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Apple Byte: Alleged iPhone 6 photos leak online

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Apple Byte: Alleged iPhone 6 photos leak online

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Multiple pictures from Foxconn and other sources show off the design of the purported iPhone 6. CarPlay comes to aftermarket systems, and our GelaSkins giveaway!

[MUSIC] What's happening? Brian Tong, here. And welcome to the Applebyte. For everything good and bad inside the world of Apple. Let's get to it. In this week, it's all about the iPhone 6. And it's not just rumors with made up words. This time around, we have smartphone camera shots from factory workers. That's slightly more legit. So we start off with this one from Chinese microblogging site, Weibo. That appears to be a front panel from Apple's larger screen iPhone 6. Now this panel has the same familiar cutouts from the previous iPhone with spaces for the front-facing camera, ambient light sensor Ear, speakers and home button. And a noticeable thinner bezel. Which aligns with all the rumors we've been hearing up to this point. Now, another photo on Weibow, this time it's lower quality. So, it has more of that, super secret, you should not be taking a picture of this, feel to it. Well this shows a straight on view, side by side, with an iPhone 5 or 5s turned on. And based on the size, it's believed to be the rumored 4.7" screen size. [SOUND]. But operation iPhone 6 doesn't stop there. After Japanese site Macotakara, posted images from several booths at the recent Hong Kong electronics fair. Featuring iPhone 6 machined mock-ups made of metal and iPhone 6 cases. Again, these are not official. But so far many of the leaks out of Asia have shared the same, similar designs. Now. [SOUND]. If you're looking for potential some insight on the buttons of the next iPhone. Website, nowhereelsefr, posted images of silicon cases that they claim fit the iPhone 6. With the 4.7 inch screen perfectly. Look on the left edge, and if these are believed to be legit. Apple's abandoned the circular buttons, for the elongated buttons with rounded edges. And the power, standby button has been moved to the right side of the phone, which makes more sense. Because it's a pain in the **** to have to reach to the top on these larger screen phones. At least if you have small hands, which I do not. [SOUND]. Now there are even more super, super photos. NowhereelseFR, also posted what they claim are the batteries for the iPhone 6 in a production tray. See, I actually believe this photo is the most real out of them, because it's the hardest to see. And more from website Weibo. This time, it's the alleged manufacturing molds used for Apple's next gen phones. And sketches of the chassis for the phone. Both of these are said to be coming from FoxCon. And we've pretty much seen everything now. I wanna see the power cord for the assembly line machine. Seriously. Someone, get me that. And let me guess, some of you are saying to yourself, so much for doubling down on secrecy, Tim. But, we still don't know if it will come in gold. I love gold. I really do. Now you won't like this story. According to the street insider Jefferies analyst Peter Misek, says Apple has been negotiating with carriers on a possible $100 increase for the iPhone 6. Damn. Carriers are initially resisting the move the push to move from the iPhone's $199 base price. But that could change with consumer demand growing for Apple's next big screen phone. And this could most likely be 2014's blockbuster handset, in terms of sales. Now, Peter Misek is also the guy who continued to push hard that we get the AppleTV, TV in 2012. Which yeah, looks like it hasn't happened yet. Now, don't do this to Apple. And I know you won't because you don't want a bad Apple. [NOISE]. No, you don't want that. [SOUND]. Alright, let's shift gears. And we talked about eye beacons and beacon technology in this show. So we decided to check it out with the Golden State Warriors. The first NBA arena using beacon technology. And Kevin Cote their senior director of digital gave us the low down. You know I wanted to kind of talk to you about beacons. Implementing them here as, as part of the fan experience. Kinda talk to us about how that works. And it, it really works with the Golden State Warriors app, right? Sure. Yeah so, so what it is so what it is it's about enabling our fans to use their mobile device as a companion to their experience here at the game. We believe that beacon technology is gonna be something that continues to take off. So we wanted to kind of be early adopters. And to really, get our fans used to the technology. We already do a lot here in the arena with