -- and pushing mid season show we can't and you got a pollen -- -- relaxant. On the him again and are coming in the spring. Sizzle outlook or I mean spring though is dead at mid season it is a bit weaker -- I'd come and there's this line amber shows sometimes are surprising -- for sure. -- -- All right fantastic. Thank you so much for being you think -- adding it is my pleasure -- up -- -- I no longer -- finally came together everyone go check out TV guide dot com. Check out all of -- and stuff and make -- you found on Twitter at Robin Ross TVG and that's Robin with a line. All right rock and roll he got to come back sometime after the united less and a love that media right. Toxin thing you're Sendak I would emailed the -- weight -- nothing would make me happier derived -- That's gonna do it for us today guys 866 -- -- four CNET is the number. I hate the break their -- that this is the last. Kind of new -- of 2014 that will be doing it -- -- that's right yeah welcome if you forward thinking podcasts here. -- selection of 2013 but don't worry we did pre -- few episodes that'll air over the next few weeks. And then Justin did a great job of curing a bunch of reruns from 2013 the best of if you go to make sure you checked iTunes feet every day -- will come. Out I think every other day symmetry -- that -- into that that's gonna do for us stay in touch on Twitter and read it and FaceBook. Over the break we'll be sure to interact with you guys. If you wanna email us that's the world for at cnet.com. That's gonna do it for us today on Jeff Bakalar -- -- thanks again to Robin Ross of the T -- guys we're gonna get pretty messed up the holiday party tonight to note that there edited before. Good idea although that might have been a more interesting episode -- Next we'll see you guys -- very soon have a great holiday and happy new year and -- in 2014. Until then. --

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