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CNET News Video: Car rally takes cancer fight to the outback

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CNET News Video: Car rally takes cancer fight to the outback

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Every year, Australia's S***box Rally sees our worst cars travelling across the desert to raise funds for cancer research. Team Rally the Future shows us their entry -- the Connected Car.

[MUSIC] Every year the Box rally saves a bunch of really crappy cars, drives from Perth, across the Kimberly, up to Darwin to raise money for the Cancer Council. Jim Wild has worked on the software development, for what they are calling the connected car. Hi, Jim. Hi. How's it going? Good. Can you tell us a little bit about who's behind this project? Okay. So it's Deepend, and its sister agency Nomad. It's who I work for. So we're [INAUDIBLE] Hills group of agencies. And what is a connected car? well, basically, we wanted to, be able to track the entire trip as a guy who's driving across Australia. Now traditionally there's very little mobile signal in the outback. So, 2G, 3G, 4G, it really doesn't work, for large parts of the journey. Satellite broadband is, ridiculously expensive. And as we're doing this for charity, we couldn't, we couldn't fund that. So. But she managed to, find a way of sending short messages through satellite. On the Oridian network, you can shop here safer. So we came up with a, protocol of our own. To actually talk to the car and send messages back. So we can, we can find out things like the car temperature, how fast they're going. And we can send them messages back saying that people are pledging. To change the track list or let's see, say, turn the air conditioning on and off. So this idea started with, your team needing to communicate with the car, but it seems like it's evolved into something that the people at home can get into as well. Yeah, absolutely, I mean we wanted it to be an interactive experience so we set up a website,, where people can actually go and they can pledge. They can do things like pick a track on a Spotify playlist. Or, like I said, they can turn air condition on or off, or they can just send the guys a message going, hey guys, think you're doing a great job, here's a donation. And likewise get some feedback from the car, find out what's going on see if they're going to get into any trouble with engine temperature, for example. We will know about it, hopefully before they do. And the guys raised, 1.4 million dollars overall. There's 150 cars involved. So last year it was, massive. We want to try and smash that this year, so, yeah, it should be a great event. [MUSIC]

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