phones. Whether it's Facebook check-in. Or this Instagram wall. A variety of things to enhance their experience. And the beacons are just another way to do that. And then, really, what's cool with the app is, not only is it done over a low-frequency Blue Tooth. But also an, an inaudbile, a tone. Correct. That is sent through out in the arena, right? Correct. So it can be sent out via these beacons. Or even through our PA system in the [INAUDIBLE] Now does that mean you probably won't have like a dog day, here at the arena? Just in case That's safe to say. [LAUGH] That's safe to say. That's safe to say. Now, tell us some of the stuff that will be delivered to, to your phone through the app. Sure, so right now when fan come to Oracle arena. They're greeted instantly, as soon as they walk through the doors, with welcome to Warriors Ground. That's kinda what we call this place, Warriors Ground. And immediately they're served a, an opportunity to win a free Dub Nation bracelet. [LAUGH]. The first 50 fans to do so, can actually come right here to the Facebook table. In addition to that night's Facebook give-away. To get that free item. We've done a couple other things. An enter to win VIP experience. So that's something you're geting right off the bat when you come in. What we are going to do in the future is merchadise discounts at our team store. We also have beacons upstairs in the upper level. So, through our app you can actually upgrade your seats mobily through your phone. So we remind you of that. As soon as you hit the esculator. [CROSSTALK] I like that so, if I'm kind of in the nose bleeds. Yes. I got a little extra change. Yeah. I can use the app. Correct. And move on down. Yeah. Alright, I like that. And we remind you that through the beacon. Now, we're here in the heart of the Silicon Valley. You know, we have this Instagram wall behind us. Really, the Warriors you know, arena, Oracle arena is one of those places that can really leverage technology. Are, are you guys trying to be kind of, one of those leaders in that space? Yeah, we're trying to. But we also have to be because we're In this space. We're in this. Our, our fans expect to be able to use their phones. They expect to have Wifi. They expect for us to enable them to enhance their experience through the phone. And for the record, I never get caught up with those Instagram wall thingies. I mean, some people are totally into themselves. Yeah. Yeah. You are actually in the video. On the wall. Hm. [SOUND]. Cool. Well, onto the quick bites. Apple announced their Car Play platform about a month ago. But at the time, you needed to buy a whole new car that would be Car Play compatible. Well, not any more. After Nikkei reports that Alpine will begin selling a stand-alone after-market console, that supports Car Play integration this year. With a price point around 500 to $700. And Pioneer also announced that their killer line of NEX in-dash, multi-media receivers, ranging in price from $700 to $1400. Are available to buy right now. And will bring Car Play functionality with a firmware update, that will be made available in the early summer of 2014. And I know a lot of you outside the U.S. and Australia are asking about when you'll get iTunes Radio in your country. Well, there's still nothing there for my friends in Canada. Oh. But the UK might be close after reports that Apple director of iAds Paul Wright, has been visiting media marketing agencies to get the advertising units In place. Now it was confirmed by this tweet. So cross your fingers in the UK, because soon enough, you too could be listening to free Bieber songs on iTunes. [SOUND]. Alright. Let's get to be winners of our Jealous Skins Give a Way Contest from last week. I asked you to send me your sad face pictures of yourself or pets or kids with your phone. And our six iPhone Hardshell Case Winners go to my email friends: Jonathan Baktay Angel Rosus, who's really crying. Abbey Santa Maria. Ladarius Dokes. Who needs to put some clothes on dude. Michael Surer, who is very hungry. And Peter Garcia, who wears makeup. Now our six gift card winners go to my Twitter friends. Benedict Labrando. Super emo David Garcia. JPA ,who used the cute kids pic on me, cuz that worked. Poonya's fake tears. Lord Synder and Marcus Sommerville. Who actually scratched his phone taking really blurry pic. And for the guy who sent me this random pic. You're winning nothing. [SOUND]. Alright. Congrats to all of you. And we'll be in touch. That's gonna do it for this week's show. Send us your emails to theapplebyte@cnet.com. Or tweet me @briantong. Thanks so much for watching. And we'll catch you guys next time, for another bite of the apple. [SOUND]. [MUSIC]

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