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Apple's iPhone 6 to get 3X the resolution?: Apple Byte

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Apple Byte: Apple's iPhone 6 to get 3X the resolution?

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The latest iPhone rumors, we break down the rumored Apple/Beats deal and the Black Mamba strikes Apple campus.

[MUSIC] What's happening? Brian Tong here. And welcome to theapplebyte for everything, good and bad inside the world of Apple. This weekend, it's a little iPhone 6. Apple [UNKNOWN]. [MUSIC] A black mamba in Cupertino. No joke. All right, let's get to the show. And the latest iPhone rumor making noise from nine to five Mac claims Apple might be making a jump to a sharper 1704 by 960 resolution from the five esses, 1136 by 640. That would be compatible with future iPhone models. No on the rumored 4.7 inch phone, that would result in a display with a 416 pixel prints resolution with the same 16 by nine ration as the iPhone five, five S and C and five. While the larger 5.5 inch iPhone has that same resolution, would carry a 356 PPI that would still fall under Apples definition of a retina resolution. Now with these larger new screens in play, if Apple is keeping it's phone at it's current resolution, it would drop below the retina criteria. And it's important to keep them compatible with current apps and make the transition easy on developers. Now the report also says Cupertino has been testing phones after this resolution, but it's still not known for sure if this will be the final one that Apple sticks with. All right we've seen plenty of mock ups of the 4.7 inch iPhones these days but the first comparison shots of a physical mockup of the 5.5 inch screen iPhone appeared on rocket news 24 based on the macfam leaked design drawings and. I'm sorry, that thing looks so huge and big. Even if it's skinny. Now, I'm down with the 4.7 inch screen. But I don't want anything to do with that, [UNKNOWN] thingie. All right, and if you're looking for any credible signs when the next iPhone is dropping. German website iPhone says. Apple is looking to restrict vacation days for it's German retail employees this September, ahead of the likely launch for the iPhone 6 and more. This has been an established policy over the past few years, and last year Apple restricted vacation time during the last two weeks of September for the 5s and 5c. Now, I'd like to apologize to the Apple employees who might not be able to celebrate Mexican Independence Day on September the 16th. [MUSIC] Elephant Appreciation Day. On the 22nd, or my personally culturally relevant Confucius Day. Let's see what we got here, guys. You have an ambitious nature and may make a name for yourself. Right here. Thanks, Confucius! Now we told you about a Black Mamba sighting. And we were lying. The world's deadliest basketball player, Kobe Bryant, aka the black mamba, was spotted inside Apple's Cupertino campus with his wife. And according to reports, Kobe met up with Johnny Ive, with the meeting centered around upcoming products. Now, why is this important? Well, one, because Kobe and Apple are two of my favorite things. And two, Kobe and Apple are two of my favorite things. But, think about it, right now Kobe know more than almost anyone does. And maybe the Black Mamba will be part of Apple's new wearable campaign, doing this. [NOISE]. And he did that to my warriors, my dubs. All right in iOS 8 news, reports say Apple is likely to bring split screen functionality for specific apps to Apple's iPad in iOS 8. Yes please, the feature will allow users to run and interact with two iPad apps at once, taking a page from Microsoft's Surface. Now this concept video from Sam Beckett, gives you a rough idea of how it could be executed, and it allows specific apps to interact with each other more easily. Now, this new feature along with the new health book application, updated maps and more are expected at WWDC during the June Secondtino, but they also can be pushed out in a later IOS 8.1 update. Now, you've heard, about the rumour deal where Apple is buying b. For $3.2 billion and it's expected to be finalized next week, according to recode. Dr. Dre pretty much confirmed it with Tyrese in this video clip. They need to update the forklift just change. [LAUGH] In a big way. Oh my. Understand that. [LAUGH] Oh my, The first billionaire in hip hop, right here from the **** west coast. Believe that. Oh oh Ugh. There were a lot of beep, beep that video. Come on guys, this is a children's show. Now Beat cofounders, Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iobene are expected to take on senior roles at Apple once the deal is done, and everyone has their own idea that this is a good deal or a bad deal and that's gonna really play itself out over time. But this is how Apple might be looking at it, Beat sells over a billion dollars in headphones every year at high margin, and that's a good thing, but. This isn't just about headphones. Apple's been criticized for not having a music subscription service, and yes,Beats didn't really create the most popular one. In fact, reports claim they have only about 110,000 active users, and that's nothing compared to Spotify's roughly 10 million paying subscribers worldwide. But Beats had secured the licensing deal,s and all Apple has to do really is roll this into their own subscription service. But lastly,. Apple really hasn't had a creative artistic mind since SJ passed away and Drey and [UNKNOWN] can bring some of that unique music mojo to the table that no one else on their staff has on its leadership roles. Plus it's big bucks, it's a big deal, but one things we do know, is that an apple a day, still does keep the doctor away. [MUSIC]. Unless it's offering $3.2 billion. And it's official. Flappy Bird is coming back in August according to creator **** Nguyen during a CNBC interview. He said the new version of Flappy Bird will be a multiplayer game that is less addictive. No, that's the worst idea ever. Less addictive? Bad apple. Then **** dropped sneak peek at his new game with this screenshot. He said he's making a new game. So people can forget about Flappy Bird for a while. And again the worst idea ever. Don't. You're killing me. But, come on. I've got nothing but love for someone who made a game that rakes in over $50,000 a day. Alright guys, that's gonna do it for this week's show. Keep sending me your emails to theapplebyte@cnet.com. Or tweet me. Tweet, tweet tweet. Thanks so much for watching, I'm Brian Tong. And we'll catch you all next for another bite of the apple. [MUSIC]

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