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The one thing every refrigerator owner should know
1:19 4 October 2015
One key factor determines how long your food stays fresh (and how much you end up wasting). Sharon Profis shares a few refrigerator...
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ELAC Debut B6 speakers sound spectacular
1:12 4 October 2015
The ELAC Debut B6's offers sound quality which no other speakers under $500 can match which makes them heartily recommended for the...
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Is Amazon's $50 Fire tablet any good?
1:46 3 October 2015
The Fire is a 7-inch tablet with an attractively low price-tag and easy access to Amazon Prime's huge media library.
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New Chromecast keeps streaming cheap
2:27 3 October 2015
Google's Chromecast streaming device betters the previous version with improved Wi-Fi and a funky design, but the best part is the...
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Mars's flowing water and Google's brand new gadgets
2:40 3 October 2015
NASA confirmed that there is flowing water on Mars. Meanwhile on earth, Google introduced new phones and media streamers. Get caught...
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Make your Facebook profile picture a video
1:05 3 October 2015
Here's how to turn your Facebook profile picture into a video or animation.
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Does an oven need burner knobs? Kenmore doesn't think so.
1:33 3 October 2015
The Kenmore Elite 97723 replaces burner knobs with touchpad controls, a decision that dampens cooking with this electric double oven.
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How one company used tech to depict Simpson-Goldman murder (video)
9:43 3 October 2015
Computer simulation like this one, which aired on CNET 20 years ago, is now commonplace and much more advanced. But at the time OJ...
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